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Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Text Comments (3581)
Fcamemes On ig (5 hours ago)
That niggas hair wtf
nicole soraya (8 hours ago)
i would kill myself if i was one of these kids
Ghaida (13 hours ago)
Big kids are RUDE... do not be rudely honest with your old parents, they are the reason you're alive and grown AF! Ugh.
Tender Roni15 (13 hours ago)
Why are we not hearing the white ppl's answers? Like where are there
Duranged mom is amazing lol
Thatonecalikid _ (1 day ago)
7:36 that’s so sweet
Brxken Gacha (1 day ago)
Bruh 7:48 when she cried it hit me so hard
King K. Rool (1 day ago)
Man, wish I was cool w my parents like this
Sharky2120 (1 day ago)
“It was feeling like a earthquake” “I heard the tiny screams”
Music Kid (1 day ago)
Someone needs to get the guy from the guess how many people you had sex with video, the 1,500 one and I wanna see his parents reaction
Wildernessbox (1 day ago)
God damn the big dudes mom has legit fangs!
Licet Aliena (1 day ago)
I gotta say these are my favorite videos to watch when im drunk
Cy Nahas (1 day ago)
This was weird
Orly IX (1 day ago)
The fat ass lost his virginity at the age of 10 ☠💀
KT (1 day ago)
okay this video had me laughing my ass off then crying at the end, what you tryna do to me?
Dragos Matica (1 day ago)
"When i get old, will you let me stay with you? Or will you put me in a home ?" *takes shot* "it's like dat HUH?"
Bennzi YT (2 days ago)
How this dude lose his virginity at 10
ahhh ahhh (2 days ago)
When the title mentioned kids, I thought they meant actual children for a second
Zelly Nicole (2 days ago)
mom : when did you lose ur virginity and did you use protection ? me : 10 mom : ;-;
Ian Thomas (2 days ago)
No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Fat guy:absofuckinglutely
lord skippy (2 days ago)
Bridget M (2 days ago)
0:46 anyone else wondering who is the mum?
AnimalJammer AJ (3 days ago)
1:43 *what the fuck*
Bananasauros Rex (3 days ago)
That black guy and his mom need their own show
Navi Marshall (3 days ago)
5:19 nigga disrespectful but him and his mom have a good relationship
Killa Klan (3 days ago)
Oh hell no 😂😂😂 these are some brave souls right here.
Ambric Timble (3 days ago)
Lol the way her momma described the earthquake
Jazmine Lopez (3 days ago)
The black lady is so chill 😂😂 gonna be me when I'm olderr
Nick Gorman (4 days ago)
Julia Freire (4 days ago)
I can relate SO MUCH to “we brought our own tequila, we brought our own lemons” LMAO
gabe rocha (4 days ago)
Dreranges hair looks like anal beads
hungame11 (4 days ago)
aaaaaw :3
Mutated__Donkey (4 days ago)
I just gotta ask. Why does deranged make his hair into anal beads?
Spencerwade 9 (4 days ago)
I like 69 I like having that access
biokemisten (4 days ago)
When your mom calls you ''bruh''. Savage.
Strawbbs (5 days ago)
It's the buttplug haircut guy again yey
TWG (5 days ago)
The older dad is Barney Stinson in the future, won't hit on anyone that is more than 35 years old.
Lil pimps mam is low-key real man
Is anybody else questioning the fact that he lost his virginity at age *10*
Mrplug420 mag (6 days ago)
Niggas hair looks like anal beads 😂
nobody knows (6 days ago)
I am 21 but watching this makes me want to have children right now, so we can be bf and talk about things like this and laugh.
VeRxZi (6 days ago)
The guy with orange shirt was 10 when he had sex and he used protection i bet the condom was too big and it was useless to use a condom because im sure that he couldn't get the girl pregnant
Golden Mayonnaise (7 days ago)
“I’m shippin dat ass fo sho” I’m D Y I N G (5:50)
King Nazi (7 days ago)
The black dude has been funny as fuck in all his episodes lol dude be super chill to hang with
Wyatt G (7 days ago)
“I’m shippin’ that ass for sho” “Fuuck you”
Petlover Aj (7 days ago)
Fucking 10 Wtff
RAWRme929 (7 days ago)
AJ sounds like ryan gosling
Cesar Torres (7 days ago)
wholesome video
Justin Han (7 days ago)
I like there’s no Asian people
J P Smith (8 days ago)
Big dude & his mum got me dying 🤣😭🤣
Luke Lagoon (8 days ago)
"Its like that huh."
Big Chach (8 days ago)
3:55 Omg 😂 “TAke ThE FuCKinG sHot MoM”
Valeriiez X (8 days ago)
The dark skinned girls hair looks like dried ramen noodles
egon446 (8 days ago)
You would think "Danny" is the most fucked-up person in the world...and U meet his mother......
S I C K T R I K Z (8 days ago)
I was an accident so was most of humanity
Qiarian Wallace (9 days ago)
After he said momma stfu I got scared for him💀💀
Carrie Davis (9 days ago)
I'm a simple woman. I see Duranged Pitt, I click. 🤗
Carrie Davis (9 days ago)
Was not disappointed lol
_ xXPEGASUSXx _ (9 days ago)
the black grandma at 1:20 : no i ain't takin' a shot fuck that ... i like 69inee ... loooooolwtf xD
Team Berzerk (9 days ago)
“When did you lose your virginity?” “10” bruh at ten I was playing Minecraft.
Ship dat ass away
Mitz _ (9 days ago)
I wouldn’t call them kids
Shadow The Demon King (9 days ago)
He said 10 and I am 11
As 0109 (9 days ago)
The orange mom and son are like abso-fucking-lutely fuNNy
Milan Delic (9 days ago)
fucking america fucked up
Michael Myers (9 days ago)
2:00 I almost spit my tea out 😂😂😂
Yt GothomSoldier (9 days ago)
Blaine’s laugh is so funny I swear it cracks me up every vid
nebi (10 days ago)
the antenna hair and his mom are awesome
FatBlue (10 days ago)
So all of yall just gonna act like u didnt hear him say he lost his vitginity at 10 bahahahha
Sumiya (10 days ago)
10? Wow...
Lucien LeBrun (10 days ago)
Anybody just wanna take scissor and cut of tha big guy's ponytails
imagine (10 days ago)
Derranged Pit and his momma need their own fucking tv show
BLURby84 (10 days ago)
Ohhh momma deranged
5:49 had me dying
Rhea Easter (11 days ago)
Jamia Moses (11 days ago)
This was the funniest one 😭I love these families
Layla Humble (11 days ago)
Daurange fr lost his virginity when he was 10?? When I was 10 i still thought boys had cooties like damn
Natural_d00d (12 days ago)
"Have me some Fine-ass Honeys dealin' with me" 5:57 😭😭😂😂💯💯
PlanB (12 days ago)
5:49 this dude got the best relation ship with his mum.
Navy Seal Gaming53 (13 days ago)
The black mom savage asf
purple nugget (13 days ago)
I wish I had as good as a relationship with my mom as the first guy
Serina Magley (13 days ago)
Thecabbagefoxtwins (13 days ago)
Low key these people are so rude to their parents......
Kylekanzler (14 days ago)
duranged and his mom had me laughing my ass off, holy shit
Lesieli Netane (14 days ago)
The fact that the mom brought her own tequila and lemons to video had me crying 😂
Daniel Dabbour (14 days ago)
aj's mom looks like she a milf & they look like they fucked before.
Fxickz (14 days ago)
10 years woah
Jeremiah Nji (15 days ago)
This was a great one!
CeeAntique -Vintage (15 days ago)
How do you get on this YouTube show
megan wade345 (15 days ago)
10 fucking years old......omg😂😂
Lizzy The Kitten (16 days ago)
jack aboy (16 days ago)
Ten bro ten for real
luk m14 (16 days ago)
Money Weed ... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kian Kelly (16 days ago)
DayR Husky (16 days ago)
Mom: When did u lose ur virginity Big Bumblebee dude: At 10. Me: WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM.
Big B (16 days ago)
"69, i like that access" haha
austin busbee (17 days ago)
Stifflers mom!!!!!
Meme Onyou (17 days ago)
His hair looks like anal beads
fearless nix (17 days ago)
5:56 I'm dying
yee yee (17 days ago)
My sister is a dick she just said that his hair looked like anal beads and I slapped the crap out of her cuz I his hair

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