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FLETCHER - Undrunk (Official Video)

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Listen to “Undrunk” by FLETCHER: https://FLETCHER.lnk.to/UndrunkYD Listen to FLETCHER: Spotify: https://fletcher.lnk.to/Listen/Spotify Apple Music: https://fletcher.lnk.to/Listen/AppleMusic Follow FLETCHER: Instagram https://fletcher.lnk.to/Instagram Twitter https://fletcher.lnk.to/Twitter Facebook https://fletcher.lnk.to/Facebook Snapchat https://FLETCHER.lnk.to/Snapchat YouTube https://fletcher.lnk.to/YT Official Website: https://FLETCHER.lnk.to/Website Director: Emil Nava & Grace Pickering Producer: Amy James ----------------------------------- “Undrunk” Lyrics ----------------------------------- Wish I could get a little undrunk So I could uncall you At 5 in the morning, I would unfuck you Honestly this party's over Everyone here should've gone home But I'm afraid of being sober 'Cause the first thing I do when I'm alone I start touching myself to the photos That you used to send me I should've deleted, but kept it a secret Is that crazy to do? So I squeeze out the lime on the ice of my drink And the juice hits the cuts of my fingers It still doesn't burn as much as the thought of you Wish I could get a little undrunk So I could uncall you At 5 in the morning, I would unfuck you But some things you can't undo I wish I could unkiss the room full of strangers So I could unspite you, unlose my temper But somethings you can't undo And one of them's you I'm afraid to turn the lights on I don't wanna face this rebound Is it weird if I come over? I want to but I know that she's around So I'm touching myself to the photos That you used to send me I should've deleted, but kept it a secret Is that crazy to do? Oh I'm hungry and wasted, and my hands are shaking I shouldn't be cooking, but spilling hot water It still doesn't burn, as much as the thought of you Wish I could get a little undrunk So I could uncall you At 5 in the morning, I would unfuck you But some things you can't undo I wish I could unkiss the room full of strangers So I could unspite you, unlose my temper But somethings you can't undo And one of them's you Been through every emotion, and now I'm sad broken Like the bottles on the floor, but I'm too buzzed to clean them up Wish I could get a little undrunk So I could, I could unlove you Wish I could get a little undrunk So I could uncall you At 5 in the morning, I would unfuck you But some things you can't undo I wish I could unkiss the room full of strangers So I could unspite you, unlose my temper But somethings you can't undo And one of them's you Wish I could unlove you, Wish I could uncall you, Wish I could unfuck you, Wish I could unlove you. Music video by FLETCHER performing Undrunk. © 2019 Snapback Entertainment LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/6Ef6gZ
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Text Comments (2123)
heyit'sjewels (11 hours ago)
trblreba (14 hours ago)
i saw her live in toronto with lany and what the fuck this bitch can really sing i love her
Vivi vivi (1 day ago)
You get the real feel of the chaos,that this song puts out there, at 1.25x ✌️
Shambhavi Verma (1 day ago)
keep making
Tanksniper (1 day ago)
ha ! loneley road for me
Maddalena Rossi (1 day ago)
tennisbabe9435 (3 days ago)
Where has she been all my life 😭😍 #songsonrepeat
Too Much LIGHT GAH (4 days ago)
Who came from typing “I wish I could get a little undrunk”
Jasmine Morgan (6 days ago)
best song ever
PLAYING4FUN (6 days ago)
Listening on repeat, like if u r 2
JWb Alex Inocencio (6 days ago)
Fletcher should have a collab with either Ally Hills or Hayley Kiyoko
Baby Bear (6 days ago)
i thought that was just a really pretty guy lmao, oops
Tiểu Trâm Võ (8 days ago)
I'm addicted to your song :) replay and replay...
Sister Emily (8 days ago)
Wall Tpw all the wayyyyy!
Capt SkyZ (10 days ago)
Just heard this on the radio omg Yass
emotionalky (11 days ago)
ok but the ex can top me I guess
Sueann Kalladeen (11 days ago)
So underrated.
Denise Maldonado (12 days ago)
slowed version ! https://youtu.be/Ca22hpSULhc
Sam Jones (12 days ago)
yo colab with billy
CortleyJoe5 Burns (12 days ago)
Free rewinds here .. 0:10
My 5 year old niece showed me this ...-...
becht nichole (12 days ago)
Who is that dark hair girl on the video?
Nathan Sherman (12 days ago)
Being the happy person in a relationship when the other person leaves because they're unhappy...
Andy Splodu (12 days ago)
I love this song so much. It touches my heart.
Nhat Anh Tran (13 days ago)
i Love You From Viet Nam 🇻🇳
TYRA Ferguson (13 days ago)
Nice and a break up song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Am (14 days ago)
What a song. 😭
Locke Hart (14 days ago)
Love this song.
Afonso Fonseca (15 days ago)
Why does it says on Google "Undrunk Released in 2008" Is this song really 11 years old?
freedom lover (15 days ago)
Classic rock and blues are much better. Thumbs down.
Mallory White (16 days ago)
I jam out to this song in my car soooo much! Thank you for this jewel!! ❤️
Sabrina eastyn (16 days ago)
fletcher got me wondering if my ex deleted the photos
Lexi Howell (16 days ago)
No subs wow
Viqri Reihandi (17 days ago)
Good song
Ç'est Bon (17 days ago)
I swear that girl looks just like Lauren Jauregui at 1:15. Doesn’t she?
Christina Smitherman (17 days ago)
Tyler A. Brown (17 days ago)
Genius lyrics.
Jayden Blue (17 days ago)
This brings back some really fucked up memories...
Luz Guzman (18 days ago)
O my gosh 😭😷🤒🤕 ya that's what hapend
Luz Guzman (18 days ago)
O my gosh 🏅
Perrie Hurdwood (19 days ago)
If anyone's wondering who is the model or Fletcher's love interest in this music video, it's Quin Saunders.
Hxwxiixn Stxtch (6 days ago)
Fav part of the song 0:19 it gives me goosebumps and makes me look back to my amazing life that i should be grateful for. ❤️ if you read this don’t like this don’t make me happy make yourself happy and do something good for yourself you deserve it because everyone was put on this earth for a reason and that one reason is god believes in you. If you think your life sucks think again because its u who changes that! Make a difference and ignore the hate it’s ridiculous and rude. As long as you know your beautiful and know ur not gross annoying and all that other bs that people say then u can be amazing! Popularity and looks aren’t everything thats society’s thoughts but do what you love and make yourself happy because who cares as long as your happy. I usually think these comments are annoying no joke to get likes but now I understand that they’re not jokes, they’re real life if you make them! Have a great day ❤️
Sam Jones (19 days ago)
low-key the girl looks like Michael Jackson 😲
Cat Kitty (19 days ago)
Awee y'all are cute together 😘😘😍
Ambers Closet (20 days ago)
I love this so much!! Fletch...You’re the shit grrl🙌🏽❤️💪🏽🔥🔥
P. Stroth (20 days ago)
Great song. Your enormous success is a fu to her. You continue to shine. Love this song. 🤯
I troll youtube (20 days ago)
Who else wants to split those legs open lmfao.
Willie House (21 days ago)
SOMETHING'S YOU CANT UNDO....those are powerful words
J (21 days ago)
Kira Charming my 🇷🇺Russan beauty 🇷🇺dont ever undrunk or unloved me💜💜💜 I want you so much...😚😚intothedarkness69
Denise Saling (22 days ago)
this broke my heart💔 and now I love her💘
Madison Sigler (22 days ago)
I just saw her last night in concert (she opened for LANY) and I was absolutely amazed. She sounds just as good, if not better, live as she does on her recorded songs. I’m just sad I didn’t know more of her songs before last night :-(
Monica Ferreira (22 days ago)
Most of the songs she performed aren't out yet. They're from her incoming EP :)
Heather Nelson (23 days ago)
I could listen at 2:55 to the end for the rest of my life.
Avoir Unefoi (23 days ago)
Cari with her another Boop songs. YEEHAW 😍😍
Helen Joy Concina (23 days ago)
This song is too beautiful, Im crying 😭
Rusty Maximus (23 days ago)
Cute song...but they play it every 30 minutes on the local hit radio...Imagine it will be the "Starships" of 2019...Wait another 3 months...it'll be the change the channel song of the year...I have a rule about Starships....they play it I change it!
Gacha.Bunny (23 days ago)
Yay a lesbian singer!!!! Finally!
lion rose (23 days ago)
When she hugged herself comparing it too her ex's hugs, I fucking felt that 😖
Greninja Fire (23 days ago)
Ha I’m single I’m fake smiling as I write *crys*
Traci Clepper (23 days ago)
This is a bad ass song..this hott couple makes it even better!
邱先生 (24 days ago)
At first i thought she's Lele Pons...
J (24 days ago)
Kira Charming my Russan beauty 🇷🇺I'm listing to this song and wanting you....❤😙intothedarkness69
Lewis Crochet (24 days ago)
The part where she is holding the punching bag is mood 😸
Mukund Chavan (24 days ago)
Made me cry😢
Maria Laura (24 days ago)
Maria Laura (24 days ago)
+Baymax why the fuck she didnt use shannon?
Baymax (24 days ago)
the girl in this and Undrunk is a model named Quin Saunders
Joselyne Martinez Vids (25 days ago)
Nicole Harris-Gotting (25 days ago)
This song hits so hard with the lyrics especially when your not sure if your girlfriend is questioning being with you..
Arianna Galante (24 days ago)
if they’re questioning being with you then they don’t deserve you at all. you deserve someone who gives you their all. you’re so much more than being half loved.
Jimmy XVM (25 days ago)
make a song called undo
Selina Jones (25 days ago)
Geez my whole mind just went "BOOM" .... All this time i was thinking this was about a man ...... Well no wonder she start touching herself .....okay .....
Shaked A (25 days ago)
Here after If You're Gonna Lie🎉
Sabrina Henke (25 days ago)
Love love loveeee this so much!! 🧡 Lyrics ON POINT. 🙏 still underrated yet
elli (26 days ago)
the ending is the start of if you’re gonna lie UM
Lourenze Ronquillo (26 days ago)
I remember someone everytime I hear this song. Wish I can unlove her
Hubert Richardo (26 days ago)
Oh she's gay😞
Natausha j (26 days ago)
Ragib Anthro (26 days ago)
Paulina Random (26 days ago)
This is so good The other day I was wondering about her name bc I had forget it And today, this was in my recommendations, Thank God😍
Damiana (26 days ago)
wait this is the end for the start of if you're gonna lie
Damiana (26 days ago)
Fletcher never disappoints
Sara Siano (26 days ago)
What's the name of the other chick ? 😍
Sharniel Davis (26 days ago)
Neat song I likes this but I so thought that was a dude
i agree (27 days ago)
toooo underrated
Brooke Domish (27 days ago)
XMinty Playz (28 days ago)
Who’s here after hearing this song in the car radio?😂🤚
Meghan Davidson (28 days ago)
Who is the song about? And anyone know the name of the other girl?
Baymax (25 days ago)
+Monica Ferreira i meant that is the name of the girl in the video
Monica Ferreira (27 days ago)
+Baymax Fletcher's ex isnt the girl from the video. Her ex is Rachel sada @rae.sada
Baymax (28 days ago)
its about her ex from college. She is a model named Quin Saunders @comagirl_ on IG
MR Gaga (28 days ago)
I like how she used prefix UN multiple times in her song artistically ❤
Cheyenne Scott (28 days ago)
Fletcher is amazing and her songs are beautiful 🤬😍👍
Jozhan Rae Brewster (28 days ago)
.thanks God, she's gay!!!😆😆😆
Marco Rinaldi (28 days ago)
Marco Rinaldi (28 days ago)
Oooooooo my inglish
Jessica Torres (29 days ago)
Finally remembered to look this up. I keep hearing it on the radio
fletcher henderson (29 days ago)
i still love you lulu
fletcher henderson (29 days ago)
her name was lia
Agent piggles (29 days ago)
0:32 a little bit of Michael Jackson vibes
Felicitas Sonntag (29 days ago)
I got an ad on instagram like 100 times but now i decided to whatch it
lizzy whitaker (1 month ago)
love this song!
aka sticky (1 month ago)
Brandon Naehring (1 month ago)
anyone else hear cher lloyd in her voice?? love it!
Emi Une (1 month ago)
The line,”some things you can’t undo” it’s really emotional to me because it’s so true, there’s stuff that we all regret but we can’t go back, when I was little I wanted time travel to fix my problems but, some things you can’t undo....
Giulia Bap (1 month ago)
I’m so in love with Fletcher, and this mv is so amazing
Seek New Paths (1 month ago)
we love a lesbian icon
Ryan Cham (1 month ago)
Amazing!i love you Video perfect!Welcome to Brazil!

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