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5+1 Turkish words that can become useful for you in Turkey (This video is not edited sincerely)

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Hellooooo !!! people i am back i couldnt even wait enough to edit it finally i am back with a brand new video about turkish words i am not sure if i explained clear enough but still i missed you guys a looooooot :) These are 5 Turkish words that can be useful for you Türkçe altyazı bu akşam geliyooor :)
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Text Comments (173)
Rh Jee (1 month ago)
I want friend ship with u
Rh Jee (1 month ago)
U koking nice
Filza Khan (1 month ago)
Hi I’m from Pakistan:) this video was interesting and I know the 4 words already because these words are exist in our language lol but we say kahvaa for green tea and other similar words are cay(chae),tamam,iki is also very close to ik or aik we say in Urdu and last gesture offff is same lmao xD
Ahmadullaev Tohirbek (1 month ago)
Yeah it was smth interesting to hear turkish words from you. ( or I tell you what, for me you speaking turkish 너무 조와 )
hina parveen (3 months ago)
Thank you Lara..it was an awesome video..its so good to see u again... I have a question in many of the turkish TV series i have seen that wen somebody leaves home the other people who see them off throw water behind as the car drives away..wats the significance? Why do they do it?
Sayedul Kibria (6 months ago)
Kendimi gözlerinde kaybettim
Gourav Megh (6 months ago)
I have some questions for you
Gourav Megh (6 months ago)
9501234440 my whatsupp number
Semih (7 months ago)
Türkçe aksanın Chaby Han gibi.Geliştirirsen seni Türk sanabilirler.
ayrim kutuku (5 months ago)
Semih Türk zaten
Pratik Potdar (9 months ago)
hey Lara i am an Indian(24) i have a question for you, i met a turkish girl(20) online and we have been talking daily since 7 months and i really like her(Don't know from her side)[Though i expressed my feeling to her, she asked me why and didn't say anything]. In conversation, she sometime says me love you to me. Now, my question is 'is telling people Love you casual in turkey ?' I am planning to visit her in july this year. Help please.
Beril Yıldız (7 months ago)
Pratik Potdar Hahah sure you can say that 😂
Sam Mor (9 months ago)
I'm from Australia he in. Istanbul January 2018. Love this city. Great videos Lara.
Aleksejs Usakovs (9 months ago)
thanks for video. good lesson
MrDFarber (10 months ago)
Questions to Lara:  What is the attitude of Turkish WOMEN in general about Marrying a non-Muslim man:   Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or a non-believer ?  Are there women who marry such men in TURKEY ITSELF ?  What the "Sharia" says about this ?  Will appreciate you replies. Thank you.
Beril Yıldız (7 months ago)
MrDFarber There is no Sharia in Turkey. If they want they can marry with non believers. Thats her choice.
Rik P (10 months ago)
I may be wrong but....I think I've heard 3 italian artists' songs in the background, Carmen Consoli, Antonello Venditti, Eros Ramazzotti! I'm sure about the 2nd one....
Rik P (10 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara Grandeeee!!! Bravissima! 😃😁 lo hai studiato da sola?? I've heard in your last video that you would love to visit Italy and speak italian, but I didn't expect you already knew some 😊 P.S. so you were the one to have chosen the playlist in the cafè? 😜
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Rik P parlo un po italiano anche 😊
Fruit (10 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Fruit heheh my pronunciation wasn't right though
bizhan Sediqi (10 months ago)
You are really cute
TheEgyptianOne (10 months ago)
Tamam is originally Arabic and the turks adopted it. Arabic tamām تمام, "full, complete," which is the literal meaning of the Turkish tamam. It came into Ottoman Turkish and the earliest citation, according to one source, is c. 12th century CE, in a book of Islamic poetry. And we use ooof and ooooof the same way too
Madhusudhan Reddy (10 months ago)
How about marriage culture and is love marriage leagle or entatained over there
Bay BilimseL (10 months ago)
Yürümeyin Lan kıza kız benimdir.
Adam Thomason (11 months ago)
Selam Lara, I have some questions for you mail me! [email protected]
Arda Özdemir (11 months ago)
İlerlemeye ve video çekemeye devam et güzel işler çıkartıyorsun
Tahseen Nadeem (11 months ago)
i hope u do one on turkish cusine ,,,,,, how common and well understood is english in turkey ,, what is popular opinion about pakistan in turkey??
Umut Ozmen (11 months ago)
Bence bi tanede turkce konustugun vlog kanali tarzi bisey acmalisin yada bu kanalin oynatma listeside olabilir videolarada ingilizce altyazi eklersen hem yabancilar gunluk yasantimizi gorur hemde iki tarafada hitap edicek biseyler oldugu icin daha hizli buyur kanalin
Nuri Power (11 months ago)
Do u have instagram ?
Nuri Power (11 months ago)
I sent request and its not fake account.It's just for u :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (11 months ago)
+Nuri Power @turkishfactsbylara
selin yildirir (11 months ago)
Turkiyenin kültürü hakkında daha fazla video bekliyoruz!
Selim uçar (11 months ago)
Her şey iyi güzel hoşta tamamen yabancılara yönelik içeriklerin varken hakkında neden Türkçe :D Kanalda ne olduğunu normalde Hakkındadan anlamaları gerekiyor biz zaten biliyoruz bunları :D Bu arada videolarına hafif mizah kattığın için teşekkürler.
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Selim uçar öyle deme sonuçta sen sana görünen kısımdan bahsettin 😊
Selim uçar (11 months ago)
Yine rezil olduk desene... :D
Turkish FactsbyLara (11 months ago)
+Selim uçar hakkindanin tercumesini yaptim browser inda youtube türkçe ayarliysa türkçe gorursun ingilizce veya baska bir dil ayarliysa orjinal dil :) ne demek herzaman
billel metidji (11 months ago)
i understand you with turkish and english don't worry but i ask you to teach me language turkish , i'm from algeria i wait your answer ... guliguli buy have good time , tashakoraderim .
New Beginning (11 months ago)
Turkish girls make all other girls feel so inferior. Turkish girls are not just beautiful but also very warm, compassionate and confident of their identity.
izmir 35 (2 months ago)
New Beginning thank you
manel emoji (11 months ago)
hello i'm algerian and i know all these words because i watch alot of turkish series and i basically learnd alot of words i went to turnkey twice and i love it and i love turkish people
SUPREME (11 months ago)
Where are you my sweet Lara :( ! ! ! !
Bay BilimseL (9 months ago)
SUPREME beatiful Turkish girl.
Habib 281 (11 months ago)
Please makes more videos
Habib 281 (11 months ago)
How to chat with her
Habib 281 (11 months ago)
Lara please tell me how to impress Turkish girl in text messages 😻
İbrahim Kendirci (6 months ago)
Habib 281 watch rsd max.
Habib 281 (11 months ago)
Merhaba lara ♥
Cheyne Burgess (11 months ago)
You can actually speak english quiet well Lara ;) P.s your really really beautiful
Mike Aldana (11 months ago)
Greetings from Dallas, Texas?!
Miao (11 months ago)
Can you please make video about Turkish people and Cats . I heard so much about how they love cats
My El Hassan Belghali (1 year ago)
Hi Lara, I don't know you can do it or have enough time for doing it. There is a lot of people trying to learn Turkish and precisely have a rich Turkish vocabulary. Can you do something like this: an english word and its Turkish equivalent like in this project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZLEoM1_UaU Not as sophisticated like in the video above but just an English word and a Turkish translation. If possible and have enough time, I can give my help.
Halil Karademir (1 year ago)
Is Coffee derived from Kahve, when us turkos introduced it to europe? Interesting...
akrotiri (1 year ago)
I am happy to see you are alive :)
Timur Kamal (1 year ago)
I also learned some words from the man speaking in the backside. "Allah Allah!" :D
Inner self (5 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara he is also a Muslim :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+Timur Kamal its something like "oh jesus" phrase for muslim people
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+Timur Kamal either you re shocked or you re angry
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+Timur Kamal hahhahah yes its a word to express
NEW OJI (1 year ago)
Turkey will be the best country come 2023...! i love President Erdogan ...! 1. Urban Renewal Projects $200 billion 2. New Weapons $100 biliion 3.. Nuclear Power Plants $62 billion 4...Energy investments $60 billion 5...4773 km Highway Project $47 billion 6 .9978 km High-speed Rail line Project $45 billion 7..Maritime investments $35 billion 8..Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP): $ 28 billion 9..TAI TFX 5th gen Fighter Jet Project $25 billion 10.Communication investments $25 billion 11..217 new Planes for Turkish Airlines $22.8 billion 12...34 Integrated Healthcare Campuses $20 billion 13...Trans-Anatolian Gas pipeline Project $10 billion 14.. Kanal Istanbul Project $10 billion 15...FILYOS Port Project $10 billion 16...Defence & Aviation Industry Base $7 billion 17...Suspension Bridge Projects $6.5 billion 18...Star Refinery Project $5.5 billion 19...Istanbul Financial Centre $5 billion 20...Haydarpaşa Port Project $5 billion 21...Marmaray Rail Transport Project $4.5 billion 22...Big Istanbul Tunnel Project $3.5 billion 23...TUPRAS Fuel Oil Cnversion $3 billion also $200 billion for 15.000km divided roads,,...new Metro lines,,,,new Tunnels,,,.new hospitals,, new Schools and Universties,,,,new Technology Centers,,,,new Theater and Convention Centers,,,new Museums,,,,new National Libraries,,,,new stadiums,,, new Sport Centers,,,,new skyscrapers,,,,,indigenous high-speed train,,,, and indigenous automobil projects ,,etc...
İbrahim Kendirci (6 months ago)
Turkeys economy getting bad and bad
Semih (7 months ago)
Zouheir Dalati (1 year ago)
You should upload more often :)
Mohamed Sawan (1 year ago)
Wow your English is so good, can most people in Istanbul speak English? If I went could I get by just speaking English?
Türk Mısır (1 year ago)
I like the way you show everything related to the turkish culture and how it is similar to egyptian culture by somehow and I think this similarity originated basically from ottoman sovereignty on middle eastern countries...by the way I have turkish ancestry and I'm learning this lovely language Devam et Lara kolay gelsin
jose fermin (1 year ago)
You're pretty, we should go on a date sometime
Hyunsu Doh (1 year ago)
야 너 뭐하는거야 지금 ;) Napiyosun Lan
Ceyla Öztürk (9 months ago)
Hyunsu Doh omg ahahahha
Hyunsu Doh (9 months ago)
Betül R I went to Istanbul and stayed for about a month
Bay BilimseL (9 months ago)
Hyunsu Doh Napıyorsun Lan=Ankara bebesi :)
Hyunsu Doh Lmao where did you learn it?
Ahmet Fatih Kılıç (1 year ago)
Thank you The Lara. You illimunated me :) especially (Napıyorsun Lan!)
izmir 35 (2 months ago)
Ahmet Fatih Kılıç napıyorsun lan ne demek 🙉
Asif Khan Khattak (1 year ago)
CHAI is a urdu word. mean Tea
My El Hassan Belghali (1 year ago)
According to Wikipedia The Cha pronunciation came from the Cantonese chàh of Guangzhou (Canton) and the ports of Hong Kong and Macau, which were also major points of contact, especially with the Portuguese traders who settled Macau in the 16th century. The Portuguese adopted the Cantonese pronunciation "chá", and spread it to India.[19] However, the Korean and Japanese pronunciations of cha were not from Cantonese, but were borrowed into Korean and Japanese during earlier periods of Chinese history. A third form, the increasingly widespread chai, came from Persian چای [t͡ʃɒːi] chay. Both the châ and chây forms are found in Persian dictionaries.[22] They are derived from the Northern Chinese pronunciation of chá,[23] which passed overland to Central Asia and Persia, where it picked up the Persian grammatical suffix -yi before passing on to Russian as чай ([tɕæj], chay), Arabic as شاي (pronounced shay [ʃæiː] due to the lack of a /t͡ʃ/ sound in Arabic), Urdu as چائے chay, Hindi as चाय chāy, Turkish as çay, etc.[24] The few exceptions of words for tea that do not fall into the three broad groups of te, cha and chai are mostly from the minor languages from the botanical homeland of the tea plant from which the Chinese words for tea might have been borrowed originally
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+My El Hassan Belghali hahah thats so cool
Asif Khan Khattak (1 year ago)
Urdu / Pashto / Punjabi , "Chai" - چاۓ
My El Hassan Belghali (1 year ago)
I just started learning Turkish and I'm happy when I find French or Arabic words, it make it easier. Sometimes Turkish use some words and I have no clue if the Word is Arabis or if we take it from Turkish. Like Tencere, we use it in our Moroccan Arabic daily and I found it in Turkish
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+Deejay Asif Khan we have a lot of words from urdu arabic French and farsi maybe thats why 😊
Saud (1 year ago)
Dan Jakubik (1 year ago)
Hamam. OK. Thank you for the language lesson here. Four words, plus one sound. ☺ Hello Lara. You've been missed during your break from your charming and informative videos about Turkish culture. I've admired your personality and work here on YouTube since I first discovered you earlier this year. I visited Istanbul for six days during February 2017 and was impressed by the great warmth and friendliness of the Turkish people. I stayed in a four star hotel near the Hagia Sophia in the historic district of Istanbul. I've seen all of your videos released this year on YouTube. I quickly noticed two things when viewing your new video here. First, the color reproduction is not good (unnatural), with the video camera you are using. This could also be the lighting of your location. I have some advanced knowledge and experience with photography. Second, the location you are using for this video, a cafe, is noisy and distracting. I'm not an expert on making videos, but I do have above average intelligence, maturity and wisdom. Most of the time, for educational videos, indoor, quiet, private, locations are best, such as your own home. Most of your videos have been made this way. If you wish to show examples of Turkish culture, then walking around outside Istanbul is appropriate and useful. I hope you don't mind my constructive criticisms here. I'm a logical, analytical, mathematical, science and technology minded man. From your very first Turkish facts by Lara video this year, I was impressed by your personality, charm and manner of expression. You come across as down to earth, pleasant, agreeable and very likable. With the changed government of Turkey this year, perhaps you could make a video about politics in Turkey, or specifically in Istanbul. I know, politics, like religion, can be a sensitive and divisive subject. You could possibly present how you view the politics of Istanbul and Turkey, in a neutral manner, without needing to present your own personal political views. I hope my ideas here might be helpful to you. I noticed the word "awesome" has made it into your vocabulary living in Istanbul, Turkey, thanks to social media. Awesome, dude and insane, are words which have come into more common use this decade, here in the United States. This is from Generation X or Y. Generation X refers to people born between 1964 to 1982. Generation Y, the so called millenials, refers to people born between 1982 to 2000. I came of age (turned 18), before 1990, so I have observed how the culture and language of the USA has changed over several decades. As a lifelong technology enthusiast, I've also observed how technology has evolved, changing our modern lifestyles, now revolving around smartphones and social media. My life greatly revolves around my high tech, advanced Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. I'm planning to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S8+ or Note 8 later this year. May I ask what kind of internship you are doing this year? I'm an education oriented person. My college education and career have been with electronic technology, such as troubleshooting and repairing mobile phones with Motorola in a high speed, high volume manufacturing environment. Keep up the good work and take care! ☺ You're a really sweet, charming, attractive young woman. If I was younger and lived in Istanbul, I would pursue you romantically. I hope you don't mind me sharing this sentiment.
Kaluz (1 year ago)
İnstagram verimisin?
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+MLMC - Ataberk Turan instagram: turkishfactsbylara
Ünal Sarı (1 year ago)
video güzel ama ingiliççe 😀😁
Moses Kamei vlogs (1 year ago)
CASTINGLORDS (1 year ago)
Awesome, so many common words with my language :)
dianne (1 year ago)
T S (1 year ago)
I love you
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+Watch Good i love you guys too ❤
Al Henders (1 year ago)
Awesome to see another video from you dont worry we all forget our thoughts while speaking sometimes be well
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+Al Henders thank you so much, 😊 hope i ll be better next time
Mish Abdulaziz (1 year ago)
I love you
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+Mish Abdulaziz i love you guys too
G B (1 year ago)
Great video! Sağol :) I'm currently learning Turkish by myself and this video has been helpful.
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+G B oh i am so happy to hear that i hope my videos after this one will be also helpful for you also i can suggest you "A trip in Istanbul" video in that video there are some scenes where i talk Turkish and i also built up English subs for it 😊👋 good luck with your language learning journey
Bedirhan Aydın (1 year ago)
U r getting better <3
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+Bedirhan Aydın thank youuu 😊
H T (1 year ago)
Awesome videos of you lara ... you look utmost elegant ... iam fan of you ... do you have personal email ?? Can you show us library of Turkey ?? #turkishfactsbylara
Irsat Hboncuk (1 year ago)
Why are you wonder library?
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+H T hello thank youu a lot for your kind words here is my instagram @turkishfactsbylara you can dm Me this ll be more efficient 😊😊👋👋
the angelus (1 year ago)
Sonunda yeni video geldi çok uzun zaman olmuştu 😩 Ayrıca "aynen" i de koysaymıșsın keşke çok kullanılıyor çünkü
izmir 35 (2 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara thanks Lara
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+the angelus aynen onuda koyacagim bu serinin devamında 😊😊
Ichigo Kurasaki (1 year ago)
The setting in this video feels like I'm on a date with Lara LOL - its good to have you back
Ichigo Kurasaki (1 year ago)
Of course, I wouldn't want it any other way :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
hahaha YEah right it was just spontaneus its not even edited :)
Çiko (1 year ago)
I'm turkish so I can speak turkish fluently but I love watching your videos idk why maybe cause its really inspiring how good you can speak english. Also idk why I'm writing in english although I could write in turkish. Probably because this way everyone can unterstand me🙈
Çiko (1 year ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara aww your so kind thanks for answering💕
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
Thank you for your nice compliments and your attention :) of course if you can making a comment in english is better here because as you said this way the audience can understand you :)
Bora Usta (1 year ago)
kaç yaşındasın
Max Beckman (11 months ago)
Bora Usta 21 yaşındayım
Bora Usta (1 year ago)
bence 1 yıl olmadan 1 milyon aboneye ulaşıcaksın
Selim uçar (11 months ago)
Bora :D Bill Gates'in bile böyle hedefleri yok ne yaptın sen :D
Bora Usta (1 year ago)
kaç yaşındasın?
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
Bir yıl olmasına çok az kaldı ama :) sizin yardımınızla neden olmasın :)
Asr paris (1 year ago)
I love you Turkey and Pakistan! 💪💪💪❤❤🌹🌹❤❤🌺🌹🌹🌹🌷
Lola Lala (1 day ago)
ks px please dont confuse indians with pakistanis, pakistan is young and growing country with mixed ethnicities
Usman Ahmad (7 months ago)
THE VAGABOND, I think you never seen a real Pakistani before. I know in turkey there are a lot of Pakistani which are mostly from very poor and uneducated backgrounds that’s why they are there. I was in Turkey for a year on a project. Pakistan’s blood run in Turkish economy. Turkey’s big bank Isbank was opened by Pakistan add. There are some bad apples in every community.
ks px (8 months ago)
It is only false love, turks look at pakistanis as second grade citizens, as usual pakistanis are cultureless shitting on roads race.
Max Beckman (11 months ago)
Salam to pakistan :D
Asr paris (1 year ago)
Masoma Khan good luck 🌷
Asr paris (1 year ago)
Salam dear nice video ❤
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
Selammm :)
Abdirahman Ainanshe (1 year ago)
You look marvelous. I am not turkish but my turkish is far better than my english when it comes to speaking eventhough i spent a lot of time learning english i can't still speak confidently ( bi turlu beceremiyörüm) so what would you advice me to do in order to overcome this obstacle?
Kevin (1 year ago)
"Bi türlü beceremiyörüm" adam Adana şivesi yapıyor amk hahahahahha
Abdirahman Ainanshe (1 year ago)
thank you. Iooking forward to it.
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
First of all watch my video in which i ll talk about language learning process :)  and there is a lot of styles people use to overcome this fear i ll try to explain those ideas and methods in that video :) its a pretty long story so i cant write here :) P.S. Thank you soooo much <3
kadir yildirim (1 year ago)
Abdirahman Ainanshe I would advise you to watch as many videos and movies in english as you can. I learned my English thanks to watching many let's play's and series in English.
arthur08 (1 year ago)
Cool. Ben de türkçe öğreniyorum. =D =)
arthur08 (1 year ago)
Thanks. Austria ;)
Kevin (1 year ago)
arthur08 Congrat. Where u from?
arthur08 (1 year ago)
Haha sweet, sağ ol. Oh for sure they will, very interesting stuff =)
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
Wooooow tebrik ederim :) i hope my videos will be a benefitical source for you
Leo 7109 (1 year ago)
Leo 7109 (1 year ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
Batu1203 (1 year ago)
Great to see you again! I hoped lots of swear words tho, but it wouldn't suit you. :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
its great to see you guys again too :) heheheh i know right :D
Walter White (1 year ago)
Videoların çok güzel böyle devam! :))
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
Çok teşekkür ederim gerçekten ilginize layık olmaya çalışıyorum :) I am really doing my best to be worth to you guys attention and love
tolga kuyucuk (1 year ago)
Waov you are getting better day by day, accually your videos and way of speaks impressed me. You have a native accent and I am a person who try to improve his accent in English so I will always be here to watch you. You know me, I am your stalker and sorry for that again :( I just wanna know you more...
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
Thanks for the lovely comment :) keep up with my videos to know about me more :)
Mr Ibbra98 (1 year ago)
Finally your back Lara i missed your videos and this was a nice video i already know some of these words :) but happy to have you back 👍 looking forward to your next video Cook Guzel Video Abla özledik ya sen en guzel turk youtuber ;) hope you understand haha i know i Little turkish from watching your series
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
Thats nice of you keep up with the videos and thanks a lot :):):)
Eylül (1 year ago)
Great video been learning turkish since summer, love it! :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
This channel will be helpfull then i am so happy to hear that :) tebrikler!!!
John jones (1 year ago)
That's nice. I'm learning Turkish so I understand most of the words. I was in Istanbul two weeks ago for the second time. In Istanbul Finding a beautiful girl is really hard Coz most of beautiful girls have boyfriends or "lots of guy friends" spending time with them.
Max Beckman (1 year ago)
John jones its the most beautyful city in turkey (in my opinion)
John jones (1 year ago)
what is mersin?
Max Beckman (1 year ago)
Forget istanbul mersin is more beautyful than istanbul bro
John jones (1 year ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara Yes,Istanbul is really nice. I had a meeting with a professor in koc university. I didn't like the Taksim Square and Istiklal Avenue this time.(too crowded) I enjoy the other places like Bebek,Bagdad Avenue,Sariyer,...
LebBoys (1 year ago)
im your secret admirer 👀❤ haha xx
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
wow thats cool :D thank you for that
k Sy (1 year ago)
nice clip, ben de yabancıyım Türkiye de, bu arada mesajlara cevap vermiyorsunuz!
k Sy (1 year ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara actually I'm an English teacher in Denizli, looking forward to some kinda cooprating regarding English stuff, u ok with that?
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
+kamran Sy cevap verdiiim! :) thank you for watching and i have a lot of dms on instagram sorry if i missed your message 😔
Hanzson } (1 year ago)
Hanzson } (1 year ago)
Lara Türkçe altyazı gelmedi ne zaman gelir
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 year ago)
YAşasıın :) Türkçe altyazıda geliyor bu akşam

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