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Mtg: Top 10 Pauper Decks!

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Honorable Mention: The Armadillo (Bogles) - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/220984#online 10: Burn - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-burn-23138#online 9: Teachings - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-ub-teachings-23159#online 8: Goblins - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-goblins-23317#online 7: Mono Black - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-mono-black-control-21898#online 6: Angler of Secrets - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-angler-delver-22823#online 5: Kuldotha Jeskai (Metalcraft) - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-kuldotha-jeskai-21706#online 4: Mono Blue Tempo - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-delver-22228#online 3: U/R Delver - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-eye-candy-12284#online 2: Temur Tron - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-temur-tron-22406#online 1: Affinity - http://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/pauper-affinity-22749#online Strictly Better Mtg is a Magic: the Gathering Channel that does videos on everything Magic the Gathering. We do Mtg Deck Techs, Mtg set reviews, Mtg spoilers, mtg news, mtg speculation, mtg top 10 lists, and much, much more mtg related ish! Check out our channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpZC... State of Standard: Top 5 Decks right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb1I1... The Deck Tech Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Category Gaming
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Text Comments (173)
Kieran Berryman (8 days ago)
Just made a pauper elves deck. It's very top tier now in 2019, I can combo quirion ranger with well-wisher to gain a crazy amount of health. I got to like 400 against my friends rainbow Tron deck before he realized what was happening.
Jaskinia Męstwa (12 days ago)
Ok, this video needs redoing, I can't see through the pixels.
hosersupreme (2 months ago)
2019 is happy to see young Ziggy <3
W Silva (2 months ago)
Fala português!
Eric Perry (4 months ago)
I'm a long-time subscriber who just saw this video for the first time. The production quality has improved dramatically in the past few years. Your content, however, was as good then as it is now.
mike long (7 months ago)
How does your devotion to a color get tallied? Lol I'm an old school player trying to get into the newer stuff? Anyone please help
Eric Perry (4 months ago)
Count the number of mana symbols in the casting cost of your permanents. For instance, if you have a Black Knight (BB), a Hypnotic Specter (1BB), and three swamps (no casting cost) in play, your devotion to black would be 4.
Andrea Serrano (10 months ago)
I love your cat
Hotaru Elanor (10 months ago)
so. i'm watching this again. it's well, now. 2018 of september.. and you have... 80000 more subscribers. sheesh. keep it going eh! also thanks. i second an update as mentions by hydralisk102.
HaydenX (11 months ago)
I know this is a two year old video, but I didn't see it in the comments. Wee Dragonauts predates Kiln Fiend by three years.
Daniel Griffin (1 year ago)
No elves?
Youcant Stopme! (1 year ago)
Sideboard Disdainful Stroke.
Youcant Stopme! (1 year ago)
What about blue green delver?
Youcant Stopme! (1 year ago)
So Vault skridge rancor madcapskills.
sleighte (1 year ago)
Would like a part 2/update to move in Elves and Stompy, could touch on Slivers maybe since they're a fun tribal
William Cricket (1 year ago)
What about stompy??
Nugnak (1 year ago)
This was really helpful, having a blast with the kids making pauper decks lol thanks devin
Dev odden (1 year ago)
I look back at this video and wish pauper stayed this way.......
Naanikun (1 year ago)
I have a Sliver-Infect-Unblockable pauper deck that usually wins on turn 3.
BIG T (1 year ago)
Dev what about Infect
Andy Sars (1 year ago)
isnt pauper commons only? would that mean the Urza's lands are out?
Bastien Clarke (1 year ago)
Jim Green (1 year ago)
Thanks for all of your fantastic content! Especially the pauper stuff. The way you break down decks is really entertaining but still very informative. You and the professor are a huge help in keeping us budget players excited about the game and make us feel part of the community when it can FEEL like if you don't have $500 laying around you can't come to the party.
Mathew Whitmire (1 year ago)
Time for a part two? 😀
Timothy Quan (1 year ago)
I'm surprised Slivers didn't make it in the top 10. It seems pretty strong in pauper.
Adam Warner (1 year ago)
You changed your camera set up :-/
arteagax25 (1 year ago)
Hello men you can do create videos sub español for my country please (El Salvador)
chummer2060 (1 year ago)
Hahahahaha, that cat.
superskaldy (1 year ago)
Lmao in the turbo fog pauper video you posted yesterday, a year later, you’re wearing this exact same shirt talking about pauper. Weird
Tom Padget (1 year ago)
Dev can you do another brief overview of the pauper metagame like this please?? I've just built my first pauper deck, GB Aristocrats.
FlameX (1 year ago)
I'm surprised Pauper Elves wasn't on the list, anyone else agree
TvV1ST3D (1 year ago)
Can you do an updated top 10 pauper list dev? Miss these so much, pauper doesn't get much love anymore
TvV1ST3D (1 year ago)
Yes they are. :D Hopefully they will be posted somewhere to watch
meme taco (1 year ago)
Paper tourneys I meant to say
meme taco (1 year ago)
Aren’t we getting tourneys soon? I know your comments older but I can’t remember lol
Dvo rak (1 year ago)
hydralisk102 true
Kyle Chamberlin (1 year ago)
You should do this again
C Mac (1 year ago)
old video same old goof quality
C Mac (1 year ago)
*good autocorrect really
Gen Lucero (1 year ago)
I'm new to pauper but this video helped me a bit. :)
Donny Lurch (1 year ago)
Why is it mostly on MTGO? Seems being cheap would be a huge draw for paper Magic.
Brayden Borrell (1 year ago)
Thumbs up bc cat
Daniel Rudge (2 years ago)
i bult a ur budget spells pauper today. and a grixis improvise. and ub ublockable combat instants.
Dick Johnson (2 years ago)
fast forward a year, you are getting preview cards and stuff
Mr. Ruff (2 years ago)
"Let's talk about decks, baby". Hahahaha!
Ben G (2 years ago)
Cool video! Thanks. I love your cat, too!
Alice the Ferrothorn (2 years ago)
there is a better variant to the mono black deck that runs more removal
ja9395 (2 years ago)
Dude i love you
Herick Moreira (2 years ago)
No elves? :c
Brains Brawns (1 year ago)
Herick Moreira did u not see the hex proof build that ran elf’s?
Headshrinker39 (2 years ago)
Oh God, I hate tron so much.
Marcel del Valle (2 years ago)
thanks a lot man
D Watson (2 years ago)
way better camera now a days
Props for the kitteh!
Joe White (2 years ago)
time to go gets some commons!!!
Yautja Prime (2 years ago)
Cool video! Thought Atog was an uncommon. Was it common originally like rancor?
MrDiscoOmastar (2 years ago)
blaze556922 yes, he was printed as a common in antiquities and revised
Baleful Eidolon (2 years ago)
Super helpful video. I'm brand new to pauper so this was great. Congratulations on the spotlight!
Keith Shusterman (2 years ago)
Tron also counters Affinity in a way because Fangren Marauder shuts down the Atog / Fling combo
Wallace Rocha (2 years ago)
I missed infect in this list ...
Tempest and a Computer (2 years ago)
"They are not gonna print too many more cards that are relevant affinity." Yep. Sure. Of course that didn't happen with Kaladesh. Oh what's that Aether Revolt, you are gonna break the format?
Mega-Star Gaming (2 years ago)
kolkata rebirth thats why
Hallowking210 (2 years ago)
My Wizard
Ben Richardson (2 years ago)
"There will probably not be any more affinity cards" and then Kaladesh R&D thought "let's have a card that effectively has affinity, but only one, so people wonder why we did it."
meme taco (1 year ago)
Ben Richardson lmao
YouAreNOTTheEnd (2 years ago)
no Infect...? 😭
Jakob Slopsh (2 years ago)
You missed Tortured Existence but props for the kitty.
Davis Broadwater (1 year ago)
playing tortured existence is the torture
KitchenTableMTG Forums (2 years ago)
Getting into Pauper, thanks for the video
dumbjackass3 (3 years ago)
Why doesn't Goblins run goblin grenade? It was previously printed at common.
Sasa (2 years ago)
dumbjackass3 There are a few cards, like High Tide, Goblin Grenade, and a few others, that were printed at common level in paper but not at common level online. Pauper began as an online only format for MTGO, so most playgroups play with those aforementioned cards not being legal. If you play pauper, and want to play Goblin Grenade, check with your playgroup if they are fine with you playing it.
dumbjackass3 (2 years ago)
Wotc's site doesn't say it is on a quick goggle search.
shreder89 (2 years ago)
its banned
amphyess (3 years ago)
what about G W sliver infect
gamesleg (3 years ago)
Liked for the decks. Favourited for Ziggy.
Woltergeist (3 years ago)
Great overview and I really liked the co host as well :)
Joaniel Cardona (3 years ago)
I play reanimate, exume, and buried alive with old eldrazi (annihalator) and it is dirty
Jhoku (3 years ago)
I am making u/g Infect pauper because modern infect is too costly me. I only play commander and pauper looks cool format.
IEatCatsForBreakfast (3 years ago)
Very hard to do and have it be competitive. Mono green alone was tough to play competitve wise. I know personally and have done it to great success myseplf. U/G budget infect? I dunno how to help you there. I always preferred mono green. I can try to help you if you are going the pauper route. For either deck. Mono Green: (cheaper route $5-$15) Creatures: 16 4 glistener elf 4 ichorclaw myr 4 necropede 4 blight mamba Spells: 24 4 apostles blessing 4 Rangers guile 4 Giant growth 4 titanic growth 4 mutagenic growth 4 predator's striike Lands: 20 20 forest U/G Infect creatures: 12 4 glistener elf 4 blighted agent 4 ichorclaw myr Spells: 27 4 mutagenic growth 4 giant growth 3 apostles blessing 3 distortion strike 4 titanic growth 2 phyto burst 3 rangers guile 2 spell pierce 2 cancel Lands: 21 4 thornwood falls 6 islands 11 forest as for sides boards that is on you buddy. I am no super confidant in the u/g list i gave you but I am confidant in the mono green. Try them out online or on cockatrice and see where it gets you. good luck.
Julio C Valdez (3 years ago)
Where's infect
Muzik (3 years ago)
Dont think delver should be banned. He is easy to kill and Formats will alway have they Allstars. Its like Goyf in Mondern... Nice Video anyway!
Deviant Idol (3 years ago)
I've been wondering for awhile what Pauper Magic was, so thanks for both explaining what it is and giving some very good advice on what decks are working best right now. Greatly appreciated.
Sean Kennedy (3 years ago)
No exhume?
Steven Augustine (3 years ago)
Kuldotha is the city around the Great Furnace (Red Artifact Land)
TvV1ST3D (3 years ago)
I think the part I like best of your videos are the cats :D
Luthfil Hadi Yasin (3 years ago)
im new to magic so idk what the tier 1means...can someone tell me?
Tempest and a Computer (2 years ago)
Wrong, it means it is most USED. Given this usually means it wins more but to say it will work better than something you might come up with is wrong.
Liam Ottley (3 years ago)
basically just means most likely to win. its known ton win tournements
Nathan Lewis (3 years ago)
What about soul sisters?
* WhiteWalker * (3 years ago)
Best Video yet man keep it up man!
namelessfire (3 years ago)
Clear, well-spoken, and very informative. Subscribed. Great video!
Chrysies (3 years ago)
Izzet Blitz is competitive.
RecklessFables (3 years ago)
+ThePaulCynic I just built on for paper even though there is no Pauper support around me. I just love the deck and use it casually.
Charley Osgood (3 years ago)
What about infect...I red blue green infect and almost never...ever loose. It's only like $25
Konfiusion (3 years ago)
i miss elves, which is a pretty strong deck as well
QCBM (3 years ago)
Nice video! Personally, I play a Domain Zoo deck! It's not a super tier 1 deck but it's really fun to play and I completely love it! Your cat love sooo happy! Haha! XD
Anja Rebekka Schultze (3 years ago)
I have two players in my gaming club who think that the only way to win are rares and mythics I want a pauper deck just to show them that commons actually have some bite. Oh and your cat are so cute.
Tempest and a Computer (2 years ago)
Yes, get them to play Pauper but I assure you some decks like affinity can dominate standard decks.
Brandon Legnion (3 years ago)
+Venefica82 Just depends on what format you are playing.
oftenKICKEDbaby (3 years ago)
i hope they dont ban delver its in alot of decks that play blue but i dont feel like its opressive or anything
Maestro T'Soni (3 years ago)
One of my favorite pauper decks is Turbo Exhume, at least after the banning of Cloud of Faeries.
profhaxable (3 years ago)
Moar!!! I demand MOAAAR!!! No really, I'd like to see some more pauper, love it (:
Gamerzilla2012 (3 years ago)
Bloodthirst? Well, that's what I play anyway...
Ernesto Cdebaca (3 years ago)
I'm putting together a grixis angler of secrets deck. I love being able to turn In to an affinity hate deck after side boarding. it bums me out that treasure cruise is banned though.
James Birmingham (3 years ago)
Gratz on your spotlight. Subbing in the hope of many more pauper vids
Stanley Armour (3 years ago)
loving the pauper love
McMacMastaMan (3 years ago)
Did you use another camera as usual? it looks like the video-quality went down interessting list btw!
Chad Montgomery (3 years ago)
Congratulations SBMTG! I've liked this channel from the beginning.
Jeff Marshall (3 years ago)
Dude where my Slivers at? Love pauper and slivers is amazing in pauper
Nikos Cadi (3 years ago)
Great list like Pauper, best format! I am playing at a modern event next weekened! Which deck would u prefer? Mono green Infect, mono red budget burn deck or blisetring rage deck (blistercoil combo, with mana cheats and titans strength etc.). I would like to win some matches
I got some great ideas now ty
Joshua Wallace (3 years ago)
i built a mono blue flyiers with some draw and counter thats fun, also have a mono green stompy deck thats awesome. was thinking of trying to make a selesnya silver deck
bcbwnews (3 years ago)
aww no love for Elves pauper
Gribbygrabs (3 years ago)
Congrats SBMTG. You deserve the credit for all the hard work you do.
asge nielsen (3 years ago)
guys if you want a cool deck to start for pauper the go for goblins or affinity they Are easy compared to many of the other decks and will win fairly consistenly and if you play online you can get Those decks on mtggoldfish for around 20-40 tix and most of us can affort that😆
hoobajoob1 (3 years ago)
please more pauper!
NA H (3 years ago)
chrislpierce75 (3 years ago)
another deck ive done well with is G/W slivers
Elconnerre (3 years ago)
I noticed you missed infect, 5$ and really good
Aethervoid (1 year ago)
http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ultra-budget-infect/ It's not quite 5 dollar but it's still really really cheap, and i think it's one of the best pauper decks, because it has the possibility to consistently win turn 2 or 3 if the opponent doesn't have an answer on the spot.
Banjams (1 year ago)
Elconnerre can you please link your decklist as i have been trying to find a £5 deck list but im struggling :)

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