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Highly Advanced Lost Civilization Found In Turkey?

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MysteryHistory Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysteryHistoryBook/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mysterytweetery Steemit: https://steemit.com/@mysteryhistory We recently covered the astonishing archaeological discoveries located within the modern day Turkey. We discussed the unexplained ancient ruins of Gobleki Tepe, clearly a remnant of a far more ancient, far more advanced civilisation, than academia would ever allow contemplation of. Additionally, and the focus of the last video the other ancient gem known a Norsun Tepe, a highly complex, thus highly advanced ancient temple, whose contents indicated no less than 40 additional re-inhabitations of the structure, after the original construction. Now conveniently hidden under several metres of water, submerged during a dam building operation. Why this operation was undertaken, or indeed why this site in particular was chosen for flooding, may become apparent with our next place of interest... It seems that some of the sites within Turkey have revealed some extremely well preserved, extremely ancient artefacts, left by numerous as yet, unknown civilisations, and although these finds have seemingly been concealed from mankind, fate is seemingly on our side… Ironically, a site of complete opposite characteristics, having not been touched or re-inhabited for untold millennia, has also been unearthed within Turkey. Alaca Höyük, a site on the surface, perceived to have been a primitive archaeological ruin, dating back to 2350-2150 BC over 4000 years ago, and yet, upon deeper exploration, an analysis seemingly undertaken too late for academia’s dating… for it has shown that the site possesses evidence of the same lost technology, or more specifically, advanced knowledge of stone construction, found at many other ancient, unexplained sites around the earth. Like Sacsayhuaman, a site we covered previously also, it must be clear to everyone that academia’s dating of these sites is not accidental, was the dating too hastily concluded? We would assume that a dating of over 4000 years is now difficult to accompany with such advanced knowledge of stone carving and construction… Just how old is Alaca Höyük? And the same question as always, based on the unexplainable knowledge involved in its creation, who could have built it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6bekli_Tepe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaca_H%C3%B6y%C3%BCk
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Text Comments (88)
doc2help (1 year ago)
This site appears beyond spectacular. What is the spelling? I must look it up.
A CE (1 year ago)
problem w/ this ch it tries to convince viewers by using words like "highly advanced" "super Civilization" "nano technology" to name a few. And it's making the videos less believable (I'm not saying its true btw) and more like a click bait. Just lay the facts no need for these big words.
Quentin Reynolds (1 year ago)
With the DNA work Brien Foerster has done on the Paracas elongated skulls revealing they have ties to the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and the similar construction techniques, the evidence of a real connection is mounting ever higher. We need elongated skulls to test from the area where these ruins are found.
Nick Iseb (1 year ago)
Gobleki Tepi is in Turkey.: much older than 4000..
kobehal (1 year ago)
Appears the ancient Armenian culture being covered up by Islamic Turkey.
lemonvolt (1 year ago)
in the epic of gilgamesh he states that there are ancient and far more cities than their own in mesopotamia
Enigma Seeker (1 year ago)
I'll be making a video about the Garden of Eden, meanwhile check out some of my other videos.
fairz animations (1 year ago)
cool channel nice work
freeyourmind (1 year ago)
there's some really old settlements/monuments in turkey.
Philip Freeman (1 year ago)
Look up mudfossils for truth & answers,the stones were NOT carved.
Robert McKeown (1 year ago)
Vibrate large stacked stones and they will "form fit" every opening between the stone. Jewelry and stone workers know this secret. If two pieces are not flush, then rub they together. How was it done on a large scale? Was it done this way? ?
Ignat Titus Doru (1 year ago)
After what they have on head,it seem that are traco -gets,an indoeuropean civilization that have link in the past with hyperboreans that was an alien civilization that live in Antarctica .From there, they have the advanced knowledges,or maybe it's better to say,an adaptation of an alien civilization to conditions found on Earth.This alien's was giant's compare with indoeuropean civilization and live together,even fight near indoeuropeas against other tribes.There are drawings about this on tablets from Sinaia- Romania,for who want to make an association.Before Turkish,in this area,live indoeuropeas and giant's, from who it say in Bible about fighting bettwen David and Goliath,and much more.I don't say that this is reality,but,it can be.
Another Hypocrite (1 year ago)
I appreciate your restraint from overly sensationalizing your content as do so many other "alternative history" or similar channels. Unfortunately, it is likely a hindrance to your channel's growth. People don't want facts and food for thought, they want PLANET X NIBIRU INCOMING TOMORROW AT 3PM PREPARE ASAP FOR FLAT EARTH REVELATION.
Symen Symen (1 year ago)
Looks Inca mix with Greek.
Fourth World (1 year ago)
Hilarious! Your content is so funny, #1 comedy channel on youtube! Great job guys, keep going!
Nick Nack (1 year ago)
Norsuntepe is from the chalcolothic period...no big secret. It got flooded because that's where the river is and it's in a flood plain. Alacahöyuk is a Hittite site built on late neolithic remains...no big secret there either. The Hittites were skilled workers with stone. Noticeably, it remains unflooded because....it's in an upland area. Relax with the conspiracies.
betterdays when (1 year ago)
That looks like the work site before humans perfected stone building. You can see the progress as the human race moved along in history. No not aliens there's no such thing. I'm still waiting to see Bigfoot so I'm not holding my breath on ALIENS.
Nicky G (1 year ago)
0:09 "GOBLEKI Tepe!" 😅 I love these videos, but credibility is really undermined when you can't even get the name right of one of the most iconic sites!
Ummi Fizz (1 year ago)
Respected lovely channel I request for your. This video is brain working. You can see holy Quran and you get the who build.(Quran ,hoodh surah) Please accept my request k
Kim thetruthofit (1 year ago)
See first image wearing crown like an eagle this is the truth of lifehttps://m.youtube.com/results?q=the+holy+shroud+secondary+images+revealed&sm=1
Dena Redford (1 year ago)
I am so sick of the 4000 year marker . Just think about the fact of every ancient artifact being created at or around the infamous 4000 years , well it is laughable !
Hugh M. (1 year ago)
Very interesting.
Northenstar13 (1 year ago)
Absolutely fascinating....
SrT Dane (1 year ago)
The same people who made the pyramids and the Sphinx made this site
Stewart James (1 year ago)
Only thing we know for sure is the turks did not build shit.
konacreator (1 year ago)
There are several ways to make stone malleable, technological and/or anti gravitational, also other approaches. An oil can be applied to the stone that penetrates and has a short term frequency reaction making it malleable, also gold, silver and other metals , varying the oil. Technological, the real Myans can cooperate with stone in all three, having ships with tech. flying made of stone cylinder shape. Not many species can use all three applications. I'm quite sure that the pre-Atlantean civilization also had/have this capacity. Stone are the bones of the Planetary and Soular bodies, holding memory and stability for Life, rocks are Life's shoulders, our intimate heritage, accessible, Knowable, You are It's refinement, It's excellence revealed, It's opportunity, possibility, inevitability. Life is farther than you think and closer than you feel.. Also there used to be varying sized giants who used stones primitively to more advanced.
Alejandro (1 year ago)
This, our time, is the time of the silicon based circuit digital technology, no other civilization has come close or even dream about was had been achieved by us modern humans, their time, is the time of the megalithic and natural resources technology, was have been achieved by past human civilization is so technological advanced that we can’t explain or replicate their work.
William In (1 year ago)
This is NOT news. I lived in the immediate area of Göbekli Tepe in 1966-68. Granted - They have discovered much more about the site to date but nobody seem to know specifically who or where they came from and where they went to afterward. The artifacts are similar to but not specific to many other groups in the Middle East. It seem that this group moved to England and Stone Hedge but even that has no known links. There seems to be no direct link to anyone prior to its construction and no link to where they disappeared to after the fact. It seems to me that they were hiding from someone and then moved quickly when (?) discovered.
Walkertongdee (1 year ago)
Oh Country Turkey I was thinking it must have been a micro civilization...
Duncan Crow (1 year ago)
In Turkey as elsewhere, considerable inputs were bestowed by the Disciples of Horus, who were in turn helped immeasurably by the earlier Ubaid culture. Shemsu-Hor.
Walter Lansdale (1 year ago)
Everything is a temple to the gods or a tomb
Roudy One (1 year ago)
great work :)
George (1 year ago)
Something troubles me to no end. What was the reason for the high huge walls? Was war ravaging the world at the time? Or perhaps there is something in the idea that Giants inhabited the Earth and the what we call prehistoric creatures inhabit the Earth when these massive walls were constructed. Clearly they were designed to withstand enormous power against them. Even earthquakes would have to be over nine to even shake them.
Another Hypocrite (1 year ago)
I think the ancient high society tried to mingle with the masses and failed. They built their walls and such but were eventual defeated by the warmongering barbarian hordes with whom we seem to share many similarities (or at least our rulers do.) Today we're half and half muts so we can't comprehend our own history partly because we've been intentionally misled and partly because its not really OUR history.
Joshua Schell (1 year ago)
Mohican Star (1 year ago)
Yeah we was khans and shett
JAYA KUMAR P.R (1 year ago)
From that hook like structure , it is evident that each layer of the wall was constructed using semi liquid stone mineral , that was packd in wood or jute packets , then pressed to fit in each corner before setting to stone , that concreting technology is what lost
Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito (1 year ago)
the question is, why they have lock like that?
james ohara (1 year ago)
Highly Advanced Civilization my arse!, get thee to an Cathedral and see what Highly Advanced stone work really looks like!.
Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito (1 year ago)
james ohara ..... the weird thing is, scientist identified those civs as ancient primitive people. but they have that technology.. medieval masonry in ancient era.. wow
Truthbetold (1 year ago)
I bet you it was black people...they wuz kangz n sheit
Blues Dirt (1 year ago)
Nick Nack (1 year ago)
John McCarthy Concrete..in your head, maybe.
Blues Dirt (1 year ago)
firetheho Granite concrete
firetheho (1 year ago)
Would have eroded by now.
hotcargirl (1 year ago)
For more background on the ancient sites in what was ancient Anatolia I suggest the book, "From the Ashes of Angels." Andrew Collins' work covers Western Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, Ancient Egypt and Persia (Iran). First published in 1996, Collins' material is very pertinent to a lot of what is currently being uncovered (discovered) in both Iraq and modern day Cappadocia. His hypothesis is unbiased and downright intriguing.
Nick Nack (1 year ago)
hotcargirl What pertinant information? I've struggled to find any. He writes well and his descriptions of sites like Göbekli Tepe are very good. The photographs are excellent. But his conclusions vere off into nowhere.
hotcargirl (1 year ago)
Rob v w85 Agree. Better than most modern day researchers. He lists some very good material in his bibliography from the book I mentioned.
hotcargirl (1 year ago)
Nick Nack Actually, as long as one has keen discernment, it is easy to ferret out the truth no matter the source material. Example: Pairing Collins’ aforementioned work with Dr. Warren’s from the late 1800s along with Christian O’Brien’s book from the 1980s and adding in translations of the Sumerian kings-list not based in a theological approach, does present a more genuine account regarding the ancient Near East. I should have clarified my point initially. The truth just is. The key is learning to recognize it. Does Collins have all the answers concerning this subject? No. But his book does contain pertinent information. This becomes clear when one undertakes an expansive research approach.
Nick Nack (1 year ago)
hotcargirl Andrew Collins is selling make believe. He makes wild assertions based on no evidence at all.
Uriah Bennett (1 year ago)
So here's the thing; If the knowledge of how this stuff was built is unknown and "unexplainable" that means that you have no reason to assert people 4000 years ago were incapable of it. If you do so - then you're doing the same kind of hand-waving assumption that your theory is true that you are accusing "Academia" of doing. Except the problem is that you don't have any where the body of knowledge, experience, and evidence that "Academia" does to back up your assertion so this actually puts you and your ideas in a much worse position than "Academia".
Uriah Bennett (1 year ago)
It indicates several periods of construction, but it says nothing about the time between them. As far as human cultures go, a gap of 500 years - even just 100 or 200 - is enough to for all knowledge and memory of one culture/civilization to be erased and another spring up or move in. It doesn't require 10,000 years. Now, I'm not saying that it absolutely couldn't be 10,000 years, and I'm not saying that the idea of a lost epoch of human civilization in the deep past is impossible - In fact, I think quite the opposite. I am only addressing the specific point made in the above about the knowledge required being unknown and unexplainable, and then using this as a basis for why the mainstream theory is obviously wrong. That point, while technically true - cuts both ways. It equally weakens the mainstream theory and the alternative.
Uriah Bennett (1 year ago)
Each of those points are assumptions you're making without anything other than anecdotal support. And if there were some great discovery to be made Academia wouldn't sit on it. That world is much more cut throat and individualistic than you seem to be assuming. Any person who was able to put their name on such a discovery would do so.
William In (1 year ago)
Works in the field showed that the labor was crude in the early stages but refined by the time it was actually constructed. This indicates (but does not prove) that it was a veerrryyyy drawn out process when it really did not need to be. It was also placed at the far end of the fertile crescent but nothing directly linked. Question is why is there or was there no permanent culture established near by? They (?) came, They (?) built and They (?) apparently IMMEDIATELY departed for parts unknown.
Duncan Crow (1 year ago)
The fraction of the so-called ignorant population that indeed had access to that esoteric masonic knowledge and the clout to finish a big project would be the fraction to study for clues. Academia is afraid of this entire subject....too many species involved for bible-addled brains to count...
I've been left with even more mystery history!..
Charlie Alden (1 year ago)
Gobekli Tepe*
Taм0dе SwaG (1 year ago)
It's like as if these blocks of stones were melted then allowed to dry & harden, filling the gaps & spaces around it. Boggles the mind the way these stone blocks fit together perfectly, like jigsaw puzzle pieces.
Daniel Mc (1 year ago)
Auвrey Graнaм It’s so impressive when compared to some of history’s castles and forts the stone work doesn’t even come close to these megalithic structures found all over the world.
Mel Chrisrian (1 year ago)
as old as the Earth is
james T (1 year ago)
Thank you , first new thing I’ve found
Kronos - (1 year ago)
Come check out the truth about the cataclysm and petroglyphs on my channel
MaximuM Funny DuTube (1 year ago)
Cast Geopolymer walls. It’s that simple. Our cement chemistry is primitive compared to our forefathers. Each block is poured one at a time. The nobs are at the bottom to let out excess material as is done in modern concrete forms
Nick Nack (1 year ago)
John McCarthy I don't need to go to school to spot horseshit like this.
Stephenr Raible (1 year ago)
Polygonal Construction when you can show how it's done not with words but actual copying the exact process only then it will be proven by the way this was tried multiple times and failed pathetically
Blues Dirt (1 year ago)
Nick Nack Did your mom pick you up from school early today ?
Nick Nack (1 year ago)
Polygonal Construction Cast geopolymer bullshit.
William In (1 year ago)
They were not pored. I have been to the site and you can easily see rocks just like those nearby that simply had to be RESHAPED to meet their needs. The rocks DO appear to be a composite material but that whole area was an ancient sea bed many millions of years ago that was pushed up at the same time as the fertile crescent was raised from a very ancient sea.
Hunter. (1 year ago)
"Lost Civilization In Turkey Found?" *Shows bricks*
Will.J (1 year ago)
Hunterswag Gaming they aint bricks, genius.
Hunter. (1 year ago)
Will.J (1 year ago)
Hunterswag Gaming when did bricks come up? They didnt.
Buddy Guy (1 year ago)
GOD TELLS US IN THE BIBLE, NOT TO CONCERN OURSELVES ABOUT WHAT IS BENEATH THE WATERS.. The more you dig, the more you know God was telling you the truth, especially when you see for your own eyes what will be coming up onto the earth. J.C.I.T.W..
Duncan Crow (1 year ago)
Exactly. I've been telling them that we wuz GIANTS an' we wrote a lot of what regular small roundheads believe in nu-religion, particularly the nu-christian schmobble of belief-language. We were pretty good at it I reckon; it stuck to the believers pretty good anyway and makes them a decent breakfast for the Dragon clans.
Bob Burton (1 year ago)
Exactly which part of the Bible did god write again? Oh yeah - fuck all!!! The Bible was written by the elite to control gullible fools into doing exactly what they're told to do, without argument, with the promise that if they're well behaved slaves, they'll get everything they ever wanted WHEN THEY DIE. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 😂😂 You wouldn't believe anybody would be that gullible would you? Unfortunately.... 😂 Sadder than the average sad there Boo-boo. 🐻
Martin Kay (1 year ago)
Buddy Guy ....Piss off...The bible is a book of fairy tales...Religion is the cause of evil..Get rid of that bullshit and the world will be a much better place..
bill cur (1 year ago)
SB (1 year ago)
Please make more vids and longer content is always dope ⚡✊✊✊✊
Jose Camara (1 year ago)
Kim thetruthofit (1 year ago)
See first image wearing crown like an eagle this is the truth of life https://m.youtube.com/results?q=the+holy+shroud+secondary+images+revealed&sm=1
Gail Thorpe (1 year ago)
Thank you. XX
Thanks so much
jenny luvaglia (1 year ago)
Yay im viewer number 1. Very interesting video. Tanks for the post 😊
jenny luvaglia (1 year ago)

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