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Top 10 Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies in the USA 2018.

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Top Ten Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies in the USA 2018. 10. Bay and Bay Transportation 9. GDS Express 8. Celadon Trucking 7. Penske Trucking 6. Ryder 5. Wil-Trans 4. Gordon Trucking 3. Baylor Trucking 2. JB Hunt 1. PGT Trucking
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AgainstAll Odds (2 days ago)
Kevin Ludwig (7 days ago)
Omg now I know there lieing fucking Celadon Trucking joke
Dylan DeVille (23 days ago)
Celadon? Haha!!! Only thing they are good at is smoke and mirrors.
Charles Provance (28 days ago)
Lonnie Bryant (1 month ago)
I think western Express is a great lease to purchase company...
Mr. Bates TV (1 month ago)
Well to everyone who think it's a joke please make a list a some good ones because I'm really want to start a lease purchase??? Seriously
Joshua Sanders (1 month ago)
Wait... This video was publishes august of 2018, however both Gordon Trucking and Interstate went out of business by being bought by Hearltand in 2014
Michael (1 month ago)
Showing Interstate at the 3:38 mark? That company is a joke when it comes to O/Os. Back before the fuel price hike Interstate bought fuel futures through Pilot and Flying J where the price would not be over $1.25. Owner operators could fuel anywhere they wanted but company drivers had to fuel at Flying J or Pilot. Then shortly after the fuel price hike Interstates started trying to get the O/Os to fuel at Flying J and Pilot. Some did thinking they would get the price Interstate paid for fuel. When the pump price is $3 per gallon and Interstate pays $1.25 per gallon, then taking on 350 gallons each stop it is not a small discount. So I'm at the Topeka truckstop by Remingtons one day and here comes a fellow Interstate O/O all pissed off. He just came in from Interstate HQ in Tacoma where he was asking about his fuel bill. The woman told him Interstate paid $1.25 per gallon at Flying J and Pilot and when an O/O fueled there using Interstate fuel card Interstate charged the O/O FULL pump price. So here's the math. I had a Freightliner Century that had dual 200 gallon tanks, I always filled up when would take on about 350 gallons twice a week. So if I fueled like Interstate wanted me to then Interstate is making $1,024.00 a week off of me fueling. For this I used fuel at $3 a gallon and Interstate paying $1.25. In a lot of places fuel was well over $3 a gallon. Interstate is not a small company with about 50 to 75 O/Os at the time. So just imagine how much Interstate was scamming from the O/Os on a weekly basis who did fuel at Flying J and Pilot. Till word got out that is.
R Proctor (1 month ago)
This video ended at celadon.
ocean 88eagle (1 month ago)
Most uninformed trucking video I have ever seen. Probably made my a Swift reject.
Titus 2:13 (1 month ago)
They're called fleeces for a reason dummy
Carol Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Carol Gonzalez (1 month ago)
GDS????? Are you crazy?? Their trucks are all falling apart.
Breeze Thompson (1 month ago)
I can name the worst celadon swift great plains and actually all the rest...
Elise Ferrari (1 month ago)
how the hell did Penski make the list?
jerry savage (1 month ago)
Whomever did this video shouldn't do anymore. I just recently got a lease purchase truck with J. B. Hunt. I'm fixing to take the truck back to them. I had over 30 hours left on my 70 hour clock and I sat for two and a half days waiting for a load so I could get moving.
Myles M (2 months ago)
What is the basis of this, where did you get your info, show me some facts and figures.
Robert H (3 months ago)
At least three requirements for a good lease company.... Walkaway lease , No balloon payment at the end , And one that doe's not take any money out while on home time. This is only the must haves. This leave's only a few choices in companies that offer this .
Dr.Phil Bigone (3 months ago)
Really Celedon what a fkn joke
Watch this video https://youtu.be/EoI8-2Bro1k
Armando De La O (5 months ago)
Wow I had a good laugh !!!
Jim Mac (5 months ago)
Something wrong....
The path Ps.27:1 (4 months ago)
Horrible bloody stupid music. Turn off the bloody ravish .
Leroy Martinez (5 months ago)
the best lease.. let's see a 2 to 3 year with a dollar buyout..and the truck is yours. that's the best lease.. when you start paying a truck for 5 years and a balloon payment at the end.. your fucked.with no kiss. and no goodbyes.. lol
Cory McDermott (5 months ago)
Really? You obviously are not a driver in the industry! Where did you even start your research on this? This has to be a joke, right? Celedon? Really? You know the stock is less than $1 per share, and will probably close within 6 months, unless some buys them? Wil-Trans? Yep, had to be bought, since they were on the floor, face down and dying. So what criteria did you use to say these are the best? Profit margin for the driver, or profit margin for the company? Number of "happy" drivers? Oh jeez....could go on for hours.....
Mary Wagner (5 months ago)
In my opinion any type of truck purchase program is to get the driver trapped in that seat , yes there is good money in owner operating but you better know more than just driving the truck
Super Trucker! (5 months ago)
Hell no!
Mister Hand (6 months ago)
The producer of this is a shill or retarded...or borh.
It's Me (6 months ago)
This is the Dumbest Fuckin video ever, it doesn't even prove that these are good L/P Companies
Mark Ealy (6 months ago)
Put pay sheets on the glass
Kelvin Torrence (6 months ago)
P.g.t. sucks I worked there and if they could find a way to steal your cash they did. On stop off pay and that lease purchase deal too.
ROAD WARRIOR (6 months ago)
Celadon? Seriously? Wtf
ZIONISIM KILLS (6 months ago)
trucking profits are on the decline. that is why the bigs are trying to dump trucks on soon to be owner operators. If they where making any money they would not be selling out. realize this, 3% profit is tops. i ran the seattle ports, t-5 which is shut, t-46, t-18, as well as, t-6 portland which is shut down, freight is slowing. and with new e l o g rules thing are really messed up for a driver.
John Merlo (7 months ago)
All lies you would loose with a lease purchase.
Clayton Scheiber (7 months ago)
Guess who ever put this list together didnt hear about the train wreck that is Celadon.
donald jennings (1 month ago)
@John Hansel they still are to the best of my knowledge.
John Hansel (1 month ago)
Yeah Celadon was the cocaine company out of Laredo Texas for a long time.
donald jennings (1 month ago)
Yes, a train wreck truly. Stocks falling, playing favorites with the drivers, regardless of productivity.
TRENT DUBOSE (5 months ago)
Clayton Scheiber I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw Celadon. I laughed and like “what”?!?
Titus 2:13 (7 months ago)
No specifics just campaign slogans... Typical trucking bullshit...This was a complete waste of time, just like working for one of these companies.....
Sonicsneverdie (7 months ago)
This has to be a joke
jerry savage (1 month ago)
I think that the trucking companies got together and created this video.
Gary Poulk (6 months ago)
This is nothing but a bunch of lies !! Any one wanting to be an owner operator better do their homework before they lease or buy a truck !!!
Daryl Johannesson (7 months ago)
What a joke this list is
isa ema (4 months ago)
Daryl Johannesson and what's the real list at
George (7 months ago)
there are no good lease purchases
Michael Sanders (1 month ago)
@Mr. Bates TV 4k down and is walk away for tap program. 0 down for 1 year lease with a 4k completion bonus at years end.. I took my 4k completion bonus and used it for my tap truck I ordered color I wanted 2017 cascadia owner operator spec truck I'm 2 years into it no problems. I go where I want when I want I have TOTAL CONTROL. But what works for me might not work for someone else.my pay on the low end average $1500.00 gross to me on th are high end about $2800.00 to $3200.00 gross weekly. And sometimes $4000.00
Mr. Bates TV (1 month ago)
@Michael Sanders cool but is it 0 down up front? And is it a walk away lease?
Michael Sanders (1 month ago)
@Mr. Bates TV ATS has program called TAP you order the color you want brand new. 4 years later and one balloon payment and the truck is yours. Or after 3 years you can roll out of it into a new truck use your maintenance money that was built up from the first time around. About 15k as a down payment and have lower payments. ATS is great company and treat they're people right. ATS also has one year lease programs too.
Mr. Bates TV (1 month ago)
They say these lease purchase programs are scams, but what about all the other people and videos of the people who has successfully completed the program and paid off their trucks.... was they scammed or got lucky????
Michael Sanders (3 months ago)
ATS IS AWESOME I ordered my truck through them color trim everything support is great no issues
Don McMannamy (7 months ago)
Gordon dosn't exest anymore it was bought up by Hartland express
Kipper37 (7 months ago)
Ma ON (7 months ago)
You can tell by the ratio of adjectives to nouns...
Glacka Glack (7 months ago)
No facts just fiction
Jarnail Singh (10 months ago)
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