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Food in Ethiopia - UNSEEN Traditional Ethiopian Food in Africa!

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►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe ►T-shirts and caps available now: https://migrationology.com/store/ Special thank you to Sam, Yemane, and Michael. Today was a little bit of a random day in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, searching for delicious Ethiopian food. I first met up with Sam, and he took me a little outside of town, an area known for their meat. We asked some locals around, and found a local meat restaurant that everyone agreed was the best in the city. Dulet - Dulet is an Ethiopian food of minced up raw organs, sauteed in Ethiopian spiced butter. It’s incredibly delicious. The the man sitting next to me ordered shekla tibs, a pan of sliced meat fried and served in a charcoal clay pan. It was very chewy, but tasty. Total price - 230 ETB ($8.31) including drinks Tej - Tej is traditional Ethiopian honey wine, and after asking, some people told us there was a local Ethiopian bar just down the road. It was quite an Ethiopian cultural experience. Price - 9 ETB ($0.33) per cup El Shaday Restaurant - Finally, we returned to Addis Ababa, in the center of the city, and searched out an Ethiopian food that I had desperately wanted to eat - called Tihlo. It’s a dish from Tigray, very rare to find in Addis Ababa, and even the friends I was eating with, who are all Ethiopian, had never heard of it, or tried it. So it was a first for all of us. Turned out to be incredibly delicious, and now one of my favorite new Ethiopian dishes. Price - 80 ETB ($2.89) Thank you for watching this unique Ethiopian food tour in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! Hotel I stayed at in Addis Ababa: https://www.booking.com/hotel/et/zeist-lodge.en-gb.html?aid=808668 MUSIC: https://goo.gl/HwVjdo ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: http://amzn.to/2sV0XQO Main lens: http://amzn.to/2szLZNf 2nd lens: http://amzn.to/2EjBeEg Microphone: http://amzn.to/2rBKD3z Drone: http://amzn.to/2CrtAHz I would love to connect with you! Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology
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Text Comments (2044)
nura miss (2 hours ago)
ጥእሎውን ቀስ አድርገህ ብላ ኧረ
kazuya saitome (21 hours ago)
6:30 the reporter did not like it, he got his tissue then bleh hahaha. But good food trip mark.
Devine Devine (2 days ago)
Raw meat 😒
Ziza Carvalho (2 days ago)
Eu acho que tava muito apimentado ,,,,,ma mesmo assim o repórter comeu horrores kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Michael Corleone (3 days ago)
They all run out?
Bubu Billion (4 days ago)
Anti Ahmadiya (4 days ago)
Mark " you just know it's a meat restaurant because of the aroma" It must stink in there .
Merete Worku (4 days ago)
missy mason (4 days ago)
luyla1 (5 days ago)
i hate the raw foods and im habesha.
Heaven Hagos (5 days ago)
Mark, the last food you had and you loved very much is made from oats. It’s origin is Agame in Tigray where my dad from. That’s my favorite food too. I am glad to see you enjoying it.
Tilho agame dish.
Mariya 58 (8 days ago)
I want to meet when in Addis I want to start food Franchise my number in Dubai 0589002019/2017 last number wattsapp
Mahmoud Nouri (8 days ago)
Omg i miss you. Ethiopian
Josef costa (9 days ago)
The dolet i ate didnt have this red tomato sauce , i dont think this dolet is the original , Try the real dolet with beef, liver, and lamb tripe It's my favourite
xuz xuzii (10 days ago)
get de-wormed and pray buddy
Lem brim (10 days ago)
I’m ready to eat in 🇪🇹 Ethiopia. I’m not as brave as you but I did try raw beef it was seasoned to perfection and I loved it.😋
sciencefusion (11 days ago)
oh ya................
musicksol (11 days ago)
He just has the best facial expressions on youtube.
Salim Nasser (11 days ago)
Always a true gentleman, you are awesome Mark.
Abdisalam Abdirauf (12 days ago)
Who is watching 00:04
julio mendez (13 days ago)
Every time he makes that face when he’s tasting something good makes me want some immediately!
Tigist Girma (13 days ago)
What the hell is the last dumpling looking food? It's not Ethiopian defiantly
PLEP (14 days ago)
Nice one minus the two guys. I could hear one of them actually saying in Amharic he doesn't like asking questions. What kind of journalist doesn't like to ask questions ? There is nothing wrong in asking the lady to explain what's the ingredients are and translate that. My peeps are very friendly and like to show off their culture. I think you should just ask your guides to be translators and hear what the locals have to say.
Anti Ahmadiya (4 days ago)
micella17 (14 days ago)
What kind meat is it?
sling247 (14 days ago)
That bread reminds me of a crepe.
Zulu Charlie (15 days ago)
Did you get sick eating in Ethiopia?
Isaac Kiros (15 days ago)
Siljo is .ha ha
ocean Lover (16 days ago)
Tihlo is a traditional dish from part of Ethiopian and Eritrea that served in special occasions such as wedding, Christmas etc,. that's why Tihlo is so rear, but the best food ever. Thank you for sharing your experience, you are amazing Mark.
The Reloaded (16 days ago)
The dough balls seem weird. Never imagined one can eat raw dough.
KaLus (5 days ago)
it is a roasted barley flour
Kasech Mulugeta (16 days ago)
Mark, next time ask to try chiqina tibs you will thank me later
Kasech Mulugeta (16 days ago)
She could have used ice cream scoop to make the dumplings instead using bare hands, so unhygienic uggggg
Priyobati Loitongbam (16 days ago)
U r awesome, i envy ur wife. She is lucky to explore different kinds of food n countries wit u.
Tukur 53 (17 days ago)
The last dish was "gonfo",but she make balls out of it normally its kinda bowl with (berbere,telva,yogurt...)
Bee Ugo (17 days ago)
I don’t like those guys.. they seemed rude and be eating before their guest 😓
Study, Judah! Study! (17 days ago)
They eat with chopsticks?
Study, Judah! Study! (17 days ago)
This guy has a super human stomach. I dont understand how you can go to different cultures and eat such vastly different food and sont seem to ever get sick.
haer iaoe (17 days ago)
Stabbers? Those are called forks. Also, it´s questionable eating raw meat in third world countries.
Ethiopian FOOD THE BEST 👍
rdlez (18 days ago)
Mark, I just happened upon your videos a short time ago, and watching you enjoying another culinary food adventure never fails to make me salivate as you go wide eye'd into every bite. Outstanding!!
JamXaos (19 days ago)
This guy doesn’t even have a tongue, he likes everything he eats. I would pay to see him eat something he doesn’t like or actually gags to.
LukaIsSavage (20 days ago)
Good sir you are a champ.....
noura ZO (20 days ago)
شلوووون كل شي يعجببببببه شهالذوق اللي يناسب كل شي🤫💔
Hope Hope (20 days ago)
Love Mark’s facial expression when testing each dish!!!
ms Moussa (20 days ago)
Hi to Djibouti you gonna love there too
marjorie cadanilla (20 days ago)
Makes me like to try Ethiopian dish,but can’t find it here in canada.
emran ali (20 days ago)
Why is tourer guy unfreindly
Zulfa Zulfa (20 days ago)
FlyingChinese O7 (21 days ago)
awesome video, but.....emmmmm
nita bineta (22 days ago)
It's funny watching mark get food-gasm.
Maria Lopez (22 days ago)
The more I see your videos, the more I love and value North America.
Niska Mo (23 days ago)
Raw meat that's just nastyyyyy
Lulu Loves Lillies (24 days ago)
The guide is only concerned about eating his food (which Mark paid I'm sure) instead of being the proper guide that he was paid to be. Pathetic.
Patrick Horgan (24 days ago)
I wonder if the Ethiopian Honey Wine is similar to Mead which is also a fermented honey drink.
D Marie (24 days ago)
Is it safe to eat Rare 🥩
Mother of Solomon (24 days ago)
I gotta stop watching this channel on an empty stomach 😄!
trollMan246 (24 days ago)
Come on Mark what's in the sauce 10:25!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rahma Yesuf (25 days ago)
wawww 💚💛❤webta agra😘😘😘😘
maureen tasha (25 days ago)
actually that tour guide was not of much help at all but you really tried big up mark hope he reads this
Alma Gonzaga (23 days ago)
Dawit Chaka (25 days ago)
I love this guy and his family,I saw all the videos he made..... thanks man for sharing us the culture
Emmanuella Michel (25 days ago)
Mark you did a great job the guide altho he is a journalist he was bot very informative. I feel like he could have helped you when trying to go in the kitchen but he was so uninterested that he left you to figure things out yourself. It broke my heart because I know you weren't beibg entitled or trying to be disrespectful. Keep up the good work but if you feel the vibe is not right let him go
Charles Kamonde (25 days ago)
Mark can eeeeeat!!!
stevven hard (25 days ago)
Martin Juma (25 days ago)
Guys can’t u see the guide is drinking Geunisse and Facebooking he is not there to guide but to enjoy
አይ ስንት ቦታ እያለ ጠጅ ቤት ትወስደዋለክ
bulbul jeema (26 days ago)
comment for Abiy Ahmed
Hai Kieu (26 days ago)
Mark! I love your videos, every time I watch your videos I don't get bored. You absolutely fuel my sense of adventure and to see what's out there. Thanks Mark!
TRONK C (26 days ago)
watching them eat raw meat kills me every time.
isalvage1 (8 days ago)
TRONK C do u feel the same way with raw fish?
shadow lin (26 days ago)
Its fork not chopsticks
Noah king (27 days ago)
You are making me miss my country lol
through your vidéos, deashes come in our houses
Yoselin Aulia (27 days ago)
I feel sorry watch you to have fake expression because of your guide. You're so profesional. 😑 hope you always have a good day
ashish Malla (27 days ago)
Love u mark 😁
I gotta Weird head (21 days ago)
ashish Malla b know how that you t
I gotta Weird head (21 days ago)
I gotta Weird head (21 days ago)
ashish Malla b
Raymond Landis (27 days ago)
Mark, you are my favorite food tour personality... My family just totally enjoys how you educate us about the world's foods!
Hirity Diedrichs (28 days ago)
I love thillo my. Mom make us all time I know how to do it am Eritrean same culture. And ppl with Ethiopia food all .love your show good job now the western see how Africans are rich healthy food and culture rligouse. Happy ppl we are .
Hirity Diedrichs (28 days ago)
The dough is made of roasted flour healthy Mic with cold water the white souce is. Made of yougurt and spices.it thrigna culture food for guest tihilo is for guest in tgrigna culture of Eritrea and Ethiopia.I love it
yaballo1 (28 days ago)
Mark: 'mead' or 'honey mead' is a better translation of 'tej' into English than a 'honey wine'. Of course, Ethiopia has its traditional beer made by fermenting grains such as barley, sorghum, maize, etc, still done by following a recipe similar to the one used by ancient Egyptians. The Ethiopian traditional beer is called 'tella' in Amharic but there are different types of the same stuff in different regions/cultures of the country. The Amharic/Ethiopian version of wine is known as 'ye woyin tej' [woyin = grapes, hence 'ye woyin tej' = tej made by fermenting grapes]. Because of its higher altitudes & cooler weather, the Ethiopian highlands are suitable to produce grapes, crops/grains & fruit varieties that are common in the Mediterranean world than in tropical Africa. Of course, Ethiopia is kind of a bridge between black Africa & the Mediterranean+Arab worlds. Hence there are lots of things that Ethiopia shares/borrows from the Arab, Mediterranean & India [curry & Asian spices]. Again, another fantastic & enjoyable clip of yours. Thanks.
Ross Moran (28 days ago)
pencil kneck, mark wiens
Honest Reviews (28 days ago)
Is there anything you don't like or do you pretend to like everything lol
Aallay Baloch (28 days ago)
Most of restaurant's owners are concious about kitchen for its cleanliness and they have a guilt and they wont let you in the kitchen ( Have seen alot of exmaples of such rude irresponsible owners, Sorry to say ) its not disrespectful but i felt it more inusling for mark when he asked him not to go into kitchen. Thats not how you treat a guest ! better keep cleanliness and feel free to invite anyone in kitchen DUH !!!! He managed it tho ! I FELT BAD, We love you mark ! <3
Vol Stone (28 days ago)
Mark the smiling dude!😊 your videos are contagious can't stop watching them.
Wellington Matarutse (28 days ago)
For real that guide☹
Nina Tadesse (28 days ago)
Salgo they get it from black eyed beans its take so many days for prepare i wished i explain more but i can't
etg1966 (29 days ago)
Boys day out...I just love your positive attitude toward foods. 🙏❤
old pump (29 days ago)
Truthfears Guilty (29 days ago)
Truthfears Guilty (29 days ago)
Patricia Highton (29 days ago)
I have to wonder if Mark Wiens knows more about Ethiopian cuisine than Marcus Samuelson
Robert Stanbury (29 days ago)
GREAT VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!
Elijah Cloud Lacanilao (29 days ago)
Your always making me hungry
Tap Q (30 days ago)
I'm the biggest foodie and Ethiopian food is the best food I have ever eaten.
assad ulfat (30 days ago)
Ethiopia is the best place to eat
*I thought that Ethiopians followed the Jewish Kosher laws like they follow every Jewish law and prohibit from eating raw flesh or flesh that has blood attached to it*
Leena C (30 days ago)
Your the best food blogger Mark.. Blog all the kind of food all over the country.. Love watching it😊
JAYANTA SONOWAL (30 days ago)
You are doing a great job by representing the ethnic food and culture from all around the Globe... Great effort ... Hats off Weiens... keep going
妃卡巧 (1 month ago)
Who hook him up with Mark? 🤦🏻‍♀️ That guy just went there to eat apparently...I guess this is why the video is so short compares to other videos 😂
Khaledh Tahan (1 month ago)
Raw meat ohoh
roja roja (1 month ago)
your more drunk than full of eating haha
Franck junior Nono (1 month ago)
Oohhhh waouhhh😂😂😍

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