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Love & Dating in Turkey

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Ever wonder what dating is like in other cultures? Our provider Soza shares what love and dating is like in her home country of Turkey! Learn more about Turkey at http://www.scola.org.
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Text Comments (19)
Danielle Perez (3 months ago)
lmao the turkish translation has alot of added words that they dont even say :D im dyin
Mir Wazir (4 months ago)
Mir wazir Ali . My BusinessWeek age 47 .cell no 03153123936 karchi pakistan
ABDULAZIZ SAROYA (5 months ago)
Kutalmis Saylam (7 months ago)
good video, terrible English..
Owen Prescott (7 months ago)
I don't know why I'm watching this, but the guy walked into a trap lol.
hassan mohamud ali (9 months ago)
I love Turkish girls, I worked with medical teams from Ankara in 2011 they were amazing, beauty & kind. I would marry one if I had the chance and time with them
Ben Seçil (1 year ago)
Can Asians can marry with a turkish women
MrDFarber (1 year ago)
Question to Suza and Bahar: What is the attitude of Turkish WOMEN about Dating and Marrying a non-Muslim man:  Say a Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or a non-believer ?  Are there women who marry such men in TURKEY ITSELF ?  What the Muslim "Sharia" says about this ?  Will appreciate you replies. Thank you.
Sara Ivlina (6 months ago)
I also have this question. I can't seem to understand the acceptance of a Muslim girl/boy dating a Turkish Muslim, Christian or Jewish. Turkey is highly populated with Muslims and Islam prohibits dating, so it's confusing to find that more than 60% of the country accept it.
Arhan James Dulger (1 year ago)
Sometime i really cant understand people.
Arhan James Dulger (1 year ago)
These comments are so rude, i love this video.
mohamed warsame (1 year ago)
I didn't realize that Turkish women are so disciplined and self oriented until i so this amazing video, and this is incredible engagement i wish them well. Now i'm considering to start a relationship with a nice Turkish women, but then i will need guidance with the culture and norms. Is there possible to help me to get contact with Turkish women or at least make a video about it ?
Danielle Perez (3 months ago)
dont do it, theyre crazy
gameboys XL (1 year ago)
Please learn how to speak english!! 😂😂
Onno Ede (2 years ago)
Jij bent toch geboren in nederland?
MK TradeLtd (2 years ago)
Rubbish video, please remove it immediately
Master Cristian (3 years ago)
StrawPoll (3 years ago)
euuh, WTF ? .. ._.
Pornrawee Wachsuwan (4 years ago)
aww what a cute couple

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