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*So excited to sharing my new mommy skincare routine with all of you fellow moms! I have used the Oil of Olay skin advisor tool to find the best skincare products for my skin type. Check out the tool below and let me know how it works for you! http://walmart.com/28daysofolay POPULAR VIDEOS: DELIVERING MY TWIN GIRLS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5B5aTJnzEg TWIN GENDER REVEAL:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POguXPh0Tr0 TWIN NAME REVEAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkQbxUE5xL4 DIY PAINT YOUR CABINETS WHITE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od4jSNfPSNI CLEAN WITH ME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p--isYcXz1E TWIN PREGNANCY PLAYLIST:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqT7Xx6w69K6U6OYlL3iz0bZXW7xvVGTt For business inquiries please email me at [email protected] Facebook: MeeshPearson Instagram: MeeshPearson Twitter: MeeshPearson FTC: This video is sponsored by Oil of Olay. Music from Bensound.com
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Text Comments (35)
B M-K (1 year ago)
What is the app called? Is it available for Samsung phones, or just iPhones?
Asrar Al bennah (1 year ago)
Beautiful 💜💜
Hilary Roberta Martin (1 year ago)
I grew up seeing all the woman in my family using Olay, my mom and her sisters use it because my grandma used it! I remember loving the smell of the products and thinking they were such put together woman for using these products! Now I'm here using the products too and not gonna lie to makes me feel pretty put together having a skin care routine lol
Melanie Milligan (1 year ago)
How do you get the app for skin advisor? I'm not finding it. I have an iPhone 7 plus.
kadinsmomma07 (1 year ago)
McKenzie Milligan Click the link in the description box and then scroll down and click it. It took me right to it, no app needed.
Lori Harding (1 year ago)
If it will make me look at least half as great as you do,I'm on it! You always look great Michelle 😊
Claudia Villasenor (1 year ago)
I love Olay products!
Yvonnes Corner (1 year ago)
Your skin looks great, I've been wanting to try out some olay products!
Yvonnes Corner (1 year ago)
Your skin looks great, I've been wanting to try out some okay products
LaurStar25 (1 year ago)
You are so gorgeous, Michelle! 😘
Gentle Thrifty Mama (1 year ago)
Neat tool!
Sarah (1 year ago)
You look so pretty. I am tempted to try this (if I can get it downloaded on my phone). However, I just spent $24 on a face wash at Ulta Beauty. I'm not sure that I want to start something new until I use what I have.
J A (1 year ago)
Great video!!! Looks so cool! Going to try it out😉
JAIMIE KIGHT (1 year ago)
Awesome video!! This looks super cool!
KatieBee (1 year ago)
I used the skin advisor tool which was pretty neat! Although it said my mouth was my focus area and I don't necessarily agree. But I def wanna go look at the products and figure out what will work best for my skin so I can try them out! I've never used Olay products but I've heard great things!
Denise Garcia (4 months ago)
KatieBee I can't find the app help please
Beautybymaira (1 year ago)
What app did you use ??
MichellePearson (1 year ago)
Beautybymaira it's called "skin advisor tool" if you go to the link in my info box it should have some more info 😄
Cristina C (1 year ago)
This is so cool! Your skin looks amazing! I love oil of Olay! Definitely going to try this out! My skin needs som help! LOL
Stewart Six (1 year ago)
I already use that eye cream and I LOVE it! ❤️
MichellePearson (1 year ago)
Angie Stewart it's amazing isn't it?!
Victoria K (1 year ago)
I want to try this but I'm always scared. I just turned 50 and I feel like I break out from everything :(
Mommylove'sbeauty (1 year ago)
That overnight mask is amazing! I have bought it a few times.
MichellePearson (1 year ago)
Mommylove'sbeauty it's my new fav!
Rachel Rowley (1 year ago)
Totally going to try this!
MichellePearson (1 year ago)
Rachel Rowley yay! Let me know how it works for you!
Kaelyn B (1 year ago)
I wish I could use these products, but I'm allergic to oil of Olay products. 😭
Kaelyn B (1 year ago)
MichellePearson Ikr! But you are looking beautiful!!!
MichellePearson (1 year ago)
Kaelyn B so sad!
Terri Petersen (1 year ago)
I'm already an olay user. def gonna go try out the app. love your skin care product videos.
MichellePearson (1 year ago)
Terri Petersen yes, you definitely should!
LeMaster Life (1 year ago)
Your skin looks really good!
MichellePearson (1 year ago)
Annie LeMaster thanks so much!
Erin Beattie (1 year ago)
I love Olay. I've been loyal to them for years now. I feel like their products are so gentle, never irritate, over dry, or break out my skin. Awesome sponsor 👍
MichellePearson (1 year ago)
Erin Beattie I totally agree! I've always been a fan for the same reason 😄

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