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"Hotel Earl": Employees who called cops on black guest put on leave

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Two employees accused of racially profiling a black guest in the lobby of a Hilton DoubleTree Hotel in Oregon are on leave Friday morning. The hotel apologized a second time to Jermaine Massey, who in widely shared Instagram videos claimed he was targeted for "calling his mother while black." DeMarco Morgan reports. Watch "CBS This Morning" HERE: http://bit.ly/1T88yAR Download the CBS News app on iOS HERE: https://apple.co/1tRNnUy Download the CBS News app on Android HERE: https://bit.ly/1IcphuX Like "CBS This Morning" on Facebook HERE: http://on.fb.me/1LhtdvI Follow "CBS This Morning" on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1Xj5W3p Follow "CBS This Morning" on Instagram HERE: http://bit.ly/1Q7NGnY Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B Delivered by Norah O’Donnell, Gayle King, John Dickerson, and Bianna Golodryga, "CBS This Morning" offers a thoughtful, substantive and insightful source of news and information to a daily audience of 3 million viewers. The Emmy Award-winning broadcast presents a mix of daily news, coverage of developing stories of national and global significance, and interviews with leading figures in politics, business and entertainment. Check local listings for "CBS This Morning" broadcast times.
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Text Comments (7867)
Mary Beverley (16 hours ago)
I've never owned a hotel before....but I would here. Sue.
jermaine Johnson (18 hours ago)
Just ask for the bag you know why security and management put you out. I could try this case if you need a lawyer hit me.
madman2u (19 hours ago)
Whatever reason(right or wrong) they didn't want him there, they do at the very least owe him a refund. I hope he sues them for theft and wins.
toppa toppa (1 day ago)
Bob marley granddaughter..
toppa toppa (1 day ago)
Another one, this kind of stuff still stings considering the whole African American story
Des Mullins (1 day ago)
Boycott double tree put them out of business best revenge
SDSUMIGUEL (1 day ago)
Review those policies just in case they say “no black people on the phone”
FαZe bαnks (1 day ago)
Good thing I live on pr where there is almost no racists
Michael Woodburn (1 day ago)
"He wouldn't ask me to call 9-11 without any cause". Bruh that's what racist old white folks do. No cause but skin tone🙄🙄🙄
Nagan Gowda (1 day ago)
Is sorry will get fix everything ?
AMERICAN SOCIETY IS A RACIST SOCIETY TOWARDS PEOPLE OF COLOUR. Yet they call it the land of the free. Free jail rides ehy?😂 #sick
Paul Cotton (1 day ago)
Happens to me all the time because my skin is green and I look like a reptile.
El Gato (1 day ago)
Oregan is an embarrassment to the world
John Spriggs (1 day ago)
Earl should be in jail
Randolph Ramirez (1 day ago)
That's the problem people want to hang out where it's not a hang out people have to shout down there stores because of people like that he didn't even know what room he was in for being black he should know better he's race is always talking about being messed with by cops so why give them a reason u know how many bums try that..
Lil_Motion (1 day ago)
Antonio Mitchell (2 days ago)
Barbecue Becky Permit Patty Hotel Earl lol
DookB (2 days ago)
I know where to stay away from. I will never book a room with Hilton or Double Tree. I travel A LOT. I’m actually in a hotel room as I type this.
sabin97 (2 days ago)
do you call us "coloured" people? we are just people.
Aschika James (2 days ago)
Tow y'all white people need to leave us Jamaicans alone cause at the end of the day y'all want to come to Jamaica to vacation
Alex Wilker (2 days ago)
The bruder hit the Jackpot 😁 make em pay dude
GOD'S CHILD (2 days ago)
Why there's no lawsuit against the hotel?
Earnest T Bass (2 days ago)
Calling his mother while black oh I'm sure that's all he did.. fake news folks just more kowtowing to the race-baiting left
Mobbin4theArt (2 days ago)
Whites Have a highly schizophrenic, hyper inflated guilt complex, which exhibits itself thru fear concerning black people..
Mobbin4theArt (8 hours ago)
@Tim Hurst .. White Privilege is Me Editing My Comments..
Tim Hurst (8 hours ago)
@Mobbin4theArt As I've already stated, white privilege doesn't exist. You will edit your comments and your thinking to reflect this immediately
Mobbin4theArt (8 hours ago)
@Tim Hurst Everyone else there (white) just walks around the hotel comfortable, unmolested ie. "privileged".. Yet the black male is criminalized on his own dime.. This is one of the multiple examples (my conveniently illiterate friend) of your Caucasian privileged America..
Mobbin4theArt (9 hours ago)
@Tim Hurst .. A Racist page indeed.. I keep uploading responses Since Yesterday but none of them are catching.. Only when I say mundane things Like This do the comments Go Thru.. I'm done with this page..
Tim Hurst (9 hours ago)
@Mobbin4theArt & you still haven't fix those stupidity/ ignorance issues. Do so. Now.
Reven (3 days ago)
I’m black and went to double tree before this totally makes sense but is totally messed up. The parking lots of double tree are full of people who steal from the cars and most of the people who get caught are African Americans which would be ok if he was caught doing something but he was an innocent person trying to stay at a hotel and he deserves a refund at least
Mic Flynn (3 days ago)
The guard asked his room number. He gave the guard an attitude and after the police were called then he wants to show that he had a room there.
Mobbin4theArt (2 days ago)
@Mic Flynn .. Again.. No one else is being randomly asked for there room number & treated as criminal.. Do you know how frustrating it would be (for any human being) to pay the same fair as others, same cover charge etc. Yet not be accommodated with the same comfort level, and treated as criminal on your own dime?. smh.. If I've paid for my room, thus go sit & partake of the lobby (like every other paying customer) I Dont Expect Nor Deserve To Be Interrogated!! This has everything to do with white psychosis & schizophrenia, behind a heightened/historical guilt complex, ingrained under the black boogeyman stereotype, created by white media/Hollywood etc. Which leads to an open & hostile fear/terror that whites feel when black people come around..
Mic Flynn (2 days ago)
Mobbibin, Not everyone is a victim, the guy was buzzed and giving the old security a hard time. He was asked his room number which he did not provide. The manager fully trusted the old timers judgement. I am going with the hotel on this one. All he had to do was give a room number and then wants to act the fool. If you can’t size something up as shady, then you are a fool
Mobbin4theArt (2 days ago)
@Mic Flynn .. Yeah because the hotel strategically placed the shady chair in the shady corner, for whoever sat in it to look "shady".. smh.. Oh' wait.. That's only if there black thou.. Everyone else/white who sits in the shady seat placed in the shady corner doesn't look shady.. Is this your logic?
Mic Flynn (2 days ago)
Because he looked shady in a corner of the hotel on his phone and gave the guard instant attitude. Guests are generally cordial to security
Mobbin4theArt (2 days ago)
Why is the guard asking for his room key, and not the white guest? Why is melanated skin a badge of suspicion? This is the question.. Why are the same people Who My Tax Dollars Pay As Well called out by random whites to harass me..
2 D (3 days ago)
Portland is so white and racist , they brush their teeth with mayonnaise
Liviston Somoza (3 days ago)
“And they bbq hehe” she felt Awkward saying that.
Victoria Nichole (3 days ago)
Wait, he claimed he forgot his room number when asked by security but produced it for the police officer? Did no one catch that?
Arika Renee (3 days ago)
Sue them they will learn
DEVINECLUB (3 days ago)
Start calling the cops on white people...Two can play that game.
DEVINECLUB (3 days ago)
They been calling the police on blacks since 911 was activated.
Ashley James (3 days ago)
Do you really want this PR issue. Yeah it tells me all i need to know about this drama queen.
Denise Nunja (3 days ago)
Hotel Earl Permit Patty BBQ Becky Corner store Caroline 😂😂😂 and the list gets longer I'm here for it 👏😂 Expose expose
soflay turtles (4 days ago)
These hotels are prejudice My mom had went to a Hilton hotel with me and my brother they looked at her and said 300$ a night and when she said okay they were like oh we dont have any more rooms avaliable🤔
Mark Massman (4 days ago)
Great Video, Thanks for sharing, DoubleTree and Hilton Hotels we can wipe off our places to stay list when we go on vacation, my girlfriend is African-American, we sure wouldn't want to be the cause of a scene at that Hotel Chain... Great Video !!
Badmon (4 days ago)
That security pig should be fired
pluijm2 (4 days ago)
This is really terrible, I'm ashamed.
The Maneuver (4 days ago)
bay dough (4 days ago)
OG Sinatra (4 days ago)
This is hilarious
OG Sinatra (4 days ago)
Im only a victim because the press keeps it that way and we like the advantage -black person
Rau Kenneth (5 days ago)
Some of them white folk are very frightened of black people.
Kheira Candle LLC (5 days ago)
BLACK HISTORY It's sad but the behavior of black people has caused this. It has caused fear among the non black population. Look at Chicago.... This is the truth and many black people can;'t accept this fact...Why don't Indians or hispanics get harassed on this level?
Tyrone Adams (5 days ago)
Insulted him, profiled him and took his money on top of that. Wow. They might as well have raped him.
Bosco Sticks (5 days ago)
Hotel Harry
AJ10 Sunshine (5 days ago)
The manager said..."He wouldn't have ask me call 911 WITHOUT a CAUSE."...WTH!!!! I guess being Black is Enough CAUSE!!!! Dayum Shame!!!
Jermaine was acting suspicious while being in possession of a cell phone, curly hair and big lips.
E Laurole (5 days ago)
Sooo.... Umm how do you train a rascist 🤔
Kent Clark (5 days ago)
Sounds like another Jussie now. was he, in fact, an FBI agent or not? Certainly doesn't sound like Johny Utah to me?
Joe Orzech (5 days ago)
Well lets make a law that says . ...you can no longer call the police or even speak to any person of color ......unless your a white girl .....they should be aloud to do what ever they want when ever they want where ever they want
Haze Sativa (5 days ago)
I truly hate white ppl
oxXRockXSugarXxo (6 days ago)
Ugh I wish this dude knew his rights!
P.H.A.T Joker (6 days ago)
I would sue the Hotel. For discrimination... Let them feel the consequences
Dorian Nyxinia (6 days ago)
So...about that refund...
William Keehn (6 days ago)
Find where the rent a 🐷 s are and bring civil charges against them.
Ana Mihoubi (6 days ago)
Im in full support of black ppl and Hispanics and just know their are some white ppl that will come to the rescue and deescalate the situation
Herbin' Avenger (6 days ago)
As a former director of security for a hotel chain, which by the way was purchased by Double Tree, I can say that I would have terminated that security officer's employment at that moment.  I would also have over ruled that manager and police while apologizing to that guest profusely.
Lots of times its loser white people who are jealous and try to put people down.
liteisrael4life (6 days ago)
Sue,sue,sue the hotel and the police department.
vioh Rod (6 days ago)
What is he doing in the hilton to begin with? I'd never stay there.
Allie Boy (7 days ago)
He ain’t no FBI agent lol
Mike Willett II (7 days ago)
this might be the ONE case where it's actually racism. congrats media!
amanda hammond (7 days ago)
The hotel is racist
Soraath XV (7 days ago)
It happens to white people too, I look kinda dodgy and people are always suspicious of me just simply by the way I look
Jermane Anyoha (7 days ago)
There's an 'i' in your name, none in mine, but we a team, brutha.
BiGsImY (7 days ago)
Black people are going to start calling the police on white people for no reason.
Abbie Daddy (7 days ago)
Cops: *smells the air* " I smell bLaCk MaN bReaThiNg!"
Stay Frosty (5 days ago)
Wow but true
MILTWN (7 days ago)
Freaking ridiculous!!
Genius by Design (7 days ago)
wtf ? loitering as a guest ?
Rey Rey (7 days ago)
Blacks need a call the cops on a white person day..lwill the cops even show up? No, but they’ll say blacks are wasting taxpayers dollars and fine the black person for a false claim. They’ll say they could’ve been at a real emergency saving lives....so why is okay for a white person to walk away without a fine for doing the same?
Blame trump
Dude is 70 years old he grew up in that time where it was just fine to be rude to blacks
Kyle Mitchell (7 days ago)
Let's be honest police generally act like dicks to everyone they just prefer to harass blacks
Reviews. (7 days ago)
SUE, SUE, SUE!!!!!!
willmart4321 (7 days ago)
I will never take a vacation in America, as a black man i cannot take the risk there are so many decent countries to spend my money in,people need to boycott that country its like the wild west 😯😯🙄
sanding tools (7 days ago)
Hotel earl 😂😂😂😂
Chewie -V (7 days ago)
I'm so glad that black gentlemen who was on the news show didn't say anything about how that white couple used their " white privilege" to help him
Viridian Sky (7 days ago)
Racist old geezer... He deserves to be kicked out of that hotel more than this poor guy does.
Aaron IsDead (7 days ago)
This is why I never assume black people are doing something wrong and I never call the police on them. I never discriminate. I didn't even call the cops when that black guy and his group of friends pushed me down and ran off with my wallet. For all I know they ran into me on accident and my wallet just happened to fall into that one guys pocket. I could be receiving a call any day now from one of those young men so they can return it.
Johan Svensson (8 days ago)
happi prod. (8 days ago)
NO REFUND??????????????????
Mohd Raymee Marhom (8 days ago)
racism sucks
MRSPIGGYISBAE (8 days ago)
I’m black and I sadly think that whites won’t ever get along with any other race it’s just in their blood.
Duncan Bell (8 days ago)
Our statements are not racist only our employees are..The Double Tree.
Mike Mandala (8 days ago)
You know why black men is targeted so much? It's because the world expect better from us. They expect the natural being, a peaceful look, non tattooed, non gold teeth and you know the stereotype. We wanna dress any how, look any how, and not get targeted, it's like we wanna get targeted by the way we move and operate. Why can't we just walk simply and look normal we have to be putting on them extra things to make us look different from our one another, and this is the main reason along with racism why we are now being target. All am saying is apart from racism we have a part to play in our own downfall and that's a fact. We know the right thing yet do the opposite and expect to talk about rights and not targeted how does that make sense? You know that a certain gang dress with red bands and blue pants yet everyone starts wearing it and expect not to be a target then turn around talk about right does that make sense? Can rights prevent you from a fat shot in your head? Choose life fam there is no winning talking about rights n all choose life when you show people you can not care about them and don't waste time proving point to ppl that will show you have already matured as a human being and move past the petty behaviors of a lesser race "am not racist just saying".
Chris Abbott (8 days ago)
This is Portland people these people out here claim they aren't racist but they are.... More to come about this city... It has to be exposed...
The Pennington's (8 days ago)
White elderly man harassing black man. Where have we seen this before?
Leeland Glover (8 days ago)
Won't be staying there lost my account.
Maryam Mout (8 days ago)
Thank God your not a BLACK MUSLIM....
Clos R (9 days ago)
Both the security guard and manager were fired, I hope these racist never find employment again.
Juliana Thompson (9 days ago)
Hotel Earl. 71 year old security guard. Trespassing where u paid.
Conqueror Emmanuel (9 days ago)
How could a officer harassed a black customer for being a guest in a hotel when he got on a black uniform. The same way he put somebody out of a hotel, he would be put out of his own him and family concluded! Stop coming to these businesses look for a job and then harassed black people for being a good guest, it doesn't matter what money comes from; That old mayonnaise officer of his doesn't have anymore 71 years to Nick pick somebody color skin💥🔫💥🔫💥🔫👊💥💣💥💫👊💥👊👊💥where was he when Whitney Houston lost her life at the hands of clide Davis, so what if a black customers wants to have a good time a hotel room: It's not that officer business to Nick pick somebody color skin nor bullying. If you want to be hired do the job right that you was hired to do or don't do it at all. But Nick picking is not an options.Peace to you and be encouraged😒👊💥😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚💖💕💓💋💅💞💗💝💖💖💞💗
Swanzetta Gardner (9 days ago)
Hilton in bwi area in BALTIMORE Md racial profiled my children and I recently while stay there due to a house fire. They stated they didn't have any other rooms to accommodate us. I went to a nearby hotel the young lady there call Hilton asked for the same accommodations and the same young lady at Hilton informed her they had plenty. Even asked her when was she arriving. I returned to hilton told the lady behind the counter that I her the whole conversation. I have been a IHG member for yrs. A Marriott member for yrs among other hotel groups. I have never been treated in that fashion at all. I explained to her I will be getting in contact with headquarters, then she found accommodations. Sad just sad. I love everyone no matter the color of skin, big or small, fat or skinny however you are. But I am prejudice against ignorance.
Nath Paris (9 days ago)
*@**0:47** PARIS SUBWAY* 😉
Nath Paris (9 days ago)
*@**0:47** PARIS SUBWAY* 😉
NewYorkSucks76 (9 days ago)
I was at my apartment in went to use the gym, my key didn't work and one of the staff that was showing a potential renter rooms walked by and I asked if the gate key was the same one used for the gym. They said, "The gym is for residents only." And I said that I did live there and she just walked away. I'm not the type of person to look at things from a racial perspective or complain but I felt like that definitely had something to do with it. I talked with my neighbor about it and they complained. The complex made an employee that had nothing to do with it apologize.
K B (9 days ago)
Brian C (9 days ago)
The Manager .."Our security guard would never call 911 without a valid reason!"...... Word of advice..never ever say never!
Jermaine Brewster (9 days ago)
Aye I take this to heart because my name is Jermaine Brewster #Jermainelivesmatter

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