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PAQ Ep #15 - Giving away £10,000 worth of streetwear gifts for Christmas (Xmas Special)

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In this episode…The boys decide to give something special back to their supporters for Christmas. PAQ work together to spread festive love and try to hand-deliver £10,000 worth of Christmas presents to people all around the UK. This is a way of saying thank you to everyone that has made 2017 so incredible (you guys); for watching, liking and commenting every time an episode drops. Watch them as they rush around the country in an attempt to hand-deliver as many Christmas presents as possible in one day. SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT TO BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING A DOPE CHRISTMAS PRESENT. WINNERS TO BE PICKED AT RANDOM. Also, big up Jaren from Manchester. We met him and saw some of his own clothing designs. They're dope, check them out here: https://www.instagram.com/cantiyataiya/ ************** We'll be back with Episode 16 in January 2018, so click subscribe and hit the notification button to get a heads up. Instagram: PAQ: https://instagram.com/paq.official Danny: https://instagram.com/dannylomass Dex: https://instagram.com/dexthefreak Elias: https://instagram.com/eliasriadi Shaq: https://instagram.com/shakka.d.badmon A special, huge thank you to these guys for helping us make the PAQ Christmas miracle a reality. Big, big love: Asics Adidas Armani Billionaire Boys Club Beats by Dre Bootleg is Better Braindead Puma Canoe Inc. Call of Duty Columbia Sportswear Converse Copson Dickies Ellesse Gimme 5 Mr Phomer Fred Perry Jason Markk Lab Series Mitchell and Ness Mennace Nike Paul and Shark Polydor Records Urbanears Saturdays NYC Stüssy Stance Socks Theobalds Cap co. The Priory Timberland What We Wear You Must Create To everyone that has been supporting our movement and showing us so much love throughout the year, thank you. We honestly couldn't do this without you so massive big up and happy holidays x Use of any product and/or brand names does not imply any affiliation with, or any endorsement by, the respective owners of such products or brand names, unless specifically stated. PAQ is a show presented by four friends from London exploring the world of streetwear and men's fashion, including the latest from Supreme, North Face, Palace, Patta, Off-White, Raf Simons and more.
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Text Comments (8122)
Shaquille-Aaron Keith (1 year ago)
In all honesty guys thank you so much for your support throughout the year it's been so crazy, can't believe all the things we were able to accomplish and it was cause of you guys, legit thank you so much from the bottom of hearts. Hope you all have a great Christmas and an even better new year! P.S. 6:50 was definitely the most realist statement I've made in the whole of 2017
cjgetigan (1 year ago)
smfh I lowkey love you
Oliver Carter (1 year ago)
yo, sick ruth peterson jacket shaq
Simply Stupid Tiger (1 year ago)
Imagine having shaq as your dad 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Maison Vel (1 year ago)
Keep doing your thing bro!!! 2018 is your year.
Matice Schoen (1 year ago)
mad year
Craig Hanly (21 days ago)
'£10,000. That's like a hundred thousand 1ps.' - My guy Elias Riadi
Amy Stewart (3 months ago)
That the bought you gifts was hella cute😂
Amy Stewart (3 months ago)
Love the inspiration &vibes of your channel!!
Akash Sharma (3 months ago)
Shout Out For PAQQQQQQ
Jeri Higgs (4 months ago)
The adsa coat skslsksk
Keira Ng (4 months ago)
omg crying for dex
Keira Ng (4 months ago)
Damn the guy that actually gave stuff to you guys
Hazelann Molino (4 months ago)
8k comments what's the point.
Isabelle Persson (4 months ago)
wow it guys have grown so quickly! so impressive 🔥🔥
Amalie Espeland (5 months ago)
Oh yeeee! Merry Christmas!! Here’s to PAQ 2019❄️
Matthew_8453 (5 months ago)
Ed Hignam (5 months ago)
Hope I win
cupnoodles (5 months ago)
Rylee Watson (5 months ago)
yoooooooooo hit me up with that golf le flurrrrr <3333
Imogen Barnett (5 months ago)
Absolute legends.
maximo renatonia (5 months ago)
Heya paq can you give me a present pleaseeeee
Selina Bren (5 months ago)
EMSVEN13 (5 months ago)
Thank you guys for doing what you're doing. You're putting good out into the world, and making people look good while doing it.
Higuma (5 months ago)
She violated. Look this man dex up and down like he wasn't shit.
Ro33Li98 (5 months ago)
So awesome you guys do that!😱
Fi Plummer (5 months ago)
I wanna win me some Dickies boiyyyy
Sean Raimbeault (5 months ago)
Hey Bruv is that Christmas random giveaway still on? 😂😂
Yoni Bork (5 months ago)
dex please send me an all black wardrobe so i can ghoul around this winter
tenoch sanchez (5 months ago)
Ay ima be honest bruv, the giveaway would rlly help cuz I’m Christmas shopping rn and my brother rlly likes clothing and I can’t afford big name brands so it would bang if you guys can help me out to get my bro somethin he likes, thanks guy, y’alls vids fire
J (5 months ago)
so proud 😪❤️
ChloDrops (5 months ago)
Decent didn’t deserve that treatment.. Send her the grim reaper bro 😂
Lorna Simpson (6 months ago)
Hannah Cohen (6 months ago)
Dex is pure
Maya Williamson (6 months ago)
You guys are amazing, always full of the jokes. Amazing!!
Olivia Dunne (6 months ago)
Dexter reflecting is everything 😂😂 Merry Christmas boys! Thank you for entertaining me for virtually every evening of 2018 x
Gianna Boiardi (6 months ago)
You guys are all absolute legends love the show ❤️
Jade Chernel (6 months ago)
PAQ inspired Xmas give away? Get me invoooolvved
G Crossy (6 months ago)
This was so sick I love it!
Maxryan jacobs (6 months ago)
Hope my comment gets chosenn loool 👍🏾👍🏾
Sok Madik (6 months ago)
That’s 100000 one ps is it Elias?
david hickin (6 months ago)
What Christmas song is playing at the beginning?
AaronWeeksPhotos (6 months ago)
Sooo, whats in store for this year
fetus fides (7 months ago)
Where was shaq’s mom in this video?
laozi bree (7 months ago)
dex dad glasses at the start just brightens my day.
Travis Film Productions (7 months ago)
You guys are lit, I'm a filmmaker can a brother get a internship.
games mr mastick (7 months ago)
gg man
In My Opinion (7 months ago)
Watching this in September
Rachel Ajayi (8 months ago)
If you do this again you should come up Birmingham
Skylar Garrison (8 months ago)
I loved this and I love you all!!
Kyle's Shooter (8 months ago)
Why dem man driving on the wrong side of the road
Frida aaa (8 months ago)
I peeped Shaq’s tee
fabio castagnone (8 months ago)
the name of elias's jacket?
sasha gleeson (8 months ago)
PAQ is officially my favourite channel out here Doing the things yeah
IkeTheBoss (8 months ago)
I don’t see any other channel that does anything like this. Much love
Paige Nicholls (9 months ago)
Anyone know where Elias’ coat is from??!!!!!
AaronWeeksPhotos (6 months ago)
Moncler from last year, pretty hard to find now
James Mckevitt (9 months ago)
This SH*T is too funny!
albieffs (9 months ago)
on a level does anyone have a stronger coat game than elias jheeze
Gustav brok (9 months ago)
Am i a bit late ? 😊
Indigohoax (10 months ago)
Dex is so precious
Will Norton (10 months ago)
Hi guys, I have just recently started watching PAQ and I've finished all the episodes in two days so I'm loving it! I'm a teenager from South Africa and I know this is really late but I am trying to get myself a pair of Special Field High Air Force 1's and there are pretty much none available in the country! If you could help me out I would appreciate it so much and I'm also coming over to England at the end of the year and would love to meet you guys because you inspire me so much. You guys are unreal so keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep on supporting!
India Kees (10 months ago)
wait when did paq go to Amsterdam?
sam lussier (10 months ago)
anyone know where elias' jacket is from
AaronWeeksPhotos (6 months ago)
moncler 17
Christian Contreras (10 months ago)
link beanie 🤲
Phoebe Owino (10 months ago)
Chicken (10 months ago)
okay but here's my question, where the hell do yous all buy these wavy af puffers
J a (11 months ago)
Shaq had me dead with the TLC quote
Ryland Becker (11 months ago)
yall should make real PAQ merch
Rudé Peddie (11 months ago)
christmas in july u feel
Rudé Peddie (11 months ago)
is this still on bc yr girl cryin for the golf le fleur
Jackattack 723 (11 months ago)
PLEASE PLEASE do this next year :)))))
Jeremy Orr (11 months ago)
In Australia just found ur shit I woulda shot myself in the foot for some Golf x
Hokky M. (1 year ago)
Wish you merry christmas guys even if this comment is five months after it!😂
Samuel l jackson (1 year ago)
This man's maths 😂10k is 100k penny's
Mazlum Dilmar (1 year ago)
what jacket is elias wearing? someone??
BloodyComedyy (1 year ago)
A bit late but merry christmas PAQ!
Andy Carvalho (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me the jacket elias is wearing at the end of the video? Its white with drawings on it.
Thomas Barks (1 year ago)
Bro why Dex always gettin clowned
Derek Lozano (1 year ago)
I binged watched every one of your videos within two days! you guys are so awesome!! You guys make me want to live in the UK....might take a trip so i can take a break from the states lol
gbcboi (1 year ago)
pick meee bois
dogguy (1 year ago)
give me stuff now
luizinho acodion (1 year ago)
Dex 😂
Jam Sanny (1 year ago)
Canaussie Caterpiller (1 year ago)
Bini des (1 year ago)
Ollie Hurd (1 year ago)
Thats crazy, they gave away so much stuff, thats so nice, if i actually get something that would be crazy
moi moi (1 year ago)
Is it too late?
Billie Brennan (1 year ago)
you guys are amazing ive sighned up aswell
Sharon Mathiu (1 year ago)
Are they still giving out dickies?
Tove Gomes-Mcnabb (1 year ago)
come to melbourne
Buali Chaudhry (1 year ago)
£10000 isn't 100000 1Ps Elias
erialos (1 year ago)
can anybody ID elias’s trousers
TrollsCandy (1 year ago)
Me next time please big fan from Manchester near josh breen
James Faithfull (1 year ago)
Do you still have that supreme baseball bat coz if so hmu 🔥 love you guys
blue11 (1 year ago)
Loool Danny used that youtube money and upgraded his car, thank God😂😂😂
Tyler Earl (1 year ago)
I wouldn’t care what I get just try a show love for the culture
Joel Green (1 year ago)
I’m poor and any clothes would be cool thanks guys, I know it’s a bit late lol
yourboymonty (1 year ago)
Yoooooooo you guys are the bomb merrry xmas happy new year ❤️
A P (1 year ago)
im poor boy i have dead fits can u pls help out
A P (1 year ago)
Crab Kek (1 year ago)
Ey this is prolly over, but still. Been watching the videos for a few months. It’s I don’t wanna say inspiring but something like that to see your styles and how you do these challenges. It makes me want to expand my sense of style more. Oh yeah, I would love to have some loot.
TheRealVapour (1 year ago)
Hi I’d love anything If you got anything spare
William Hosking (1 year ago)
Apart from that paq is a massive inspiration and they are amazing.
William Hosking (1 year ago)
Why do they all smoke accept Elias
Sam (1 year ago)
9:07 idied bruv

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