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Americans Try Absinthe For The First Time

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Text Comments (8410)
C Trapp (1 day ago)
More like democratic liberals try blank for the first time 😂😂
ChibiYui 0.0 (1 day ago)
every professional bartender are grinding their axes now
Thugga Thugga (3 days ago)
sean da paul so mi go so then!
I wanna be on their level
Michael Smith (6 days ago)
WTH? you're supposed to add chilled water? all this time I drink it straight and warm (Valkyrie 136proof) how the heck is it going to light up every cell in your body if you water it down?
jiro kuul (6 days ago)
gotta drink it straight, did it once in poland and that was intense
Natalie C (7 days ago)
Am I the only one imagining Robin from HIMYM
A B (8 days ago)
That placebo effect.
Joaquim Costa (8 days ago)
Drunk af
HerRoyalBlondeness (8 days ago)
Where’s Eugene when you need him?
anthony k (9 days ago)
It's just alcohol it does not make you high that's a myth idiots.
M M (9 days ago)
They were all cruisin
TheCustardShark (10 days ago)
Kelsey is my favorite part of ALL BuzzFeed video. I may have a crush on her, but even still, just this video alone shows how hilarious she really is
TheCustardShark (10 days ago)
I can see you, I can HEAR YOU.
Monroe Robbins (10 days ago)
Absinthe, from what I see in this video, is when you’re existentially bored and need to laugh at life cause seriousness 24/7 can kill your soul.
A normal Christian (10 days ago)
Oh the poor babies, when the Irish tried Absinthe for the first time they tried 4 versions and only the first used a mixture, the rest were done as a shot, even the 90% one, so this is the wimps version.
vanessa fiscal (11 days ago)
Zach and Keith were not shook in the slightest
glitch s (13 days ago)
this should be renamed white media nerds get drunk on 1 standard drink
chandler charleville (13 days ago)
The u.s. version isn't the real stuff, it lacks the wormwood plant
Loretta Anderson (14 days ago)
So it doesn't make you hallucinate right
Micah O'Connor (14 days ago)
This reminds me of Anthony Bourdain
Rodrigo Rocha (15 days ago)
Who is this bearded guy ? Is he gay ? 'Cause I wanna sit on his face so bad right now.
Jorlyn Jorgenson (17 days ago)
Jasmine Dossantos (18 days ago)
Justin accidentally got high 😂
RacinGIRL911 (19 days ago)
Actually, they all just appeared to be a bit buzzed. I didn’t see anything that made me think they were hallucinating-with the exception of the “do you see these lights?!” comment. But, they all looked like they were having a GREAT time! So, *_CHEERS!!_* 🥂👍🏼👍🏼😁
Josh Gluchoff (20 days ago)
Really didn't do your research here guys... American absinthe lacks wormwood oil the active ingredient that causes hallucinations. Hence why "absinthe" is legal in america now. You need to go overseas to obtain real absinthe.
pulo2 cavemam (22 days ago)
Have you ever tried pálinka ?
miss chanandler bong (22 days ago)
Kelsey really can't handle her alcohol
Remi Andre' Pedersen (22 days ago)
We in Europe are crazy, BUT CORRECT.
S N (24 days ago)
Woah it’s been 3 years and this is still my favorite buzzfeed video :)
louise woodcock (25 days ago)
Defo away with the fairies
ReAp x SwInE (26 days ago)
Why is Kelsey in every drugs or drinking video lmao
LaZaR (27 days ago)
western pusis
Backyardmech1 (28 days ago)
I’d like to try mine with a little laudanum. Get the real experience.
damndisplace07 (29 days ago)
Buzzfeed: A bunch of gay men and feminists😔
Rachel Alford (30 days ago)
You guys do know they sell that in drams now...right. But it's like really, really not for the faint of heart. It's like 500 proof...makes for a killer birthday though. Lol
Kali power (30 days ago)
"There's no mirror it's just alcohol" i think i found my senior quote and mood
ssi1991 (30 days ago)
It's just alcohol....what a bunch of weaklings...
BTS is my Bias (1 month ago)
Na pi ton numul
thall0887 (1 month ago)
There is a big difference between American absinthe and foreign absinthe. They should have clarified that.
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Mr Vvs (1 month ago)
Where can i find some?
RAPTURE World (1 month ago)
Absinthe looks fun
Hailey Clark (1 month ago)
Kelsey looks wrecked lol
jacob Springer (1 month ago)
People left their personality at home. Such a boring video. Oh, it’s buzzfeed...should’ve known.
Brianna Seedsman (1 month ago)
Suddenly realizing why 3 absinthe shots fucked me up last time... didn't realize​ this is how you're supposed to drink it
Cameron Calderwood (1 month ago)
Once my friend drank a bunch of this threw up 8 times then said sorry for stealing my rocket ship
Kamaro3XVII (1 month ago)
Man, I got to try this.
Alexandria Kennedy (1 month ago)
Devin needs to do this
Evie Barr (1 month ago)
oh my god it's like they're high😂
Nicholas Vas (1 month ago)
I love the drunk white girl everyone video she in she always drinks the most her and the Asian kids pitcher is empty compared to everyone else’s
Alyssa Martinez (1 month ago)
What can I do to make sure I work here???? I need to know
sophie leadley (1 month ago)
bad experience from drinking absinthe never again
Mr Ace (1 month ago)
Lmaoo the Chinese guy talking about how small his eyes are 😂😂😭
Adhi O. (1 month ago)
Dude!!! Absinthe is no joke. I was WASTED in five minutes. Would totally do it again but in a controlled environment. I pretty much lost my mind.
PrisonCipher (1 month ago)
Get rid of the black chick, get da RANK KING.
Stan Juan (1 month ago)
Soooo,,, I'm just sayin,,,,,,, the whole world is going to think the entirety of the USA is populated by Gay Folk now. We could have balanced this video out a bit more by adding a redneck, a wigger, a jew and an American Indian to kind of round this panel out a bit don't you think? We are a melting pot here people, come on.
lynn jackson (1 month ago)
Still not technically proper absinthe as it doesn't contain wormwood.
WinterSplinterM.II (1 month ago)
Way too much effort for a drink
Emilie (1 month ago)
Lol they are weak af
Retards try absinthe
Lily Kozak (1 month ago)
want to try this LOL
radhika rege (1 month ago)
Question: out of all people why isn’t eugene there?????
Gee Myia (1 month ago)
“Oh This Glassss”
licantropavampiresa (1 month ago)
After this I want europeans versus americans alcohol taste test and see who end more drunk faster
Dr. strange (1 month ago)
All of a sudden Keith and Zack are gay westerners when they get drunk talking about a glass
Dr. strange (1 month ago)
3:02 Keith's burp
Frank Alviar (1 month ago)
3:17 what in the world is Kelsey seeing/looking at?
Dat Dude (1 month ago)
Oh this glaaassss
Jesse Rivera (1 month ago)
I would destroy Kelsey
Tyra de Vos (1 month ago)
They only had 1 shot of absinthe and it was watered down, where an Irish channel had various shots and didn't react this bad 😂😂
Natali Conti (2 months ago)
this is a disgrace.
olivia brado (2 months ago)
Kelsey is my spirit animal
Raven Pittman (2 months ago)
Also can we talk about this glass? OH THIS GLAAAASSSSS
Eithen Mkosana (2 months ago)
I wish i was them right now.
Kibbles Perez (2 months ago)
OMG 4:02 😂😭😂😭 There’s no mirror, it’s just alcohol
allornothing432 (2 months ago)
Should have put vodka in the water dispenser =)
Sam Laurin (2 months ago)
Got myself a bottle of 70% alc. Green absinthe and took it as shots with some friends. That stuff burns on the way down, let me tell you
halfthefiber (2 months ago)
Nobody trips on absinthe anymore. I'm pretty certain they were coaxed into thinking they are hallucinating when they're probably just tipsy (or drunk).
ren branwen (2 months ago)
Of course modern day absinthe won't cause hallucinations....... theres no wormwood in it anymore
Regina Füleki (2 months ago)
In hungary we put absinthe on the spoon light it on fire, wait for it to burnt a down then put that in a shot of absinthe and drink it.
PHILIPPE BAJEUX (2 months ago)
Have you tasted it with brown sugar instead of white sugar + a very little of honey + a very very little of cinnamon ? Cheers )))) ☺
Debb Curry-Millard (2 months ago)
I so so SO want to try this!
nicii179 (2 months ago)
you should have taken shots of that devil‘s liquor
Lily Davison (2 months ago)
Yeah Europeans DEFINELTY drink more classy. Yeah the the UK is in Europe!!!!!!
Lily Davison (2 months ago)
Yeah Europeans DEFINELTY drink more classy. Yeah the the UK is in Europe!!!!!!
Lily Davison (2 months ago)
Yeah Europeans DEFINELTY drink more classy. Yeah the the UK is in Europe!!!!!!
TheLoveThief (2 months ago)
Absinthe has never been hallucinogenic.
Bukkake-Tsunami (2 months ago)
2:54 He said it, not me LMFAO
Wessal Benchabane (2 months ago)
What is absinthe
stian sandanger (2 months ago)
But what is the alcohol percentage? You can get 40% vol. absinthe and all the way up to 98% vol. absinthe, maybe more. And also what kind of herbs are they drinking, because absinthe can be made with so many different spices. For example in Norway, the ones that is known to make you hallucinate is illegal, but there is some that you can drink.
Mary Ann Thornton (1 month ago)
Traditionally absinthe has a very very high alcohol content. All proper absinthe are made with wormwood. Now I notice they’re drinking two different types of absinthe because there is a type of absinthe that is made without the secondary herb coloring process
Crossing Valley (2 months ago)
Drunk Zach is the best Zach ❤
shihalya (2 months ago)
...why didnt they put the cube on Fire?
Ana Fdez (2 months ago)
I'm Spanish and we don't do it with water or sugar. Test tube shots is our preferred method. It does get you hyper drunk instead of chill drunk tho, in my experience
Hannah Melissa (2 months ago)
Keep coming back to the old ones!
Hitting Hard TM (2 months ago)
Njima da das rakiju oni bi se slogirali
Tahjay Ulett (2 months ago)
2:56 congratulations you've discovered that u were asian
Young Doodle (2 months ago)
“A straw is just a urethra”
“Thing is both of us have pretty high alcohol tolerances” Ten minutes later “AAAAAAAAAAAAA”
“Is this legal?” “Eeeeehh whatever” “Can we talk about this glass?” ‘Oh this glass’

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