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Here is a list of 5 beautiful androgynous male models who transitioned into women. Before the male to female transition, all the models stated in the video used to be androgynous male models. They looked quite better as girls too and hence did a lot of female modelling in their careers.
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Alika Maisuradze (13 days ago)
#Patrick Der Hipster (1 year ago)
#Oh my god wow as a so very sexy
Paul Stromberg (1 year ago)
They are so beautiful and truly feminine
Harish Kalra (1 year ago)
hi i lik any ts dating with mee i lik ts any contact
NJ J (1 year ago)
All were gorgeous in both forms.
Wendy Ngo (1 year ago)
Androgynous D.E.B. (1 year ago)
Awesome video! Sadly, I didn't see Andreja Pejic mentioned.
Parth Patel (1 year ago)
all are born ...for exiting to man ...really goregus
Stas Fedyanin is not transitioned. He have silicone breast forms. )) https://www.instagram.com/stas_fedyanin/?hl=ru
Billy Doolittle (1 year ago)
any of you looking for a man
The Amazing Lucas (1 year ago)
Can this 'mom' become pregnant? Or are vaginas and uterus's not exclusive to women anymore?
admarvelwarlock (1 year ago)
Did STAS actually transitioned ? I dont think he did !
Alex White (1 year ago)
No he's still a "boy". He still did not dare, perhaps it's good.
katta salmiakki (1 year ago)
mishel fox was sexy as fuck

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