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Wife comes home and finds husband in a dress

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Wife comes home and finds husband wearing a dress, a wig and makeup. He claims he is entering a "All about that bass" Meghan Trainor dance competition to win a car but she does not believe him. I dress my husband up as a sexy woman and get him to act out various scenes that would be fun, awkward and embarrassing for most men. He is a great sport and we have a lot of giggles. Please leave comments and ideas (PG rated) for fun things I can get him to do in a video. If you want to support our channel, you can make a donation https://www.paypal.me/MainDudeAU/5 https://www.youtube.com/c/MarilynMarshmallows crossdresser videos
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Text Comments (52)
Charles Wilson (1 month ago)
Very sexy
Sidney Mathious (1 month ago)
I would not believe it either and as sexy as he is looking I would be so excited and wanting to jump his bone.
Sjoerd van Onzenoort (1 month ago)
Nice greenscreen work
Amy Carter (2 months ago)
lolz Needs to work on those hip movements. One step at a time, one step at a time, though.
Help me get 300 subs Plz (2 months ago)
Some good photoshop
Alika Maisuradze (3 months ago)
Agata Malecka (3 months ago)
If my husband could provide for a house like the one in the video I wouldnt mind lol
Marry Ellen (4 months ago)
I was looking on Amazon for some new items. To My shocking surprise there are 3 pictures of people I do not know observing want I am shopping for. I called Amazon. I was told they are sponsors. Sponsors pay to see what you are looking at.
Gary Ridgeway (4 months ago)
Its so funny lol
Viola Willams (4 months ago)
Behind clear
James Meunier (5 months ago)
Very beautiful and sexy looking
missie wise (5 months ago)
That's funny no the filling
Don't look to bad in that dress
Alika Maisuradze (7 months ago)
BertaCD (7 months ago)
Interesting premise but nothing like what happened to me when my wife caught me all femmed up in my white satin & lace peignoir set. Such is the life of a closeted CD'er!!!  :-( Tues. 10/16/2018 4:20 PM EDT
Ken Devine (7 months ago)
I don't think her dresses would fit him.
Ventus Tenebris (9 months ago)
It is so obvious they are using a green screen
bill Win (10 months ago)
DONALD SHRVOCK (11 months ago)
wish now my ex gf would caught me dress up in my outfits faux leather ones
PlaneD123 (11 months ago)
what is dis xD
Claudia Nicegirl (11 months ago)
U should have shaved your armpits at lest! Yuck!
J A (1 year ago)
Chicken legs and armpit hair! Ugh!
firemarshall341 (1 year ago)
she's so pretty and exciting in her little white dress and i think they had fun making the video
Gordon Snell (1 year ago)
He looks good that way 😊😊
Gordon Millar (1 year ago)
Very good video
Caprio Michael (1 year ago)
For a new video idea, have him wear a french maid’s outfit dress 👗 (with the pantyhose underneath) as a punishment for not helping to clean the house. While he’s cleaning, spank him a few times underneath like you did in this video when you say “really?”. Give him a good wedgie when he misbehaves. We find that part really entertaining. Just make him feel uncomfortable a little bit. It get shot best out of the video.
bigboy69563 (1 year ago)
Hw looks hot in that! wish i could look that hot!
John McGuire (1 year ago)
I wonder what she thinks of him wearing a dress
Allen Bentley Jr (1 year ago)
he cute in his 👗
a s rose (1 year ago)
Take him out to the mall to get fitted for some decent girlie shoes and a properly fitting bra. Some patent maryjanes with four inch heels would be perfect!
a s rose (1 year ago)
He looks pregnant. How about putting him on a diet & exercise regimen to lose that beer gut?
jordan morrison (1 year ago)
very sexy
Blackporsche roadster (1 year ago)
Award winning acting....right here.
Marilyn Marshmallows (1 year ago)
Thanks mate
Gary Cummings (1 year ago)
Yes he looks nice in the dress
Gary Cummings (1 year ago)
Marilyn Marshmallows so would i if i had the chance thankyou
Marilyn Marshmallows (1 year ago)
Thank you Gary, he enjoyed the experience.
linda sissy (1 year ago)
What about belly dance custom
linda sissy (1 year ago)
thank you baby xxxoooxx
Marilyn Marshmallows (1 year ago)
Hi LInda and welcome to our channel. I like your idea and will add it to our list for future videos. Getting a cheap(free) costume will be the biggest problem.
esteg (1 year ago)
It looks like you two are having a lot of fun. I am not getting any audio. Am I doing something wrong?
Marilyn Marshmallows (1 year ago)
Ha ha, no problem. We get those attacks as well.
esteg (1 year ago)
I had a stupid attack. I left a set of earbuds plugged in!
Marilyn Marshmallows (1 year ago)
Hi esteg, I got audio when I check it here so I assume you got a problem with your system. I hope you get it working again.
Billy Brown (1 year ago)
Nice, I want more.
Marilyn Marshmallows (1 year ago)
Hi Billy, yes we plan to do weekly videos, thanks for the comment.
Alena Cross (1 year ago)
hehe :) seems like you two are having a lot of fun doing this.
Allen Bentley Jr (1 year ago)
can I be him
Marilyn Marshmallows (10 months ago)
Check out our range of great merchandise at https://shop.spreadshirt.com.au/marilyns-shop/ Please comment, Subscribe, Like/Dislike, Share with friends etc. It all helps us to get more views which will encourage us to make more videos.
John McGuire (1 year ago)
He looks better than I do in a dress
Marilyn Marshmallows (1 year ago)
We usually upload every Saturday. Some are better than others depending on how much time we have to invest in it.
Caprio Michael (1 year ago)
Marilyn Marshmallows when is your next video coming out haha?

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