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WARNING! NOT FOR FAINT HEARTED- The Morbid Art of Making Your Dead Body Look Alive

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Although many of us have seen an embalmed body at a funeral or wake, most of us are not very knowledgeable about embalming facts. You may not like to think about what happens when you're embalmed, but it’s actually a fascinating process. A lot of time, skill - and toxic chemicals - go into preparing a body for its final presentation. So how does embalming work? It’s not a pretty process, but embalming a body is crucial for anyone who wants an open casket or a viewing of any kind. While as much care as possible is taken to make sure that the body is respected, embalming is still a very clinical process. It takes less time than you might think - the actual embalming normally takes between 45 minutes and an hour. But the dressing of the body and the makeup may take much longer. The whole procedure ensures that decomposition is slowed down as much as possible and that the body is returned to its most lifelike and natural state. This has a huge impact on the funeral - and the grieving process more generally. A relaxed, natural-looking body is much less traumatic for a loved one, especially where the deceased died in a traumatic way. *********************************************************************** Music credits: "Wicked - Deep Background Track", by Public Performer.
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lisa foos (18 hours ago)
Cremation, please.
Harry Pearson (2 days ago)
ahhwhat a wanker.thispersonwhoput it onhere ihoope theydie if theydont want toshowitthendont put it on hereiwanna watchthis but this prick doesnt want toshow it.dick
Alexea Santiago (3 days ago)
Very interesting and fascinating video 👍
Sheyla Abarca (5 days ago)
Crummy (5 days ago)
this actually helped me with my moms decision to be cremated..thank you
Zer0dog (5 days ago)
embalming isn't required for burial or viewing so...
After all of that I want to be put in a sparkly, rainbow coffin and I want Jeffrey Star to do my make up. Oh ya and I want someone to curl my hair give me breast implants and butt injections (also dye my hair rainbow too please), and play My Chemical Romance please. Is that too much to ask
Brian notafan (7 days ago)
the hindi music has to stop
Natty Bear Bear (7 days ago)
It’s like rubber
Brian notafan (7 days ago)
thats one ugly motherfucker
Brian notafan (7 days ago)
the fuckin music makes me wanna embalm myself alive
barrettproduction (8 days ago)
You too can look like this for the right price. Or you can go the cheap way by having your body cremation. Either way RIP.
pa00w0rd (8 days ago)
it- wasn't-me (9 days ago)
I could never be a mortician. 🤢
This is just one of the reasons I have opted to go with a green burrial
Arina Van Dam (9 days ago)
I wish I had known what a funeral director das after someone dies. Here in the Netherlands they don't use embalming much to be honest I never have seen it. I still have got night mares about my father 's dead the did not say that they had to break all his bones to get him in a coffin.... My gosh that sound is horriblle. !!!
Zer0dog (13 days ago)
People in the comments don;t seem to realize embalming isn't necessary for an open casket viewing
Its Julie (14 days ago)
That’s a lot of work. More power to them
Karen Walters (15 days ago)
When the thread went through the nasal cavity I just shuddered--could practically *feel* that.
Karen Walters (15 days ago)
Also--why'd they have to use an old body to demonstrate? I don't want to sound awful but that takes more than just embalming to get a lifelike look. Old people seriously sometimes look dead *before* they're dead.
Karie Jo (19 days ago)
I want people to remember how I looked while I was still alive. Who needs to see a loved one not looking exactly how they should? Who wants that memory, and who wants people to remember them in that state? My family members all know I want to be cremated. I want my smile to forever be embedded into everyone's memories of me. I want them to celebrate my life. Not my death.
Beverly Stewart (23 days ago)
oh wow
Amanda Jenkins (23 days ago)
I'm a huge fan of your videos but I wanted to clarify something... Rigor mortis is not an unusual body position. Its a stiffening of the body cause by chemical changes in the muscles and can happen in the most usual of positions. Sorry but having been in both the nursing field (witnessing several autopsies) AND law enforcement (having been on a few death investigation calls) my OCD wouldnt allow me to let it go lol! But I honestly love your videos. Its obvious you put alot of time and effort into doing the research into the details. I also love that you actually show most the images... I dont mean to sound morbid but I do love the gore. But mostly I dont think one can get a true sense of the what happened when its so blurred that you cant actually see anything. Your videos and very informative! 😀
rhoads' girl (24 days ago)
That needle in the leg and the eye plumping up gave me the chills, and I've seen many morbid things ! Great video as always !
C Bradshaw (24 days ago)
Death doesn’t scare me at all. It would be the decaying of my body that scares me so I have requested to be cremated.
Ian Robertson (24 days ago)
A cloth is laid over your genitals For me they will need a double sheet
Liliana McDermott (1 day ago)
Ian Robertson hahaha omg !
Nicole White (25 days ago)
Hi Luth! What Liveleak video did you use in this video?
Yankee Cat (25 days ago)
Don't try this at home... ;-)
Jason Wise (25 days ago)
Strangest music ever, with a “Seat belt On” ding, from an airplane. Pretty Creepy...
Dominic Garcia (26 days ago)
I feel like I'm in sex ed...vd...chapter reading..day...now that is scary!!lol!!
Rose Jeldan (27 days ago)
Woaww!! 😮 I'm not easily shocked, but i had to look away when they sewed that jaw. Yuk...🙈
Unicorn poo (29 days ago)
This exactly what I was looking for. I'm writing a piece for my blog and page about how your body is prepared for your funeral. This will be a great guid. Thanks for the upload.
Keely groshong (29 days ago)
sorry, I never read the other comments first but you'll got it right, cremation is definitely the way to go. this video gives me chills
Keely groshong (29 days ago)
Ahhhhh this is scary as hell! Just cremate me, please
KitchShell Vlogs (29 days ago)
Everyone saying y'all wanna be cremated so you don't have to have all this done. Y'all still have to have this done if wether you are being cremated or buried. Just saying. Funeral directors will do this because if your family want to see you then they are going to want you to look as you did when you was alive. Not some grey unrecognisable figure.
Kelli Alaine Bumgarner (29 days ago)
Wow. I had no idea. They are doing such a wonderful thing. I was so impressed with the level of respect and kindness... Thank you for this one. I feel so much better. I had been struggling with the death of someone very dear to my heart and this made me feel so much better knowing he received this compassionate care. Really... Thank you!♥️
Bart Madness (30 days ago)
Learn something new every day! Wow!
Gravier Dg (30 days ago)
The embalmer is like a doctor having an operation but for the dead instead..
lesley smith (1 month ago)
That was really interesting I didn't know so much went to it. I always wondered how they kept the patients mouth shut. As a nurse having laid people out the jaw could be the hardest part, I hated putting a bandage under the jaw and over the top of the head. I have been curious how they get some of the persons clothes on at the end. I am having a green funeral or cremation with the new technique that causes the pollutants get in the air. Both my parents had to have autopsies and I could look at the body as a parent but also knowing what had been done them and where the scars. They gave my dad a center parting which he has never had, luckily I went to see him and straightened it out.
Jen A (1 month ago)
Miss Kitty Holder (1 month ago)
Cool! R.I.P dear souls.....
vapeitup vapeitup (1 month ago)
I have never seen the whole embalming process before and am surprised at how much has to be done to make a body presentable after death. All the processes involved require skill and expertise and it is touching to see how the deceased’s dignity is preserved at every stage as well as the body. I was amazed at how big the main arteries are - l can see how you can bleed to death in a matter of minutes if one gets severed. So much detail goes into making the face look natural and, whilst some aspects were quite brutal, the end result is excellent. Absolutely fascinating, one of the most interesting procedures l have seen, thank you for sharing.
Roland Deschain (1 month ago)
Best channel on YT.
Mikey Mike (1 month ago)
Luth Luther: Just a suggestion, but on these videos, please reconsider the background music? Looping the same short soundtrack takes away from the video and can drive viewers away. No disrespect. Cheers, :-) But still, very educational video. Thank you,
Mikey Mike (1 month ago)
A little hard to watch at first, but very educational. If you want an open casket, it's going to cost your family and estate large! Personally, put me in a simple but nice pine box, and put me in the oven! Save the money and have a celebration of life party! :-)
Scotty Degrafenreid (1 month ago)
The funeral home owner where I'm employed has us use a needle injector for mouth closures but this guy did a good job suturing her mouth closed.
Scotty Degrafenreid (1 month ago)
J M P. Valencia Super glue works fine as long as you don't let it crust up between the lips but once it sets it's set
Maaz Eker (1 month ago)
Scotty Degrafenreid But I saw a video which showed an embalmer using glue to keep a dead's mouth and eyes shut, instead of using a needle injector or suturing it. And it turned out to be fine. No, complaints from the family of the deceased.
Danielle 2018 (1 month ago)
Okay now that I've seen this I will not sleep anytime soon.
Danielle 2018 (1 month ago)
+Maaz Eker Amen.
Maaz Eker (1 month ago)
Danielle 2018 Our flesh can feel not only pain, but also, emotions, such as hate, love, happiness, etc. But our souls which are the spirits in us are aware of the things that happen around us. Praise God and the Lord for They deserve all of them.
Danielle 2018 (1 month ago)
+Maaz Eker True.
Maaz Eker (1 month ago)
Danielle 2018 Probably, it's not your soul. So it's your physical body. Because your flesh can feel pain.
Danielle 2018 (1 month ago)
+Maaz Eker I do believe is it my fleash that's scared to die or me?
jeffblacky (1 month ago)
That music .... is enough to make you jump from a 20 story building
Serbia Drift (1 month ago)
Im late but I wanna say I LOVE the songs Luther finds to put in their videos, they always make it eerie and cool :D
A 1 (1 month ago)
No modesty and respect towards the deceased after all.. Too pity to all of you. Well.. What can be said.. Are those kind of the keep on busy things shown here ( required to be paid in extra for the embalming service and bla bla.. ) the so called "Savior" job as well..?
balto4 (1 month ago)
Interesting,love your vids.This was very informative. Where can I find this music?
It's me, Joolz (1 month ago)
Thank you for this very explicit and educational video, Luth. This makes me even more glad that my body will be going for medical use when I die. The body is just a shell and I hope that more people start to consider following suit to make the livings' lives better. Plus, the chemicals must be horrible for the soil. Also, if you donate, you'll save your loved ones a lot of money that could be donated to charities. The plumping of the eyes and sewing the jaw shut were so creepy and gross!
Midnight Dance (1 month ago)
Uhh... I think id like to be cremated. This video lost me at the blood draining.😅😖😨
EinieN J (1 month ago)
Oh god.. I will be cremated for sure!. Needle in the eye..
Maaz Eker (1 month ago)
EinieN J and they even use glue to keep a dead's mouth and eyes shut. After emptying a dead body, and prepping it for burial. But these things will really be painful if the dead is still alive. 😂
Ms.Krueger (1 month ago)
Silly lil' Bung (1 month ago)
Wtf...I couldn't look away!....17+mins that I have no regret watching.... I'm too damn curious for my own good. It was cringingly GREAT! THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING! My reactions: 😀😮🙈👀😕🙈👀👀😮👀👀🙈👀👀👀👀👀
Sandi Morris (1 month ago)
I had seen similar stuff before but never with such detail. Had to double tap the screen a couple of times. Really shows that it’s a lot of work to make a deceased person look like they’re asleep. Thanks for the vid.
Dorothy Copeland (1 month ago)
Great video!!
andrew vanhorn (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this.
andrew vanhorn (1 month ago)
+Maaz Eker hell yea
Maaz Eker (1 month ago)
andrew vanhorn But are you still interested in dating girls after watching this?
Mazie G (1 month ago)
I can handle anything after working in hospitals and nursing homes,but not this area. Just leave my body alone and cremate me.
calcedonio Paolucci (1 month ago)
Who can do this S***?
Maaz Eker (1 month ago)
calcedonio Paolucci So who's dating?
Its Just Brit (1 month ago)
Fuck it. Im getting cremated.
LadyFlu (1 month ago)
I just wanna be cremated
Natalie Rozean (1 month ago)
I’m Soooo thrilled I found you!! Being an ex MEDIC, who worked on the trauma/ code blue team in a medical hospital. I’ve worked at a STATE HOSPITAL for the criminally & psychologically insane, rapists, adolescent murderers, child molesters serial killers and more. On top of that...That particular state hospital was in NM & over 100 yrs old and haunted AF (or something). We genuinely questioned if the paranoid schizophrenics really DID see dead people. Now I’m terminally ill myself from a rare genetic disease that slowly destroys my organs. Needless to say... I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THESE VIDEOS! It’s so wonderful to have someone brave enough make a channel w content for the people w morbid curiosity!!! Good to know you can be intrigued but not bat shit crazy. Lol ❤️
PegasusTheMajestic (1 month ago)
The embalming process has always been a bizzare, grotesque curiosity of mine. To see the whole process now - it's just down right horrifying 😱. I don't see how anyone can find embalming and the whole body beautification a respectful process. I've already made my deaths plans for either a natural burial or direct cremation. I am not allowed to be embalmed. This reconfirms my decision. Thanks for posting this.
Cody Chloroform (1 month ago)
Sorry I'm late, what did I miss? Yikes! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.
Lisa 11:11 (1 month ago)
Perfect music.
Lisa 11:11 (1 month ago)
Such a silly tradition.
A Sollami (1 month ago)
OK,so I'm gonna go watch something funny now.Might avoid trying to walk for a few minutes.💀
Wasted Hours (1 month ago)
It’s crazy to think that the corpse was once an exuberant child, full of wonder and reverie...long, long ago. Nature is a cruel mother.
Karen Brown (1 month ago)
Gnarly, ghoolish, and macabre *Love* it!
Moondyne .Joe (1 month ago)
My ex wife died 13 days ago had an autopsy and her body was just passed to the funeral Director, I assume that she is having part if not all of this procedure done today, I have been curious of the after life processing at a funeral home for years, very interesting their is nothing surer than death and taxes we may as well learn as it is part of life.Thanks for finding and sharing Luth Luther Tony from Western Australia
Foxy Lady (1 month ago)
I don't want anybody looking at me after I've gone, just put me in a cheap coffin and get me to the crematorium, job done..
Lesa Nycole (3 days ago)
...same here
Mikey Mike (1 month ago)
F L: 100% agree! Save the money and have a party! That's what I want. :-)
Mazie G (1 month ago)
Carpe Diem ..I'm right behind you here..years later I hope,but still behind you.
i love to see dead body and ppl dead make me horny
Maaz Eker (1 month ago)
kill or be killed Proud to be an American Yummy? Are you in to cannibalism? 😂
Paul Cook (1 month ago)
Loving the content Luth. I do wish I was dead
Luth Luther (1 month ago)
No! lol ....Life is precious xD Enjoy life for doing something good and what makes us happy while we're alive :)
greendolphin100 (1 month ago)
really interesting that was ......nice music btw
TheCharisfulone (1 month ago)
Great video! Very informative and interesting. Love it.
Raven Fae Bowie (1 month ago)
Yeah, no need to bother with that for me. Just wrap me in newspapers and set me on fire
A. Persona (1 month ago)
Respect for life And death
sierra wilson (1 month ago)
This is very informative thank you
MrKenNoath (1 month ago)
I wish I had a radical artery.
Chantilly C (1 month ago)
Imagine you're already dead and still have to go through all that suffering. I definitely will be cremated.
bonita 38 (1 month ago)
Very intriguing n educational video!
n. p. (1 month ago)
Embalming is....so unnecessary, archaic, and environmentally toxic. We need a societal shift of priorities for living beings and the environment instead.
n. p. (1 month ago)
What is with the elevator button sounds? Kind of jarring. Otherwise great video and audio
Rusty Nail (1 month ago)
Very good video, thank you.These Videos are great. keep up the good work.
Lesley Sullivan (1 month ago)
This video was brought to you by the Cremation Society of America. Also, this is an excellent video to watch if you’re on a diet.
Carley Emerson (1 month ago)
I have heard so many people complain about how much a funeral cost but when you think about it there is so much that goes into the entire funeral process. Not to mention so many people can't even talk about the subject much less be employed in this field. Kuddos.
Merine Lyon (1 month ago)
ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO! Keep these great videos coming. I love your work. And letting your viewers know that some of the next images are graphic was brilliant! Applause! WOW, WOW, WOW and WOW! I had no idea how incredibly invasive the process actually is! Sure we've heard about the embalming process, blood out/chemicals in. BUT GEEZ LOUISE! It just seems like a bunch of unnecessary poking and prying. As a young girl with catholic parents, visiting graves was something we did quite often. I remember thinking, look at all these head stones, these are people that will be remembered forever as long as they have a headstone with their name on it. As a child, I remember wanting that for myself. In nice big beautiful crypt with my name on it. But now, as a woman who's almost 50, I'm seeing things differently. I think I'd like to be returned to the earth from which I came. My drivers license says I'm a donor, I totally agree to having my body used for science. Then either scatter my ashes or feed me to the sharks. Please.
Paul Howie (1 month ago)
Hi Luth, another great video , gruesome and educational all rolled into one , fascinating content , Loved it 😃
Ayanna Real (1 month ago)
In Islam when you/person dies it is required to bury within three days probably so all these “Modifications” won’t need to be done. We are to wash the body thoroughly and apply camphor to the heels and forehead ,and palms. Then apply musk or drakkar noor for fragrance. After that the body is wrapped in only three pieces of the whitest cloth. For viewing the face is left uncovered for a small time and when it’s time for burial, it is covered. Very simple (Go back the way you came) Look it up, it’s also quite interesting like this. Salaam-Peace.
It's me, Joolz (1 month ago)
+Paul Cook My reply indicates extremists in "most" religions. Here are 2 articles on Christain extremists:https://religionnews.com/2017/05/14/christian-militias-kill-up-to-30-muslim-civilians-in-central-african-republican/ https://www.thedailybeast.com/yes-there-are-christian-terrorists Here is an article on Buddhist extremists:https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-22356306 I was unable to find anything on the Sikh.
Paul Cook (1 month ago)
+It's me, Joolz we don't see Christians, Buddhist or Sikh's beheading people.
It's me, Joolz (1 month ago)
Most religions have extremists, including Christianity. It's unfair to judge the majority because of the ones who twist things.
Ayanna Real (1 month ago)
kill or be killed Proud to be an American To each his own.
fuck islam
3/11 By Design (1 month ago)
Just burn me, this is such an odd ritual.
Karen Daniels (3 days ago)
3/11 By Design and a very costly one at that. The money made on death is just disgusting.
Ly The Strange (20 days ago)
+3/11 By Design hahahahaha!!!!
3/11 By Design (20 days ago)
+Ly The Strange being a Republican 🤣
Ly The Strange (20 days ago)
Not sure what worse this or being mummified
3/11 By Design (1 month ago)
+Mikey Mike 👍😃🍿🌭
Doris Washington (1 month ago)
Wow!!! What can I say but incredible!!! Never knew so much was involved in this process. I must once again say awesome vid!! Another very informative learning experience. Hat's off to you for such amazing and interesting content. Love getting a notification u have posted a new vid. Your content is always fascinating and well done. Thank u also for the extra warning before showing how they get to and use the vein to embalm. As always ur hard work and dedication in bringing us these vids is truly appreciated!!! So once again thank you. AWESOME VID!!!🙂👍💛 P. S. I'm being cremated had decided before seeing this but this makes me really sure lol..
Hira Hira (1 month ago)
Thank God I am muslim
Hira Hira (1 month ago)
+Maaz Eker hamary yaha Jo insan Marta Hy wo apni asli halat me hi dafnaya jata Hy. AP Jo dykh rahy ho video me kia AP satisfy ho k agr humara apna koi dead hojay Allah na kary to usk sath ese treatment ho. Hum nai chaty.
Hira Hira (1 month ago)
+Maaz Eker brother Muslims dead body ko just wash claen karty Hy. Is Tara see k dead body ko chot ya kharosh na ay. Humare islam me dead body ko bohat carefully isly wash kia jata Hy kiu Islam me mara how inasan SB k liy Mar to Chuka hota Hy lekn JB Tak uska hisab Kitab na hojay tab tak wo mehsos kar sakta hy murdy ko taklif hoti Hy agr makhi b us per Beth Jay to wo b kafi wazni lagty Hy dead person ko. JB dead body ko kaber me utar dyty Hy tb angles use questions karty Hy. Agr gud person Hy to janat me bhej dyty Hy agr gunnah gar Hy tu dozakh (hell) me bhej dyty Hy. Lekn Islam me ese dead body k sath karna sai nai samja jata but afsos aj post mortem b Muslim countries me ho rahy Hy .
Maaz Eker (1 month ago)
Hira Hira So what's the difference between a dead Muslim and a dead Christian? I mean. How do you prep your dead for burial? But, no need to reply, I'll just watch it here in yt. Salam alai kum.
Anonymousey (1 month ago)
Very interesting, thank you 👍
Samantha Waldren (1 month ago)
Great video Luth! The injection into the eyeball *eww* I know they were already dead but it still looked painful.
Rachel Edwards (1 month ago)
3:12 soooo creepy
Tracy Rapoli (1 month ago)
excellent and informative video. Thank you.
Pathippy 56 (1 month ago)
There will be NO viewing of me, I'm going straight to the oven. Awesome, super gross video. Great job.
JENNiFER OLSSON (1 month ago)
This was more terrifying that I thought it would be... Great video as always!
Monroe Taylor (1 month ago)
Thank you it made me think about my own end and what my family will need me to do before hand

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