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Amazing Fashion Magazine CHALLENGE for Napapijri | PAQ EP#45 | A Show About Streetwear & Fashion

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CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvO6uJUVJQ6SrATfsWR5_aA?sub_confirmation=1 FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/paq.official CHECK OUT THE NEW TRIBE COLLECTION HERE: https://kyra.com/l/tribe-collection PAQ is a show about streetwear, fashion, menswear, clothes (whatever you wanna call it). PAQ: https://instagram.com/paq.official Danny: https://instagram.com/dannylomass Dex: https://instagram.com/dexthefreak Elias: https://instagram.com/eliasriadi Shaq: https://instagram.com/shakka.d.badmon Kyra TV: https://www.instagram.com/kyra.tv/ In this episode Napapijri set us a challenge that throws the boys into full creative director mode. The challenge: Collaborate with a photographer of your choice on a magazine spread featuring a young creative dressed in Napapijri’s Tribe collection. The boys compete to see who can create the best magazine feature. This time you man at home decide who wins - based on the words, visuals and how they come to life on the page. Don't forget to check out the new collection at https://kyra.com/l/tribe-collection and head down to the Shoreditch store (149-150 Shoreditch High Street, London) Le3 Black: https://www.instagram.com/le3_black/ https://song.link/album/i/1424854912 Rene: https://www.instagram.com/renebleriot/ https://www.instagram.com/blerriot/ https://www.instagram.com/ultracottonclub/ Daniel: https://www.instagram.com/danialromain/ https://www.mixcloud.com/Daniel_Romain/ Zak: https://www.instagram.com/zaknimmo/ Sabb: https://www.instagram.com/sabbadams/ Filmawi: https://www.instagram.com/filmawi/ Shot and Styled: https://www.instagram.com/shotandstyled/ Chloe: https://www.instagram.com/eolhcsheppard/ Use of any product and/or brand names does not imply any affiliation with, or any endorsement by, the respective owners of such products or brand names, unless specifically stated. PAQ is a show presented by four friends from London exploring the world of streetwear and men's fashion, from thrifting secondhand clothes to exploring hypebeast trends. A global show rooted in London lifestyle, including the latest from Supreme, North Face, Palace, Patta, Off-White, Raf Simons, Yeezy, Balenciaga and more.
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Text Comments (3837)
Mille Berggren (1 day ago)
Lesego Matlhaku (14 days ago)
This the most important YouTube channel for streetwear heads
Lizzie Shea (1 month ago)
My goal in life is for them to style Billie Ellish
RyanCarmo (1 month ago)
Fr tho, why has Elias took the stone island badge off?
Érica Domingos (2 months ago)
Shaq's needs to drop his skin routine
Little Myfee (2 months ago)
yoooo drop a skincare routine y‘all be gloooowwwwiiinnnn dayum
Ty Hens (2 months ago)
Shaq's shoot legit looks like something from a serpentwithfeet music video 🔥🔥
arthur savoure (2 months ago)
please make a Dover street market video like everyone gets a floor like the third the second the ground floor and then the basement floor please it would be such a gooooooooooooooooooood video @PAQ do itttttt
I S R A (2 months ago)
he almost kicked elias in the face 5:52
Anchana Hobson (3 months ago)
Le3 Black on that REAL TALK, legend
biyaya a (3 months ago)
that's Dex's girl though lmao. the photographer. she's cool
Mali Symphony (4 months ago)
The broken mirror is a genius!!!!!!!!!!
Helga Guðmundsdóttir (4 months ago)
Lina Zoe Laube (4 months ago)
Love the Parka skidoo tribe. You all smashed it. Especially loved Shaq’s and Dex’s
Richelle Eli (4 months ago)
This show actually makes me happy 😂
Dee (4 months ago)
aww dex looks so cute in the thumbnail lmao
neftaliangelo (4 months ago)
Kali at 8:17 🤤
mihyagi (4 months ago)
Does anyone know what that song is at 20:54?
kachow (4 months ago)
Danny’s model sort of reminded me of Harry Styles. Not exactly in the way he looked but the way he posed and his personality
Donevan (4 months ago)
still always rewatching this epdisode wishing i could have all the prints here in the states :/
hoodedknight360 (4 months ago)
what shoe was Shaq wearing when he showed his biracial socks ?
Becky Yamz (4 months ago)
3:59 aayy man like Guvna B ☝🏾 #ALLOMATE
Elise Sadlier (4 months ago)
Elias went the extra mile and is definitely the winner
Miriam A (4 months ago)
Did anyone notice that’s dex’s girlfriend
Miriam A (4 months ago)
Did anyone notice that’s dex’s girlfriend
Ron Swanson (5 months ago)
Danny has a white boy style ngl but it’s nice still
Alfie Eager (5 months ago)
Neil Noir (5 months ago)
This might just be my fave episode cause im watching it twice lol. Also i have no life.
Neil Noir (5 months ago)
All these men are so beautifully and uniquely creative! each magazine looked totally amazing! I wish i could of had them
aLDonPhoto (5 months ago)
I can’t choose my fav between dex , shAq , AndvElias....
Kabrielle F. Jones (5 months ago)
Shaq's and Dex's are my favorite but all of them are just amazing and in their own way creative 👌🏻
Kabrielle F. Jones (5 months ago)
Did anyone else recognize that the blue haired girl wears the same pants as Dex at the printing company? 🙈
Víctor Hugo (5 months ago)
Who won the challenge?
Leonardo Datore (5 months ago)
5:53 Apparently being a radio host and a model means you’re good at everything 🤔🤔
NL 138 (5 months ago)
Liam Zak gallagher
Ayomide Odeseye (5 months ago)
am I just noticing Elias' bean?
Natan Jaeger (5 months ago)
Yo danny got to interview Liam Gallagher! Mad
Rue Rue (5 months ago)
The purple fleece is so nice, and I loved Dex’s spread so much! It was really unexpected, but I also loved Danny’s. They all were amazing
Arlene Davis (6 months ago)
I passed art GCSE and I'm in a creative field still, I passed because I am really good at drawing lol, way back when tho.
Corbin Cloutier (6 months ago)
I think the fit Danny is wearing in the beginning of the episode is my favourite Danny fit ever. Stoney with the CP fleece 🔥
Maria Steen (6 months ago)
Wow! Guys that was AMAZING! I really love how much thought there is in every magazine, and i love the deeper meanings! My fave item from the colection is probably the big fluffy, purple jacket thing! 👌🏼😉🕶
Archie Repchuk (6 months ago)
Dex killed it 🔥
GiGi Tyszkiewicz (6 months ago)
They are so supportive of each other, makes my heart happy 🧡
Deandra Brown (6 months ago)
Man I love this episode
YungWarhol (6 months ago)
did someone understood the name of the camera at 10:30 and the one at 10:17 ? Would be so awesome !! Thanks in advance
Cørax xk (6 months ago)
My favorite piece is the yellow fleece¬¬& btw i think elias should have won
the castaways (7 months ago)
Bruv shaq's shirt in dis vid is hard. I want one so bad <3
Adrian Gomez (7 months ago)
dex fr
Sophia And cat (7 months ago)
8:22 ayeeee I love her art!!!
Jess Howkins (7 months ago)
Followed chloe shep religiously for ages what a beautiful voice n talent!!!!
tony toker (7 months ago)
Show won this. No contest
patricia da (7 months ago)
PLEASE SOMEONE 7:41 piece name??? Its driving me crazy
tony toker (7 months ago)
So we just met Danny’s trainee pimp...
Acer Army (7 months ago)
da jedi vs. sith bit was hilarious
Gülsara Karaman (7 months ago)
Final song ?
Marlene hat nen dietrich (7 months ago)
shaq's the winna y'all
marco gomez (7 months ago)
what is the song that starts playing at 6:20 ??
kaltun Muuse (7 months ago)
This episode gave me chills .. I’m in tears how beautiful this was. Obviously creating /making my own magazine has been my dream since forever and this episode really inspired me in a way I can’t but in words. My personal favorite was Elias , I really loved shaqs work as well🙌🏾✨
louve (7 months ago)
id on elias' mangroves sweatshirt?
alberto balsam (7 months ago)
What software was used to put together the magazines
CCTV103 (7 months ago)
shaq 4 the win
Kiara (7 months ago)
Does anyone know the song playing from 8:39 - 9:10, while shaq was talking?? Also, I just got into this channel and you guys are a huge inspiration to me to express myself and you all are so genuine to yourselves, which pushes me to true to myself as well! <3
Oluwatayo Isa Daniel (7 months ago)
i mean ....dex and that ninja run
Rose Joy (7 months ago)
As the channel went on, Danny went from skater to pimp
Gemma Gray (7 months ago)
Can anyone name all the camera used, love xx
sindri (8 months ago)
Elias really snapped everybody else we're fire too
Adrian Fuentes (8 months ago)
Never heard of Napa, but now I’m interested
chicken (8 months ago)
yellow pullover jacket is so fire!!!
Alexa Vlad (8 months ago)
HOW is elias only 21?!?!?!
jess (8 months ago)
my favourite piece from the collection was by a mile the yellow coat in dex's pictures
Oliver Hughes (8 months ago)
That yellow pull over YEESH FUEGO
kalief king (8 months ago)
The down jacket with the kangaroo pouch is so heat I needs dat in my collection
Diego Scanlon (8 months ago)
my favourite piece was the purple fleece at 11:55 , also loved the yellow windbreaker at 11:48
Oscar Oscar (8 months ago)
Shaq's gave me madd Tyler the creator vibes. quality.
Trev Catabay (8 months ago)
magda st (8 months ago)
🚨 🚨You new video🚨🚨 All of you choose one subscriber or random person to give a full on make over. I am talking outfit, make up, hair!! You could even die the ppls hair that would be sooo lit!!🔥🔥 And bc I had that glorious idea I think I deserve to be one of the four;) I wish I was joking but I am not😂 Wow I seem crazy lol ❗️❗️❗️I COUNT ON YOU❗️❗️❗️
Karla Benitez (8 months ago)
That purple fleece man... it’s mad
Yugen Films (8 months ago)
this was generally amazing and I love the creativity
Leon Conradi (8 months ago)
4:24 I want Dexter's hoodie OMG
Jackson Phillips (8 months ago)
Purple fur trackie, so damn spicy
Jackson Phillips (8 months ago)
Yo, for reals? Aye hit me up @chickenbone____
PAQ (8 months ago)
Congrats b, YOU'RE ONE OF THE 5 WINNERS. Reply to this comment within 48 hrs with your insta @ and we'll sort you with your signed magazine 🎉💞
Elaine Blackwell (8 months ago)
Zak is for sure a young alex turner in the making
TheMuriga (8 months ago)
What's the song shaq was singing in the beginning of the video?
bath consolidated (8 months ago)
these were all gorgeous, i can't even vote. i love watching y'all do stuff where fashion is just the core but it focuses on teaching creative direction and pulling a full project together as opposed to the outfit being the primary focus. Y'all should do like at least like a side thing where it's more like step by step 101 creative direction stuff as opposed to competitions, where kids can learn about like tactics for organizing and amassing resources and budgeting and directing and time management and working as creatives in a group setting, just like teaching about how to get projects off the ground on the more "business" side of things
thomas berkey (8 months ago)
this episode went crazy
stahv (8 months ago)
Elias with the heat, loved the spread of film
oliver bendtsen (8 months ago)
Great vid guys! Just wondering what jacket Elias is wearing in the start of the video, where you guys explain the video, and introduce Napapijri. Hoping for response, thanks.
Serv Media (8 months ago)
The fuzzy purple jacket was just next level.....so bloody perfect
IAMHSR (8 months ago)
The teddy jacket 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Connon (8 months ago)
favourite piece would easily be the yellow jacket! Easily
Bigtree (8 months ago)
Elias was scrolling up <3
Rachdoesrevision (8 months ago)
Don't know why I'm commenting other than the reason I want a napa fit tbh
Mubbasher Niaz (8 months ago)
lmaoooo Ellias saying the film is xpensive but be spending £84 on M&M's for s fit lmaooooooo
Elias Ambrosius (8 months ago)
Black fleece is hard
Enjo Malan (8 months ago)
Dexter for the win
Andrea Hansen (8 months ago)
Rhys Hughes (8 months ago)
That purple hoodie 🔥🔥
Hamburg Unlimited (8 months ago)
all the black pieces of the collection are sick 👍
Noah Carpenter (8 months ago)
Am I watching the correct show? Shaq not complaining that anyone cheated and was complimentary of the other boys?
Josh (8 months ago)
Wish the magazine was for sale online, so sick
Kyle Lim (8 months ago)
Purple fleece 👌

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