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Is Turkey safe in 2018 for blacks??

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Is Turkey safe in 2018 for blacks?? i hope this video answers all your question about turkey and if its safe or not. please like subscribe like and share. love you always.
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Taliyah Clarke (2 hours ago)
Only one answer to everything Donald trump No hate.
Ben A (4 days ago)
its so sad that black people have to do a video like this about any country that isn't predominantly black
KadiRator (7 days ago)
Western turkey is safe and turks like black people. Western media is talking shit about turkey
Rıza Belen (8 days ago)
as a Turkish, I think Black People has a unique appearance with having black skin colour. I try to not look at Black People in Turkey in order not to disturb them. If a Turkish looks at you, the reason of it is not because you are bad peope, but because you are different than her/him and they wonder who you are. Moreover, don't be surprised if a person wants to take photo with you. Most of people and I think that Black People are needed to be seen as valuable people. By the way, actually the word "Zenci" is not a bad word. it is just a bit ruder than "Siyahi".
winifred Harry (7 days ago)
Rıza Belen thank you for clarifying that. Big hugs 🤗
Eccentricka1 (10 days ago)
Do the Turkish people know that your son is half Turkish?
Eccentricka1 (7 days ago)
+winifred Harry Ok, it's just that I recently watched another video where an African American lady visits her husband's country (Korea) with their twin babies, and the reaction to her babies by the Korean people is similar to the reaction the Turkish people have to your baby. The Korean people seem to know that the babies are mixed though and seem excited and fascinated by the mixture..lol. Your baby is very cute btw.
winifred Harry (7 days ago)
Eccentricka1 I don’t think they know.
Danielle Hudgins (12 days ago)
I have an 8 hour layover in Istanbul. Any suggestions on what to do or where to go?
MegaAtoo (12 days ago)
the usa is a fifth world country.so being in a "3rd world country" like turkey is an upgrade
Bryan Mcgee (12 days ago)
P.s. don't let anyone touch your child. Tell them it is forbidden in your culture. If they look down on the fact that you have your own culture than they are showing characteristics of racist.
kevin de bruin (11 days ago)
Please shut the fuck up , dont listen to this guy turks only do that to expres their love and to let you know you are welcome here. I understand you and wouldnt like my kid to be kissed by strangers but thats the way turks are . Go to europe or america and see how they look down on africans , id rather be kissed and loved then hated
Bryan Mcgee (12 days ago)
NOTE: When you travel, any country you go to outside of Africa with the exception of tribal black people , if you see the black population in a lower class standard than everybody else , or if you see the black population as the poor class than that country is racist.
ertauren (3 days ago)
we don't have(or just too minor) black population, how we gonna do this calculation xD
Hey Stopthat (14 days ago)
Of course it is, I eat Turkey all the time!....oh the country? 😮😯😔😁😂😂😂😂
Hey Stopthat (14 days ago)
+winifred Harry it was so easy, I just HAD to do it.....yeah I'm that hurt who just has to press the button, pop the wrap, pull the fire alarm....😏😈😂😂
winifred Harry (14 days ago)
Hey Stopthat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Osman Arf (21 days ago)
İn our country, nobody is in safe. Thank to fucking goverment..
koray basus (21 days ago)
Your first mistake is turkey is not a 3. World country. It is much more developed than many east european countries such as greece romania albania, poland. It has some issue for democracy in terms of european standarda but it is a 1. Eorld country with some govrrnment problems. Like israel.
KhanTheHolyGhost (23 days ago)
I’m half Mexican and half Turkish so that’s great🤣 honestly, most young Turks don’t care about skin color. We do have some oldies that get bothered about it but most of them have no problem. I feel safer being in Turkey for being Mexican rather the U.S because of the government things going on. I love both Turkey and Mexico.
winifred Harry (22 days ago)
KhanTheHolyGhost I definitely agree with you 💯
Carla Vintage (23 days ago)
I heard that makeup for black skin is hard to find. It seems as if you are faring well though.
Carla Vintage (22 days ago)
winifred Harry Hi thanks for the info!!!!! Lol, I was super worried I wouldn't find dust. Thanks thanks thanks and oooooooooo, tell your baby a Youtube subscriber said "hiiiii pretty baby!!!!!!!!"
winifred Harry (22 days ago)
Carla Vintage it’s hard to find foundation for dark skin only because they don’t have a lot of black people so they don’t carry different black shades. I think only the foundation is hard to find
Sevval Yıldırım (24 days ago)
çok güzelsiniz <3
muslimahsista (27 days ago)
Cute baby,
winifred Harry (26 days ago)
muslimahsista thanks
Mildrid J (27 days ago)
Is anywhere?
nilya nilya (27 days ago)
I really understand you when you think that it is challenging sometimes because people want to kiss your child.You are lucky nowadays because 10 years before people more likely to do that but now it is creating a point of view that this is not kind.Most of people do not like that but it is happening.Yes we are staring at you because we rarely see black people and when I have just opened your video I wanted to touch your hair ahah.And also you are right,you are soo beautifull 😊❤
Great Kebabini (1 month ago)
People just look you if you are black because there isn't much black population in Turkey.
mama abeke (1 month ago)
Lady, Turkey is not Third World. Study Turkish history and be informed. U are not better than the Black people that sell Bags and Watches in Turkey. The most important thing is that they are making a leaving with their sweat not criminally. Please don't look down upon bags and Watches sellers. Please be enlightened.
winifred Harry (1 month ago)
mama abeke I never said I was better than anyone, I simply said I’m not one of them. So please keep your negativity away
Shaun Stunn (1 month ago)
My time in turkey is hell tougher than living in Syria. 75% of it citizens are racist.
Tina Diggs (1 month ago)
I would want to play with him too. He's the CUTEST!!!!!!!
Energetica (1 month ago)
Sweetheart you and your son look beautiful. I agree that Turkey is super. Please be aware that the term is "developing country" rather than the derogatory term "third world". You didn't say where you are located?
Shanks (1 month ago)
Lol so many horny turks
Sena and Aleyna (1 month ago)
Yeah my mom is Turkish and my dad is from a different country and when I go to turkey they stair but they are really nice
Sena and Aleyna (1 month ago)
Yes but sometimes the kids can get a little jealous and be kinda rude
winifred Harry (1 month ago)
Sena and Aleyna yes they are usually very nice.
Rich T (1 month ago)
You are very arrogant. And your accent is not American.
36 Chambers Shaolin (1 month ago)
Fuck usrael fucking satanic pädophile Terrorists. ..God bless Turkey..
Michael Davis (1 month ago)
The question should be...why would blacks care?...if black people were on their death bed I doubt any of them would say "I'm dying and I haven't been to Turkey...DAMN IT"... BTW tell those damn Turks to get the hell out of north Africa and stop pretending to be Egyptians...
Olivia taylor (1 month ago)
“I don’t sell watches or purses oh come on look at me.” You’re full of it woman.
Rich T (1 month ago)
Right l was done after she said that. Arrogant bitch
Paul Taylor (1 month ago)
She didnt fit into that category. Lol. Wow.
Tonya Love (1 month ago)
I'm from America also and I met a Turkish Doctor on a dating site. I want to move to Turkey so that I'm near him more what advice can you give me. If talking off of YouTube is OK with you
winifred Harry (1 month ago)
Tonya Love hmm I’m not sure hun, I won’t advise you to move to turkey right away I think go and visit a few times before moving. These days people do a lot of things just for green card so I will be careful to make sure the love is real before moving to any country or state. this applies to everyone not just Turkish guys. So be very careful
Tonya Love (1 month ago)
Thank you💖💖 He says he is Christian before I even asked him but one thing that did raise a flag for me is when he said that his wife passed away. When I asked was he married.
winifred Harry (1 month ago)
Tonya Love that’s great news, but if I were you I wouldn’t move right away because you are not sure how things wouldn’t turn out, because some Turkish family don’t accept blacks or Christians. So if I were you I will say visit first and see, and make sure his actually a doctor lol because online we can be anything we want. So be very careful and make sure the person is not only trying to use you to get green card lol it happens too. So don’t move right away do a few visit, learn Turkish because you can’t leave in turkey if you don’t speak Turkish it’s hard. God luck
G G (1 month ago)
In turkey we think black people are beautiful. That’s why they were touching your babies hair/ your baby. It’s not just bc he’s black. Pls don’t think we are racist. We show love by touching/ kissing.
G G (1 month ago)
Okan Yavas (2 months ago)
nobody attacks you because you re black. However, while you re walking on the street, everyone can stare at you because of difference of skin. Moreover, they will like you and try to talk to you. You can be sure that Turkey is the safer place than usa or europe.
feelsgoodman (2 months ago)
I'm a Turkish guy living in Europe and believe me, when i go to Turkey they try to charge me more aswell, it's not because ur American or black
alevigirly19 (27 days ago)
Yeah, this is sadly true. They do this with us turks, who live in a foreign country, too
winifred Harry (2 months ago)
feelsgoodman 🤣🤣🤣🤣 your people are funny. But I love them lol
Jammyjam Sheets (2 months ago)
I am going to Turkey in a few weeks with my son. We are visiting my in laws in Mersin. I am excited and nervous at the same time.
winifred Harry (2 months ago)
Jammyjam Sheets ahhh good for you, don’t be nervous. Mersin is a rich city and the people there are live like Americans. Just ask your husband about a few rules his family might have if any. Good luck. Wishing you a great trip
Old Man (2 months ago)
Eyelohim (2 months ago)
Is your son half Turkish? And he's also a cute little guy.
Eyelohim (2 months ago)
You're welcome afro queen 🙂
winifred Harry (2 months ago)
Eyelohim yes his half Turkish and thank you 😊
Salam Kala (2 months ago)
I love Turkey it’s not my country but I never seen it been to it I just fallen in love with the people!🇹🇷❤️ they’re so beautiful lmao let’s make black babies with blue eyes in Turkey 😍
ghusa ghusa (2 months ago)
you dont sound like an american
Raz M. (25 days ago)
She’s a Nigerian living in America. I’m not sure why she called herself American.
Avy Ferg (1 month ago)
She's Nigerian American. She sounds like a Nigerian American.
Rich T (1 month ago)
Right . Who is she trying to fool. You can hear her accent loud and clear.
Danko Gulsoy (2 months ago)
Aden is so sweet
winifred Harry (2 months ago)
Danko Gulsoy thank you
Kancame (2 months ago)
Many Africans are better people than many Europeans.
Andrec Seck (5 days ago)
Is is cause we kicked your ass when your ancestors tried to colonise the european continent? lmao
winifred Harry (2 months ago)
Kancame 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ozay ozelbir (2 months ago)
Yes the blacks are Good but the White poepole are fuckt
winifred Harry (2 months ago)
ozay ozelbir 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
red apple (2 months ago)
Turkey ranks second in the world for humanitarian aid, named most generous donor! how dare you say with your blunt head that Turkey is a third world country!
red apple (2 months ago)
She does not know what a third world country is! You must be very stupid to call Turkey a third world country. Turkey is an industrialized country.
Carla Vintage (23 days ago)
red apple Oh, eat shit box head
Carla Vintage (23 days ago)
red apple Shut up. If you had read what I said you would understand what I mean. I said COLLOQUIALLY people call places third world that does not have the STANDARD of a country like saying SINGAPORE. Your head is the blunt head, in fact, it is shaped like a box. Dumbass. You are really an apple head or whatever you go by as a name.
red apple (23 days ago)
+Carla Vintage no you have to go back to school! With the 3rd world they now mean African countries. 2nd World are the former communist or eastern bloc countries. 1st world is the rest. But you will never understand that with your blunt head! Oh and by the way, Sweden is also a 3rd world country. and Austria and Iceland o and Switzerland too!
Carla Vintage (23 days ago)
She is not stupid. You are very rude. Third world is often used for countries that do not have a first world standard like say Singapore. It doesn't matter if Turkey is a member of NATO. You're the rock stone head.
Jon Castillian (3 months ago)
Black people are not too exotic we have many immigrants here and we love all people :)))))
Mithat Mtht (3 months ago)
In turkey every body likes child.because childs are very beatiful and they are angel.they are gifts of god
Mithat Mtht (3 months ago)
In our religion racism is not. Black and white is same . You and your baby is very beatiful.welcome to turkey
OmanTube (3 months ago)
Zinji is an Arabic word that has few meanings but in this case refers to basically a person with an "African Ancestry" and it's not offensive or insulting. Also, some Arabs have a tribal name specially in Oman and Southern Yemen. An other word used in Turkey to identify a black person is "Siyah" again it's not offensive or insulting. Again, the origins of this word again is Arabic and has similar connections but none are offensive or negative. The closest word to the N word in Turkish could be "Köle" but in all honesty doesn't have the same venomous racial slur as the N word.
Joyce Koch (3 months ago)
Any place is safe for blacks as long as it is not an all black area. We are killing each other-it is a myth that we are being killed by roaming racist- The safest place I have ever felt I was in was in many of the Nordic countries in Europe while the scariest place I have ever been are some in the big cities in the North East of the United States that are mostly African American now. I know one thing, I will never go back to Detroit or Chicago though I still dream of living in Switzerland one day.
Michael Lucky (3 months ago)
Are Good jobs in turkey?
Esma Karaca (3 months ago)
Very cute baby
winifred Harry (3 months ago)
Esma Karaca thank you 😊
Selçuk ERGEN (3 months ago)
The word “zenci” has nothing to do with the “n” word in English. There has never been a racism against the black people in Turkey. Back in my childhood sport speakers used to call black athletes “chocolate colored” which is a sweet thing. If you would prefer we can get used to that again too :) always welcome!!
winifred Harry (2 months ago)
Yes I totally agree with you. I love turkey
jenetta nixon (3 months ago)
A black women just died in Turkey, I don't know all the details, she was in a struggle with airport cops I think.
saeed salim (4 months ago)
What about Tracey Lynn Brown? She was an American and was killed by the police !!
Butter Pecan (2 months ago)
WOWWWWW! I have to research that! I'm presently researching going there for dental work!
burak ayan (4 months ago)
Most of the people love babies. And they show their love with kisses
winifred Harry (2 months ago)
burak ayan yes that’s very true
whatever ! (4 months ago)
I thought the title was a joke
As a Turkish MAN i love blacks moree moree than europeans ! And i want to marry with a black princess in the future 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍
LaToya Jones (1 month ago)
💓💓💓💓 Yall got me on my wayyyy
Saido Hasan (3 months ago)
🤩Wow good luck dear if you did not find yet keep in touch
*Hannarene* Edwards (3 months ago)
winifred Harry (4 months ago)
ISPARTALI BELA hahaha so funny. I wish you will find an African princess for yourself and make beautiful babies. Good luck all the best
Bilal Tuğrul Uğurlu (4 months ago)
I love black people 😍
winifred Harry (4 months ago)
Bilal Tuğrul Uğurlu good for you
221x91 (4 months ago)
Maybe because I was a traveller but I really enjoyed my vacacion in Istanbul as a french black senegalese female. We went in Istanbul with my Sister and her son: a lot of People took photos with us. I get interviewed by students to know about my vacacions. People are really kind believe. when we went in the Asian side to eat in a fish restaurant, there were no places to sit and a couple leave us their table so we can sit and eat. My nephew get a lot of candies and kisses. One day in the tramway my nephew was tired so he took a sit while me and my Sister were standing when I look at him 5 min later, an elder was carying the bag of chips of my nephew so he can eat well many other stories like that
winifred Harry (4 months ago)
221x91 awww that’s so sweet. Yeah Turkish people in Istanbul I find to be very nice. Love your story. They know black is beautiful that’s why lol. But I’m glad you had a great time in turkey
Babeena_Gt _ (5 months ago)
Idk what part of Turkey you live in but its many plum women the
the monster live (5 months ago)
in turkey if you live izmir ,antalya and some part of istanbul is fine ,but other part theres is racisim.becouse turkish poeple not open society. ı used to have black girl frien when we walk in istanbul everybody looks us this was goingt to feel bored.
winifred Harry (5 months ago)
Demir Demirkan I was fine in Istanbul and Antalya, people were more excited about my son then me so it was nice
Yura Uro (5 months ago)
Honey Turkey is not a thirth world country x u babby is so cute tho
sam som (5 months ago)
turks pretending to be good in the comment section. lol
winifred Harry (4 months ago)
sam som hahaha so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jack Bevis (5 months ago)
Turkey is not safe in general for anybody. There is too much terrorism threat. Turkey is more likely to experience a terrorist attack than all countries in Europe.
moussa guefarou sinte (5 months ago)
Turkey got the most beautiful people on earth
Robin Mangala (5 months ago)
Turkey is not a third world country, pleas stop being so ignorant.
winifred Harry (5 months ago)
Robin Mangala thanks for watching
Nebi Eren (6 months ago)
imf (2018) turkey national income is 25000 dollars. your source is wrong.
big daz (6 months ago)
Turkey is a deadly place the president is a scumbag and there at war with the kurdis the only people defeating Isis just to get land Россия зто советскии
MrDadude555 (1 month ago)
Turkish Current President is the BEST PRESIDENT I have EVER seen in my 40+ years in life. He is Fair to every RACE and religion. He Protects minorities and all faiths. He gave Kurds more rights than any one before him. Don't confuse PYD/PKK/PYG/SDF with Kurds! it's like saying the Mexican Cartels represented Mexicans.
Sena and Aleyna (1 month ago)
Yes the president might don’t be the best but you being to racist
big daz (6 months ago)
+Nebi Eren Russia has fought against turkey for ages Russo Turkish wars and ww1 who's to say there brothers
big daz (6 months ago)
+Nebi Eren who's to say I'm Russian I could be Ukrainian Belorussian Azerbaijani polish if I said el Pandora est sauna would you assume I'm Spanish
Nebi Eren (6 months ago)
The enemy of Asia America and Europe are the real enemy there.
Burn the Dancefloor (6 months ago)
Turkey is not a third world country lol Turkey’s first world. We’re a NATO country. Turkey is first world in every way. Istanbul is shit because they kept it the way it was 300 years ago
JASMIN NIMSAJ (1 day ago)
+Oğuz Arsay She's ignorant ignore her, I'm from Djibouti and travelled through Turkey, it's beautiful, modern and first world, it's even better than most of western Europe.
JASMIN NIMSAJ (1 day ago)
+Eve-Lyn Express I'm African (from Djibouti) you need to educate yourself, Turkey is 1st world.
schobbie123 (11 days ago)
Burn the Dancefloor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂fuck off . Turki turki fuck ata turki .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🏽🖕🖕🏼🖕🏻🖕🏽🖕🖕🏼🖕🏻Fucking nazi's
feelsgoodman (2 months ago)
+Eve-Lyn Express Every family in Turkey has a car, everyone has the newest smartphones, Turkey is the 13th largest economy in the world, what third world u talking about lol go shit urself
Oğuz Arsay (2 months ago)
+Tatrice Flowers She said ''Most African countries''. I think you have a problem with Turks. go fuck yourself m8
Burn the Dancefloor (6 months ago)
Turkey is safe for everybody, some people may come up to you and say stuff like “yo what’s up my nigga” but it’s just that a lot of people in Turkey love black culture and if this happens/happened to you, know that it’s just out of love and admiration for your culture :D And people may stare at you because in Turkey, everyone’s white. The darkest we see are kurds and they are as dark as italians.
furkaneren2003 (6 months ago)
People dont touch aiden. Becease he is black we always touch baby’s becease they are cities get used to iT stranger Will look to your baby and wil make funny face and touch him its our culture
winifred Harry (4 months ago)
furkaneren2003 I know it’s your culture, but for someone like me who is not from turkey that’s not my culture so ofcause it was weird for me in the beginning to have people I don’t know kiss my son
baha b (6 months ago)
❤ all I did is watched that angel baby omg how he is cute and man he is eating independently God bless him!
winifred Harry (6 months ago)
baha b hahaha thank you 😘😘😘
for turks are black people exotic.. but in a positiv way
winifred Harry (6 months ago)
Wissen ist Macht Wissen ist Macht lol I figured
Greek virgin (6 months ago)
There is racism in turkey it's the most racist crap land
Oğuz Arsay (1 month ago)
+Kancame Sorry but we (Anatolian people) are ethnically related to the Greeks. Greeks, Kurds, Turks (i mean Anatolian Turks, not the Central Asian Turks) are genetically related to each other. Our ancestors are old Anatolian civilizations. Like Hittite, Urartu, Phrygia. Check it out: https://youtu.be/FWNqAnQUaDE?t=1252
Kancame (1 month ago)
+Oğuz Arsay Yes we have similarities because we lived together for centuries of years but that's about it. We are neither linguistically, ethnically nor culturally related to the Greeks.
Oğuz Arsay (1 month ago)
+Kancame I didn't say ''our cultures are same''. I said ''our cultures are alike''. And, the religion is not much important especially for today. Religion is just a little part of the culture.
Kancame (1 month ago)
+Oğuz Arsay Define common culture. In how far is our culture the same?
Kancame (1 month ago)
+アタビーエミン ゴズド But the religion is part of the culture. We are different from the Greeks even if we have similarities, but we also have that with the other Balkan countries too.
Andy Kaufman (7 months ago)
hahaha he is so cute :D
winifred Harry (4 months ago)
Andy Kaufman thank you very much
Yusuf Piskin (7 months ago)
God bless you and your family 👪
winifred Harry (4 months ago)
Yusuf Piskin Amin. Thank you so much ❤️
Jaelyn Crenshaw (7 months ago)
Your baby is so adorable! I’m getting baby fever 👶🏽, let me turn this video off. I loved it by the way.
winifred Harry (7 months ago)
Jaelyn Crenshaw lmfao thank you so much 😘😘
Lathan Ismail (7 months ago)
How is Turkey a third world country??
whatever ! (4 months ago)
Its not People just think that cuz its next to countries like syria or iraq
Şahin yaşar (7 months ago)
In Turkey everyone likes child include me
winifred Harry (7 months ago)
Şahin yaşar my husband is Turkish so turkey is my second home. N no one offended me in turkey so you don’t have to apologize. But thank you
Şahin yaşar (7 months ago)
if anyone did racist act against you in Turkey I apologize for that
winifred Harry (7 months ago)
Şahin yaşar yes that’s true
yeter yetmez (7 months ago)
DO NOT TRAVEL TURKEY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orzVaBvfeZ0
yeter yetmez (7 months ago)
turkey safer than usa. usa says turkey is dangerous because diplomatic issue
holy shit (4 months ago)
The United states government has a tendency to lie to their population.
Adolf Hitler (6 months ago)
Not that safr anymore since turkey and usa have been at each others throat
winifred Harry (7 months ago)
yeter yetmez I agree, Turkey is very safe
VeV (8 months ago)
hi im Turk your baby so cute <3 ^_^ çok tatlı you guys look awesome <3 i hope you feel better in Turkey ^_^
winifred Harry (7 months ago)
VeV thank you. We love turkey 🇹🇷
Seda Wiseson (8 months ago)
Omg your kid is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeee!
winifred Harry (8 months ago)
Seda Wiseson thank you ☺️☺️☺️
kutita kerida (8 months ago)
I had a standby in Istanbul, being in the airport was so annoying. I cant imagine entering the city. One lady tried to take a pic of me from far away, and I gave her a funky face and she got what I meant by that. I didn't get much stares at the airport, but if someone looks at me, I just stare at them back, until somebody gets tired of staring lol. Turkish people are not open minded, so if you are a black person that is not used to stares and rude gestures I don't recommend turkey. If you are a women dress nicely and fashionable, and also bring a man with you for your protection. Although most Turkish people look Arab / even mixed they tend to be more racist then a German.
Antony Daniels (3 months ago)
This is correct!
burak ayan (3 months ago)
İ am so sorry for your experience. İ hope next time you will meet better people But imagine that a white/black man discovers a tribe in amazon which is not explored before. This is the case for you in turkey, we are not used to /costom to black people in general, For me, when i was young and Michal Jordan was alive, i used to think that all of the black people are basketball players :) Ahaha lol And by the way , you spot 1 black bird easily in a flock of white birds... :)
Jay Jesus (7 months ago)
Wow... Troll is spotted... Seems you never been in Turkey. I was in Istanbul 5 times... I will be there soon
winifred Harry (7 months ago)
Yörükcan Erbay I agree with you 💯.
Yörükcan Erbay (7 months ago)
Defne forget about this racist woman. She uses the word arab to mean bad things and clearly thinks white are superior by citing white russian woman. She is diluded with Europe. Soon she will realize how many actual arabs are in the streets of London going after her wallet. Recently London had to ban carrying knives because there were so many attacks! Istanbul is safer than any American city and major european cities if you look at crime rates. For every person you know getting harassed in turkey I can point to million people getting robbed at gun point in europe and usa!
tink86 L (8 months ago)
So happy to hear that . Your son is gorgeous ! Best wishes to your family ❤
winifred Harry (8 months ago)
jolie itc thank you
Sophia Simone (8 months ago)
Baby is so cuteee☺️
winifred Harry (8 months ago)
Sophia Simone thank you
LilT Step (8 months ago)
Such a cute baby
winifred Harry (8 months ago)
LilT Step thank you dear
alperen kral (8 months ago)
i think safer than europe and usa you cant see any racism against black in Turkey. Hope you enjoyed ❤
MDH HOME (14 days ago)
Yes you right bro I live in turkey and I’m black they are awesome people I love turkey
Kancame (2 months ago)
+Antony Daniels Please give a few examples. I would like to have reputable sources. Do you have these? If not then they just lie.
Tatrice Flowers (3 months ago)
Yes you can I've seen videos of European Snow chimp Turkey savages spitting, beating and saying racist shit too blacks and it was mobs doing this.
Antony Daniels (3 months ago)
This is not true. They are extremely racist!
TonyaMemphis (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! I'm planning to visit Turkey later this year. Ayden is a cutie! I agree with you about being nervous about everyone touching and kissing him.
winifred Harry (8 months ago)
TonyaMemphis hope you enjoy your time in turkey.

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