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Male to Female Before and After

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For male to female estrogen hormone replacement therapy for transgender woman please read http://www.anitalasenza.com/estrogen-hormone-replacement-therapy. More stunning Gurls on Android App install now https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anita.android.crossdressinggalls Music by: Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning)[NCS Release] Video Music for Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning)[NCS Release] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nQNiWdeH2Q
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Alika Maisuradze (3 months ago)
Alika Maisuradze (3 months ago)
Heinz LETZTE. (3 months ago)
brain damaged idiots
Alika Maisuradze (5 months ago)
tsads566 (6 months ago)
Sorry I just can’t believed what’s in their mind. Become epidemic, and it’s a very serious things to accomplish the process to changed. Trans gender society is rapidly growing, must be the devil. Just be who you are and accept gods gift gender, humble yourself.Be satisfied and live with it. May be it works for those confused.
Joshua Ellis (6 months ago)
@2:52.... I'm in love. Wish I knew her name!! ❤❤❤🌷🌷🌷
Joe S (6 months ago)
Rozamund Omand (1 month ago)
That describes your depraved mind.
JunJun Camacho (6 months ago)
Alika Maisuradze (8 months ago)
Norberto Luciano (9 months ago)
Yes I like so much Anita
Hre is a joke for all of you to show yu' s im very friendly .you ever wash your apparel inwarm. Soapy water like panties..and find their hey look at the nicotine stains.in.my undies..( and ive been liberated from all kinds of things .smoking.was the killer after alcoholism.God called.my mother sent me a beutiful purple snd blue full length blouse.and i put it on..i was 23. Black long hair would hide my fetish i was told.but now this is my lifestyle im. Living in.This note is very private but i know just airing out my laundry .refreshes me..i am single and never have had sexual intercourse..with a woman and had always been called a girl.and i could go on .i will just keep you in my heart..what yu really are outside your clothing And i in.mine..He.who has began a good work in you isable to complete it.in you.thats his promise.if you confess Jesus as the Son of God ! Clothe yoyrsrlves with Jesus put on .your beautiful garments of praiise robes.of.righteousness....sandals.of peace..
You are noteven emotional so artificial when you take thingsoff do yu...every consider Jesus who is the friend of thepublican and the sinner..itswhats inside of you.that needs a makeover.a transformation..something fresh and new.creation..awesome is the gift you may be longing for..i long for someone.to know what forgiveness and being made whole really is..the saving knowledge of the truth of your salvation.brought near by the blood of JesusChrist...now..every spiritual power..you.oppressor of these very special crossdressers .i say i do have faith in God do have faith and do not doubt i say unto this mountain. Be plucked up and be cast out into the deepest sea.obey and it is..faith is a substance..of things hoped for..and the evidence.of things. Not seen..God who is Alive and for yu.has sent his Beloved Son to fulfill hispromise to David.upon his throne HisSonshalll. Reign forever..God is able beautiful Crossdressers...i.so.long..to.dress as well and im unafraid to say i look very good. From my neck and shoulders down to my feet at 5'6" and 145 pounds.my face doesnt match..so.Romans14: last versesif you are being. Taught do you have faith? Read it who could condemn you not me..i really like your style..love.michael
Trevor Keyes (1 year ago)
Bloody poofs
MiroBG (1 year ago)
Still a dude
BungyStudios (1 year ago)
I prefer to be a feminine man , Than a masculine woman
최지현 (1 year ago)
I really hope those who blame them will be born TG in next life! Transphobias must be treated equally as they treat TG^^
Piper Ramsey (2 years ago)
are they hurting anything? no? KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew justin (2 years ago)
I hate how all these butt hurt cis women are saying that being a woman is more than just dressing pretty and putting on make up. You have no idea how it's like to struggle with dysphoria. I'm going to even say that dysphoria is worse than having a period, mentality. Cisgender women are just pissed because they are realizing that transgender women are more feminine and attractive while cis women are slowly becoming butch and dykeish over the years
GothKatt (2 years ago)
I think a few of these are drag.
2prize (2 years ago)
some of them look more feminine as men
WOWCruiser (2 years ago)
I'm amazed how many people have throw their lives away... WOW!!!
Piper Ramsey (2 years ago)
they arent throwing away anything. google "gender dysphoria" its not a choice.
Andrew justin (2 years ago)
Your ignorant
DinoRexGamingHD (2 years ago)
You will all be thrown in the lake of fire if u do not repent this is sick ur not real women fake women
Rozamund Omand (1 month ago)
Not with you in it. Ignorant moron.
jengo1 (1 year ago)
You actually believe in those fairy tales ? Grow up already ... when you die, you decompose ... that is it. There is nothing more, enjoy your life and stop spreading bullshit about that silly little book you were brainwashed into believing.
latano frank (1 year ago)
DinoRexGamingHD what about intersex?
Celestia Platinum (2 years ago)
The girl at 1:48 I know her. 😂
Alexandru Stamate (2 years ago)
than the magic is OVER when HE gives you the amazing news that you need to suck HIS LIMP DICK if you wanna be with him , her whatever the fuck these demented creatures fell like that moment what a sick world we live in...from the very TOP to the very BOTTOM .PEOPLE NEED GOD not this sick society thats telling everyone to do and be whatever they feel like...WE believed them and 60 years latter we HAVE THIS KIND of society ! Even SATAN goes ....this people are more fucked up than I ever hoped they will become .......
jengo1 (1 year ago)
That's religion for ya, just keep your head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the reality around you. Very rarely do people regret transitioning. We don't do it for fun, we do it because it's what works.
Alexandru Stamate (2 years ago)
its still wrong and you know it....it only brings bad news later in life...
Piper Ramsey (2 years ago)
google "gender dysphoria." its not a choice and its not hurting anything. what if ur kid was trans? u cant kick them out. once again not everyone is a christian and u cant force religion.
Alexandru Stamate (2 years ago)
King of worlds 7 (2 years ago)
Did you put the song you did to say that they were heroes
Alec Rosewell (2 years ago)
I have no idea. But strange they wear guy clothes when guy. Girl clothes when girl. I know it is individual preference and I am wondering how many trans people there are but they don't look trans. How many trans people are there in the comments ?
Andrew justin (2 years ago)
I'm transgender (Pre everything MTF lesbian)
Christian Luczejko (2 years ago)
3:26 ... Idk man. Some of these seem too... Like the person who made this video was trying to find completely different people who look similar but are not a male to female transformation.
Christian Luczejko (2 years ago)
3:24 did they have facial reconstruction surgery too? Their chin is wildly different.
To_Jew_For_You_Boo (2 years ago)
1:00 Who is that, shes GORGOUSE OMG!!!!
isabella ortiz (2 years ago)
1:02 LOL I CAN'T THEY LOOK THE SAME 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Paradise Fairy (2 years ago)
Whats the song name ?
Wyatt Logan (2 years ago)
they are all so beautiful
KiT shaDy (2 years ago)
Does anyone knows her name at 1.04?
Ben Whittall (2 years ago)
When the look beaut both male and female and I'm here single AF
RCW (2 years ago)
Wow. They are so wonderful and such an inspiration. Years ago I watched transition videos and cried because I was depressed that I would never be that amazing or brave enough to follow my heart. Now when I watch these videos, I still cry but this time it's because I know the pain and doubt that exists in those faces beforehand, and I am finally understanding the joy in the faces afterward. Life used to get worse every day, and now it only gets better. Trust your heart <3
Mystic Rabbit (2 years ago)
skylar blusterx (2 years ago)
may God wrath destroy every particle in your body.
Wait is this real this is amazing
Yung Tosta (2 years ago)
canis lupus (2 years ago)
most of these couldn't even tell the difference
Moamen Salah (3 years ago)
fucknig freaks ekhhh
Andrew justin (2 years ago)
Why are you here then. Go back into your little perfect cis bubble
Primal 420 (3 years ago)
so trippy to see what a difference. 0:16 looks like a kardashian.
Taysecosta Fernandes (3 years ago)
ate q uns ficaram bonitos mas outros nada a ver 😁
Shadow (3 years ago)
0:44 not much of a difference
Gumpie Gump (3 years ago)
I've never seen so many beautiful girls/women in one video! All of them are gorgeous, both before transitioning and def after! What I wouldn't give to be able to do my makeup like the majority of these ladies! 💕
Jasiah Sambrano (3 years ago)
some of these guys were hot
Rozamund Omand (1 month ago)
Jasiah Sambrano true why they changed i do not know personally i would not like to be a girl being an estrogen or replacement therapy for the dick is discusting by itself being a women is sick and worthless estrogen is the worst thing ever happened to me they are different hormones in the world so why worthless estrogen, nature is horrible and worthless in it, notuing good comes from estrogen fertilize , blood suffering lackmpf energy dizzy and confusion, weakness of muscles, putting on weigh and slow body mass grow and total lack of power and vibe and , they are some energeric womwn but they are crazy only thanks to dopamine nothing more, estrogen is worthless
Amaluna (3 years ago)
2:53 that shows gender dysphoria in picture.
Shadow (3 years ago)
+Kasumi that's so sad
ronniegogs (3 years ago)
2:53 .. Her arm... if it is what I think it is makes me sad
Non Compos Mentis (2 years ago)
ronniegogs Yeah he threw a tantrum
Stormageddon101 (2 years ago)
Sadly, yeah it is. That's the type of sad things that gender dysphoria can cause a person to do...
Zoë Reagan (3 years ago)
...I really would have liked to have been asked before they used 6 of my pictures in a public video. Like, that's super rude and inconsiderate. I'm just living my own shit, I didn't even know about this until my friend told me about it. This person probably just went through the Trans tag on tumblr and grabbed a bunch of pics.
TheAndromeda1111 (3 years ago)
+Zoë Reagan Message them, maybe the maker can edit it out somehow, put something on top of it? At least this is an inspirational video, could have been worse..
That music is soo intense for me.. Like touching an exposed nerve..
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (3 years ago)
Will the government pay for my penile implant? I would like to put it and some balls above my vagina, to temporarily block the opening. Thank you.
DeChaos137 (3 years ago)
2:54- Those scars are NOT old. You've braved something most of us could never face. I cannot imagine the confusion and suffering you've endured. On behalf of an ignorant society, I'm sorry... PLEASE, now that you are a woman, be a strong one and finish your transition, get whatever help you need to heal yourself on the inside. You ARE beautiful <3
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
SUCK. Something den b$)
Aero Printing (3 years ago)
Propaganda video's trying to normalize mental illness.
L L (3 years ago)
you're the one with a mental illness : stupidity
chamie cloribel (3 years ago)
each and everyone is beautiful..
chamie cloribel (3 years ago)
each and everyone is beautiful..
Felipe94 (3 years ago)
they look like cheap whores
Iuvshoes777 (3 years ago)
the boy to girl at 0:14 is really beautiful , can't imagine she was a boy !!
KiT shaDy (2 years ago)
+METZ808 Wads her name at 1.04?
The_tinywars (2 years ago)
I was like damn dude
Iuvshoes777 (3 years ago)
+Iuvshoes777 also the girl at 0:55 is gorgeous !!
Melinda abam (3 years ago)
disguiting....sword vs sword...eeeewww
Pregzi (3 years ago)
one e these days its hard to find a girl around. shemale bitches
Piper Ramsey (2 years ago)
they are girls.
Moamen Salah (3 years ago)
+Pregzi word
stefano comodin (3 years ago)
i feel so confused
stefano comodin (3 years ago)
i feel so confused
GodDamn Preacher (3 years ago)
These girls are so beautiful, it makes me so happy 😊
TJ gamer (3 years ago)
This makes me so insanely happy to see people coming who they really are and see them be happy. Love out to everyone who is currently transitioning and good luck on your journey ❤️❤️🙂
DOfreakNUT (3 years ago)
damn, there are way too many attractive people in this video for me to handle
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (3 years ago)
Vanessa Willows (3 years ago)
Omg that's me on the thumbnail and at 1:45
KiT shaDy (2 years ago)
Hi, do u no the name of her at 1.04?
Zoë Reagan (3 years ago)
+Vanessa Willows that's fair. I'm more just alarmed because I'm stealth in my personal life, ya feel?
Vanessa Willows (3 years ago)
+Zoë Reagan I was not, no (however I personally don't mind, more harmful things have happened)
Zoë Reagan (3 years ago)
Were you asked about this? Because that's me in the last 3 slides...
Abs Godwin (3 years ago)
Omg...This is so wrong, I did not choose to live on this planet....
Andrew justin (2 years ago)
Abs Godwin then go live in Texas or Arizona you ignorant shit
Jam Songs (3 years ago)
then live under a dam rock! you ignorant asshat
Phoebe Transgender (3 years ago)
+Alexis Cariddi <3
Alexis Cariddi (3 years ago)
+Abs Godwin I dont think anyone else would have chosen you to live on this planet either with that dispicable attitude.
Luis Orellana-Calix (3 years ago)
I like the one at 3:05 with the red dress.
Tibialstone7 (3 years ago)
3:14 :O
BrokenCarillon (3 years ago)
They almost looked like siblings its so weird but at the same time very interesting! Did anyone girls here get jealous? cause I did XD is that bad?
Marie Tobias (3 years ago)
+Danielle Milejevich Its more than that, being a slave to the expectations of others and the world at large is soul crushing. Worse so many of us, no matter how hard we try simply don't have it in us to pull off living in he assigned sex. We simply don't look or act like a the other people with that assigned sex so we limp along profoundly androgynous. This makes us targets for unfounded homophobia, further driving us away from public life. If you look in the pictures above, more than a few before pictures were suspiciously feminine already. Such people have a very hard life. Suddenly becoming the person you were always meant to be means coming home to your own skin. Finally feeling like you belong in the world. Being free to fully blossom. To express one self fully. To be a part of life, rather than hiding from it. Nothing could be more essential. Nothing is more important.
BrokenCarillon (3 years ago)
+Marie Tobias I could only image the male version wanting to become female and the female wanting to become male and end up meeting each other what a story that would make!?
Marie Tobias (3 years ago)
+GabbyGameboy Sort of amazing... like there is a completely different you that could exist... like in a parallel universe you could meet the opposite sex version of yourself. Tell you what, moving from one side to the other gives a person insights into both sexes people never see. Can you imagine what these folks must know living in the position of both sexes. Yeah, interesting stuff.
BrokenCarillon (3 years ago)
+Marie Tobias that's actually pretty interesting!!!
Marie Tobias (3 years ago)
+GabbyGameboy Everyone has an X chromosome, which contains both a male and female version of each of us. All it take to activate the other self is providing the right hormones. Amazing huh?
Julia Nevskaea (3 years ago)
wtf is going on with the men in 21st century??????
Rozamund Omand (1 month ago)
Time for a change.
Melissa Johnson (7 months ago)
Marie Tobias. No it hasn't the estrogen laden food and water is lower testosterone so much, men feel super effeminate, if not gay.
Celebitto (10 months ago)
Marie Tobias unfortunately there are white a few who aren't really like this and o ly do it as a passing trend for popularity. There are those however who are elike this and are very genuine.
Julia Gabel (1 year ago)
Wtf is going on with modern feminists???? Thats the better question in my opinion...Btw only 1 of 100.000 people are affected by this gender disorder. Men and women allike :)
Crusader C A T (1 year ago)
Julia Nevskaea Simple. There are no men on the 21st century
admarvelwarlock (3 years ago)
1:25, 2:18, 2:40, 3:25 favs !
Crawford Wood (3 years ago)
It's not just about weathering a dress it makes the world feel normal as I am a girl inside but know that I'm not but the the world is changing so you should go with the flow hun
Alec Rosewell (2 years ago)
Crawford Wood ? Your comment don't make sense bruh.
Matty Arnya (3 years ago)
they're all such beautiful women!! It's people like these that give so much hope to the rest of the community! <3
yashpal narula (1 year ago)
Willow Crook
Janice Cole (2 years ago)
I agree
Crawford Wood (3 years ago)
You sound like my kind of person babe xxxx
Kristene Collins (3 years ago)
Many of them barely needed the help and looked very feminine even before treatment. Just goes to show that they were always girls, as they all of course knew!
Alexandra Petrov (3 years ago)
+Aron Miller they are transgender girls- they are girls with y chromosomes, it's really not that complicated. Just get over it.
Dynevor Shannon (3 years ago)
+Aron Miller . There are no absolutes. what about those who were born intersex?
Aero Printing (3 years ago)
+FadedStardust No the were men and still are no amount of surgery can change your DNA.
Harjot K (3 years ago)
Michelle Martinez (3 years ago)
Being a woman is not all about glamour, once a month ( woman wish they were guys, at least girls I know) our breast are for breastfeeding our new born and painful at that. Don't fool your self's, you all were beautiful before , you did not have to change, you were made exactly how God made you perfect. Be yourself naturally Beautiful. Jesus loves you! love you all :)
Piper Ramsey (2 years ago)
they cant just accept it. google "gender dysphoria"
Andrew justin (2 years ago)
Michelle Martinez you don't know how it's like to wake up every morning and to hate who you are... to feel less attractive because we where born male. You have no idea. It's not just "men" who want to be women. How would you feel if you woke up as a hairy disgusting fat man and had to live like that forever. While you get to see other beautiful women being happy. Not so easy
Dynevor Shannon (2 years ago)
+Trevon Womack OK. Yep. Point taken.
Dynevor Shannon (2 years ago)
+canis lupus . So why did God make hermaphrodites? Is it wrong for doctors to "interfer " with hermaphrodite babies and do surgery. I agree that there is no such a thing as a "sex change" , only body shaping. But many people shape their bodies with face lifts, nose jobs, and hair transplants. If such body shaping makes them happy, then it's their bodies and life. Why should you get so hysterical at the body shaping of transsexuals? Is it because you have sub conscious gender issues of yourself? 1% of people are trans and a miniority of that 1% "sex change". The overwhelming evidence is that such body shaping makes them happy. You should worry about wars, poverty and enviromental destruction.
canis lupus (2 years ago)
+sera how are u even Christian ,maybe u should agree that God made u exactly how us were supposed to and we don't really need half humans out there they say they wanna be female and bullshit they don't even know I think it kinda.da disrespects woman cuz true woman experience way more than some trans will there not female they paid to look like one trans will never know what is really like and I feel bad for the next generation kid~ mom where do babies come from mom: well see they come from straight 100% real parents ,not people who are gay not trans,not whatever else there gonna call normal kid~ ok or another kid- mom I wanna be a girl non-profit aww honey sorry u have to wait to get or penis cut of and be pumped with most likely artificial hormones ,I mean has the world really come to this??? now comment war begins
Frannz Alcantara (3 years ago)
1:45 Omg shes gorg!
Vanessa Willows (3 years ago)
Awww thank you<3
Ariane Quinley (3 years ago)
this is embarrassing. our culture is confused about their sex? how pathetic and dishonering is that? I'm sorry
Dynevor Shannon (3 years ago)
+Cheesac . Some people have hair transplants, nose jobs, or face lifts in order to make themselves happy. To me, the results of such procedures don't look natural ( Hilary Clinton?) but if it makes them happy, it's none of my business. The evidence is that the overwhelming majority of sex changers are happy with the change. Leave 'em be and worry about wars, poverty and environmental destruction.
Cheesac (3 years ago)
+Destiny Price I don´t think you know this, but this is not new. If people want to justify something, they will try to prove it to be real. Not all your "researchs" speaks the truth. I don´t think anyone can trust to much of them, because they involve people´s answer that can vary according to the interview. I don´t think I am a bigot, but I am opposing this. I love God and want them to understand that Jesus is the answer. I was in favor of this before, but I started to think that it is not as good as people make it to be.
Cheesac (3 years ago)
+bekindist That ideology is selfish. One does not worry about the other, only to not make trouble with the other person. Culture will always change, adn this thing is nothing new to men.
bekindist (3 years ago)
+Ariane Quinley Which culture are you talking about? I don't think all of these people live in the same country. Anyway, live and let live and worry about your own honor, nobody is alive to make you happy.
Gunpowdercupcake (3 years ago)
some of these are absolutely amazing
Abrak Alarab (3 years ago)
لا اله الا الله
Saacid Jama (3 years ago)
is not good
Gus Colling (2 years ago)
Is not good grammar,do you go to clown school?
Saacid Jama (3 years ago)
opportunity in the future to get a child admitted entering fekar it is with some of your members are the Button wagaa little boy wants to marry a woman, but unfortunately many of today's young boys did not think the opportunity now and in the two ragganimadadii
YouToo (3 years ago)
Why they did this to themselves? They are just FInE as men!!!!! Why ? Even though, there is no change inside! They will stay men inside for EVER.
Andrew justin (2 years ago)
I love how uneducated cis people can just easily judge when non of them have ever experienced gender dysphoria
Cheesac (3 years ago)
+Destiny Price Even if we are educated, that doesn´t mean that education is always right. That there is a 1.5% regret rate means that they should do whatever they think is "good". I would like them to know God, so that way, they can truly change for better and deny their desires.
YouToo (3 years ago)
YouToo (3 years ago)
REMERMBER ME GUYS, one day, youtoo said that theses mens2women and women2men will regret their choice, now or later..... Remember my name cause i will confirm it one day.. BE AS YOU ARE MENT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE BORN suck the freedom in this way, freedom has to help us to be NATURAL and HAPPY...AND STRONG... not UNHAPPY, WEAK and AFRAID TO BE AS WE ARE !  
Britney Lloyd (3 years ago)
I think you all look wonderful,good for you,wish I could do that myself
Claudio Santos (3 years ago)
Is it always a male to female? I ve never seen the opposite.
L L (3 years ago)
no there's also female to male
FalconPunch1978 (3 years ago)
This is the most inspirational thing I've ever seen for trans people. Great job, awesome video!
Leon louie (3 years ago)
creepy as fuarrrk
Devitra Suga (3 years ago)
omg the last 1! i have no words o.o
pink inside (3 years ago)
Someone please help me understand how I can chat with a knowledgeable person that can get me free to do this??? I'm going to play in my closet forever it seems.
John Morgan (3 years ago)
I never knew how many people felt that they were in wrong body til my dear friend told me he was unhappy . I told her from the get go doesn't matter what's on outside it's the person the inside that matters. I'll always love and support her.  She will always be my oldest friend. Love ya,  Donna
Melissa Miew (3 years ago)
Yayyy for all those with the courage to truly fly free.
Angus (3 years ago)
Vanessa Willows (3 years ago)
It's called hatred for people who are different than you
Frankie L (3 years ago)
+davina wendy lol, don't listen to this person.
Angus (3 years ago)
It's when a male experiences erotic feelings at the thought of himself "being a woman" or "becoming a woman." In other words, it turns him on sexually. It is the main reason that men become transgenders. https://autogynephiliatruth.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/what-many-transgender-activists-dont-want-you-to-know-and-why-you-should-know-it-anyway/
davina wendy (3 years ago)
+Angus Charbonneau  could you please explain in plain English  , what exactly that is
Meow! (3 years ago)
0:13 omfg thats gorgeous.
Night_Rose_94 (3 years ago)
This gave me hope and i feel so happy after watching this!!!
L L (3 years ago)
hold on to your hope; one day you'll realise your dream trust me <3
bruh (3 years ago)
Pause at 2:54 looks like this person was thinking about live or die
George Thomas (3 years ago)
Confused white people, nothing will give you peace.keep searching.
Obama-San (3 years ago)
They're so pretty ;-; it's unfair
Justin Smity (3 years ago)
Amazing video. 😊 I love theses videos. It inspires me 😊

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