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Mobil 1 engine oil celebrates Porsche 919 Tribute Tour

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With a successful partnership spanning over 20 years, Porsche and Mobil 1 engine oil have come together for a world record-beating journey – making motorsport history as they celebrate the accomplishments of the iconic Porsche 919 Hybrid.
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Diogo Carvalho (11 days ago)
Markus (11 days ago)
The Record at Spa was beaten this year in F1 Qualifing 👎🏼
Thomas John Solidum (9 days ago)
If the 919 is the best of what an LMP based car can do when it is unrestricted what is a Formula 1 car when it is also unrestricted.
Markus (10 days ago)
Yes, i think it's no problem to get another second with the 919 😉
Rolando Loeb (10 days ago)
haha but not even 1 sec faster and the 919 easy would win to the rest of the F1 grid
I had Mobil 1 for breakfast
hiraiwan 911 (12 days ago)
Mofera (12 days ago)
Porsche FTW
karim Mohamed (12 days ago)
karim Mohamed (12 days ago)
Steffen G. (12 days ago)
I use Mobil 1 since years in my Car. Best oil on the Track!!
Sahil Bains (12 days ago)
PORSHE😫😩!!I want to buy your Panamera Badly
Seth Aranovitch (12 days ago)
I catch you fooling with that car I'm going to discharge this revolver, Understand?
ProudNavyDad SWO (12 days ago)
Why does the driver look scared?
ProudNavyDad SWO (5 days ago)
+Reto 'Aadiyat Good reasons to look scared!
Reto 'Aadiyat (5 days ago)
LMP1's are all rounder. High cornering speed in majority if not any types of corners, high acceleration, high top speed, track condition, aero, durability, reability, list goes on. With that said, never was a single mention of "easy to drive". Slightest steering wheel turn could mean hospital or the heavens. 919 is known to be the fastest in terms of speed in it's competiton. Handling goes to Audi and balance goes to Toyota. I suppose 919 perhaps is the unpredictable animal of the lot. I heard heaps of technical failiure w Toyota, not much from Audi and lots of accidents from Porsche since the competition's beginning to it's end w 919, R18 and TS series.
Wendell Mejia (9 days ago)
The driver probably has high amounts of adrenaline flowing through his body due to the importance of reaction time at this speed. They are very focused.
ProudNavyDad SWO (11 days ago)
+Christian Rausenberger Uh, ya.
ProudNavyDad SWO (11 days ago)
+Max Kallenbach Could be.
Kamryn C. (12 days ago)
Please come to Formula One
M /Best Video (12 days ago)
Mic gragg (12 days ago)
Nice car
Adal Khan (12 days ago)
Yeahhhh first Now I can Die In peace 😁😁
Mic gragg (12 days ago)

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