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Our Favorite Moments from the 2018 American Music Awards! – Part 1

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We recap the best moments from the American Music Awards! Real fam, what was your favorite part?
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C A Webb (2 days ago)
They have already elected while ur voting. Ur Vote does NoT count. Really
eileen perez (3 days ago)
They want cardi to come on the show sooo bad
Nia Wilkerson (3 days ago)
I think that it dose make some difference to vote but at the same to for someone that voted last year and saw the out come it’s just had to put trust in the system again not saying that we as millennials shouldn’t but it’s just harder to really believe our vote will make a difference after the last election.
Mike Lovin (5 days ago)
Jeannie😍 got mo swag💅🏻 den a Black girl
Audrianna Beregszaszi (5 days ago)
Our vote does not count! Why waste your time!
Hope Anderson (7 days ago)
I voted the year I turned 18... but no on on this show liked who I voted for as president... let’s just say he won
Ariel Chappel (7 days ago)
It annoys me when they talk ab cardi
Oniellia Whyte (8 days ago)
Same in England as soon as you turn 18 you need to vote or you get a fine
No One (8 days ago)
Our vote's do not matter!
FancySmancyFancy (8 days ago)
been voting since I was 18, I'm 24 now
Jennie Smythe (8 days ago)
I wonder what station plays Taylor Swift ? I never hear it. Who the hell is voting for her. She looks older wow.
Victoria Norwood (9 days ago)
We aren’t voting because we don’t believe in it.
JonathanPosts (9 days ago)
The ones that aren’t voting are the ones out in the streets fighting screaming “not my president” well he is now because you didn’t get up and vote.
Layla Adams (9 days ago)
Is the real on Atlantic payroll too, cus damn the way the media and hollywood gassing her is ridiculous...
Dee Dee (9 days ago)
Not a Taylor Swift fan, but I can appreciate that she realizes that majority of her fans are young so she made a simple statement to them. What's more is that she did not try to tell them how to vote; she didn't talk about being liberal or conservative or whatever, she just simply said that midterm elections are coming up so you need to go do something about that. Heck if you can vote for your favorite singer to get an award, you can vote for your local government as well.
amy Mooney (10 days ago)
Taylor had such a mature energy about her and she looked soooooo good!
JaNee’s Life (10 days ago)
Jeannie is such a great example of hosting
Renee. L (10 days ago)
Wow Tam looks great!
Eli :] (10 days ago)
Cardiiiiii ❤💋🔥👠👑
Eli :] (10 days ago)
True I need to vote.
Rita Uwimana (10 days ago)
Cardi B's voice is cringeworthy like some bad Z list actress from a telenovela! Yikes! I couldn't stand it after a few seconds :-(
BAWSTON (10 days ago)
Every thing white or black on your racist show
BAWSTON (10 days ago)
Jeannie biggest race baiter on tv
natalia-kaila liberty (10 days ago)
You won't force us to vote
Julia Belle (10 days ago)
Trump said he liked Taylor's music 25% less after she spoke up so she had a 25% off merch sale 😂😂
Cynthia Chanelo (10 days ago)
Cardi B had came a long way. When she was in love and hip hop, lord. She was ghetto af. She still is. But has gotten way better. Maybe she did get those speech classes. Lol
M V (10 days ago)
Taylor owned the show honestly ✨
Yulissa Salcedo (11 days ago)
I’m sorry, but I haven’t voted cause I don’t know who or what I’m suppose to be voting for. I haven’t been following politics or any of that stuff. I’m also 23 years old.
Yulissa Salcedo (11 days ago)
Jeannie was saying that to be nice. Knowing damn well that pink outfit made her look like a Pepto Bismol bottle!
Off white/Fendi Don (11 days ago)
Dont say that russia mixed up your votings, your ppl and younger communities screwed things up by not voting, nor not thinking and voting wrongly! I hope youll make it all right this time! Dont blame my country for your future! We all want peace in the world!
Kylie Xiong (11 days ago)
Wow Jeannie is in love with Fashion so much! ♥️♥️♥️😘
MaskHerAid (11 days ago)
I love tracee but that first outfit was so ugly.
FashionLoveSmile (11 days ago)
Bring Cardi on the show!
daisha harris (11 days ago)
I love Jeanie
Jennifer Martinez (11 days ago)
GUYS VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH!!!! It is so easy to register!
Alessandra Burrill (11 days ago)
I mean it’s not just young people. Not even half of our citizens vote period. Protest for days, but can’t make it to the voting booth...
JustCallMeCie (11 days ago)
Adrienne stay interrupting lol
Tamyra Yancey (11 days ago)
Tamera looks great
RMI (11 days ago)
Who is that FINE chocolate brotha on the left at 2:34? I need him in my life
Allen Payne (11 days ago)
Why are we lying about that first outfit?
Jay Kay (11 days ago)
Jeanie getting thicc?
GabyTk10 (11 days ago)
Taylor got into politics because she was paid for it...! If she wanted to do it own her own she wouldn't say a name and just invite people to go to vote. I think is important specially for someone like her to want to make a change in political topics but is TOTALLY WRONG using your name to manipulate and practically telling everyone who they should vote for.
thegirlwthe13necklace (10 days ago)
GabyTk10 she CLEARLY said to get educated on the candidates running in your state and to vote for whoever closest represents and holds your values. in no way did she tell anyone who to vote for, she gave HER beliefs. she’s finally spoke up about politics for a totally different reason you obviously need to get educated on. taylor swift is a multimillion aire, why tf would she choose to speak up about something if she was getting paid 14 years into her career? smh
zee eez (11 days ago)
I love Tracy but her outfit were awful 😬
Coco T (11 days ago)
I didn't see the entire show but i will say my least favorite was Mariah Carey. I know she is incredibly talented but the song was mediocre and just standing there literally on a soap box isn't entertaining. I feel like she should have done a few lines from her more famous songs and then eased us into her new music. Jlo and her graduation music was a no as well. I get the song was about empowerment but it sound to much like graduation ceremony music. I did like Ciara it's was energetic and well done. My favorite was panic's tribute to Freddy mercury and Queen. They killed it!
guilia ramazotti (11 days ago)
the hell happend to fashion???? terrible!!!
Didi G (11 days ago)
She was wearing Gucci
Erick Sims (11 days ago)
Lowest rated AMAs in history... no one cares about awards shows and celebrities opinions anymore. Especially on politics.
M K (11 days ago)
Great job, Taylor!
Roxanne Ruiz (11 days ago)
Sorry, I don't like the outfits (besides the first look). I like that she is not just saying people need to wear things by Black designers but is actually doing it, I just don't like the outfits themselves.
Rahe Salem (11 days ago)
Its only “important” to vote when democrats are scared lol... either way people have the right not to vote, both parties are a mess
agesell415 (11 days ago)
Those are the worst outfits. Love her, but bad fashion choices!
shawn preston (11 days ago)
Tamera is giving me Tia look with the straight bob hair cut
SuperReezyBaby (11 days ago)
Every time I register to vote (I have 4 times) they spell my name wrong....Which means I can’t vote
London Paris (11 days ago)
London Paris (11 days ago)
Lala Thierry (11 days ago)
They put who ever they wanna put in that office.
Diane Matlock (11 days ago)
Most 18-28's are homeless...you must have an ID...if you haven't an ID...you can't register ..you can't register if you don't have an address...you can't get an ID without a BIRTH CERTIFICATE...AND YOU CANT GET ANYTHING WITHOUT AN ADDRESS...you cant use a PO BOX..if you don't have an address...thats why they are not REGISTERED....YET....INSTEAD OF BITCHING...GIVE THEM A WAY TO REGISTER...
Paige Nicole (11 days ago)
Any Army happy for BTS being the first k-pop stars to win AMA award
Mariah Wilson (9 days ago)
Laura Reynolds (11 days ago)
Love your words, Jeannie! Looking fine as always.😘
Livanjka21 (11 days ago)
That's exactly the problem of America. Everybody gets influenced politically so easily! Taylor Swift says something and everybody changes their opinion. Don't you have your own values and don't you have something in your own brain to be interesting in politics a little bit when you're 18? Americs is losing more and more respect from the rest of the world. I don't think you became the country your ancestors wanted it to be. Strippers are getting awards...for what? She sounds pathetic to me. Her voice, the way she raps, like a 10 year old girl who strapped her tounge to her teeth 🙈 Who listens to Cardi B? Never heard of a Doctor listening to Cardi B. Never heard of a teacher listening to Cardi B. Like, please stop this stupidity in this world from growing!
Laine Ostrovska (11 days ago)
was i the only one noticeing how they went totally hypocritical and against their own words in the ad video for coloured contacts, because in one of their previous video all of them said that the trend of wearing coloured contacts was sooo not cool? i got so confused because i thought they were very true to their word but i guess they need that ad money
Hello!! :)))) (11 days ago)
Trump 2020!! Latina's 4 Trump!!! Go Cardi!!Cause Trump will be Potus TY Jesssus!
CSpan1993 (10 days ago)
you heard me bitch
Hello!! :)))) (10 days ago)
+CSpan1993 Huh??
CSpan1993 (10 days ago)
hello russian bot.
Nelle (11 days ago)
i usully vote but i didn't one year (i live in sweden). I voted blanked, for noone..because I wanted to show my complaint about there being no party i wanted to support. I also usually vote for the party that i want to win, not the only 2 parties that will be up against eachother in the end.
Lianet Leyva (11 days ago)
It doesn’t matter whom we vote for; every single candidate has been handpicked and they’re all nasty corrupt farts. Left and right, two sides of the same coin
Enjinks (11 days ago)
Cardi B sounded a bit like Mama Mai
Samantha Tleiji (11 days ago)
So I love the real however, it just feels to me that this season, even though it just stated that your only hitting on your audience of color. I think The real should hit on their Caucasian audience as well
Queen Anjie (11 days ago)
Listennn to be completely real I be ready and wanting to vote cause it’s important but the moment I see the line I immediately get discouraged.....I feel lik they should hv more places to go vote
Patrick Shea (11 days ago)
240,000 more votes for the Red Wave, yea!!!!
Crystal Morrison (11 days ago)
*Did Nicky win anything?*
CSpan1993 (10 days ago)
why would she?
Crystal Morrison (11 days ago)
*Taylor just wants to get rid of trump that's all that is*
thegirlwthe13necklace (10 days ago)
oh?? lol she called u up last night to tell all? lucky you!
Crystal Morrison (11 days ago)
*That first outfit looks like it was eating and digesting her*
Jessica Bradshaw (11 days ago)
Where's the rest of the discussion...?
Makayla Banton (11 days ago)
Cardi 😂😂😂
MR .Right (11 days ago)
Cardi is hype now. But this attitude will get boring for the people. She have to come up with some new
Awesome Gambler (11 days ago)
I'm sorry but those clothes are so ugly? I don't get it? Why are " high fashion " clothes so ugly?
metimez300 (11 days ago)
I love Tracée Ellis Ross but the AMAs has always been a joke.
Paige (11 days ago)
All of those outfits are hideous.. and Cardi B is lame and trashy. A lot of young people don't vote because when you register, suddenly you get tons of jury duty notices, calls, texts, emails, voicemails..constant spam.
Jessica C (11 days ago)
Paige Taylor's outfit was good and Cardi B is not trashy many love and buy her music
Mendy Peters (11 days ago)
*eww, Tracy looked a crushed mess. my word, why do people lie so much*
Flower Power (11 days ago)
Why does Jennie look so different
Jessica C (11 days ago)
Flower Power I think she looks healthier than the other seasons
Ashley Kohi (11 days ago)
My friend casted pyer Moss show. So cool. She’s friends with him
Simona Ivancic (11 days ago)
Politics is not changing things. So many others things and concepts do.
Mika Harrigan (11 days ago)
Damn the ladies look fierce this season
LadyChaos101 (11 days ago)
Taylor made sure to collect that republican MAGA coin before stating her political views 😂
Reem Khatib (11 days ago)
If young people don't vote for young people old people will keep running our countries and then we act surprised why we keep living in wars
Mlzy (11 days ago)
omg Adrienne annoys me
Kirwina (11 days ago)
Everyone of Tracee's outfits were fugly, are you folks kidding me?
Unwene (11 days ago)
everyone looks so good today the shiny hair like wow
Where You Been Syn (11 days ago)
Because they registered doesn't mean they will vote nor does that mean that we will have a new President.
Jessica C (11 days ago)
Where You Been Syn but many will vote
shaunizzkool (11 days ago)
I’m confused..is The Real really LIVE since last season?? Or they just claiming to be live?? How come they talking about the AMAs now when it happened 2 days ago..also I saw that Fran put up a pic yesterday saying she’s gonna be on the real today and loni put up the same or similar picture this morning both pics all the cohosts wearing the same outfit. Maybe prerecorded episode? I’ve also notice that during one of their segments when they chat with ppl from here in NYC in the background of one of those segments it said 2:15pm Lol If they are live that means these girls start the show 8AM pacific time for it to be live 11AM eastern time idk
ROBIN COOK (11 days ago)
They don't really know if it's because Taylor said go vote
CSpan1993 (10 days ago)
yes they do. why would taylor tell people to vote and then 240k people register to vote? 240k just dont register in droves for no reason.
ROBIN COOK (11 days ago)
sasw111 sasw111 ok maybe
sasw111 sasw111 (11 days ago)
There were more registrations that night than in the previous month
B B Mi Numero (11 days ago)
Carrie underwood made me have all the feels!!!
Lizzie Robertson (11 days ago)
I’m all for repping black designers, but that pant suit was so unflattering
Lauren (11 days ago)
Taylor only spoke up because her people were being affected she kept quiet on Black, Trans, and Immigrant issues. But when a white woman gets tormented and her credibility was taken into question by the supreme court, senators, and POTUS she chooses to speak. Get outta here girl
CSpan1993 (10 days ago)
Lauren it takes longer for white people to learn but i wouldnt attack them for coming around later
Lovelern_ TS13 (10 days ago)
CSpan1993 He tried to sue Taylor first for $1,000,000 because his job found out and fired him so she counter sued for $1 and won
Lauren (10 days ago)
+CSpan1993 yeah that's exactly why. She's a white feminist not intersectional. You think I'm over here just hoopin and hollerin blm. No I care about immigration, islamaphobia, Transphobia, homophobia, Womens Rights and upping minimum wage to 15. I care about all issues she just spoke out because her people we're being affected she was like "Oh shut they coming for YT Women now? Ok lemme post a paragraph rq"
CSpan1993 (10 days ago)
maybe because she experienced the same thing? she was sexually assaulted and sued the guy.
Lauren (11 days ago)
+Lovelern_ TS13 I don't hate her. There's no train. Just because I don't kiss y'all faves asses doesn't mean I hate them. Nicki, Cardi, Azelia,Taylor they're all the same anybody can get it 💅🏿
DejvDvpe (11 days ago)
I don’t see the hype with Cardi tbh
A Cee (11 days ago)
Voting is rigged. "If voting made a difference they wouldn't let you do it" •~Mark Twain •~
CSpan1993 (10 days ago)
r u stupid? yes you are.
NYCzora (11 days ago)
Juliawaii because you don't know anything.
NYCzora (11 days ago)
A Cee Your comment and that quote literally make no sense. Are you dumb? "They" LITERALLY DIDNT LET BLACKS AND WOMEN VOTE FOR 100+ YEARS. Perhaps you're unaware that Mark Twain was a white man who benefitted from privileges women and minorities didn't possess in the 1800s. Just because he says something doesn't make it irrevocable fact. If voting made no difference women and minorities would not have died after struggling for years to get the right to vote during the 20th century, presidential candidates would not criss cross the country spending millions of dollars on robocalls and ads and rallies attempting to get people to vote, Republicans wouldn't be carving up districts and gerrymandering to prevent certain demographics from voting etc. Research the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and learn about the sacrifices of generations that came before you. Your ignorance is revolting.
asdf ghjk (11 days ago)
+Carmen T. Reyes Gonzalez yup like you can't take 10 mins to vote. Its not rigged in my opinion. For ex Texas is a red state because the older people are the only ones who have "time" to vote and usually they are republicans. Same as the other states. The older ones are always voting keeping the state blue or red. It will not change unless more people vote.
sundus Mn (11 days ago)
I will NEVER support Cardi Never ‼️‼️‼️ black woman are Not roaches
Yaasmiyn T (11 days ago)
Oh please, I say it all the time,but to Spanish people, and I don't care 😀
QueOnda 123 (11 days ago)
I'm sure you bump songs from rap artists calling you bitch, hoe, slut, etc. Hypocrite...
Dennis George (11 days ago)
sundus Mn Enough with that nonsense. Cardi is black and loves her people. I have called my siblings worst and I still love them to death.
I love the thought but that pink outfit does not look good.
Loyal Smith (11 days ago)
That pink outfit on Tracey was NOT well fitted .... looked like something from the 80’s.
Marina Keza (11 days ago)
Ooh Tamera, YOU are SO Beautiful!!!!😘👌
Gabriel Benton (11 days ago)

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