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The Dirty Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes: Oil & Water

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The world's largest crude oil transporter has a secret buried deep in the Great Lakes—two aging oil pipelines that transport 23 million gallons of crude oil through the largest body of fresh water on earth. Enbridge, the company that operates the pipelines, insists that the two 20-inch pipelines stretching across the Straits of Mackinac could last indefinitely. But one look at the company’s environmental record tells another story: Enbridge had more than 800 spills in North America between 1999 and 2010, dumping nearly 6.8 million gallons of oil. The largest spill released one million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River, only a few hours drive away from the Mackinac Straits. Activists and advocates have independently verified that parts of the pipeline—built in 1953—are sitting unsupported on the bottom of the lake and in major need of repair. Motherboard travels to Michigan—oil spill central—to investigate the threats of crude oil being transported through one of the largest freshwater ecosystems in the world by a company with one of the most egregious environmental records. WATCH NEXT: The Magnetic Wand That Cleans Oil Spills - http://bit.ly/1Mi0SZf Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-To-MOTHERBOARD Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motherboardtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/motherboard Tumblr: http://motherboardtv.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/motherboardtv More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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Text Comments (3044)
Tyler Young (11 hours ago)
“Looks like a f***ing ocean” - that’s some high quality reporting.
Miuzik 8OP (23 hours ago)
What's with your foul mouth, and yet you still manage to monetize your vids. Cant figure THAT out. Flashed you Lib-LGBT-XYZ card and got your pass. Oil spills suck for sure. What's YOUR solution? And clean up your language so it doesnt distract from you point. My 8yr old daughter didnt need to hear it! By the way.... OIL COMES FROM THE EARTH!!! NOT MAN MADE!!!
Marquetta Reed (1 day ago)
As a Michigander this makes me sick to my stomach. I love thos waters with all my heart we have to stop the greed
Solveig Sokcanic (5 days ago)
John Billings (11 days ago)
Glad to see the smartest people in the world have it all figured out.
John Billings (10 days ago)
Come on "smart dudes"... pull a fix out of your asses. What makes you so special? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwQQqFgn6RU
John Billings (10 days ago)
Billions of people on the web... still no answers... wtf?
8DX (11 days ago)
Like, people have all kind of wacky names and stuff and that's life, but "Spencer Chumbley, documentary reporter" just makes me giggle. =8)-DX
Mike J. (12 days ago)
Wth!? Unreal. The risk.
Travis Holte (12 days ago)
Is the Great Lake water lighter then the rest of the water in the world, like my god oil is lighter then water it’s not gonna sink to the bottom. U libtards believe anything your screen tells u don’t u
wvadam (16 days ago)
As much as we like to blame the company, nothing gets built period without local government signing off on it. Why did they NOT require an actual maintenance plan and replacement period when the pipe was put in? They were thinking about all the royalties they would be collecting to pay for their social programs and buy votes for the next 60 years while the sleeping giant rots underground. When the company has a signed contract that leaves it up to them to decide what to do and when, what do you expect they will do? The executives and board members all want their million dollar bonuses at year end and kick the can down the road another year. I don't like it but at risk of sounding Trumpish I will say again "the government needs to stop making stupid deals"
PIRATE X (16 days ago)
These companies and that SCUM bag Rep. from Enbridge are what is wrong with the country. The fact that voters are so STUPID and SELFISH to vote for conservative leader who only care about $$ and allow these companies to do harm to their environment beckons on retardation! That fact that my state (Fl) and Michigan 2 states with such beauty voted for the most corrupt leader and party known to man is simply disgusting. As we deal with our Red Tide which is all because of Rick Scott and Robot-Rubio's republican GREED and knowing that my state keeps voting this way it is almost like we deserve this. Michigan will too, they will get what they deserve for keeping greedy filth in power, the destruction of those fantastic lakes! Good job America, we are definitely making America great again, again meaning a polluted swamp of filth, but at least we will have a wall to damn it in right?
Kevin Weller (17 days ago)
Yuuuuuuuuuuup ... we're fucked... between the nuclear waste and oil spills ... its enough to kill the world several times over.
Ali Mohammond (17 days ago)
stainless steel don't rust and it strong, and it a lot cheaper now , only double the price as still, it used to be 5 time more!
Ali Mohammond (17 days ago)
if the oil start spilling , can't they shut it right of and how do they know it leaks!
Ali Mohammond (17 days ago)
the river is still dirty as of 2019, is our new governor gonna clean it !
Ali Mohammond (17 days ago)
see, we don't get oil over seas, we get it under our own back yard!! we should get profit sharing!
Nicholas Littlejohn (17 days ago)
Take action for your country! #DriveElectric #GoSolar
dbzgearhouse (17 days ago)
The EPA is a joke, they expect us all to call them to do a hazardous waste clean-up when we break a CFL light bulb, and yet allow these pipelines. Beyond ridiculous.
M Lambert (17 days ago)
All you people upset are still going to get in your car and drive around today and bitch if the price of gas goes up 50 cents to pay for what you want done.
tyler schofield (18 days ago)
Jut got me fucked up
Alejandro Gonzalez (18 days ago)
[email protected]#k why Michigan why under the water savages do it on land over Canada
GXM Pyette91 (19 days ago)
the followup question that had to be asked was, @13:08 was, when was the last time this many supports were added?
James Yahya (19 days ago)
Don't worry, they are replacing the twin pipelines and it will cost about $500 million dollars
sithrebel15 (19 days ago)
Go back to your shitholecountries you God damn libtards
herdum derdum (19 days ago)
But why did it take them so long to realise that the pipe wasn't supported and needed more support to me that 100 percent sounds like they are not maintaining otherwise enbridge themselves would have noticed the pipe needs repair and fixed it but no they are not taking responsibility
Aaron Asmus (19 days ago)
Wow. I would love to know who approved that deal when it started. That needs to be changed immediately. This could almost be considered a possible act of war.
302hobronco (20 days ago)
Their own risk standards...... so if the cost of replacement goes over the cost of a clean up than they will wait till they leak to do anything.
Eric Hovatt (20 days ago)
Thank you so much for bringing this to attention. In Minnesota we are fighting for our last natural resources. The boundary waters is about to be irreversibly damaged by sulfide mining. This is the most visited natural area in the USA. The waters of the boundary waters all flow together there are hundreds of lakes that will be polluted in this pristine area of wilderness. Take a minute to look at save the boundary waters website and sign the petition to keep Minnesota clean.
Joe Woodin (21 days ago)
And now thanks to a lame duck governor they are adding more. Still cleaning up in the Kalamazoo River although quietly.
Ron C (21 days ago)
It’s funny that I live in Michigan and watch the morning news everyday and they only spoke for a quick 10secs on the spill in Kalamazoo. Barely showing any footage on the spill. They would rather talk about Kim Kardashian’s fatt ass for 20mins than talk about what’s really going on.
Ron C (21 days ago)
Why isn’t this shown in the media?? Because the media lies to you. Why doesn’t the politicians do anything about it?? Because the politicians are bought and paid for. Why doesn’t the local, state, and federal government do anything about it??? Again because the politicians are bought and paid for. What do lobbyists do? That’s right the start the process of paying off politicians democrats and republicans.
badasstexan !!! (22 days ago)
All you liberal crybabies who are trying to attack oil need to stop being hypocrites. If you truly don’t want people using oil you need to stop driving your car’s stop flying in airplanes stop taking medicine stop using anything that’s plastic or wearing any clothing that has any type of polymers in it. Stop buying any product that is transported. In your daily life just about every single thing in one way or another benefits from oil or is made from oil.
Mountain Man (22 days ago)
Yeah look at all the protesters. Hybrid and solar cars trucks buses the way to go
J Four (23 days ago)
You think your watching a serious documentary then someone drops the f word, nice!
Joe D (24 days ago)
This is a high concern are area and can be readdressed as a high mantacine area. A pig will show the wear. Know show ear the weakness are there. Theses pigs are GPS and radio spectrum on pipe. The Cost of supply is the consumer
blkcoupequattro (24 days ago)
I hope they hired a few good welders on that day when they were pulling pipe across that area. Regardless unless it's like the Alaskan Pipeline double wall, even then your going to have leaks unless there are thorough inspections, and preventive engineering. I've worked on a few inspection helping my brother using ultrasound to verify gas main integrity for a undisclosed company. For the most part it's about profits, and stock holders, they only know dollar signs, it's a reason to remove those that do not take into consideration or have disregard for life be it human or wildlife. They should be maintained by by those states that feel there is a need for over site, evidently those states that the pipeline runs though feel it's not a priority, nor do federal officials, your tax dollars hard at work!
1996 Toyota Camry (24 days ago)
Damn I spend my summers here it better not go to shit.
Loki Eleven (24 days ago)
who fucking cares about yer human views and prestine this and that.... The fucking enviorement would die. what about the wildlife in it... fuck yer beach front property... o the poor rich people would see oil o no FUCK YOU FUCK THEM worry abut the fuckign planet first
Todd no last name (25 days ago)
I'm a little confused. How does that much oil go upstream on a huge river?
Hard to take this video seriously when they have foul language going over the Mighty MAC
GarbageDanks (27 days ago)
Why wouldn't these companies use modern day HDPE plastic pipe to replace ductile iron pipe? It's far cheaper and will not corrode under water.
eddie hidani (15 hours ago)
HDPE would be against code in a lot of places, usually it's only acceptable in utility service.
GarbageDanks (17 days ago)
+Nicholas Littlejohn Highly doubt that. HDPE is used in modern day water supply systems and pressurised sewer lines. I don't imagine that these lines have pure clean oil flowing within them anyway. I assume it's crude oil with requires refining anyway. HDPE just became common within the last 10 years as well.
Nicholas Littlejohn (17 days ago)
There could be chemical interactions?
Mikey (28 days ago)
This video is pure fear mongering.
Barry Culloty (28 days ago)
We have to stop ppump and clean these out then remove them from the water before we have an issue like in Louisianna offshore! This is a catastrophe in the making, but we can mitigate it before it happens!
INCC74656I (29 days ago)
i think the issue with all the lack of maintenance in many industries is that you cant claim insurance to fix what isnt a problem. that is to say if they are proactive and replace a line, they eat that cost. if it breaks they can file insurance, get government aid, share the cost. the same thing is seen in the housing insurance when it comes to quakes or floods. it would cost far less to protectively prepare areas for disasters but instead we wait for shit to get destroyed.
Schmedly Whiplash (29 days ago)
Stop using steel pipe under water! Rubber nylon fibre reinfrorced pipe flexes and moves and doesn't erode! What's the clue? Huh?
Dillon Jackson (29 days ago)
Enbridge just cares about their pocket fuck the integrity of the line. They obviously have something to hid if they are out there watching as soon as they show up with divers
Peterborough Business (29 days ago)
With water shortages across the globe. Enbridge and all gas companies should be forced to remove all pipelines under freshwater lakes and rivers that risk endangering our drinking water.
Sinister (30 days ago)
"The notion that a compagny such as Enbridge will not maintain a line is just atrocious" Yeah sure BP showed us in mexican gulf that your industry CARE. You are a terrible human being and i wish you will leave forever so you can enjoy the consequenses of your bullshit.
brycers0619 (1 month ago)
The notion that a company like embridge would maintain a lie is absurd and false? -Embridge rep Wouldn't that mean that they are certainly lying?
Lincoln Fong (1 month ago)
the projected lifespan of the pipes beneath the waters was 50 years (from 1953) ~ so what do they do ? play their 'stupid wait and see game' after the less risky 50 years ended in 2003 and had locals experienced multiple catastrophe at other leak sites ~ and, doing nothing to fully replaced it even to this (now near 2019 date (a full 13 years after the anticipated useful life to) date ? AND, STILL, just wait for a greater leak event to occur so that they can get in on the lucrative money action to snag participation in the replacement contract ?
I'm Evan - (1 month ago)
FUCKING IDIOTS you should have not built line 5 and instead put a line through Michigan attached to line 6B. It would have required the same amount of materials. Going through the lake was incredibly unnecessary.
Austin denning (1 month ago)
Sounds like they are doing what they are told by code. Yes it a potential time bomb but so is everything in life.
Scott Gordon (1 month ago)
The guy Lies, The Top priority of enbridge is to have a greater profit margin .
Ray F (1 month ago)
Its ok guys if there is a bigger oil spill and our oceans turn black ' just follow south park version of the oil companies apologize.
harry walker (1 month ago)
i suppose it.d be too sensible to put gate valves either side of the lake,or say every mile in the line,too costly,??.so is a spill.
Lance Uppercut (1 month ago)
They will be empty in 8-10 years so who cares. Oh the oil Barrons Do, who suck water out the under ground tributaries to the lakes and know one is doing any thing. it’s all secret on private lands in the middle of nowhere. Yes THE Barrons are taking your water at the same time as fuelling your cars 😂 nice 👍 the focus is in the wrong direction here.
rallyrat (1 month ago)
Does a pipeline company pay all cleanup costs and damages when there is a spill?
John Flaherty (1 month ago)
Honestly, people, this video strikes me as being willfully vicious. By the video's tone, I would expect a serious disaster from Enbridge pipelines within months. Instead, it's now three years and more since the video was posted; no oil spills have been inflicted. I think it would be a healthy thing for the environmental hysteria folks to be bothered to admit...Enbridge might actually be a good neighbor.
n bedz (1 month ago)
I just wish the journalist was less obviously bias against the pipeline. He has a point but it would be more compelling without his attitude.
tarun ramesh (1 month ago)
Should have just built a bridge for the pipes, that way it's completely visible
Craig Weida (1 month ago)
They'll shut down the company, say oh well, open up in another name and continue to rape when a disaster occurres. Nothing new.
Mr Cabot (2 months ago)
(5:04 -ed.) This is grossly misleading. The coloured dots represent oil at various depths, however as they move about, the places they 'visited' returns to a state, by appearances, the same as before the oil. In reality, as seen with the EXXON VALDEZ disaster (thank you Ronald Reagan), the oil when widely distributed contaminates the places it has been, it is smeared all over. When you dig the sands in the areas of such spills, like Prince William sound, today -any day you like, we can still find oil from the lost shipment. This display is far more reassuring and in no way represents the enormous damage done. It should feature a bright PINK impact marker system, so you can see the persistent damage done every place the spilled oil travels. A pink smear on the bottom of the water body, along every inch of shoreline and discolouration of the water bodies with micro pink dots (representing water contamination of volatile organic compounds) * Immediate removal and remediation and possible diversion of oil pipelines in these extremely sensitive areas is necessary, do not wait for the accident to happen. However, for oil producing corporations, the cost of even massive clean ups is low compared to their incoming revenue. Governments must act, demand and if necessary, force immediate action.
Robert Markillie (2 months ago)
The mackinaw bridge was only built to last 50 years. Maybe we should take the bridge down while were at it.
Jacques Sucic (2 months ago)
Oh my... Why have I never heard of this before?.... Cover ups. And downplaying?
C3llular Productions (2 months ago)
It doesn’t matter watching his sad videos because we don’t do my thing about it. No matter how sad the music is.
Tina Hedge (2 months ago)
Geeeeezus Motherboard! You've GOT to be Liberal/Socialist funded!!! Unfukkkinreal how utterly one sided this mockumentary is. Really stupid to put this kind of B.S. out for the people to see how stupid you really are. Pipelines are BY FAR the safest way to transport oil, and are you fukkktards pipeline experts? NOPE! Any idea how long that line could last? Centuries. It wasn't designed, welded, or installed after asking any of you fukkktards your opinions either. How would I know? I'm an engineer in this field, and you?......you are fear mongering Libtards doing what you always do. Pushing some agenda to strike fear in those you think will send you money so you can continue your idiotic cycle.
WAFFEN COLLIDER (2 months ago)
How about the barrels of radioactive waste literally jettisoned overboard ships straight into the ocean? This pipeline is isn't even a problem yet, and most likely won't ever be. That oil company doesn't want a spill any less than the rest of us.
Dylan Taylor (2 months ago)
so the pipe is 65 years old now
Jeffrey Ryan Hill (2 months ago)
It looks like a fucking ocean 😂😂
MsLacy707 (2 months ago)
Great video. Shows that they certainly are not concerned with Flint, if the state is allowing this to happen in the main water source. People are so greedy and are joyfully foolish to line their pockets. Pimp as politicians and these companies are the demise of life.
zbfootball1040 (2 months ago)
They don't play by the rules so why should we? If you want change you gotta make it happen. Voting won't change a damn thing. Doesn't matter who you vote for the are all corrupt politicians.
zbfootball1040 (2 months ago)
Kidnap their family members, drain their personal bank accounts, and demand change! Rich fucks like this need to be put in their place or they will just keep on keeping on. It's a goddamn shame people like this are even able to do business. I don't know the numbers but it's safe to say with the money these fuckers have(not just Enbridge)that they could rebuild these pipelines every 50 yrs regardless of the condition. Fuck this world is messed up!!!!
Don Vickers (2 months ago)
ok stop send own oil to the u.s.
Necko Agic (2 months ago)
I hope "Mr Enbridge PR", doesn't have to eat crow. It would be devastating.
A.Mak (2 months ago)
Do a video on the blob at the bottom of lake Erie, creeping towards the fresh water pick up
buffettfanman (2 months ago)
They want that pipeline at the bottom of the lake so it's out of sight and out of mind! I live in Texas and worked on pipelines since coming home fro Vietnam we would bury them to keep people from seeing them. They oil companies said it was for security. Also what happens when you put iron or steel back into the ground? It turns quickly back into iron ore, the thin layer of coating that's on the inside cannot stand up to chemicals flowing through the pipe. They paint them with all types is coatings, but those coatings are made from petroleum products. If you dumped brake fluid or Lacquer Thinner or any other type of solvent on your car how long would the paint last? Some would wash that paint off like soap in a car wash. They same thing on the outside of the pipe, any nick or scratch allows water to get in and once it does it turns highly corrosive and begins non stop eating and dissolving of the meatl. The weakest parts of the pipeline "system" is the chemicals on the inside that eat at the pipe from within and the facts that the pipe is exposed to the elements when it buried or sunk. Remember any Knick or scratch is an opening for corrosion to start the next weakest thing is the welding any impurity's will eventually cause a blowout on that weld after many times that pipe is pressurized over and over either slowly or quickly weakens that pipe. Imagine a waterpipe freezing the pipe splits by hydraulic action the water touching the inside of the pipe freezes first then works its way around until it circles the inside of the pipe then it spreads across the inner diameter until it blocks the pipe then it expands and finds the weakest part of the pipe. Splitting it down the side of the pipe or rips it crosswise. Thick crude doesn't freeze. But it can build up much more pressure because they must keep the crude heated for it to flow smoothly and for long distances so when it cools it's like the ice building on the inside of a water pipe. If it's over heated it over expands and causes the same thing the pipe ruptures and boom a blow out. Just recently some houses blew up because the natural gas pipeline over pressurized and pumped raw gas into homes. BOOM! Crude oil will burn.
Joe Playing Outdoors (2 months ago)
I read through some of the comments but got tired of hearing tree huger, libtard and all the other name calling. This is what they big money and morons on the hill want. Us arguing with each other while they pocket the money. First step to stopping this is to get rid of the good ol' boy on the hill gang, TERM LIMITS BY LAW OR BY VOTE. You are going to vote these fools out of office Tuesday right? Oh, you haven't voted in how many years? SHUT THE FUCK UP.
ice- man (2 months ago)
All pipelines should be inspected by outside companies. We do this for bridges. No pipeline should be allowed without cathodic protection. This is not rocket science...
Crackles McFarly (2 months ago)
LIBERALS should pump LOVE and TEARS through those underwater pipelines to heal and reverse it's age and all will be good again? Maybe do a GoFundMe account for a 100% TITANIUM Pipeline to replace these old pipelines? LIBTARDS you can do it, get them student loan checks and your parents to donate NOW!!!
Crackles McFarly (2 months ago)
Sounds like a terrorists' wet dream just waiting, I mean how stupid are WE to let that go on past 50 years and FORCE inspections and repairs and SECURITY??????????????
Gabriel S. (2 months ago)
Hippies then stop using oil: get rid of your car, don't use plastics, get rid of your cellphone, the compouter you're watching this on and go back to wool and wood. Better yet, go back to stone.
Eatenribs (2 months ago)
Refineries almost never give correct maintanance to their infrastructure, this is why I hate them
r wilber (2 months ago)
tree huggers love to bitch about anything big oil, and then hop in toyotas and run home to see themselves on the tv
Kevin Smith (2 months ago)
They are always talking about putting drug dealers in prison but the real criminals are these fucking assholes who are running these oil companies and allowing shit like this to happen .They should get life in prison for this instead they get nothing maybe a fine thats it.
aspince laframboise (2 months ago)
Don't forget their BONUS eh... ÜïÖ
David Brewer (2 months ago)
NIMBY.....(Not In My Back yard). These pipelines are far less risky than transport by surface by truck & train or by tanker on water. The pipelines have to run somewhere but there should be a scheduled plan in the maintenance schedule which is set in law to replace older pipelines at a time which is set in law at the time they first lay them down....
Skydof Inurhead (2 months ago)
Yawn I love all these commentators that cry foul.. all the while they drive their SUVs to work and back. They are the first to throw stones and blame others for their easy life yet are the least likely to help.. to donate money to charity or to work to make things better and truly sacrifice anything themselves.
Randy Randolph (2 months ago)
white males and money wtf who would even think to put an oil pipe line anywhere near your own drinking water animals do not shitt in their dens or nests but white AMERIKKKAN males do most white amerikkkant males are worthless they contribute absolutely nothing to this world but guns and bullets most of the greatest inventions and discoveries were made by immigrants from Europe Tesla was not born in the United States nor was Einstein most amerikkkons are too stupid to come up with anything meaningful they are only interested religion television sports especially buttball i mean football and then titties when thait sixty eight year old pipe ruptures most wont even bat an eye but let something happen to their beloved buttball game then they get engaged and activated for the good of the game fuckkk clean water for their own kids as a matter of fact fuckkk the kids the buttball game is on these kkkorporations love stupid religious sports asholes lie the average and i do .mean average white AMERIKKKON male these kkkompanies know that they can poison his mother his kidds send all of his jobs overseas and that asshole will do absolutely nothing the reason why i know this is because these kkkompanies have poisoned whole communities and sent whole industries copy writes patents intellectual property and equipment to other countries and the white amerikkkoon make has done JACK SHITT but they wont miss a nuttball game most of them are worthless grown CHILDREN a total waste of oxygen thank god for white male middle age suicide
xXxrootxXx (2 months ago)
Fresh water is going to be more valuable than oil one day ....but protecting our great lakes should be first priority at any cost.... no doubt pipeline should be replaced shame on ensbridge
Alexis Nolen (2 months ago)
this is so beyond fucked. i can't believe money is more important than preserving our fucking lakes. the great lakes are great for a reason, and i can't imagine a summer without going up north to swim in lake Michigan. this got me so much more angry than i thought it would. save our lakes and just replace the fucking pipes before they break.
RetiredGuy Adventures (2 months ago)
If a person acted the way corporation do they would be diagnosed as being psychopathic...
Optimua Prima (2 months ago)
I have seen a pipeline in one of lake Michigan beaches, it scared me because I don't know what that pipe was, now I know and it still hunts me to this day.
Andy Yates (2 months ago)
Close them down
WildandLiving (2 months ago)
Not accurate but wont show the info. If they do it would be simple to say what they did
mumbairay (2 months ago)
Beta male corresponder swore. So extra
Scout Hughes (2 months ago)
then let's just pay $123.45 a gallon and crash the economy. Risk vs reward or we are a third world country but that would require a liberal to finish a thought even though its not pretty. feelings are not facts
DXTR ACBS (2 months ago)
I am really really angry to these kinds of company. Greedy shlt and the government too! They know! I am not even from Americas but I care about the lakes. I hope they bankrupt if they don't start giving a fvck. The danger is just there, waiting to happen.
Vincent DiFonzo (2 months ago)
We need to boycott using fossil fuels and opt for electric. We have the technology but we need a grassroots approach and it needs to start with the consumer. Only we can effect change.
J Dizzle (2 months ago)
this kind of situation makes me question this whole green movement, electric cars and global warming might be a hoax set up buy our leaders... i dnt think people who actually care about the planet would take better precautions to prevent this kind of situation, but then again when it cuts into the bottom line nobody at the top really cares!
Cole G (2 months ago)
THE dumbest and completely dangerous energy company in Canada. I’ve seen several companies have to be called in to fix everything Enbridge does
Jay Wood (2 months ago)
Why not yank out those pipes and use trucking. Instead... Puts a whole buch of people back to work and no threat of oil spills in our greatlakes....
Scott Chiste (2 months ago)
we should set it all on fire and force our government to deal with it

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