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Turkish youtuber Orkun Işıtmak who has 6 million subscribers gets Turkish girls number with speaking English. His Channel and all credits go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePersica
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Text Comments (964)
Xiam (3 months ago)
*INFORMATION FOR VIEWERS: All the people in this video are Turkish. That guy who made this vid is not me. He is Orkun Işıtmak*
Ayunda Fatima (2 months ago)
johny walker lol 😂
johny walker (5 months ago)
Xiam No doubt they’re beautiful but U r Ugly
Neha Shafi (8 months ago)
Nice video
Ever wondered how the Mongol Seljuk Turks ended up looking like Europeans? ... Modern day 'Turks' are really genetic Greeks with a Turkish culture, language and names ... That's how ...
# Die Gamerin (2 days ago)
koskoca ingilizcede bir tanidik numbir :) cikti diye sevindiler a.k.. aaaa ben anliyorum bak oldu. ihlamurunu sikim
ErWin StYle (6 days ago)
Guy is from turkey
Niko Belic (7 days ago)
Niko belic and Roman belic is not Russian they are Serbian they speak Serbian in the game to
henkarars (20 days ago)
it feels like turkish girls are very interested in foreing guys but it's just not worth to risk letting their family know they talking to one
dazzy .L (25 days ago)
dude they rarely give their nbrs to strangers from first time , you should have gone for instagram!
The Foreigner (11 days ago)
It helps if you look Turkish. I am a Turk who looks like a foreigner and most women will not even talk with me. If they do it is only so they can practice English.
Raj Ghosh (1 month ago)
My girlfriend is Turkish❤️
Atlas Lanka (8 days ago)
+The Foreigner you sound pathetic
The Foreigner (10 days ago)
+Raj Ghosh I am not sure how you did it man. I have all but given up dating Turkish women. Maybe I am too old and too bald, lol. I met one from an app and she tried to pull a scam on me in a restaurant with a huge bill! I quit using the app after this time.
Raj Ghosh (10 days ago)
+The Foreigner I have already mentioned she is Turk so of course she is from Turkey We meet on an app
ali arslan (25 days ago)
Big big lol
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
How did you meet her and what country does she live in?
Danish Ahmad Ansari (1 month ago)
Abdi Sharif (1 month ago)
Turkey have the most preety girls in the planet I'm learning Turkish to approach them....lol
Usman Aga (8 days ago)
RussianBear nowadays they wanna suck korean dicks lol.
RussianBear (19 days ago)
Waste of time lol. Turkish girls only fuck blonde/brown haired with blue eyed foreign guys if you want to have insta sex. I know it because I’m that and part Turk ;)
ali arslan (25 days ago)
+The Foreigner big lol
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
+ali arslan you don't know me. Punk. I am not Finnish and kebab sucks. Döner daha iyi
ali arslan (25 days ago)
Turks hate mixage we are honnour honnour crime ok dont mixage your are finish a kebab
Alfred Emil (1 month ago)
Am currently in Turkey and getting a Turkish girl is seemed not easy! Where can I meet them easily.?
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
If you do not look like a Turk you may as well give up. It will be easier for you to find a foreign girl to date in a Turkish language class then to date any Turkish woman.
Rishabh kumar (1 month ago)
Girl at 1:10 :)
blackflag jack (1 month ago)
not all turkısh are muslim dude. fuck arabs we are Turks! we dont have any religion.
Mohammad Zakir (2 months ago)
love to Turkey from India mashallah turkey people are so beautiful god bless you my sisters and brothers
Niko Belic (7 days ago)
Mohammad Zakir yeah why you asking? I’m from Turkey GaziAntep
Mohammad Zakir (8 days ago)
"sister niko belic..." "you are from Turkey ? ? ? are you Muslim ? ? ?
Niko Belic (8 days ago)
Mohammad Zakir thank you so much my Indian brother
Atlas Lanka (2 months ago)
Why are there do many jealous people in the comments I am not Turkish but I whole heartedly acknowledge Turkish people perhaps are the most beautiful on earth.
T S (2 months ago)
polish motherfucker people men and I can tell you that they are all crazy polish in America and Irish too.
Saad Khattak (2 months ago)
hahahah güzel bir kardeşim ama direk olarak şok ettikleri numarayı istememelisin lol bu beni Pakistan'dan gülümsetmeye zorladı❤👏
Haya khan (2 months ago)
Hhh nice
ali arslan (2 months ago)
Il arrive quoi à ces fdp arabes de merde les Turcs baisent vos femmes et vos soeurs se vident les couilles sur vos chiennes bandes de sales races
Turkki Turk (2 months ago)
0:46 🇹🇷😂🤣😂
Finn (3 months ago)
Please keep sharia law out of your country.
there is no fucking "sharia law" in Turkey, cuck.
TURCO (27 days ago)
Pls stop to care about our religion.
Misra Kalkan (3 months ago)
1.05 ağır abi 😆
Ayunda Fatima (3 months ago)
Is Turkey really really secular country???
Unless you are a christfag or a joo, we are pretty much secular. some of us even think arab religion is a plague happened to us and destroyed our culture. But still, we mostly distrust christians and joos, regardless of our religious beliefs. And for rightful reasons! But if you are irreligious or atheist, it is fine.
Ayunda Fatima (1 month ago)
Ria Rio oh I see
Ria Rio (1 month ago)
+Ayunda Fatima Not really. But it's democratic. So cultural values are pretty much the same. Live and let live.
A Curious Engineer (1 month ago)
+gecelerden devrim Ateist olsan ne yazar devşirme ! Kendine Türk dersin ama müslüman olmayan Türk,Türk değildir.Orta asya muhabbetine girmeden ne demek istediğimi Osmanlı tarihini ince ayrıntılarıyla analiz ettiğin zaman anlarsın.Müslüman olmayan Türk,Türklüğünü kaybetmiştir.IRK BELİRTMEZ.. Dilersen DNA analizi yaptır.Hani "ne mutlu Türküm diyene" Demiştir Atatürk,"Ne mutlu Türk olarak doğana" deseydi iş değişirdi.Umarım zeka seviyen ne demek istediğimi anlayacak kapasitededir.bildirim gelmiyor bu arada.Yorum yazarsan yorumunu gördüğüm zaman cevaplarım. ,Bu arada özet olarak anlattığım şeyi anlamak istersen Osmanlı tarihini akademik çerçevede araştırman gerekecek.İlkokul seviyesinde,lise seviyesinde "Atatürk bizi kurttattı" bilgileri ile gerçekler ortya çıknıyor MAALESEF..
Ayunda Fatima (2 months ago)
Murat Mutluu whatever It makes me so sad 😞
TwS Clan (3 months ago)
He’s so awkward
TwS Clan (3 months ago)
yutup kullanıcısı (3 months ago)
Sırıtmasa daha fazla numara alırdı bence,
Hamid Basra (3 months ago)
Your heart bro
Brian N (3 months ago)
Sexual harassment
Naveed Said (3 months ago)
Muslims girls not commented to give you cell number Muslims girls are not like easy for illegal relationship or sex and almost those Muslim girls which are not by name Muslim but also strictly follow Islamic rules I think
Donald Trump (3 months ago)
I from poland 😂
luna (3 months ago)
Your Russian accent is the best
ali arslan (3 months ago)
Orospu kasarlara bak utanmaz fahiseler. Soysuz dinsizler anadolu erkegi olsa cevap vermezsiniz defolun gidin ulkemden avrupaya balkanlara yallah ulkenize surtukler
Kut Almış (2 months ago)
senin gibi iq sıkıntılı cühela dangozlar asıl bi siktir olsa şu ülkeden çok daha güzel bir ülke olacaktı ya ne yazık ki biteceğinize sayınız artıyor
White Nights (2 months ago)
Anadolu erkeği olsa cevap vermezler çünkü anadolu erkekleri çoğunlukla senin gibi tecavüzcü küfürbaz oluyor.
youyou (3 months ago)
ataturk'un orupu kizlari
Turks Of Gundabad (1 month ago)
kes sesini siktiğimin teröristi
Kut Almış (2 months ago)
senin gibi döl israfı kaynıyor memleket
Eren. (3 months ago)
Amına koduğumun arabı, siktir git deve sikmeye devam et
cem arslan bozkul (3 months ago)
Atatürk e küfretme lan piç
Aylin (3 months ago)
youyou siktir eşek siken daesh militanları
Mason Will (4 months ago)
turkish woman looks very similar to Russian and Ukrainian, Is there something to do with the slave trade in history?
Herşey Burada (15 days ago)
Wtf what a stupid question. We aren't russian or ukrainian. We are Turks yeah of course we are white
Atlas Lanka (2 months ago)
These girls look far better than Russians and Ukrainians
White Nights (2 months ago)
Turkish have to have black hair? Because of stupid western stereotypes? Perhaps we should all dye our hair and put on dark lenses to be accurate then. You have no idea who Turks are you better shut the fuck up.
TURK EMPIRE (3 months ago)
*Lol are you stupid or what? What an ignorant bastard you are!*
Pan-Turkic Nationalist (3 months ago)
+Mason Will yeah, incestborn hillbilly, we are actually black, and the people you see are synthetic androids we use as representatives to deceive foreigners. godfuckedup moron.
CBM 215 (4 months ago)
I lived in Turkey from 1962-1964 and you would have been arrested at that time for this type activity? Why are these guys speaking English and giving English a bad name. Most of them are from Poland, Russia and Europe. Speak your own language.
wtf that alzheimers dude trying to say ? Any ideas ?
Kut Almış (2 months ago)
Age 80 or 90 ? :)
Ceren Belayaskala (2 months ago)
what are you even saying lol this is a prank video it has nothing to do with poland nor russia he's turkish and he says it's a prank to thoes girls at the end
So called Turkish girls do anything for money show her 10$ and you can fuck her in both holes
Ria Rio (18 days ago)
+ali arslan STFU. I replied to the original comment, not you.
ali arslan (1 month ago)
+Ria Rio fuck off troll
Ria Rio (1 month ago)
Oh please .
ali arslan (2 months ago)
Fuck off arab bastards you confonding with your arab women very easy for sex Turks hates foreigners but loves fuck and fucked your arab women mother fucker
Abid Khan (4 months ago)
Sasan Sepahvand (4 months ago)
Fuck turky poor girl💩💩🖕
احمد شوبكة (4 months ago)
Wow TURKS LOOK VERY ARAB. (Arabs dying their hair blonde to look European..) hahahaahhahaahahahaah
Why's the fuss with having tremendous amounts of fucking autistic NEANDERTHAL genes that your hair is blonde, I wonder... It would be a shame for me to have pale features since it is a clear indicator of having some primitive-vocabulary neanderthals fucked with your ancestors and stained your sapiens genes.
Herşey Burada (15 days ago)
Turkish peoples are hate a arabs . I am hate also too . Ahhahahahahha
Atlas Lanka (2 months ago)
You are either dumb or a fucking retard or both these Turks in this video are by either lighter on the same level of complexion of many Europeans but of course Turks are far more beautiful than Europeans
احمد شوبكة (2 months ago)
Haha, post your photo I'd love to see how white are you. Um so how dark are Turks in comparison to Germans? I think Turks are mistaken for Indians there. I have seen a fight between a German guy and Turkish Kebab restaurant owners, the Turks were extremely short (like Indians) and have dark skin and straight hair. I don't understand why you hating on your people for being dark. Levantine Arabs in general (According to Renato Biasutti skin color map) are the same skin color as Turks on average. The difference is they get more tanned from the sun. So please, go to Sweden and tell the people there I'm white milk milk skin pls look at me I'm better than you for having whiter skin that's retarded ☺☺
Atlas Lanka (2 months ago)
I have seen Syrians and Lebanese in Turkey you fucks are a lot darker than the darkest turk Lebanese/syrians look exactly like Indians get over it brown nigga
الشيخ محروط (4 months ago)
good job turks, goooooood ban islam!! goooood!!
+Dilara Demir he is a troll just ignore him. He knows we are not the same but he likes to troll.
الشيخ محروط (2 months ago)
If you're really westernized enough, Europe would have accepted you. But nope, Europe sees Turkey no different than other Muslim countries. People's mentality in Turkey is not even completely secular.
Dilara Demir (2 months ago)
+الشيخ محروط Nah. We are Lighter. Most importantly we think different.
الشيخ محروط (2 months ago)
Yeah, you look like Arab and Kurds but with Asian eyes. That's the only difference.
Dilara Demir (2 months ago)
+الشيخ محروط Turkish People have many different looks. We don't look like Arabs and Kurds. People who look like that are Arab from the Ottoman Empire.
Aayat Khan (4 months ago)
Wow you did it 😁
İlhami İlhan (4 months ago)
*I love Turkish people , Turkish people are very sincere. I were 1weeks in Turkey.* *And i still miss Turkey*
Abhay Kuwar (5 months ago)
Both turkish boy and girl look same white still get
İyce Kold (5 months ago)
Turkish girls are tall
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
Not usually, no
Lucifer (2 months ago)
No no no, really no.
gecelerden devrim (2 months ago)
no, turkish boys are short like hobbit.
Bidu Bidu (5 months ago)
Turkish women are amazing!!.... Turkish women are so beautiful 😍😍😍
TURCO (27 days ago)
+ʀ.мιla ola they doesn't smell dude
lik everytiem (1 month ago)
Have you ever came inside one.
black cat (1 month ago)
+ʀ.мιla ola Maybe it's just your smell.That's why everyone smells bad for you😉
ʀ.мιla ola (2 months ago)
wite until you smell their sweat they can kill you from 800 miles😂
Ashaq Manzoor (5 months ago)
i m from russia this is my cousin he is from korea
Kerem Go (5 months ago)
1:07 "You need help or something?" -- that was really genuine and thoughtful of her. She really thought he might need any help to buy stuff or go somewhere.
Zuo Miaomiao (5 months ago)
I wouldn’t give him my number too haha sorry
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
Of course not he is like a loser but from my experience Turkish women prefer men who look like Turks
Gaming For A Day (5 months ago)
Hahaha Turkish girl can't speak english!😂
cyprus 1960 costas (5 months ago)
Very chip girls turkey.....mmmmm and so pretty sexy.....
ali arslan (2 months ago)
Big lol Turkish soldiers fuck and fucked your women a cyprus hummm your women very sexy and easy loves turkish men
Pan-Turkic Nationalist (3 months ago)
your girls were FREE FOR ALL during 1970s for the Turkish soldiers. remember ;)
Tianlong23 (6 months ago)
LOL you said you're from Poland? :D I wonder are Turkish girls are into Polish guys :D
Daniel Gaga (18 days ago)
+Ria Rio there are only 3% european part in Turkey(stolen from the greeks)and you make it sounds like a big part of turkey is in Europe..Its undeniable Georgia is kinda European because of their culture and none of your turkish cultures has anything to do with European cultures
Ria Rio (18 days ago)
+Daniel Gaga Turks and Levantine Arabs look like Mediterranean people(from Spain and Portugal etc) and who tf cares what you think. Turkey is neither Europe, nor Arab. It's both and culturally similar to Central Asia. Geographically it's still kind of European like Georgia is. What you consider won't change the Geography.
Ria Rio (18 days ago)
+ali arslan I'm not talking about average people. It happens very rarely, but it still happens.
Daniel Gaga (25 days ago)
+The Foreigner turks are arabs
ali arslan (25 days ago)
+The Foreigner big lol they prefer turkish men stop
Mr Secular (6 months ago)
OMG Dude! ask for the name before the number! LMAO btw, ask for her name and tell her that you're in a rush and need the number now so you can meet up later for coffee...
jacob Farah (5 months ago)
I Love Turkish people, long Live😘
Hayder (6 months ago)
i can speak English very well but when i speak in front of Turkish people they look at me with a weird look idk why
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
I get the same looks. I was born in Turkey but I look like a foreigner though. I tried to date Turkish woman but they are never interested. Sometimes I think it will be easier to just call an escort instead of to try and have a real relationship, but I have not done this yet.
Happy Afghanistan (6 months ago)
I love turkish people 🇦🇫🇦🇫
+Kebab Defender fuck Turkey trump will fuck Turkey and Atatürk hehe
Bilinç Altı (3 months ago)
+Kebab Defender kes lan amcik
najma Abdilahi (6 months ago)
Can Turkish people speak English ?! I wanna visit their country next month
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
My best advice - stick to tourist areas
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
+Pan-Turkic Nationalist agreed
Ria Rio (2 months ago)
Yes most of the people can communicate.
Pan-Turkic Nationalist (3 months ago)
We prefer not to learn. Even if we learnt it, we mostly prefer not to speak
freakyourmom (3 months ago)
+najma Abdilahi çünkü biz senin gibi koloni değiliz. Sen koloni olduğun için ingilizce bilmek zorundasın.
Halil seven (6 months ago)
izmir girls write the bitches book
Orko Chowdhury (6 months ago)
Turkey is a very beautiful country and have beautiful girls.
henkarars (20 days ago)
+lik everytiem wtf? they are turkish, and learn history bro
lik everytiem (1 month ago)
Russian girls are better. During the war all the pretty girls swam across black sea to russia and ugly ones stayed. Girls in this video are not turkish they are russian or greek.
DURKE DILEK (6 months ago)
Lololo 😜😜😜
Sean McGahee (7 months ago)
I'm from the US and currently in Ankara/Turkey for a few months. I find that most people are friendly enough when I try to approach them. Yes the Turkish women here are beautiful, but if your native language is English it can be rather hard to communicate with most of the people at least here in Ankara. Funny thing is I am also a muslim, once they find this out they definately open up more especially after I demonstrate by shocking them by reciting a Surah or the Sura Fatiha. This is my 12th day here and I'm hoping to meet some more open locals that can show me around better or even just help me pick up some Turkish in exchange for English. I definitely recommend a visit...it is a beautiful country.
Ayunda Fatima (11 days ago)
Zeen zeyy I couldn’t find it. But mine is princess yundharacute
Zeen zeyy (11 days ago)
+Ayunda Fatima my messenger is open just text ill know you
Zeen zeyy (11 days ago)
+Ayunda Fatima search me same name zeenzeyy it will come princess zeyy the correct one
Ayunda Fatima (11 days ago)
Zeen zeyy gimme your name
Zeen zeyy (11 days ago)
+Ayunda Fatima i have messenger
Donald Trump (7 months ago)
I want a woman we know this phone number 966550413177 watsapp
Titan Hound (7 months ago)
This is cringy
MVP A8N (7 months ago)
Hey add me in Twitter we can hang out thou . . Mvp_shadow
Awan Aliyan (7 months ago)
+M.Kemal ATATÜRK hehe fuck u.. I'm from France and we don't like Turkish yakhhhh... Turkish trash fuck u and fuck Turkey hehe
Dilara Demir (2 months ago)
+s s First learn atleast English . Second Arabs are known for Child Mariages and honor killings... they don't integrate. Here in Germany Germans think Turkish and Arabs are the same because they can't tell the difference. You want a Virgin but want to fuck German Women. We don't throw Gays of Buildings, Men and Women are equal, We are Modern and accepting. You go to Countries and want to make them like Arab Countries.
brandy kinney (2 months ago)
Furkan A. No dear you are wrong i am from pakistan love so muchh turkey and we are like brother's and not much more but behind this also reason why pak love tur because they together fights aura for being nations and Turks helps to Pakistanis most so this reason pak believed turkey is their iron brothers and they love turkeys so muchhhh but for your kind information all bad and good peoples living in everywhere every country's and cities you meet or some your friend meet some bad pakistanis people that doesn't mean all pakistanis is bad and their behaviour is disgusting good and bad people live in any where and i surely say turkey s which in lively good and bad peoples too but dont care becsuse i know turkey is islamic country but mixtures secular and this is charm to turkey they showed others country's so beautiful and differential to other and turkey is better than other islamic country and they peoples is warm and beautiful and well standard well you come pakistan pleased meet me and you being released that pakistan s how a lot loves and respect to turkey peoples
gecelerden devrim (2 months ago)
+Parvez Khan turkey is not muslim son of a bitch. our country IS SECULAR NOT MUSLIM SCUM LIKE YOU.
Parvez Khan (2 months ago)
+M.Kemal ATATÜRK fuck you Christian mother fucker dog bless Christian I hope soon turkey muslim bro killed 2% Christian 😂😂
Alara & (7 months ago)
Not muslim Turkey is SECULAR!
The Foreigner (8 days ago)
Atlas Lanka Syrians are refugees. The other people should do everyone a favor and just stay in their own countries or just come for a short holiday. Thanks. Very short.
Atlas Lanka (8 days ago)
+The Foreigner Erdogan imports millions of such ppl to Turkey he already imported 5 million from Syria and somalia
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
I wish the Arabs and Ethiopian looking people would leave Turkey. Ironic because I look like a foreigner, lol. No wonder I cannot find Turkish girlfriend.
blue K (1 month ago)
+ʀ.мιla ola but we here in the europe don't like Turkish.... Yachhhh
cyanide (8 months ago)
iT's jUsT a pRaNk bRo
Some Dude (8 months ago)
0:46 *Hey do you speak English?* *yeah* *Can I Have your Phone Number* *eeeE-Sor-rY EE-h* *You can Meet me Sometimes* *ehHh-SoRry no-uhh-uh* *ok Ok Bye hehhe* *EhhEe-wha-ehh-i-i-ehh* Lol
lik everytiem (1 month ago)
Its ok he has a nice adams apple. Girls love that.
Niko, it's Roman! Let's go bowling
Enis (8 months ago)
If you have an EU passport or the US , they will love you good 🙂 Because according to their limited mindset, people who live in europe or the us, are so happy and rich and they are living in heaven or sth
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
Not always. I have more than 1 passport and the women never want to date me because 1. I look like foreigner and 2. I say that I am happy to live the rest of my life in Turkey.
Duygu (7 months ago)
Same for guys, if you are a foreigner especially if u have russian or scandinavian genes they will love you so much better🙂 Because according to their extreme hormones they'll get a great night with you or sth
Ali Erkoç (8 months ago)
Amk kaşarlari biz istesek abilerini çağırtip linç ettirirler
Mel E (6 months ago)
nasil konustugunuza dikkat edin lüften
hasan tıngır (8 months ago)
way amk o rus aksanını ne güzel yaptı la öyle
hasan tıngır yok saksağan amk
David Ekerö (8 months ago)
Why the fuck do you IMEDIATELY ask for her Number?????
Pinyamin The Syrian (8 months ago)
Those girls like Russian deck's
Pinyamin The Syrian (7 months ago)
Lara BUSE 😂😂😂 way is that sister watch the video first thin you can f**k the arad
Alara & (7 months ago)
عمران صالح fuck arab
马晓兴 (8 months ago)
2:53 That girl said "I have boyfriends. "
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
Of course she can have many. That is modern "sex in the city" dating these days. Women prefer to have a collection of men rather than be true to any single 1 man. It is the same bs all around the world, bro
Türk Aşkı (4 months ago)
İlhami İlhan (4 months ago)
sad story bro :'(
konmaz神奈川沖浪裏 (5 months ago)
Maybe she like a lot of man and men's are ok with this😂😂😂😂
Patrick Star (8 months ago)
I just walk with my Real Madrid kit and Asshole Besiktas people try to take off my kit and I beat them. They are asshole really
Swatter Rice (9 months ago)
This guy's a fucking creep and an asshole. Man, if I was there I would have taken real advantage and had gratitude for being in such a nice and a happy place... he doesn't have any game, either. Oh, didn't realize it was a prank until the end. Lucky fool this guy is. I'm jealous, and would give anything to be there...!!!
Muhammad Shahnawaz Khan (9 months ago)
I didnt expect the girl would give their number to a foreign boy.
The Foreigner (10 days ago)
+RussianBear that's cool comrade but I am more German than Russian. I used to be more more Russian but these days I am on Turkish time, which means don't worry if your late. Everyone gets to where they are going, eventually
RussianBear (19 days ago)
The Foreigner alright mate at the end we’re brothers so not worth discussing over this and fun fact is I’m part German and Russian too.
The Foreigner (19 days ago)
+RussianBear maybe if you visit the tourist areas and they think you are Russian, I can see that.
The Foreigner (19 days ago)
+RussianBear I highly doubt that, broski
RussianBear (19 days ago)
The Foreigner false I’m part Turk with blonde hair and blue eyes and those features help a lot.
Cebula Tsunami (9 months ago)
Polak <3
DrJones (9 months ago)
Girls clearly don't find you attractive. Not to mention your approach is horrible...
etam sanbary (9 months ago)
Can i get your number? Just like that ,no basic talking? Like hey lets get some lunch or go to have sex!!
Osmanlı Teşkilatı (7 months ago)
it is not in Turkey.If he takes your number, it means he wants to talk to you. Not sex.
king of Tourism (9 months ago)
Love from PAKISTAN 💓
fauQi khan (9 months ago)
I have heard that turkey people are so lovely people.I need a friend from Turkey either girl or boy
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
Good luck
Widowmaker (9 months ago)
salom from uzbek! i had sex with turkish girl.
Emine Soylu (6 months ago)
+Osmanlı Teşkilatı ahahah😂😂
Nadine Rousseau (6 months ago)
Osmanlı Teşkilatı :D
Osmanlı Teşkilatı (7 months ago)
Özbek kardeşim bari sen yapma :(
Yumna Khan (9 months ago)
I love Turkish people they are very kind and lovely 💋💕💕
ツNur (2 months ago)
+Kebab Defender he just called turks kind and youre saying fuck to his nation? Go fuck yourself man.
Faizan CH (9 months ago)
awwaow nice love from Pakistan
Havin_Yucetas (10 months ago)
“Yuruyun cuceler” 😂 0:41
Sare사레 (6 months ago)
URFA 63 (7 months ago)
Geberdim. Dikkatimi cekmemisti. hahahaha
Miraculous LadyNoir (10 months ago)
this is turkish youtuber ORKUN IŞITMAK
Xin Zao (10 months ago)
cringe af
Michaelangilo Richards (10 months ago)
Wow Muslim countries are so beautiful 🇹🇷
ErWin StYle (6 days ago)
You from russia
Ria Rio (18 days ago)
+Sanoob P a It's Muslim majority and secular. It means people are allowed to follow whatever religion they want. This doesn't mean that majority aren't Muslim or anything.
Zubair Mughal (2 months ago)
Alara & ma shdi kargo turki s
Guy Sky (4 months ago)
How can you tell under the bags?
Emine Soylu (6 months ago)
Turkey not muslim country !
VOYTASNY (10 months ago)
They way Turkish women look elegant then middle east bitchs cover faces
Akshat Verma (10 months ago)
Please put English subtitles as well
john (10 months ago)
Are you 18-
Demenzar Gaming (10 months ago)
we can meet sometime ne amk , we hang out sometimes daha iyi .
Muhammet Şadan Kuzgun (11 months ago)
evet biz türklerin kesinlikleingilizcesini geliştirebileceği tek olanak bu olsa gerek
Keanezz (11 months ago)
For a turkish people your english is a bomb dude. Vallah abi gayet güzel konuşuyorsun
Keanezz (10 months ago)
alperen kral “generally” even you just said it. Dumbshit
alperen kral (10 months ago)
Keanezz why for a Turkish people are you shit head generally younger people can speak english in turkey
Hlias Btr (11 months ago)
beautiful women, love from albania brother.! :)
Woffel W (26 days ago)
TURCO Wtf im just sharing my opinion, if you not can handle it, so fuck off, i think that Albanian girls are more beautiful and they are more pure!!! And not all Turks are White! Most of the turkish people look like arabs, and some do even look like central asians, like Them from Kasakhstan and Turkmenistan! Turkish people orginates from the Turkic people! And the Turks which have blue or green eyes have some Europeans dna! And many white people from Balkan like Bulgars, Albanians, especially greeks and other Balkan people have assimilated in the turkish society and aren’t real Turks! Real Turks is Them which orginates from the turkic people and Them who are more dark! Btw I do always see comments on Albanian songs or something like that! That turkish and Albanians are brothers, but we aren’t of course!!! Albanians are white Europeans and orginates from the illyrians and the Albanian language is a indo-European language and it has its own branch in the indo-European language tree! And real turkish people (not them with European ancestry, like i said before, that many Balkan people have assimilated in the turkish society, because they was forced to it, by the Turks)! So like i said real turkish people orginates from the turkic people, and Kazakhstan people, Azerbaijan people, and other central asian people orginates from the turkic people!!!
TURCO (27 days ago)
+Woffel W you are just inferiority complexed and confused albanian. Who said that you have anything in common with turks? I saw many albanian who said that, but still you have nothing in common with turks and turks doesn't care about even where is albania, about is it a country or not.. and turks are white too, but are you skin racist? In 21st century? Seriously? And if you think albanian girls are the best and very beautiful, then pls go and marry with one of them, stop try to proof that to us.
Woffel W (1 month ago)
Fatma Uzunoğlu I do not say that! I just mean that Albanian woman are very beautiful!!
black cat (1 month ago)
+Woffel W Being white doesn't mean being beatiful.You're sick
EngineSports (11 months ago)
Ben en iyisiyim ve sen de boktan lol
Ehong zanuzay (11 months ago)
Turkish foreverr
marianne natasya (11 months ago)
Turkish people are more difficult to ask for numbers compare to russia which is a good thing..
The Foreigner (20 days ago)
+henkarars I don't know about Bulgarians. Getting Turkish girls number is not hard for me..my problem is that they are always too busy for me. They all seem to be working on Masters or PhD or taking Spanish or French or dancing classes. I decided to give up trying to have any serious relationship and instead will start calling some naughty girls. They will make time for me, I am sure of this.
henkarars (20 days ago)
actually turkish girls number are as easy to get like bulgarians, they are just good to hide it.
The Foreigner (25 days ago)
I make friends with anyone but from my experience Turkish women prefer to go out with only Turkish looking men.
seline .I (11 months ago)
marianne natasya oh okeyy no .. haha I just wanted to say that russian girls can be also very good :) first I thought you were russian, btw your comment is very nice thank you
marianne natasya (11 months ago)
do you have a problem with that ??

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