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Male Actors Dressed As Female For Movie Role !

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List Of Male Actors Dressed As Female For Movie Role !
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Madeline Tramantano (15 days ago)
Tim Spencer (18 days ago)
Eddie Murphy....?
Yue Zhao (21 days ago)
My eyes hurt
Donna Nadine (1 month ago)
Most of the best of them just look like guys that look good dressed as girls.
trillian1964 (4 months ago)
You mentioned Patrick Swayze but forgot Wesley Snipes from the very same movie? What a pity.
Tim Spencer (18 days ago)
And John Leguizamo....
Vasili Natsis (4 months ago)
What about John Travolta in hairspray
cha5 (7 months ago)
Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon in Some Like it Hot? How could you possibly have missed that?
Madeline Tramantano (15 days ago)
cha5 OH NO
Caquiux (7 months ago)
So captain america, venom, doctor strange, red skull, green goblin and the joker are traps... Weird
Vasili Natsis (4 months ago)
Dont forget carnage and Loki (son of the mask version)
Rahim Sharif (9 months ago)
Tom hardy's female version looks like my sister LOL! horrible!
Eastern Traveller (11 months ago)
sean been one though lol
WebVMan (1 year ago)
Cillian Murphy is the only actor that truly resembles a woman.
Madeline Tramantano (15 days ago)
Wyndamn (8 months ago)
WebVMan Yeah"she's" pretty convincing.
Marilyn Marshmallows (1 year ago)
A few surprises here
I don't watch alot of movies so i didn't know this. Some of the beginning look really like women though. So weird.
Disney65Fan (1 year ago)
Dustin Hoffman Tootise Robin Williams Mrs Doubtfire
Alex Jones Fan Page (1 year ago)
Some look better as girls
Burfie Burf (1 year ago)
Awesome video! The only issue I have, is y'all forgot Tyler Perry as Madea and Martin Lawrence as Big Momma.
JESSICA :3 (1 year ago)
Pinda Kaas (1 year ago)
IceCold11235 (1 year ago)
Captain America in a dress and makeup??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Official Chrisp4u (3 months ago)
Wyndamn (8 months ago)
Ms America.
Anitaliantaoist (10 months ago)
IceCold11235 I said the same thing. :(
neeraj singh (1 year ago)
Only a few of them actually look like women.
NJ J (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing!!
Mikki Baker (1 year ago)
Cilian Murphy also played a female in Peacock

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