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German Nazi Concentration Camp Majdanek [Kult America]

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My first view of Majdanek was brutal, the former German Nazi concentration camp is literally situated in the middle of Lublin, a large city in the east of Poland. Surrounded by hundreds of buildings, and thousands of windows, I could imagine that for many people this monstrosity has become normal. I’ve seen contrasts before, but this tested the limits of my imagination. The camp was used for forced labor and to liquidate jew’s from the Lublin region and beyond. The first building we entered was a gas chamber where prisoners were actually given showers before their extermination. The building was marked “disinfection”. The prisoners would have a shower to “settle down” and the warmth would help activate the lethal elements of Zyklon B.. This theory is a little strange when you consider that the chamber was fit with a high power furnace used to activate the gas - and that the furnace itself was enough to kill the people. I couldn’t stand visiting the gas chamber, the walls were still stained blue from the toxic gas, and I don’t really know how to express the feeling aside from this thought, I witnessed evidence that real monsters exist or that maybe humans are monsters. We went on to see the living conditions of the prisoners - one plaque described how in the winter people were sleeping on wet hay with no blankets in the freezing cold. In the morning, they’d be physically brutalised before eating some soup mixed with saw dust. The camp went on and on, it was large in scale and endlessly creepy. When I entered the crematorium, I observed a building was devoted to burning murdered people - the furnaces doubled as water boilers so that the killers could have a warm bath. I wondered, were the engineers monsters to? Right outside the crematorium were ditches where a mass execution took place and right beside stands a monument which is literally a mount of human ash mixed with dirt. you might wonder why I’m not quoting the death toll and the answer is simple, only estimations exist… educated speculation.. As I walked away from the camp, I peered over to a cemetery boarding the site, every person there had a headstone with a name, their deaths had dignity, their loved ones had closure. In a concentration camp hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of human-beings lost their lives to only be summarised in speculated numbers, smoke through a chimney, and a mound of ash. ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Official Site: http://www.socash.xyz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RySocash
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Text Comments (275)
shubham tripathi (21 days ago)
Instead of the killing Jews Muslims deserve this
Diego Palmeira (1 month ago)
amc3 (1 month ago)
Horrid, despicable and disgusting, these Nazi camps were designed for death ... simple. Thanks for education us.
Jonathan Soko (1 month ago)
Not just jews. My grandparents families were sent there, and they were catholics.
willy fey (1 month ago)
do you really believe those rooms were gaz chamber? impossible!!!
nandobike (1 month ago)
It is NOT in the middle of the city, and certainly not literally in the middle of it. (~1 hour walking distance)
indy_go_blue60 (2 months ago)
I am fearful that with the road American leftists seem to be taking that camps like this (the rumored FEMA camps?) will be open for business again along with reeducation centers to make us all good socialist boys and girls. As for the old people, the sick and the disabled they'll simply have to be eliminated as useless feeders.
William Oneal (2 months ago)
And the whole world wondered after The Beast! Jesus is King!
Eddy Viggers (3 months ago)
They were not monsters that´s the real horror. They were normal people who agreed to participate in holocaust, see?
Iwa. Iweta (3 months ago)
Smutne miejsce
Lies.. this video is full of lies and misrepresentation of facts watch "the Majdanek gas chamber myth".
J C (4 months ago)
What's scarier is that Extermination Camps like Sobibor and Belzec had tiny sites to only house half a dozen hundred Jewish workers, the rest instantly were instantly gassed....
vsaluki R (4 months ago)
This is a childishly absurd video. The author did zero research on the camp or on what he was looking at. The blue stained rooms that he showed were used for delousing clothing, not extermination. The idea that there were human gas chambers in Majdanek is a complete fraud, as is proven in this video. https://youtu.be/9GfSyAPAhCI
Sixte (4 months ago)
What other people besides the Jews keeps whining about what happened to them seventy years later? Jew communists murdered tens of millions of Christians in the Soviet Union. American POWs were starved, tortured and executed by the Japanese. But all we hear about is the Jews. Look at what they've done to the Palestinians. Their so-called Holocaust is bullshit. So they had to work for once instead of being parasites. Big deal. Those "gas chambers" are ridiculous. If you've seen a real gas chamber, you would know that.
Well blacks still whine about slavery... want reparations for something they were never themselves. Want me to pay them even though I never had slaves.
Samuel Robinson (4 months ago)
Have you ever been to Bełżec? It has a German Jewish death camp there to. Now it's a museum.
MIHALIS888 (4 months ago)
eastsideboyz (4 months ago)
TheKrystof1 (5 months ago)
Jews that came with Stalin's army worked for NKVD and reopened Majdanek KL for Polish patriots, Poland's soldiers from Home Army, Freedom and Independence and other underground organisations. They survived whole war just to be slaughtered by mainly Polish Jews and other communist scum! 200000 were held just to die or be sent to Siberia.
motorhead (5 months ago)
mein Kampf quotes Martin Luther "put the Jews in labor camps then burn them and their books synagogue's " nazi minted gold coins with Luther.
motorhead (5 months ago)
Sonder Aktion 1005 proof of atrocities from German records.
Orzeszek TM (5 months ago)
Byłem tu na wycieczcę szkolnej była dobra atmosfera ale gdy tam weszliśmy mieliśmy kamienie twarze
Adalbert Wirski (5 months ago)
Three were no Nazi Death Camps. There were German Death Camps! There was no Nazi nation. There was not a Nazi language. Nazis had their nationality. They had their own language - German. Auschwitz was the German Death Camp located in an occupied polish territory. Genocide in Auschwitz was committed by Germans.
Ajourneyofknowing 1912 (2 months ago)
Adalbert Wirski - I was confused wether you are a Holocaust denier or a neo-Nazi wanting a independent country called “Nazi”. It’s just the location name switch! Who believes that Poland build & ran their own camps to exterminate themselves in cooperation with the Nazis. It would be French Death Camps if they were mainly in France but everybody knows that it’s Nazi Germanys fault. There are accounts of cooperating Polish people and Polish informers that betrayed wanted people over to the Nazis. There is also a difference between a death camp and a concentration camp (which what Auschwitz is) since these don’t immediately put them to death as fast as possible when they arrive. What about the Russian bordering countries with Gulag camps? Now I’m not saying that Poland itself is anyway guilty as Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, or Spain but not every single Polish was innocent and just are getting triggered on that location term.
Deja Voodoo (6 months ago)
So glad that I found your channel!
Mike Lis (6 months ago)
Am I supposed to feel sorry
tompaj10 (6 months ago)
Majdanek was camp not only for Jews, did you know that?
Jim fallow (6 months ago)
There were no gas chambers there, you are being lied to. The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth by Eric Hunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip2LoLF3RzM
TheMiehi (8 months ago)
Thanks for useing the correct description to this place.
ar2rg (8 months ago)
Not every German was a Nazi ... ... But every Nazi was a German!
Aaron Richards (7 months ago)
" But every Nazi was a German!" HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL no! idiot of the day.
nealanilove life (8 months ago)
Not just jews! idiot They killed so many polish people too not just FUCKING JEWS
steve richmond (9 months ago)
" Soup and sawdust" what about polony? This lady, Hanan Rachel had it :https://youtu.be/u-T62bNKcKE
steve richmond (9 months ago)
steve richmond (9 months ago)
" soup and sawdust"
steve richmond (9 months ago)
"The walls were stained blue" It been painted onto the walls and ceilings recently.
Cezarr Ree (9 months ago)
Mógłbyś wyciągnąć ręce z kieszeni, z szacunku dla ofiar tego obozu. You could take your hands out of your pocket for respect for the victims of this camp.
Pawel Skiba (9 months ago)
LiL MikoS (9 months ago)
Jak jestem w szkole to mam okna na majdanek....praktycznie...Dlatego moja szkoła nazywa się Pamięci Majdanka...JAK CIŚ TO SP32 Lublin
World stop calling this nazi this was GERMAN for fuck sake
Aaron Richards (7 months ago)
do you call the red army "soviet" or "russian"? stupid pole, use your brain.
Lom Tac (10 months ago)
"If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being." -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
I've visited Majdanek five times and spent years researching this particular camp. There's so much misinformation in this video it's infuriating. Did you not notice the museum sign in the dressing room/delousing chamber [shown in this video from 1:05-1:22] which reads: "The dressing room was also adapted to disinfect prisoners' clothes, using a chemical known as Zyklon B. To active this, heated air was forced inside via pipes installed within the wall. The gas was ventilated through holes in the ceiling. The disinfected clothes were stored in the adjoining room (which currently displays a collection of Zyklon B cans)." You're passing off a delousing chamber as a homicidal gas chamber because you didn't read the sign, clearly you were too busy posing for the camera. You're an idiot, and a poser.
Kult A: "you might wonder why I’m not quoting the death toll and the answer is simple, only estimations exist… educated speculation.. [...] In a concentration camp hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of human-beings lost their lives to only be summarised in speculated numbers" You've never even read a book on Majdanek, have you? The current director of the Majdanek museum, Tomasz Kranz, proposes that 78,000 people [inc 59,000 Jews] lost their lives at Majdanek — "Bookkeeping of Death and Prisoner Mortality at Majdanek" [Yad Vashem Studies 35;1 2007, p.108]. In the same article, Kranz wrote of the death tolls claimed by Soviet and Polish investigators [1.5 and 1.7m] : "[When] they determined the number of victims at the camp liberated by the Soviet army, they were motivated more by a political and propaganda agenda than by a search for historical truth."
Joker bs (10 months ago)
Naziści czyli Niemcy wymordowali 3% ludzkości
leopetar jk (11 months ago)
yes is so normal as it is, to put gas in your car blooded with iraq people
Kriss Kross (11 months ago)
00:45 Does Cyclone B only kill when the body temperature is higher than normal?
k1ngw00d (11 months ago)
The size of them Crematoriums.. Is it big enough to burn 5000 bodies a day? Do you know how much coal or fire wood will be needed to burn 5000 bodies a day?
Paul Metcalf (1 year ago)
Its a shower room and Watta came down instead of da gas. If the walls are not blue it can't be true.
Mrozu94ver666 (1 year ago)
Actually those who did not make it through the selection process were sent to the gass chambers DIRECTLY, to the bathhouses only those who were going to remain im the camp were taken for the showers. Please be more precise.
Paul Metcalf (1 year ago)
Yeah, we saw jesus get sent to da gaz chamber as just anudda yoodin.
Mateusz K (1 year ago)
Nazi = German
Enforcer (1 year ago)
Don't forget to add that those were German death camps. There's no such nation as "Nazi". They were Germans: a blood thirsty barbarians.
Paul Metcalf (1 year ago)
Stop the Lies. We know the truth.
Alba Sola (1 year ago)
Wow I see lots of holocust deniers! Very sad. This horrendous crime against humanity did happen, perpetrated by a psychopath, narcissistic and racist person. ( group of barbaric men) . It was not Poland but Germany.
Paul Metcalf (1 year ago)
Alba Sol urban moving systems We see a lot of sanctimonious holohoaxers still trying to milk their over blown six million.
yaelles aNoodle (1 year ago)
Maybe humans are monsters? MAYBE?
O Mackiewicz (1 year ago)
Ten region nigdy nie był spokojny. W każdym stuleciu była wojna więc...bedzie i w tym
Pieter Kolo (1 year ago)
You're also the victim... Not even once in this film use a name of nation it was Germans not nazis.... It is a great problem, no hate for germans be nice and friendly, but HEY remember what they parents did not hitler but whole German nation did it.
Nortel (1 year ago)
former nazi camp... za to powinie dostac takeigo kopa w dupe zeby wrocil jednym lotem do usa! w afryce tez ja niemcy mieli wczensiej obozy koncentracyne to byly nazistowskie??? to byly s ai beda niemiecie!
ConstructiveMinds100 (1 year ago)
I strongly believe that you should mention few times or at least once in the movie who was responsible for the atrocities on the Poles and peacefully living Jews among them. Which nation crafted that evil plan of exterminating people on such a scale. Which nation was so innovative for such audacious humanity crime. Where all the gold, valuables went. Of course to Germany or Swiss Banks and America so. Today all the money buys power. So its very convenient to cover the truth and create euphemism Nazi camps not German. And now they even try to spread propaganda and say Polish camps. It would be nice of you to mention that bit too if you live in Poland and share some interest in this country. Whats a lot of tosh.
Denise Zipprich (1 year ago)
My father couldn't talk about the war until the late 1980's. He was involved in the liberating of several of these camps and told me the conditions of the people were horrific. Then in 1950 he started teaching school in Indiana and he had a student that would constantly stare at him every day and my dad finally asked him why he was always staring at him . The response was " Do you remember the little boy hanging on the gate and you gave him a chocolate bar well that was me. I was sponsored to come here and now I can thank you for saving my life and thousands others." My father swelled up with tears as that child hugged him. My father passed away in 2002 finally being at peace with his nightmares in the war.
KarasekUS (1 year ago)
Been there on a school trip in my 6th grade. Made me physically sic for three weeks.
Paul Metcalf (1 year ago)
So you saw a big pile of uglyass bruno magli shoes, a fake chimney and gas chamber and some dirty gray stripped pajamas, accompanied to very loud violins. Do you think you're an honorary whallaqwost survivor entitled to free shekels?
Marysia Zosia (1 year ago)
Nie tylko żydów. Polacy byli mordowani.
doug2000 (1 year ago)
Yaz A (1 year ago)
Reports that's in Germany at the time of hitler there was only 400 odd thousand Jews in Germany so how did millions die? 🤔 confused
Not only Jews were killed in the German Concentration Camps, but also many of Polish people (counted in millions).
mejdzer77 (1 year ago)
mejdzer77 (1 year ago)
GERMANS !!!!!!!
Kac the Polish Baron (1 year ago)
my great grandfather escaped Majdanek somehow no he was not Jewish and people should know not only Jews went through a genocide 3 million poles does during this war
Blanka Motyka (1 year ago)
powinieneś napisać że w NIEMIECKIM obozie koncentracyjnym na Majdanku ginęli przede wszystkim Polacy. Przecież to miejsce kaźni między innymi ludności z Zamojszczyzny. Nie rozumiem dlaczego mówi się że tylko ludzie wyznania mojzeszowego ginęli w obozach.
Preppering od Zera (10 months ago)
To byli Polacy, wyznania Żydowskiego, sami nawet o tym mówili.
Anna Koral (1 year ago)
Mój pradziadek tam zginął, a dziadek przeżył ostatnie 3 miesiące aż do wyzwolenia obozu, opowiadał jak pierwszy z baraku miał odwage wyjśc na plac i nie było Niemców, 3 miesiące czekał na zagazowanie- tak byli tam traktowani zwykli chłopi z Zamojszczyzny, za to że na ich terenach najmocniej działała partyzantka.Byli zwykłymi ludźmi...tak że warto wspomnieć, że przede wszystkim ginęli tam Polacy a nie jak zostało powiedziane że Żydzi, a o Polakach ani słowa...więcej prawdy
Rafal No (1 year ago)
Majdanek akurat faktycznie był przeznaczony dla Żydów. Polacy (ponad 3 mln.) byli mordowani Głównie w Oświęcimiu. Swoją drogą Polaków zginęło więcej niż Żydów
Titina de Cassovia (1 year ago)
Very respectful video, Ryan.
Search on YouTube "Why did Hitler hate jews? Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat will explain to you" In Japan, cremation is popular because of the lack of space. After that tsunami hit, the Japanese were left with about 15,000 corpses and they were overwhelmed. They could not handle it all and it took weeks to burn those bodies. Now, Japan, a modern technologically advanced country, in the 21st century, where cremation is widely used, were backlogged by 15,000 corpses, yet we are expected to believe that the Germans, using 1940`s BRICK OVENS could somehow cremate at least 12,000 bodies, per day, 24 hours a day, for years. It didn`t happen. It is a Jew fantasy, for sympathy and money and political power, which they have, based on that LIE. That is why the lie is so protected. David Irving ran the numbers for the amount or coke (coal) needed to fire the ovens. It would have created huge piles of coke to keep up with the demands. No reconnaissance photos showed any such piles. General Eisenhower, Churchill, and French President Charles De Gaulle were all Holocaust deniers. Eisenhower's book, "Crusade in Europe" is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill's "Second World War" total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle's three-volume "Memoires de Guerre" is 2,054 pages. In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages , published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi 'gas chambers,' a 'genocide' of the Jews, or of 'six million' Jewish victims of the war." These prominent world leaders from three western nations most involved in the War on Germany knew very well that Germans established Labor Camps because they were at war and this was the only way to meet their desperate wartime needs. There has never been a plan or an order to exterminate the Jews, only plans and orders to keep the Jews alive and to minimize life losses, although Jewish plans to destroy Germany are well documented. Questioning jewish holocaust is a criminal offence in several european countries... never seen a truth which needs the law enforcement to be protected. The definitive proof is that germans did not simply run the train exhaust into the carriages instead of handling the very dangerous Zyklon B. Zyklon B, an insecticide used all over Europe to kill lice to prevent the spread of typhus, was used to delouse clothing. A building containing several fumigation rooms still exists at Auschwitz, complete with the special machinery used to generate, distribute, and exhaust the gas produced by Zyklon. These rooms at Auschwitz are never shown to visitors. The truth is that Typhus and lack of supplies were the main reasons for the bad conditions in the concentration camps. British and American air raids were the main reasons for the breakdown of the supply lines to the camps. The people who died died from typhoid which could have been prevented if the ally forces didn't bomb the pharmaceutical factories and roads to have the medicine delivered. Typhoid causes people to become as skinny as you see In pictures and videos. The camps were work camps simple as that to make up for the lack of labor. The people in the camps were given amenities to have fun with their free time in between working. Women even had babies and day care. All the tales about inmates taking dead bodies from the gas chambers immediately after the gassing have no sense: Where death penalty is practiced in a gas chamber, after the execution, the chamber and the body are cleaned with a lot of water without opening the door. Then the body is removed by specialists in airtight suits. There are in total a staggering 147 references to six million Jews in the context of either being severely persecuted or in danger of being annihilated from 1900 through 1945. This propaganda was designed and disseminated by Zionist Jews beginning shortly after the first Zionist congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 to elicit sympathy and support for the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine which was accomplished in 1948. That’s why in 1900 Rabbi Stephen S. Wise proclaimed. “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.” - Rabbi Wise’s Address, New York Times, 1900 All this so called Holocaust is pure nonsense.
TIM and John (1 year ago)
there is a document of a tour around the camp from a woman that survived that place and told you how it was to be in the camp
Dominika G (1 year ago)
Byłam na Majdanku nie cały miesiąc temu... jadąc tam liczyłam się z tym co mogę tam zobaczyć, trochę słyszałam na lekcjach historii, trochę od rodziny... jednak dopiero kiedy tam weszłam i zobaczyłam to wszystko na własne oczy... byłam przerażona. To okropne jak ludzkie cierpienie i morderstwa mogłybyć dla Niemców zwykłą pracą. Uważam, że każdy powinien zobaczyć jakie okrucieństwa przeżywali nasi przodkowie... I dziękować Bogu, że żyjemy w czasach kiedy możemy być wolni.
pszemek (1 year ago)
That's why we hate when someone say "Polish death camps" there're "Nazi death camp situated in Poland"
Chloe wilson (1 month ago)
Jonathan Soko Aren't you forgetting that the Polish Jews slaughtered 58k German peasants in what is known as BLOODY SUNDAY - 1939. Here it shows the Invasion of Poland and I for one do not blame the Germans! History doesn't speak of that though. Everywhere, everywhere there was concentration camps. Have you ever seen the inside of Auschwitz back in the day? No? Then watch EUROPA PARTS 1-10, Part 8 is the one. Listen to the honest laborers speak of their time in there. Not these paid for schills! Germans never killed Catholics they were considered Christians. What Hitler hated was the threat of communism spreading throughout Europe. Patton could have taken Russia but the US was too scared to. Then came the Cold War and Kruschev!
Jonathan Soko (1 month ago)
Not just polish jews. Anyone who the nazi's felt like killing. A large part of my family was killed off, and they were Catholics.
Ajourneyofknowing 1912 (2 months ago)
pszemek - Your just getting triggered on a location Name term!
Ajourneyofknowing 1912 (2 months ago)
motorhead - Not every Polish did and is innocent. There are accounts of Polish informers betraying wanted people to the Nazis. It just because many of the camps are stationed in Poland. It would be the same name switch if them were in Greece, Spain, Africa, Switzerland, Russia, or France. If it was WW1 then that would be plausible since that was complicated. However it’s WW2 everybody knows that it was Nazi ideology that started the war and implemented the camps. It should be the Japanese who should own up to their numerous war atrocities (human experimentation & slavery trade). Now Poland is playing the innocent victim with passing their Holocaust Speech Law.
sam blustein (4 months ago)
motorhead I respect your opinion. I am descendent of polish Jews killed in Auschwitz, Treblinka, and the camp featured in this video. Though I do agree that Poland did oppose the Nazis, it is also important to point out that despite their brave opposition to the German tidal wave, it doesn’t mean they were fighting on behalf of the Jews either. Anti Semitism was and is still very rampant in Eastern Europe, including Poland. It’s what Hitler preyed on partly. Do I believe that all of the polish population is anti Semitic? Of course not. And I’m sure it was the same then but it’s not like many of the population had to dry their eyes when Jews were sent to the camps. I was in Poland a couple of years ago, and I found it to be a lovely country and most of the people were friendly and warm but there was this feeling I had of despair by the way some looked at me, and my Star of David. America is also like this in many ways. The human race still has a lot to learn. Though I do agree that they were Nazi death camps, not polish ones
Grumpy old fart (1 year ago)
More Zionist propaganda, all scientifically and numerically proven all a lie. The jews must be wanting more money from the poor German people.
Grumpy old fart (1 year ago)
+King peter If I want any shit out of a pinhead like you, I'll squeeze your head and put a cup under your ears. And by the way, Learn to formulate a sentence.
bngh12ful (1 year ago)
Concentration or Death camp?
Paul Metcalf (1 year ago)
Titina de Cassovia urban moving systems McDonald's is where Irene Zisblatt survived being turned into a lampshade.
Denying History (1 year ago)
Both to some extent.
Titina de Cassovia (1 year ago)
Majdanek was one of the worst, as far as I know Death camp for sure
Columbo Bumbo (1 year ago)
1:12 Two pieces of advice, American: when u r in place where thoudands were murdered, don't keep your hands in your pockets and TAKE THE F-KIN CAP OFF!
patrick. (1 year ago)
Have you visited Auschwitz-Birkenau ?
Kult America (1 year ago)
+patrick. Yes, on several occasions and I also made a video there.
mess meg (1 year ago)
My grandgrandfather and his son was died here. They was polish orginal. The first prisoner was polish like them - political prisoner. Thanks for this video - I never have a curage to go there - but I think next year I will go.
Kult America (1 year ago)
+mess meg thank you for sharing that story, it make it hard for me to believe I saw that pile of ash...
Marcin Cieplik (1 year ago)
zrobili to naziści czyli niemcy , deutschland !!!
Bogdan Szczurek (1 year ago)
There's even more bizarre and often forgotten fact. In the last stages of the war and for some time afterwards the very same camp was used by the soviets as a prison mostly for Polish Home Army soldiers and other “reactionaries”. It's hard for more substantial and grim proof that, what appears as the two polar opposites—namely: Communism and Nazism, are in the essence of the same origin and of the same nature. And yet… while swastika is widely regarded as a disagreeable sign of the pinnacle of human barbarism, the red star meets with a quite different treatment. While it's impossible to imagine that any t-shirt with some Nazi “hero” would become a popular product, Che Guevara still stares at us from them. We've got a way to go ahead of us…
Mikolaj Staniak (1 year ago)
hi, this summer I visited majdanek. it was an amazing experience though ill never forget what I saw, My grandad is burried at the majdanek graveyard too so when I go on holiday I see the big pile of ashes nearly every year
Mikolaj Staniak (1 year ago)
+Kult America no not really, he died two years back after battling cancer for over 3-4 years
Kult America (1 year ago)
Wow, that is a shocking comment. I'm curious if there are any documents regarding your grandfathers death at the camp?
panadam4 (1 year ago)
You should visit a Wolfsschanze near Kętrzyn, Hitler's Headquarter in Poland.
Wioleta Mrozinska (1 year ago)
GERMANS not NAZIS !!!!!!
Ajourneyofknowing 1912 (2 months ago)
Wioleta Mrozinska - What are you yelling about?
Nortel (1 year ago)
wystarczy psiac niemeicki! bo narod niemeicki czynil wojne nie grupka fanatykow caly narod! wieksozsc pokojowych niemcow cieszyla sie z bombardowania miast innych narodow dopiero plakali jak im miasto bombami zaslali!
Dziki wąż (1 year ago)
Konrad Kotlicki - you are rigth, Austrians too.
Aaron Richards (2 years ago)
1:16 provide proof (scientific, peer reviewed) that hydrogen cyanide gas causes blue staining on concrete walls and nothing else, or get the fuck out of here with these bullshit claims. These are namely the kind of unscientific claims Germar Rudolf, Fred Leuchter, and other clowns like them make. I am aware that when you take samples from the blue staining and test them in a lab, you get cyanide compounds. But even blue paint can contain such compounds.
Aaron Richards (2 years ago)
+Denying History what is the height of the window you are referencing anyway? the ones in the main shower room are very low indeed, but the one in this room appears to be quite high to the extent that a victim would have to be on his tiptoes to be able to break the glass.
Denying History (2 years ago)
No one disputes that prussian blue can be formed... At Majdanek though the chamber located at the end of B&D 1 were caused from the gas, as it was a disinfection facility. Something Shermer has said in the past, by pointing out the window in the chamber. Kranz the current museum director also supports this case. The blue stains in Chamber III (as labeled on the soviets report) was caused from delousing a well. The Museum states that no zyklon was used to gas people in the large chamber. Also I would be careful with the krakow reports claims... Evidence still needs to be established that the rooms were painted.
Paweł Skonecki (2 years ago)
Majdanek was originally planned as a POW camp for Russians . His name was Kriegsgefangenenlager der Waffen SS Lublin . Then Germans has changed his function on death camp not only for the Jews .
Denying History (2 years ago)
Its operation as a death camp was temporary. It went from September of 1942 to September 1943. As Rudolf Hoess described it the gassing program was "temporary". The 2nd point of mass murder was Earnsfest but this lasted for an hour.
Free Thinker (2 years ago)
What does the plaque read at 0:51 in that gas chamber?
Denying History (2 years ago)
"What is the story with the murderous CO2 gas bottles?" They aren't the ones found by the soviets and were actually bottles from the T4 operation... "There are no documents, on the other hand, that refer to the supply of carbon monoxide. After the camp’s dissolution, however, five bottles were found on the camp’s area, in which the Polish-Soviet investigation commission established the presence of this gas. According to the commission’s report, written in Russian, the bottles were dark red and had the numbers 10, 17, 44, 52 and 60. They bore the inscription: "Kohlenoxid. Bei 150 Atmosphären abgefüllt 8.7.42. Zenerwajn und Brenen. Berlin B.9. Getestet bei 225 Atmosphären. Leergewicht 75,8 kg. Volumen 40,6 Liter." ("Carbon monoxide. Bottled at 150 atmospheres 8.7.42. Zenerwajn und Brenen. Berlin B.9. Tested at 225 atmospheres. Empty weight 75.8 kg. Volume 40.6 liters."). This marking indicates that the bottles were from the depot of "Aktion T4". " (Neue Studien zu Nationalsozialistischen Massentötungen durch Giftgas page 223) As black rabbit (A revisionist to an extent) points out at HC "I've heard that the original text in the Pol-Sov report says "Женарвайн и Бренен, Ženarvajn i Brenen". To be fair to Mattogno, it's probably because of his book and its translation of the entire report that someone noticed the canister inscriptions matched what Kogon et al [Nazi Mass Murder, p.31] claimed were inscribed on the T4 canisters.* Kranz never mentions any of this in his own 2007 (revised 2010) book. * Friedrich Lorent's trial judgment reads: "Nach den Angaben des Angeklagten Lor. waren als Eigentümer auf den Flaschen "Brenner und Jennerwein" angegeben. Während der "Erwachseneneuthanasie" mussten die Behälter alle drei bis vier Wochen nachgefüllt werden." [JuNSV 34:248]." http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.com/2016/10/contemporary-german-documents-on-carbon.html?showComment=1476357839174#c741912140298926257 The engravings as well don't match. http://skepticforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=517579#p517579
Aaron Richards (2 years ago)
+Marija Jelenc On a sidenote, I can murder you with CO2 if I wanted to. Just saying :)
Denying History (2 years ago)
+Marija Jelenc Only in your mind Marija
Denying History (2 years ago)
+Aaron Richards it can produce Prussian blue, but it's very unlikely to actually produce it inside warm rooms. It needs Cold Moist rooms. Have you read Leuchter, Rudolf and the Iron Blues?
Aaron Richards (2 years ago)
I still need peer-reviewed scientific proof that HCN produces blue staining on concrete walls, and this blue staining comes from nothing else.
Paula4Beauty (2 years ago)
everytime I see some videos about "Konzetrationslager".I ask me whyyy people did thinks like this and it make me so sad ;(
Agata W (2 years ago)
Sorry, ale Majdanek znajduje się prawie że na końcu Lublina, a nie w centrum! Wkurza mnie takie gadanie głupot
Wioletta CzyŻ (4 months ago)
LiL MikoS a jakie ma to znaczenie czy początek czy koniec majdan ej jest za felinem i się rozbudowywoje jest tam lotnisko jeszcze parę lat i będzie lbn MPK już jeździ a więc nie wiem o czym ta dyskusja wkoncu to lbn
LiL MikoS (9 months ago)
Agata W Tak prawda leży prawie koło Świdnika
magiah01 (2 years ago)
You should go to Auschwitz, then you see ...
Karol Nowak (2 years ago)
Why did u have hands in pockets? It is lack of respect . At least for me
Anna (2 years ago)
Wzruszający film. Rozpowszechnia nie tylko wśród Polaków tę straszną historię, dzięki temu, że jest po angielsku. Nie rozumiem tylko dlaczego historia bardzo często jest przekłamywana.
Lena S. (2 years ago)
KySy_ (2 years ago)
Jebane szwaby !!! Niby nazistowskich ni***ec już nie ma, ale gdybym zobaczył jakiegoś szwaba i miał coś pod ręką wystarczyłby impuls i ten jebany szwab straciłby głowę...dosłownie...
ala sss (2 years ago)
My grandfather spent six weeks in this place. He was 12 years old. Next his parents and he went to Germany to work. It was the most terrible memory in his life. After the war they came back to Poland, but in the way his younger sister died. I think people should remember about this places. Polish people lived, worked and died in Majdanek too. My family was from Zamojszczyzna.
Kult America (2 years ago)
+Lekcje Sukcesu That is an extremely moving story, thank you for sharing...
pynusia123 (2 years ago)
I was there. This place is beautiful and very sad, because when I think about it makes me shiver. Why are people so cruel?
milena 248 (2 years ago)
Mieszkam w Lublinie i bylam to juz kilka razy, za każdym razem budzi to we mnie ogromny żal, smutek i niezrozumienie ludzi, którzy stworzyli to miejsce. Byłam, równiez w Oświęcimiu jednakże Majdanek wywiera na mnie duzo większe wrażenie. Polecam sie tu wybrać, naprawdę daje do myślenia,nie wystawy, a te prawdziwe zachowane rzeczy, buty, ubrania, łóżka, piece, rzeczy osobiste a szczególnie listy pisane przez więźniów, za kazdym razem jak je czytam płacze.
a anglicy mówili że Polacy przesadzają
Sjuzan (2 years ago)
Ja mieszkam w Lublinie
Borne Sulinowo (2 years ago)
Poles get exactly the same from soviets. "The Gulag Archipelago" describe this martyrology. Another taboo is fact that apart of Jews who were the main target of German persecutions there was large amount of ethnic Poles who died in the concentration camps. And mostly it was the best part of Polish society... German and Russians together meticulously planned actions against Polish 'inteligentsia'.
Ajourneyofknowing 1912 (2 months ago)
Aleks 1234 - It’s just the location name switch! Who believes that Poland build & ran their own camps to exterminate themselves in cooperation with the Nazis. It would be French Death Camps if they were mainly in France but everybody knows that it’s Nazi Germanys fault. There are accounts of cooperating Polish people and Polish informers that betrayed wanted people over to the Nazis. There is also a difference between a death camp and a concentration camp (which what Auschwitz is) since these don’t immediately put them to death as fast as possible when they arrive. What about the Russian bordering countries with Gulag camps? Now I’m not saying that Poland itself is anyway guilty as Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, or Spain but not every single Polish was innocent and just are getting triggered on that location term. I do support the independent modern Poland from the EU/mass immigration but that Holocaust Speech Law is just bad limiting free speech to those that had negative Polish involved stories.
motorhead (5 months ago)
Borne Sulinowo True Polish suffered at hands of nazi then Soviets . I am a Polish Jew.
Aleks 1234 (8 months ago)
Borne Sulinowo #GermanDeathCamps !! https://youtu.be/SztV961KKhA
Nortel (1 year ago)
the first victims of gemrans were poles ! first in camps were poles! gemans had rule for one killed german they killed 100 poles!
zwierz84 (2 years ago)
Nie ma takiej nacji jak "naziści"...trzeba nazywać wszystko po imieniu..."niemcy"...i kropka ;)
Wiktoria Jamroż (2 years ago)
Byłam tam juz kilka razy. Po raz pierwszy po wyjściu przeszły mnie ciarki...
Wiktoria Jamroż (2 years ago)
w Krematorium palona także ludzi żywcem...
xxxxxx400 (2 years ago)
W latach 40-tych,gdy Niemcy budowali obóz,zwarta zabudowa miejska kończyła się na wiadukcie kolejowym przy obecnej Drodze Męczenników Majdanka, ok 2 km od obozu. Był wybudowany w szczerym polu. Osiedla sąsiadujące z obozem powstały w latach 70.
HamsterMaster (2 years ago)
Początek filmu KOCHAM LUBLIN!!!
Moow mi Janek Official (2 years ago)
What about the Poles? why you not mention them ? This is precisely the problem , people do not know that the Poles were killed in the camps . killed about 3 million Polish civilians so why not talk about it ?? only Jews ?? soon the world will forget about how Poland was hurt...
Ajourneyofknowing 1912 (2 months ago)
MówMi Janek - Because piles were the desired extermination target!
Ajourneyofknowing 1912 (2 months ago)
Because Jews were the main target. A religious group not the ethnicity of a country. If it was only targeted on Poland, then the other people of the other countries would’ve been spared. Why are you so selfish thinking of only Poland suffering.
indy_go_blue60 (2 months ago)
Always a denier has to show up. Unfortunately for you poor skin headed Hitler suckers, there's simply too much documentation of Nazi atrocities and murders for your stink to ever penetrate beyond your basement tenement. Those documents, many of which are official German records, speak to the truth not lying bastards like David Irving.
Königin (1 year ago)
Paul Metcalf You fuckin neo nazi apologist go spread your precious knowledge to those skinheads who organize meeting in the woods. They will embrace your Neo nazi propoganda because they are illiterate inbred morons just like you. When USSR started kicking the nazi ass, the nazis while retreating burned every fucking city, farms and crops, destroyed rails and bridges and anything the red army soldiers can use thus causing mass starvation of many nations between berlin and moscow.You are talking about bombing food. SOB why are those ugly ass kraut guards so fat you ugly scum. Typhus my ass. We should inject your stinking moms pussy with typhus. Is alex jones your prophet? You sure believein 9/11 conspiracies, alien obama conspiracy and all those fucking stuff right? Get a life dumb bitch and stop fucking your mothers and sisters. Thats gonna produce more inbreds like you.
Felix The Cat (1 year ago)
The gas chambers weren't made specifically for Poles, they were made for Jews. Poles were a class above the Jews. Poland still exists, Polish culture is still a part of Europe. Put things into perspective for a second. It was illegal to be Jewish. Every man, woman, and child was hunted and most were murdered. Didn't your schools teach you about the Nuremberg laws?
Thank you. This is a unpleasant, hard place, but it is a important place. This need to remember.
+Richard Hewlett WW2, of course.
Richard Hewlett (2 years ago)
Remember what?

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