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Text Comments (2383)
Ni K (8 hours ago)
What a pseudo funny jerk
Luis Sanchez (9 hours ago)
The captions kill me
kaneki (15 hours ago)
I demand Putin to kill this scum
Emperor (21 hours ago)
I am African. Love Russian girls. Been with few off them. If they like you, they will talk to you. Period.
Fucking bastard very rude.
Смешно следить за тем, будто америкосы утрированно и приторно перехваливают российских женщин. Все-таки любимое это их дело - выдумывать хуйню, высосанную из пальца, основывать для себя надуманные положительные образы и веровать в их. Хабиба-мортышку они по той же схеме полюбили, там-то они не знают, что он из себя на самом деле представляет Ебать, тупые американцы гыгыгы, БлиЯть.
momtez ben salem (1 day ago)
stupid boy
Givens Lombo Griapon (2 days ago)
Russian women are not easy they are not stuff that u can pickup on street like that.
For the Boyz (2 days ago)
So satisfying hearing you speak Russian
The second and third approch was disgusting
WarmindMars (2 days ago)
Russian women are a lot like Russian T-34 tank. Cheaply made, made in mass quantity and not reliable. (Dated seven Russians girls here.)
guseva1 (2 days ago)
Fuck head
accurate info by ravi (3 days ago)
nice sir good ##accurateinfobyravi
Peacock For Sale (4 days ago)
You clearly need a huge kick in back to remove childish behavior from you
Waseem Abbas (4 days ago)
Bello dove hai andato a russia Bellisime ragazze li vero
Ron Dumontier (4 days ago)
Dipstick!!!!!! Just a little stuck on yourself
md selim (5 days ago)
I am not packing up in my life!! me 22 But no Girl friend..
Мне будто друзья Виталия америкосы какие то скованные, однако я понимаю другая край, стереотипы про злых российских, однако по мне они какие то чмори, чмошники.
дмитрий бэр (5 days ago)
you done for your show-off will only a slut or a kid, get the fuck out of Russia you moron.
gaurav jha (6 days ago)
Fuck you bastard
binka vasilshenko (6 days ago)
VitalyzdTvSecond and his broken Russian comes across extremely arrogant and needs to learn generous supply of manners. Russian women of principal treat him like garbage because he clearly is!!
Souvick Karmakar (6 days ago)
You're picking up girls in funny way,plz talk to them with serious and calm manner.... don't do crazy things...then you will get good results
Fortunately it is rare to see such lack of respect. This is a good example of hoe NOT to pick up girls in Russia.
cesar nebrija (7 days ago)
It’s bec. ur not good looking enough that they attract no attention to U that’s why one more thing U look like a guy in the street with simply coins in Ur pocket ... these girl are also materialistic to add with ... peace ... my only openion coz I don’t mean to belittle U Ame guy
Rose Ribcage (7 days ago)
Rose Ribcage (7 days ago)
So disrespectful. Yuck
Mike mike (7 days ago)
I'm going to Russia
AMIT SAINI (7 days ago)
Great bro awesome I have working with Russian boss I'll share it with him thanks 👌👍🙏
Bboy cimi (8 days ago)
Russia is a wierd place ! Its like being in a horror movie . Quiet places , lesser friendly surounding , less crowd , very strict scary security
Pradeep B.S (8 days ago)
Typical american supremacy atitude...he shud have been deported....he dont even know how to treat a human with respect...
Humam Slayer (9 days ago)
8:54 thants why you shouldn't drink Alcohol ladies and gentleman.
Antonia Fernandez (10 days ago)
It doesn't matter from where the girls are, they are not being mean because they are Russians, they are being mean to you because you are disrespectful. An honestly a guy who ranks girls in numbers doesn't deserve that much, just someone like you
Srinath K (10 days ago)
You are an American Moron. Monkeys behave better than you. I wish somebody should have shot you on the spot.
Anshul Singh (11 days ago)
Russian girls are more hotter then usa or other country girls
Boy George (13 days ago)
That's a communist guard jerk
Boy George (13 days ago)
R u a Russian born in the US?
джерику (13 days ago)
Masum Hossain (13 days ago)
Worst video i have ever seen ..
Sayed Zaidi (14 days ago)
If you wants easy come then go to some red light area you idiot.
iSuggest (14 days ago)
John doe (15 days ago)
try the pick ups in London or any British city and you will see the idiot you are.Russians are respectful and hate idiot like you .Grow up.
Z P (15 days ago)
This guy gross
Dr Vijay Sharma (15 days ago)
Believe me if you get friend in Russia don't go to any pub or bar
dirkleroy (16 days ago)
Bunch of idiots! Get a life and learn how to respect women!
Killswitch ali (16 days ago)
No it was hard to pick them up because you went to much on them , you had to act the same way you did with the first girl
rocky randy (16 days ago)
Your such a homo !!!
Ahmed Fathy (16 days ago)
love you man you are amazing very funny
keith Ansell (16 days ago)
What a F***ing Arse
MattVon Scruger (16 days ago)
The thing is you are too stupid
Meantek 95 (17 days ago)
Cultural contamination
kiran (17 days ago)
Russia is so poor that their own brothers push sisters into prostitution. I did experience this...
Sarbjit Singh (18 days ago)
buKkiDbOy bG (19 days ago)
Russia dude, the same story with girls in Serbia 😉
Ge Cha (19 days ago)
You are 3 uggly mens not educated no gentlemen what would you say if people speak like that with your mother our your sister? It’s sexual harassement
Инсайдер (19 days ago)
Что это делает у меня в наставлениях?
ahmad takieddin (21 days ago)
So silly guy
Teru Mikami (21 days ago)
How is he disrespectful?
TITANIUM CHANNEL (22 days ago)
why them didnt want with you,,coz you're american,,,
Junior Magnus (22 days ago)
Дурачек они тебя не понимают
blossom sky (23 days ago)
You are unsure, maybe that's why you think the look mean (;
LIL balls (23 days ago)
Where tf the captions
Patrick Ireland (23 days ago)
This guy couldn't pick up women in a women's prison with a fistful of pardons. Even in New York, or Philly.
Izzy Co (24 days ago)
i was in Russia and you can pick more than one in same time
Antonio Sáenz (24 days ago)
Jajajaja for some reason Russian Love black And latín girls
JOHN IBRAHIM (25 days ago)
inessa revenko (25 days ago)
Vitally ain't disrespecting Russia he is Russian and I'm pretty sure the girls know he is joking around this is the typical vitaly😂
Dan Broder (26 days ago)
🖤👤 I'm good looking those Russian girls win it reject me 👤🖤
Dan Broder (26 days ago)
I'm good looking Russian girls when it reject me that's for sure
John Carroll (27 days ago)
Scruffy jerk
Нахуй.. блядь!!
Mohammad Shakeel (28 days ago)
Whoever this guy is ...I mean he is a jerk in very first order. Wtf he was trying out there...its embarrassing. Not only he was trying to be too clever but damn vulgar.
james latif (28 days ago)
What a freak
funny Uploads (28 days ago)
I speak russian
the holy pootis church (26 days ago)
Im notnrussian and i speak russian to lol
Shahzad Aslam (29 days ago)
Well done Russian girls rejecting these looser's love from Pakistan
Shahzad Aslam (12 days ago)
Muhammad aka paedophile the rapist of Aisha look like indian rapist LOL
Lol terrorist
Truther One (29 days ago)
This guy is a complete asshole. click
Al Michaels (29 days ago)
Arrogant POS. Keep making a fool out of your self.
Yo Yo (1 month ago)
Do not misuse the Name of God.
Apurv Chaturvedi (1 month ago)
They are not some commodity you decided to pick up . Next time be a little respectful . Glad most of them shut him up
Haha I know as my wife from Ukraine so to be honest these Slavic people are so damn straight and sometimes rude too, when they say no then no but if they say yes then definitely it’s yes. So most of the Russian gals are selfish and very deep not easy to get cheated but once fall in love with you gona love you forever. I am happy for you bro that finally you caught and came with some guys to club. Lol 😂
Saryas Mirzai (1 month ago)
They have standards and has been tought right by their parents, for real
widarek1 (1 month ago)
What a stupid approach you showed, no wonder they not willing to talk to you....
PAPER FRIENDS (1 month ago)
As a black guy I really get along with Russian and Ukrainian girls, you are behaving like a creep and a total jerk, of course they will reject your clowny ass.
Tony RUS (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh... you dont shake your hand in the RUS LAND. You dont do that there...
F.H Akhunzada (1 month ago)
Русские уважительны, чем Запад...почтение из Пакистана
inder (1 month ago)
When russian start to speak english, lol
Larry Shane (1 month ago)
I was hoping KGB catch him and put him in the slammer. He deserves it with that kind of behaviour.
Gerald Davis (1 month ago)
No wonder. What a jerk. The difference between banal, childish, immature. disrespectful US culture and Russian culture right there.
mabatommy (1 month ago)
It is so easy you walk up to her and say "you are so pretty can I buy you a Lexus". That is all it takes and all her girlfriends will be chasing your ass down.
MannyBlew uk (1 month ago)
Quit your a looser
Jermaine Wright (1 month ago)
Women are fragile. Don't treat them like that
Have u ever slapped by Russian girls
BungotSaPantat (1 month ago)
this man is sooo full of himself, he just approach immediately like he’s the owner of the world..he doesn’t have a timing..
boi (1 month ago)
man i m from punjab and needs russian gf smh..someone help me lol
When Bad Meets.Admin (1 month ago)
This guy's is part time asshole.. And he's even shock why girls denies him
Gulati Soccer (1 month ago)
This lad no thing know about russian their boy friends punch Him to death
Hugh Goldspiel (1 month ago)
Fucking losers
Hugh Goldspiel (1 month ago)
You get your ass kicked all the time ha ha picking up on checks in Russia
Nitin ias (1 month ago)
u r harassing girls .....u r idiot...
Paulo Alvez (1 month ago)
I wonder if you would be as lucky in the streets of Lisbon. Portuguese chicks are tremendously hard to pick... 😓
thillai sundaramurthi (1 month ago)
If you want turn this in to a thriller and serious action... Try in India... No.. One piece.. Guaranteed! Unforgettable....

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