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What Do Poles Know About America? [Kult America]

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After we'd released the video about what Americans know about Poland, we got a lot of messages from Poles saying that in fact they know much more about the U.S. than vice versa. On today's episode of Kult America our producer Iryna will make a street survey to find out what Polish people actually know about America? ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (606)
Yake Osicki (3 days ago)
The questions were at the basic knowledge level at school. A weak primary or junior high school student should answer. But if you were asked about the Czech Republic or Canada, there would be silence.
Marcin Kowalski (4 days ago)
You americans even dont knows where is Poland!!!!!!
Adam Aleksiejszuk (9 days ago)
We know much more then american about anything.
Bartek Marciniak (18 days ago)
Americans also know a lot about Poland but Polish is a small country compared to the USA, so it is obvious that Americans can travel a lot less
Zombie Slayer (19 days ago)
Any fellow Polish Americans here?
Alrighty Then (19 days ago)
Dear Poland, please let me Live and work in Portland. I am a conservative and I see America falling apart at the seams. Or it being pulled apart at the seams by the leftists. I have plenty of money, almost retirement age, and can offer a lot. Just tell me you’ll think it over.
DeadShutFire (25 days ago)
Ja bym nic nie powiedział bo nie znoszę języka angielskiego i nic by nie zrozumiał
Johnny Sins (26 days ago)
na jakim kontynencie jest ta Ameryka
Bogdan Czechowski (27 days ago)
Sąsiadem jeż też Rosja...... tam na Alasce..... a przez wody terytolialne jeszcze kilku innych....
Dawid Pajor (28 days ago)
Polacy wiedzą chyba więcej o Ameryce , niż amerykanie o Ameryce XD
fat white guy (1 month ago)
Why is Lincoln so damn popular haha like my second video in a row and every knows Lincoln
swc game (2 months ago)
Jakim cudem masz tak mało widzów. Mówisz o bardzo ciekawych rzeczach . Leci sub ze dzwoneczkiem.
Jay Lindahl (2 months ago)
hey this is leo your nephew can i get a shoutuot
Gabe G. (2 months ago)
And people say Americans are ignorant in geography? I bet you most of these Euro, Asian, African, Latin, and Oceanian bums don’t know shit about the USA or the Americas or any place anywhere?
zepter00 (2 months ago)
yes..americans know shit about the rest of the world. they are totally ignorant and uneducated
Jersey Joe (3 months ago)
Ask them if they can name all the American based NHL teams
Tony Banke (3 months ago)
Wow, I am impressed
Krzysztof Kadim (3 months ago)
Tu Pac,😜
Henry Flower (3 months ago)
ameryka to jeden z wiodących krajów na świecie, który wygrał 2 wojnę światową i za przeproszeniem nie dał o polskę jebania (didn't give a fuck). trudno, żeby w takim układzie to polacy wiedzieli mniej o ameryce, niż amerykanie na temat polski. xd
zepter00 (2 months ago)
you are tottaly ignorant and uneducated. arrogant fuck. Poles fought for american independence. Kosciusko, Pulaski, Polish guy designed West Point. Poles build bridges, railways, telegraph lines in USA . Modjeski for example. Poles for example invanted oil rafinery, rubber car wipers, rotary tank periscope, mine detector, walkie talkie,. Poles cracked Enigma cypher machine. These things prevented death of millions yanks. Polish people (Mieczysław Bekker) designed LRV Lunar Roving vehicle - lunar jeep for Apollo missions. Polish guy Piasecki designed CH-47 Chinook. Poland was in XVII century second bigest country in Europe. Poland saved Europe two times in 1683 when we stoped muslim invasion on whole Europ on the fields near Vienna. In 1920 Poles stoped Bolshevik comunist invasion on Europe. You have to many fat in your brain and to litte actual knowledge about te rest of the wold and even about your own country.
SUCHY 911 (3 months ago)
Fajnie że cos takiego robicie!!!👍❤
abdurrahman çoban (4 months ago)
They are well exactly except two girls
Speedy (4 months ago)
America = cheese burgers Poland = pierogi
Pedro (5 months ago)
11th of september 2001 ...
Eror YT (5 months ago)
Kongress war??? And Donald Trump and Good Food and good players of basketball???
About the US, her neighbors are Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Russia, Samoa and a few more island countries. About Poland, her capital is Warsaw, having been invaded by the Mongols, having been a great kingdom a few times, having been a commercial center of Europe... I guess I don't know very much, either.
zepter00 (2 months ago)
first learn some history than write comments. I can show you range ...area of expansion mongols and draw when Poland was in this time. You would see. I have respect for Mongolia and mongolians..since one mongolian soldier on guard tower saved whole international military camp in Iraq by engaging with his machine gun truck loaded with tons of explosives, he killed driver and truck blowed up before vehicle drove into camp. tower ws destroyed and mongolian soldier was injured. he was highly awarded by Poles.
History is an extremely touchy subject, and if bringing up the Mongol Invasion hurt your feeling as a Pole, then I'm really sorry. I'll delete this if you want me to. Japan was also invaded by the Mongols at around the same time and had thousands of our civilians dead. The Mongols, the toughest soldiers in the world, beat us badly in the land battles, but they didn't want to camp out in some strange place, so they went back to their ships in the evening. So at night, the Japanese soldiers landed onto their ships, killed the sleeping Mongols and burned their ships. On top of it, typhoons came. Civilians stoned them when they were drowning. All these could be done because Japan was sea-locked. We were merely very lucky. If Japan had been a land-locked country, we would've been wiped out from the map and history at least for a time being. Anyway, Poland is known to us as one of the most educated countries in Europe, and we have a lot of respect for you. I certainly didn't mean to offend you.
zepter00  Mongolia invaded Russia and Poland along with many others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Mongol_invasion_of_Poland By the way, if you have trouble differentiating "invade" and "rule", here are the definitions: invade=najechać rule=rządzić You are welcome.
zepter00 (2 months ago)
Amazin' Dinos!すごい恐竜! Don’t try to teach me about my country you uneducated bitch. Russia was invaded and rulled by mongols. Maaaaaaany years... Not Poland. You should google „ imbecile” and check if there is your picture.
Valerie Votava (5 months ago)
Polish know much than Americans
Janka Gniazdowska (5 months ago)
Americans knew much less about Poland than Poles about America🇵🇱❤
Tanner Laskoski (5 months ago)
More than most Americans
DEFAME (5 months ago)
w polsce malol kto tak plynnie zna angielski jak ci na filmiku xD
marcin bekas (3 months ago)
Może u Ciebie w miejscowości.
Stefan Mikeš Mikulski (6 months ago)
The whole idea of this video as well of the "What Americans Know About Poland" is biased. If you ask Poles "What do you know about America" then you should ask Americans questions about the European Union. If you ask Americans about Poland, ask Poles about the state of Arizona. 1. Where is Arizona located within the United States? 2. What is the capital city of Arizona? 3. Who is the current Governor of Arizona? 4. Was Arizona the original state of the United States? 4. Did Arizona support South or North during the American Civil War (and WAS Arizona admitted to the U.S. at that time)? I bet NO POLISH pedestrian interviewed would have known.
Olek KArbownik (6 months ago)
Siema Polacy!!!!!!!!!!
xdd (5 months ago)
No siema
Werii25 (6 months ago)
haahah that man Piędziesiąd XDD
Ggg Efe (7 months ago)
Poland know a lot of america because they are very interest
kacpi 29 (7 months ago)
Wiem że tam są dolary a nie złotówki
Grafuroam PL (7 months ago)
Uczyć się kurwa Polskiego Amerykanie xD
Mateusz Cybulski (7 months ago)
I'm surprised by their level of English, I'm a Pole living in England, didn't know Polish people in Poland speak English that well.
MysteryGunner Rbx (7 months ago)
Bardzo podoba mi się, kiedy polscy ludzie mówią po angielsku, to ten sam akcent, który robię, gdy mówię po angielsku XD P.S im half polish
Conservative (7 months ago)
I don’t care what poles think about America, at least we can “into space”
zepter00 (2 months ago)
Polish guy Mirosław Hermaszewski was in space many years earlier than 95% of astronauts and cosmounuts from other ountries than USA and USSR/ Russia. Polish guy (born and educated in Poland designed LRV Lunar Roving Vehicle for apollo missions and German guy designed rocket what did it possible fly to the moon. you should lern more from books and less from stupid, childish memes. Education can't hurt you.
Ewa Przybyszewska (8 months ago)
Wiem że Ameryka zaczyna się na A mówi się tam po angielsku i to duże miasto (miasto specjalnie buraki ;))
Punisher Japatam (8 months ago)
Party how in american pie ! Haha
King George III (8 months ago)
Początki Stanów Zjednoczonych ❤❤ Gdy słyszę imię George Washington totalnie się jaram.
Alan Opolski (8 months ago)
2:23 obok Pana po lewej siusiaczek xd
Hubert Spans (8 months ago)
I was born in Poland but I moved out 1 month after I was born to the Netherlands. Polish people are so freaking uneducated, it makes me sick. How can you say that America has 7 or 9 states!? I think that everyone should have known all of the answers, like come on, it's so simple!
zepter00 (2 months ago)
the most uneducated and ignorant people in the world are americans. you are tottaly ignorant ad uneducated. arrogant fuck. Poles fought for american independence. Kosciusko, Pulaski, Polish guy designed West Point. Poles build bridges, railways, telegraph lines in USA . Modjeski for example. Poles for example invanted oil rafinery, rubber car wipers, rotary tank periscope, mine detector, walkie talkie,. Poles cracked Enigma cypher machine. These things prevented death of millions yanks. Polish people (Mieczysław Bekker) designed LRV Lunar Roving vehicle - lunar jeep for Apollo missions. Polish guy Piasecki designed CH-47 Chinook. Poland was in XVII century second bigest country in Europe. Poland saved Europe two times in 1683 when we stoped muslim invasion on whole Europ on the fields near Vienna. In 1920 Poles stoped Bolshevik comunist invasion on Europe. You have to many fat in your brain and to litte actual knowledge about te rest of the wold and even about your own country.
Dorian Dorian (8 months ago)
It's sad that Poles know much more about USA than we know about Poland ;///
Filip :p (8 months ago)
Polacy wiedzą tyle o Ameryce, a oni o Polsce prawie nic. To jest smutne...
xdd (5 months ago)
Ale prawdziwe
PANDA gone RougE (8 months ago)
I’m a kid and I’m polish and I know everything
Krisek Kappa (8 months ago)
aj noł som fings abałt amerika amerika iz in afrika end it iz rili smal kantry
Beyza Kondu (8 months ago)
I want to learn that:How do you think about Muslims whic are living in America?
mój stary (7 months ago)
Beyza Kondu fuck muslims from Poland
DrejVid (8 months ago)
kocham was
Daniel Antolec (8 months ago)
Nie dla psa kiełbasa , dla pana !! /// Not a sausage for a dog, for you !!
Gwiazdor PL (8 months ago)
Ameryka to no poprostu cudo świata
Ania Piesio (9 months ago)
O Ameryce wiem mało ale może to dlatego że chodzę do 5 klasy podstawówki xd
Anavel #SaveYourInternet (9 months ago)
Polacy są spoko ja jestem Polką
Patrycja Skowronek (9 months ago)
Wiem że Stany Zjednoczone są tak dużym i potężnym krajem, że trudno o nim mało wiedzieć...
Spykeer6969 (9 months ago)
Good luck asking Americans about Poland's' first king xD
Majime (9 months ago)
well they knew our states pretty well and the capitals and they were a tiny bit confused about how many states, but many people are confused and think we have 51 or 52 states because technically Puerto Rico is an American state but at the same time is not a state. and I think that Alaska is another one they confuse. Anyone born in Puerto rico is automatically a U.S. citizen, but they do not have the same rights as Americans (like voting on presidency) because they are not officially a statehood. so it is understandable that people might think America has 51 or even 52 states, and to add to the confusion, some people think that Britain is an American state because Americans are originally British immigrants who has made America into their home. so I understand that they think we are 51 or 52 states. and I am impressed that they know Washington DC which they might think is also a state but is not (its a capital of America) and the fact that the majority know that Canada and Mexico is our neighbors this is impressive and shows that they have knowledge of geography. and also they know that republicans and democrats is our politics, although that's not impressive because there is hardly a third. but they did know about libertarian which I hardly even recognize that as a main stream politics. I hardly even know what libertarian is. so I would say that I am impressed with them and their knowledge. and It kind of puts me to shame that I don't know any of their presidents or their neighbors or how many states they are made of. (they are a part of Europe so I don't know if that counts as states or if you count it as one state) the only thing I know about Poland is that they have gone through rough times especially in the world war 2 and I love them, they are one of my closest allies, and I consider them a close friend, and I have no idea about this part, but I know that a king from the 15th century I think convinced all the people to be Christian and that is an integral part of their culture. I looked this up a while ago and I originally thought that they became Christian after hitler terrorized them. but actually I found out that a beloved king of theirs convinced them to Christianity. I know that Poland is a country that loves Jesus and that is the main reason why I am proud of them being our allies.
CRIS /34 (9 months ago)
We Europeans are more intelligent than Americans, Long live Poland, form Spain
Airsoftowiec 443 (9 months ago)
Według mnie Polacy wiedza więcej o Ameryce niż o Polsce... w sumie się nie dziwie, Polak wie gdzie lepiej :3
Solitude Solit (9 months ago)
Zwracam uwagę na to, że Polacy to bardzo mądry i żądny wiedzy o świecie naród. Co drugi polak potrafi odpowiedzieć na większość zadanych w tym filmiku pytań, a praktycznie każdy Amerykanin nie wie nic o Polsce. To jest przykład tego, że naród wielki i bogaty jest mniej wyedukowany od małego i niezbyt bogatego państwa. Nie mam na celu obrażać Amerykanów, ponieważ to bardzo pracowity kraj, ale większość znajdującym się w nim mieszkańców nie sięga dalej wiedzą niż Stany Zjednoczone. Pragnę jednak zwrócić uwagę na to jak pracowitym i mądrym narodem jest polska. Przykładem tego jest tenże filmik, więcej już chyba mówić nie muszę. Pozdrawiam
waterloo32594 (10 months ago)
Poland is based.
Adamskyy (10 months ago)
It's really sad-Polish peoples about America-90/80% good awnswers,Americans about Poland-10/20% good awnswers...it's really sad=< #Poland
Czyżyk (10 months ago)
I have an American English In school (Last year I had British) and I had to learn all states in US, American accent and different words in American English, We’ve learned about NY and LA, now we’re learning about high schools and I liked states, I like American culture but I’be never been there. But I’d really like to. Maybe just on a trip or maybe even to live there.
INFERNUS (10 months ago)
1:54 nie wiem czy to ja się nie mylę ale USA sąsiaduje jeszcze z Rosją przy Alasce
siódmy siedem (10 months ago)
Amerykanie mieli deklaracje niepodległości stworzyli fast food komputery marvel
Piotran W. (10 months ago)
What I know about USA: They have the biggest prison population in the world. They eat the most pills in the world. They have the most fat people in the world. They started more wars than any over country.
Przemysław Posieczek (10 months ago)
Cross PL (10 months ago)
Nie których nie wiedziałem xd, ale każdy ma swoją wiedzę która go zainteresowała o Ameryce
GregoreqGames (10 months ago)
2:19 jak poznać Polskę ..??? Po tym że na każdej ścianie są namalowane chu.e
Na tym kanale wiecej polaków niz Amerykanów
Wiktor 06 (10 months ago)
Polacy rządzą
JK Wright Commander (10 months ago)
Well I heard a Polish love America I don’t know why
Pizzi K (10 months ago)
Ja kocham Ameryke I Love America
Jestem Gruby (10 months ago)
Jezuu jak oni się ośmieszają...
wiktoria JestSuper (11 months ago)
Poland is better xd
Winter Soldier (6 months ago)
Unfortunately, I have to disagree.
VitalSTRATS (9 months ago)
wiktoria JestSuper In what way?
To że nie wiedzą duźo o polsce xd
Robię to co lubię (11 months ago)
1 prezydent George Washington 3 Thomas Jefferson 16 Abrahama Lincoln
Teuszowski (11 months ago)
I know that, Lincoln abolished slavery, and South part of USA didn't agree with that, and it leaded to Civil War.
Dakarus (11 months ago)
i know all abut america
I think reason why so many other countries (including Poland) know so much about US is that US "culture" is exposed to everyone all over the world and the information is sort of "pushed" in our brains. For example, I am from Poland and I could probably name most of US states.
Maja 24 (11 months ago)
Polacy wiedzą na pewno więcej o Ameryce niż Amerykanie o Polsce
julciaaQ ;3 (11 months ago)
Jestem z polski kto tez daje like
Kamil Korkowski (11 months ago)
Ziomek ktory mówi po polsku bo pewnie nie ogarnia angielskiego i jego kumpel tłumaczy wie wiecej niz ci co po angielsku mówią xD
Marti D (11 months ago)
I love America❤
killerek132 (11 months ago)
Z NY jest podchwytliwe pytanie, kilka lat temu sam musiałem sprawdzić bo nie wiedziałem :P
Róbert Šulík (11 months ago)
lol i dont believe this video lol i dont get this why u askin polish people in english language,, and they know everything , almost everything
marcin bekas (3 months ago)
Thats your problem. Get over it we in Poland have a knowlege of world and can speak english. In your country people dont?
Wojtek Kotwica (11 months ago)
ameryka jest krajem :P
SnowChickenFlake (11 months ago)
I think they are fat and stupid/silly. But not all of them
anita anta (11 months ago)
koleś i co się gapisz ? nagrywałeś odcinek co wasi wiedzą o Polsce . i pod koniec filmu powiedziałęś , że dla was Polska jest nie ważna itp. , a tera Polacy mówili o was , ale to tylko dowodzi , że Polacy są bardziej rozwinięci umysłowo , są mądrzejsi niż wasi zgrubiałe społeczeństwo , które szybciej rozpozna złote łuki McD niż krzyż IQ- . zacofani jesteście i tyle , a od Polski i Polaków trzym się z dala . Banda grubasów nic nie wiedzą , a myślą , że są pempkiem świata ;/// usa mogli by wiele nauczyć się od Polaków , bo wiedzą bijemy was amerykańskie pokurcze na głowy
Igor Rabczewski (11 months ago)
Ameryka and Poland Friends!!!!!!!!:D
SOVIET UNION (11 months ago)
I am Russia and i love poland
[usunięto [usunięto] (10 days ago)
o nie on tu jest .... KOMUNIZM ! RUNNNNNNNNNNN
Winter Soldier (6 months ago)
You're Russia? The country?
Archi Dembol (9 months ago)
Knuckle putin click click click you know tha way my brutha
Fabian Pietrzyk (11 months ago)
Ameryka sąsiaduje z trzema, a nie z dwoma państwami! Trzecim państwem sasiadujacym z Ameryką jest Rosja, ponieważ Amerykanie posiadają Alaskę!
Zadymiarz00 (11 months ago)
2:18 mistrz 2 planu hahahahhahajahahhahahahahaha
정현 (11 months ago)
Polaki kozaki, nie dość ze mówią po angielsku to dużo wiedza
vзр Play (11 months ago)
Wiem to że teraz prezydentem jest Donald Trump
jestem raprem (11 months ago)
I'm surprised that everyone on the video can speak in English lol Dziwie sie, że wszyscy znają angielski...
Kuba13337 (11 months ago)
VitalSTRATS (9 months ago)
Kuba13337 Is great
Naj Shot (11 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKt_ceflTcY LOOK AMERICA !!!
I C9 MY WIEMY DUŻO A TE AMERYKANIE NIC O NAS ( to nie sprawiedliwe ) :(
Alex Rakowicz (1 year ago)
Ok ok ok, has anyone seen the polish media. it constantly talks about the United States. I have only seen Poland in the media once in America. No wonder poles know more, it’s not that they are superior to Americans it’s that Poland cares more about the U.S.A. Then the U.S.A. Cares about Poland.
Michał Dekański (1 year ago)
Piekne miasta np New York , Chicago , Los Angeles.Po za tym liga Nba Golden state woriors Chicago bulss boston celtics
DANZING MAPPER (1 year ago)

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