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Street Food in Pakistan - ULTIMATE 16-HOUR PAKISTANI FOOD Tour in Lahore, Pakistan!

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Thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market): https://goo.gl/VY6NjH SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos every week: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe T-shirts and caps: https://goo.gl/6WdK1l Also, just published a full Pakistan travel guide: https://goo.gl/5MHgz4 I’m very excited to share this first full street food in Pakistan video with you! We started our trip in Lahore, a vibrant, colorful, and packed full of food city. Our first day in Lahore turned out to be a 16 hour street food marathon in Lahore, and it was an amazing day! Get more details on my Pakistan Travel Guide: https://goo.gl/5MHgz4 Sadiq Halwa Puri (https://goo.gl/maps/Yoy9dJ6steF2) - We began the day with a very common breakfast throughout Pakistan, halwa puri, but along with chana curry (chickpea curry). We ate off the car, enjoying every bit of the freshly fried puris and curry. Total price - 640 PKR ($4.78) Chacha Feeka Lassi (https://goo.gl/maps/RGQBRQaNj8p) - Next we drove over to Gawalmandi, one of the most legendary areas in Lahore for food. We headed straight to a breakfast staple, the lassi shop and had the most creamy heavy milkshake I’ve ever had, called a pera lassi. Roasted chickpeas - 25 PKR ($0.19) - After exiting an alley, right in front of us was a man selling chickpeas and corn roasted in black Himalayan salt. It’s a very common street food snack in Pakistan. Sweet potato - 80 PKR ($0.60) - Sweet potato is also a very common street food snack in Lahore, seasoned with masala and a type of citrus juice. Baba Kulfi Wala - Next we headed over to Shah Alami Market, another huge and bustling market in Lahore. Kulfi - 20 PKR ($0.15) each - One of the most famous places to eat ice cream in Lahore is Baba Kulfi Wala, and you’ll find a crowd of people standing around the corner of the road eating sticks of their famous kulfi. Orange juice - 50 PKR ($0.37) Chana chaat - 120 PKR ($0.89) per plate - One of my personal favorite Pakistani street food snacks of the day was chana chaat, a chickpea snack. He added in all sorts of spices, chutneys, and seasonings, to create a deliciously refreshing snack. Butt Karahi Tikka Restaurant - Easily one of the most well known restaurants in Lahore is Butt Karahi, specializing in curry made in a rounded pan, called a karahi (we will be eating a lot of karahi’s in Pakistan!). We ordered both a mutton karahi and chicken karahi. Both were amazing, filled with spices and butter, but the tenderness of the mutton was the winner. Total price - 5,600 PKR ($41.84) Siddique Fish Corner - You’ll notice that Lahore seems to come alive at night, and street food is everywhere at night. We began the evening with Siddique Fish Corner, one of the best fried fish stalls in Lahore. It was awesome, and so busy. Total price - 400 PKR ($2.99) Khalifa Balochi Sajji - Another Pakistani dish I wanted to try was chicken sajji, a type of hand rotisserie chicken. The atmosphere and cooking method was incredible. Total price - 390 PKR ($2.91) Khan Baba Restaurant - Finally for our last dinner on this 16 hour day of food in Pakistan, we went to one of Ali’s favorite restaurants in Lahore, Khan Baba. The goat chops were impressive as was the korma curry. Again, massive thank you to Ali, from Pakistan Travel Mart for hosting us in Pakistan, taking us around, and organizing everything. Ali: https://goo.gl/VY6NjH Joel: https://goo.gl/5AkWm6 MUSIC: https://us.audionetwork.com/ CAMERA GEAR I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: http://amzn.to/2sV0XQO Main lens: http://amzn.to/2szLZNf 2nd lens: http://amzn.to/2EjBeEg Microphone: http://amzn.to/2rBKD3z Drone: http://amzn.to/2CrtAHz FOLLOW: Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology Thank you for watching!
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Love from India
dewisri wardani (7 hours ago)
I want to eat like you..
Mashal Alobaid (12 hours ago)
Im from q8 and this is the most amazing video and people 👍
bd hd (15 hours ago)
Omg I want to go to Pakistan right now
Aziz Ali (16 hours ago)
التقني (16 hours ago)
Sonya Tilal (17 hours ago)
Thankyou Mark... m a Pakistani and this brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou so much for showing true colours of our country to the world ♥️😊🇵🇰♥️
TECH MASTER (19 hours ago)
Bro ...welcome to pakistan...its my country and country of delicious food...and hospitality... I love to travel and love to eat...watch your videos frequently...
all in one channel (20 hours ago)
Last month i was in lahore. Beautiful historical city... And that guy have good voice
muzammil shaikh (20 hours ago)
Thank you soo much mark to visit my country Pakistan best of luck blessing with you
al lee (22 hours ago)
think thats tourist prices, too expensive man, even for germany 40€ ist too much for 2 pans of fried dish
amazing planet (23 hours ago)
hy i lìke u smiling face .. frm indian side of kashmir
M Viv (23 hours ago)
He looks traumatised. Also where are the women in Pakistan?
M Viv (23 hours ago)
It's like india of the 50s.
Uzzie B (6 hours ago)
M Viv my brother this video about the dirtiest party does not represent Lahore. Lahore is 5000 year old city with ancient history and cannot possibly be done justice by a foreigner. Watch this video about what Lahore is really like that I linked to you. https://youtu.be/5_udHSx-ULE
M Viv (7 hours ago)
+Uzzie B. But even in the old city in Delhi you see people in better attire and lots of women. But here you hardly see a properly dressed person and the women are nonexistent.
Uzzie B (10 hours ago)
M Viv lol Go look at videos of India old Delhi. You Indians complain that foreigners go to your country and only show the worst part but then you look at video of Pakistan and assume this is all of Pakistan. Mark went to the poorest area of the city
Carafaad Aleeli (23 hours ago)
I like Pakistan because you don't see street's any women without #hijab mnchallaH I m from somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇲🇷🇲🇷🇲🇷
shubham kumar (1 day ago)
Cant resist those halwa puri and chole why jinnah why😥😥😥
ali faraz (7 hours ago)
...don't blame jinnah as we Muslims of indus Valley civilization aka Pakistan didn't n wouldn't not want to live with hindu dominated Ganges Valley civilization
Angel Seneen (1 day ago)
Love to see u in Pakistan ... Welcome again....
fenderinno liam (1 day ago)
please, dont eating with stand..you have to sit
louie mutia (1 day ago)
09:8 nice driving skill
Zoren Galo (1 day ago)
who's still watching this January of 2019? :)
Marianne Vößter (1 day ago)
ewww disgusting third world food
Uzzie B (7 hours ago)
Marianne Vößter also Islamabad Pakistan was voted the second most beautiful capital city in the world and it is the cleanest most advanced part of Pakistan. https://youtu.be/506DaT8MmB8
Uzzie B (7 hours ago)
Marianne Vößter this is also a video of a girl from Poland eating the different foods available in Karachi Pakistan. Yes it can be cleaner, but I don’t think it is that dirty, especially since it’s all basically less than a dollar American https://youtu.be/PiapEChuw2s
Uzzie B (7 hours ago)
Marianne Vößter lol Marianne I don’t think any can be as bad and dirty as India! Sure it can be cleaner, but mark and the street food videos are from the poorest and most undeveloped parts of town. Lahore for example is a 5,000 year old city and has a long ancient history. Usually old ancient cities look dirty but there are cleaner parts in the new part of town and new malls as well. I’m not saying it is as advanced as any city in Germany bc Germany is probably one of the most advanced cities in Europe. I live in New York City and I have some German friends and they are all very nice, although I believe there is a larger German population in Chicago. I’ve tried schnitzel and it is very good. While Lahore isn’t as advanced as Germany, it also is not as dirty as depicted in this video. I linked a video that perfectly encompasses what the city of Lahore is like with all the ancient alley ways and buildings https://youtu.be/5_udHSx-ULE
Marianne Vößter (8 hours ago)
+Uzzie B Germany, i explored some street food clips from pakistan.. most of them are horrible! even more worse than india!
Uzzie B (10 hours ago)
Marianne Vößter where are you from that you’re dismissing third world food? This video is showing cheap street food from the poorest parts of towns. All of Pakistan is not like this. I hope you look at some more videos of Pakistan and open up your mind a little bit. Please tell me where you’re from and have a great day Marianne!
Anglerado5280's (1 day ago)
The song at the end was much more fire than expected
Aiza Khan (1 day ago)
Im from Lahore and this is THE BREAKFAST! Full of nostalgia and longing back. Love from Switzerland.
Sadi Taskiran (1 day ago)
Везде отлично где средства кушать приезжайте в Станбул ищо не такое попробуешь 🖒стиль проглотил.
Sadi Taskiran (1 day ago)
Да крутят будто могут залётного
Mohammed Khan (1 day ago)
Why's this guy constantly got a smile on his face
lllUSlll (1 day ago)
33:14 is the best part of the video :D :D :D
Dabeast Gaming (1 day ago)
My dog just died..... WOW
Ahmed Nabeel (1 day ago)
Javed Iqbal Durrani (1 day ago)
My Country have very loveable people. well come to Pakistan every one specialy Indians💓💓💓💓💓
Azzad Persad (1 day ago)
Did not want to get political but maybe America England France and Australia can use Mister Wiens as in their foreign services department he travels to all these supposed dangerous countries and shows us the true side of these countries Thank You, Sir.
Aalima Ahemed (1 day ago)
Thanks a lot Mark! for your tour showing Pakistan. loved to see our neighbor country through your eyes, happy that you considered our request. We wish you love and blessings. May God bless you and one day your little son too hosts food tours round the globe like you , he is too cute.. we never miss any of your videos. Happy food journey...
Em Robotics (1 day ago)
what a great song sung by him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and the sajji ymmmmm
taqdees nisa (1 day ago)
What abt visiting kashmir Mark?
nebojsa1976 (1 day ago)
I think 100 years from now, the Stone Age will arrive to Pakistan.
Faisal Shehzad (1 day ago)
aaa lahore tour of street food is not complete without dahi bhalay , and gol gappay,,,,,you had chana chat,,,,should ve had paan also while in lahore.
hydee khan (1 day ago)
woww amazing pak foods...
Ash Goraya (2 days ago)
oOhhh yes I'm Lahori girl and we always do warm welcome to our guests and the people here are so lively, kind, generous, friendly, bonhomie and foodie😍😍😍
zg32e9 (2 days ago)
20:25 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I love it all but this is nasty !!!! :D Just use table and hands
Jim Khan (2 days ago)
Great stuff i am from the UK but my family originate from Lahore Gwalmandi. Lovely place lovely ppl thanks dude Fab JOB from Sam
Alman Haq (2 days ago)
Pakistani food is the best 👍👍👍👍
Hey thankyou so much for coming to our country and spreading positivity . I have a serious simple question buddy ,How do you digest all of that, and look fit as hell .? Love your chanel... sending love and prayers from Paksitan .. Take care dear
Mehreen Yameen (2 days ago)
My city LAHORE 😍😍
Mdty Jahidlav (2 days ago)
Welcome. Yoou. Banglades. Is. Cantiry. Biwotyfulle
Sami rajpoot (2 days ago)
Waooo Soo Cool Pakistan...Pakistan Zindabad
confirm 53 (2 days ago)
Mark you are awesome
Bharat Yadav (2 days ago)
U too.... Good wiens
Tony Soprano (2 days ago)
This I Travel for Food Dude is a very nice person Its obvious he loves his food He is extremely respectful of all the people he meets and is very appreciative of all the places he visits He visits a lot of chaotic places and some places are dirty and full of grime but he seems to just say, when in Rome Good for you Mark, great show
fantastic area pakistan loved it
again this wooowww movements in ur food trip follow by foodie
Cute girl Inaya (3 days ago)
Waslam and Love you all down in the comments we are proud to be Pakistani
MUL CSC (3 days ago)
Muharram Video (3 days ago)
India aa orignal spice milega
Muharram Video (3 days ago)
Pakistan India ka Compare kuch mai nhi kar saktai India masala ka Desh hai bhai samgho
ali faraz (7 hours ago)
lol masala ka Desh means item songs yani vulgarity bulkul theek kaha tum nai apney Desh k Baray mai
Anirban Roy (3 days ago)
I will not be tempted, terrorism is dangerous---the land of terrors
Uthman ra\a (2 days ago)
You will never be, good things are for good people. I would prefer to eat Cow meat in Pakistan rather than India. Where you fools claim that a cow is your God while drinking its piss and killing innocent people for carrying/eating meat.
Raza Bhatti (3 days ago)
Thankyewh For showing real face of pakistan Huge respect Mark wiens...❤❤🇵🇰
neville braganza (3 days ago)
its all came from india..
nader nyc (1 day ago)
neville braganza No
nimra bashir (3 days ago)
So that we says jine lahore nai dekhya o jamya e nai😄😄
Chon Ching (3 days ago)
Is it safe to go there as Asian?
Muzamil Sarfraz (2 days ago)
100% but do find a guide or travel with a family
jad nashaat (3 days ago)
This food looks good, will be visiting from Egypt
Anika Ali (3 days ago)
If you’re reading this Mark Wiens then I just wanted to share that it’s because of your Pakistan series of Lahore that is purely the reason I’m traveling there in days from now for a whole month! I can’t thank you enough for absolutely everything you’ve covered so graphically in your videos for global viewing! I’ll be following in your footsteps in Lahore to savour every morsel of food from all the places you highly recommended! Thank you dear Brother for all that you have shared with us across the globe! 🌎🌍🌏🥇🏆🎉 God Bless You! 🙏🏼
Mark Wiens (2 days ago)
That is awesome Anika, thank you so much for your incredible support. Have an amazing trip to Pakistan!
Omer H.M (3 days ago)
Hospitality, kindness, generous people, amazingly tasty cuisine, beautiful landscape from rugged mountains to green valleys to big cities to deserts to Persian sea, Welcome to Pakistan! I was born and raised in Lahore and left in 2014, have been to USA, Canada and UK but never forget Lahore, such an amazing city with amazing people, culture, structure and food, Thanks you Mark for bringing all those good memories back!
Mark Wiens (2 days ago)
Awesome, thank you Omer!
Faisal Mohammed (3 days ago)
Velespitli Hekim (3 days ago)
Hi İ am from Turkey and İ love Pakistan. Thank you so much for video
kavitha tt kavitha (3 days ago)
Sabir Hussain (3 days ago)
5:05 sheeda tali spotted 😁
Sadgi Srivastava (3 days ago)
I have watched your video first time and you are fabulous. If I have eat up so many things in one day my next day will be a tour to bathroom.
kashan azram (3 days ago)
Nice video...
Shafaq Farooq (4 days ago)
Mark pakistan is amazing
Pranav Vlogs (4 days ago)
Lovely food Mark
Thank you Mark and Joel and Ying, and Micah for showing us all the world 🌍💚👍🏼
Loyal To the Game (4 days ago)
Great Boy 👍
Loyal To the Game (4 days ago)
Great Boy 👍
Loyal To the Game (4 days ago)
Good &. Smart Boy 👍
tmanrx7 (4 days ago)
5.2k Indian and western fascists disliked this video
Gabriel Moreira (4 days ago)
Come to Brasil
f4faisal vlogs (4 days ago)
Mark your humblness is giving you success.
EFUlife Abbottabad (4 days ago)
We welcomes every nation every person but we are not that organized to street level as people are mostly illiterate and not well disciplined so if you can bear that you are welcome.
Ytparp Ehsio (4 days ago)
Eagerly want your Bangladeshi food review! 😍
Naeem Awan shop (4 days ago)
Wow Great Food street in pakistan
Pendovi Official (4 days ago)
Jalanan nya lebih parah dri Indonesia hehe
Madhushree Singh (4 days ago)
Puke worthy
nader nyc (1 day ago)
Madhushree Singh Like your face
ali faraz (3 days ago)
...a true gangadeshi
Amazing food and nice people I really enjoyed the video, love from india🇮🇳
sheryl005 (5 days ago)
Malai Lassi ...yummy!
GURNAM SINGH (5 days ago)
lassi looks amazing, love from punjab , mohali
What makes a great restaurant experience?
shmuel gilet (5 days ago)
I love Pakistan from israel...❤❤❤
Sandy Ro. (5 days ago)
Wow! This is incredible... My mouth was watering. I will liketo know how to cook this type of food... Everything looks deliciously!!! Thank you for your video. First time I see your video.. You own a New subscriber!!! ☺
nilesh kumar (5 days ago)
Noble peace prize for Mark 🇮🇳🇵🇰
b1ak (5 days ago)
Oh man I think I just fall in love with Pakistan. Your food is amazing and the people is so niceeee. Love from Spain.
iNfLx (5 days ago)
What's the name of the song the dude sang at the end
Tin Espinosa (5 days ago)
Its very good to see that Mr.Mark and his wife and son travels together to taste different kind of food!🙂..More country to travel to,Godbless to the whole team,hope Sir Mark cn visit Philippines too☺️
Adrian Medina (5 days ago)
Where are the womans?
ali faraz (7 hours ago)
+lynn bari ...why not compare with non muslim countries like India n west what's wrong in it...Islam not only ask woman to cover themselves properly but also the man to lower down their gaze however precaution is better then cure n on the streets not everyone is descent so it is still batter to avoid unnecessary visits to places buzzling with man
lynn bari (2 days ago)
why compare a Muslim country with west, why not with other muslim country, surely brothers can learn from each other, when a woman in Muslim country go out, modestly dressed, men on the streets are muslim too, why a Muslim man would stare at a Muslim woman, if he respects women at home, he would certainly respect women in street s too because being Muslim women they're his sisters.
ali faraz (2 days ago)
+lynn bari ...wrong the woman when out on the streets r subjected to gauging n starring by man that's why we don't want r woman to be treated as sexual objects as often happens in India or the west they love to follow the dignity of a woman is modestly dress up n to avoid man infested areas
lynn bari (2 days ago)
So yiu are saying that Muslim s in those countries treat their women like sexual objects? if you respect women like your mother and sister then they'll have more freedom to walk the streets but if you treat them like a sexual object then women don't come out of the house as often because women don't feel safe in an environment like that, its as simple as that, try to think out things rationally, there's no need to take offense, internet is a great place to have a civilized discussion.
ali faraz (2 days ago)
+lynn bari ...then go over there we r not Indonesian or Malaysians we r Pakistani Muslims don't want others to treat r woman like a sexual object
Global Health TV (5 days ago)
i am pakistani girl i would say pakistan is good place for women
pak food's (5 days ago)
Ajay raj (5 days ago)
I have ordered roasted chicken straight after i completed this video, loved your describing skills..LOVE FROM INDIA.
cultural food (5 days ago)
Great work I like you sir...
Wendy Dube (5 days ago)
Mark is a blessed guy, look at how he smiles, he looks so excited in everything he does he's not faking. You don't have to ask he loves/enjoys what he's doing 👏👏👏👏 But then we have a problem here, I'm hungry now, after looking at them eating all those different foods😂😂😂
wak 4 (5 days ago)
In the end Pakistani guru randhwa somebody plz leave his no.
Patterwal Boys (5 days ago)
nyc Video PatterwalBoys

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