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Soumi's olive oil review |Soumi's Body Message oil review | soumi's can product

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The Soumi's can product is a herbal product 's brand very popular in kolkata and weastBengal region in india. In this brand they have a huge variety of skin care ,hair care also body care products along with fitness products and last but not the least they do have their makeup range as well which is also herbal. This is a Olive oil or a body message oil and its different from other brands olive oil because of its orange extracts in it. Olive oil is reach in vitamin e and oranges are rich in vitamin c ,so its ready effective oil for daily use . Product details: Composition( Each 5ml contains) Oil extract of:Haridra,Manjistha,Yastimadhu,Gajor,Sandal. Other ingredients: olive oil. Preservatives: B.H.T .0.5 MG Perfume:chandan oil Base:Arachis oil,surasar,Mineral oil. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Latest video "Winter Facepack for glowing,fair,Brighter Skin Instantly/Dry skin Solution in winter/winter special" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-auwGelIlA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (58)
Keya Nandi (6 days ago)
Summer a use kora jbe??
sk be beautiful (2 days ago)
before bath not after bath keya
fmnazmul ripon (4 months ago)
কিছু olive oil use করলে তো skin কালো হয় এটা use করলেও কি skin কালো হবে?
Geet Bhattacharya (4 months ago)
Etar price koto??
Koyal Bhowmick (5 months ago)
Eta ki thanday babohar kora jabe???? Dry skin e
Koyal Bhowmick (5 months ago)
+sk be beautiful thanks
sk be beautiful (5 months ago)
Tuhina Halder (5 months ago)
winter ki can milk use kora jabe
sk be beautiful (5 months ago)
yes milk aro balo kag korbe bezz milk is very moisturising hota hai
Sanchita koley (5 months ago)
Please mere review karona can grow sampoo and can silk conditioner.....please.....
Poulomi Sahana (6 months ago)
When I use it and how ???????
anindita das (7 months ago)
Didi amr hat a tan poreche body scrabr use korar por ki oil ta use krte prbo
Madhumita Goswami (7 months ago)
open pores are jonno ke use korbo. amr face a prochur open porse hoya gacha , pls tell me
Monisha Mondal (8 months ago)
In summer season ,soumi di always tells to use this before bath . N in winter after bath .
Priyanka Nandy (9 months ago)
ata summer aa use kotha parbo??
sk be beautiful (9 months ago)
+Priyanka Nandy Yes before bath.
tamal kundu (1 year ago)
Olive oil all seagen ki
Aditi Dalapati (1 year ago)
plish Arish AR gold crem review din
Aditi Dalapati (1 year ago)
plish Arish AR gold crem review din
jaya sebak (1 year ago)
can i use it on face? plz reply
jaya sebak (1 year ago)
olive oil , body wash & body serum ei gulo step by step kivabe use krbo ektu blbe?
Keya Mondal (1 year ago)
winter care er jonno kichu bolo divai for all skin type
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
sure i will share dear ☺
Tania Ahmed (1 year ago)
Oily skin er jonno kon stick foundation valo apu recommend koro r can tox tea ar opor akta video share korba.tnk u
PIYA CHANDRA (1 year ago)
Can olive oil ar range kmn??? Plz tell me
piu Mondal (1 year ago)
ritu molla (1 year ago)
Ok , thank you
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
ritu molla (1 year ago)
nahaneki bad use karu
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
Nahaneki bad winter me thik ho not in summer or monsoon
Jayanti Roy (1 year ago)
reapply karna parta hay ?
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
no dear
SABERI NANDI (1 year ago)
can I use it on face and baby skin also?
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
no plzz
Pankaj Bairagya (1 year ago)
Eta sudhu ki dry skin er jonne?
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
No all skin type
Nowrin Oishi (1 year ago)
Please dear give the review of soumis can grow lotion and shampoo do they actually stop hairfall ?
jyoti dutta (7 months ago)
Ata powa jase na,keno soumi dii
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
Ok soon i will give plzkeep watching.
diaaa chakrobarty (1 year ago)
Pune te tan er khub problem
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
N yes intead of using oil use aloveragel as bodyserum itwill help aloveragel is acts as natural sunscreen n its soothing in this hot weather😊
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
No dear according to my point of view u should not use any brands's oil in this hot and humid weather.
diaaa chakrobarty (1 year ago)
ETA ki really tan remove kore???and thank you.ami Pune te thaki online e product kini.bujte pari na which product is good
Sanchita Maji (1 year ago)
amay attitude be bright SPF 15 er review korbe pls
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
Coming weak sure sanchita😘
Manika Ghosh (1 year ago)
nice review dear and absolutely right
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
Thank you
salma mullick style (1 year ago)
pimples k leye skin cair routing bolo plz
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
Ok soon it will upload.
Shriyanka Nandy (1 year ago)
Many companies do not sell the actual olive oil so is it the real one??
ConfusedBAKA Gurl (7 months ago)
Shriyanka Nandy it has mineral mineral oil which is cancerous.
Ashok Mishra (1 year ago)
Shriyanka Nandy its a damn real product
Renoo Kumar (1 year ago)
Is glamour world n Soumis can product the same thing ?
Arpita Biswas (1 year ago)
Renoo Kumar nooooo
Tania Ahmed (1 year ago)
diaaa chakrobarty (1 year ago)
Renoo Kumar no
my life my style (1 year ago)
nice video dear😘😘😘
sk be beautiful (1 year ago)
Thank u

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