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İn this video, İ will be sharing to you guys the best dating apps. So if you are interested in finding one, just keep on watching, but before watching this, you must watch first the videos below: TIPS ON HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT AFAM ( PART 1 ) - https://youtu.be/jcVXzZh1-64 TIPS ON HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT AFAM ( PART 2 ) - https://youtu.be/62OC58pk12M SPREADING LOVE AND PEACE 💚💚💚 Don't forget to subscribe, if you haven't yet and click the notification bell so you will notify if İ have new videos, OH C'MON SUBSCRIBE NA! And comment down below, any suggestion, any opinion but PLEASE don't be rude! IF YOU REALLY LIKE THIS VIDEO, FEEL FREE TO SHARE IT. SOCIAL ACCOUNTS: FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/filipinalivinginturkey İNSTAGRAM - FilipinalivinginTurkey
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Text Comments (40)
michael john berug (1 day ago)
Pano naman yung mga binatang pilipino wahahaha😂🤣😅 Onting tips naman jan mrs.blogger wahahaha
Rhow TV (4 days ago)
Nice tips my friend... Depende naman sa tao pero madami na din sa ngayon ung mga manloloko hehe at madami din nman na totoo..
Kristeta Martin (16 days ago)
kausap ko si janna kagabi!! shout out mo daw sya bet ng afam! hahahahahhaah
Hahahahahhahahhahahahhahaha, sige sige shout out ko siya, ilalakad ko na din siya.
Yessine Abidi (17 days ago)
I'm looking for a girlfriend who is interesting 😙😙😙
Lissa C. (25 days ago)
Share your love story sis of how did u met sis. New friend here
Tchang Anna Fam (27 days ago)
Good advise ......Pray, ask,seek...
Yes po, totoo po.
Myl Tumbungera (1 month ago)
Husband ko sis sa dating website ko lang din nakilala pero sa ngayon sis noh dami na rin manluluko sa chat chat lang
Rainier Rainyday (1 month ago)
great share and thank you for providing tips and advises..
You're welcome
Pinay In eskisehir (1 month ago)
ma try nga hahaha joke lng baka kick out ako hehe
Huwag mo na subukan sis. Swerte mo na kay mister at kaynana mo.
Smokey Variety TV (1 month ago)
Relate naman ako sa dating site sis. :)
Smokey Variety TV (1 month ago)
Oo sis hehe
Sa dating site din ba kayo nagkakilala ni mister mo sis?
Simply khaye (1 month ago)
ako sis 1day after na nag sign up ako etong asawa ko nakausap ko agad hehehe
Hehehe, meant to be talaga.
Simply khaye (1 month ago)
i believe sa age doesnt matter sis
True sis.
Ceren Vlogs (1 month ago)
Im happy for you sis.
Salamat sis.
Dahleii lettz (1 month ago)
Dme ko natutunan sa dating, pg free anjn mga scammer. Bihira nlng serious
Truelalooo sis.
Motivational Videos (1 month ago)
Hi sis sana mkgawa kn ng story telling about sa inyo ni hubby mo,na eexcite ako kc ung skn sa live chat ko xa na meet,live chat and skout ay parang same lang din its a video chat.Good luck And God bless.ingat jan lagi
Sige sis, İ will make one, siguro kapag andito na din si mister. God bless you more sis.
Suzy ron (1 month ago)
Ohw sa skout mo pala nakilala hubby mo andaming bastos nag chachat saken dyan inunstall konalang
Suzy ron (1 month ago)
Filipina living in Turkey pano kayo nagkakilala dun?
Oo sis, sa skout Haynako, pag ako ganyan sis, blocked ko agad sila.
Lovely Ann Turkey (1 month ago)
Super true sis
Lovely Ann Turkey (1 month ago)
Hehe wow Sis nice story
Thanks sis.
Rizza Mae (1 month ago)
Hi pretty! Watching here from 🇬🇧
Hello po. Welcome to my channel.
Cherry Grace K. (1 month ago)
Gandang share sis para sa mga naghahanap...
Oo nga sis eh.
Nerb journey (1 month ago)
Good info ter nakakatulong to naghahanap loveone nila charot hehehe
Oo sis.
jhen FranzVLOGz (1 month ago)
Nice share para sa mga naghanap ng kanilang forever.
Kaya nga po eh.

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