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Alejo a day as a girl with his sister - Part 1

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Alejo celebrated his Fifteen years as a girl, in the company of her sister Mariana, wearing the same dress that she and the same maquila.
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Text Comments (69)
Rondinele Silva (2 days ago)
became a beautiful princess pretty enchanting woman Very sexy
cell pat (2 days ago)
Wow they look like twins!
TS forever (3 days ago)
i don't know who is who, shit
Jassy (8 days ago)
Looks better as a girl. He should stick to that....
Dipun Bishoyee (8 days ago)
One suggestion for Aljeo just wear a bra panty and a gown sit inside home and born babies that's also feminism too.
Verónica Fem (9 days ago)
Me encanta, siempre un gran trabajo. Oye, habías comentado que los otros vídeos que tenías se dieron de baja por reporte de homobóficos, ¿hay posibilidad de que los subas de nuevo? Espero la segunda parte.
tangogent (10 days ago)
They were such pretty boys, they had an advantage in becoming pretty girls. x
Ingemar Johnsson (11 days ago)
Please don´t keep us waiting too longl Wish to know among others if both get their make up repaired after the meal.
Solitude Rules (11 days ago)
Watching Alejandro come down the stairs with his sister 💕 made me cry happy tears. Such a beautiful moment 💕 Thank you so so much for sharing this Masterpiece of video 💕💖
Anyaa Brook (13 days ago)
mameees quien es el hombre XD parecen gemelas
kapil Makwana (13 days ago)
Fabulous osm superb transformation
kapil Makwana (13 days ago)
Why can't u trying next great boy to girl transformation like Indian bride
Nina Flor (13 days ago)
Es maravilloso el trabajo de Fabricio y su equipo, convirtiendo a un muchacho en gemela de su hermana. Ambas lucen prácticamente como dos gotas de agua. También me gustó la parte final donde apareció la "nueva tía", quien tuvo la idea de que Alejandro festeje por segunda vez sus 15 años, esta vez como una chica.
Eddie Ormerod (13 days ago)
I think it's sad a parent can't accept their child's decision to change genders or so. They were both beautiful.
speedguy82 (13 days ago)
I cant able to find the difference .. excellent makeover .. omg mind blowing one ..
Thomas Heerd (14 days ago)
Very nice and a great job. Fantastic story 👍
Roberto Longo (14 days ago)
DONALD SHRVOCK (14 days ago)
going to Minnesota next spring thinking going as a girl to surprise my ex girlfriend
DONALD SHRVOCK (14 days ago)
going to Minnesota next spring thinking going as a girl to surprise my ex girlfriend
Jeff Wilson (14 days ago)
I want to see part two & three
Monica Flores (14 days ago)
Que Hermosas Dios las Bendiga a las 2
Gordon Snell (15 days ago)
Very nice, they look like twins now 😊😊
Chris Denton (15 days ago)
Wish I could do this someday even tho I'm 34 but I don't care lol I love feeling girly and I'm a male and don't care what ppl think as long as I'm happy who cares lol I love for who I am and I'm not going to change!!!!!!
Chris Denton (5 days ago)
+Icokan jrg me too
Icokan jrg (14 days ago)
Same with me looking for good friends
candugiful (15 days ago)
Porque no saben mas videos ,queremos mas videos ya!😎😎😎
Cyril Moore (15 days ago)
Very cute
luciafdez23 (15 days ago)
Maravilloso, ¡qué envidia!
Jessica García (15 days ago)
Asombroso trabajo, parecen gemelas wow!!!
Comunicando Fronteras (15 days ago)
Como siempre un estupendo trabajo de transformación
bill hambrook (15 days ago)
A brilliant job, Absolutely amazing, and a pair of beautiful and lucky girls! Thank you.
9874625 (15 days ago)
His ears was pierced?
Michael James (15 days ago)
The grandfather is a piece of crap for not acknowledging his other grandchild.... Great job both look very sweet 👍👍👍👍and this is for the grandfather 👎👎👎👎
Jami Early (11 days ago)
Grandfather might have been old fashion and don't agree with the idea.I crossdressed since i was a teen and don't pass well but my folks never approve but they made sure all 4 of us kids embraced the LBGT scene
Shag Wellington (15 days ago)
You made them look like identical twins. The work you do is amazing. I appreciate their sense of humor. Another great job. You are true artists. Everyone you transform looks like they could model.
Shalini Iyar (15 days ago)
they are like twins both were absolutely pretty and cute..!! <3
Jami Early (11 days ago)
i agree with you . He did look a bit of nervous early on or just not sure what he was doing, Had the deer in headlight look or not sure what to do.
Sébastien Fabre (15 days ago)
Love vous êtte trop belle j'adore votre. Makeup 💄 et les robes 👗👗💄💄💗💗
Lorena Kademar (15 days ago)
Increibleeee!!!! parecen gemelas!!! que bello trabajo...mucho arte!!
Alternative Beauty (15 days ago)
Nice, I want to see the uncle's history =)
jadhal9280 (15 days ago)
Be patience . You can do unbelievable work.
Robbi496 (15 days ago)
Much too pretty to waste their time as boys!
Robbi496 (15 days ago)
Lovely girls
jose rodriguez (15 days ago)
Las Dos son Bella y Hermosa!!
Babavali 2121 (15 days ago)
There looking like twine sisters 😯😯😯😯
李湘杰 (15 days ago)
Amazing!He Is prettier than his sister.
holizz tv (15 days ago)
tengo una duda porque todo lo ponen en ingles siempre?
Speed Racer (12 days ago)
Because why f*cking not ?
Anyaa Brook (13 days ago)
porque asi llega a mas gente y le monetizan mas , en usa pagan mas, .
Edward Núñez (14 days ago)
Porque puede llegar a una audiencia mas grande...
Dark Mist Knight (15 days ago)
Ryan Smith (15 days ago)
He is so beautiful 😍😍 did you use breastforms ?
Jose Nieto (15 days ago)
Una va con kinder sorpresa jajaja
Dark Mist Knight (15 days ago)
robinmaria smith (15 days ago)
Why is 15 a big deal?
Sel Smith (14 days ago)
robinmaria smith in Hispanic culture, when a girl turns 15 it celebrates her enter the world of adulthood.
Kanon M. (15 days ago)
nice job. pretty twins
Ag Sukandar (15 days ago)
Absolutely amazing!!! 😍👍✨
JunJun Camacho (15 days ago)
Lovely ladies 🌹 💗💗 💖💖💖
David Williams (11 days ago)
Williams has to do 9th
nadim shafi shafi (12 days ago)
varry lucky boy
Yo quiero me encantaría una experiencia asi haber como me veo
Jorge López (15 days ago)
Cambia "haber" por "a ver"
Amine Rachad (15 days ago)
joab santos (15 days ago)
Adorei ficou extremamente linda o garoto alejo só faltou ver furando as horelhas 😍😍😘😘🤩🤩🤩
Lea Osmond (15 days ago)
Wonderful story. They could be twins beautiful young ladies. Can't wait to see more.
2001SPACEODISSEY (15 days ago)
El realmente no parece muy contento como otros chicos que han sido transformados....
+Andrea Gabriela Aste Berríos por eso debió haberse quedado como su gemela Como mujer
¿nervios quizá? le "quitó" el 15 a la hermana, y encima ¡se ve preciosa! y de la nada pasó todo, Per´po claro, el "tío" a final tb hizo su "magia", jajaja
Jaden Yuki (15 days ago)
I want my own pair of breasts.
umbro five (16 days ago)
I want it, can be.....
Pull-Ups Power (16 days ago)
Wow, prácticamente unas hermanas gemelas <3

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