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Product Review Proclaim's 7 Natural Oils Enriched With Olive Oil..

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this proclaim natural 7 oil is now a must have on my hair product list, and the smell is just great!!! i use it over conditioner to soften and moisturise the hair and ive also used it over gels as well does the same thing..i absolutely love love love this stuff and its sooo inexspensive..i bought it a sally's beauty supply so if see it give it a try..if you don't love just don't kill me lol
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bignell44 (6 months ago)
You are so beautiful!!!!
Venisha Walker (2 years ago)
WOW!! You literally stole the hair out of my head :)
Mar GALLEGOS (4 years ago)
Hi truly truly love this product . ,,,, do you think I could curl my hair with this oil in it??
Rocky Rock (6 years ago)
i have that oil. love love love it. it does smell great!
UtubeHairCare (6 years ago)
thanks for that info
UtubeHairCare (6 years ago)
my new fave!!
Tawanda Boone-Shuford (6 years ago)
These oils are the TRUTH! My husband lives by the Proclaim Natural 7 Oil and uses it for EVERYTHING. He goes into Sally's to purchase it himself, every month...lol!
latynmixx (6 years ago)
i luv this stuff too, especially when i do my oil rinses. @MzLimeLight, check out your local IndoPak stores for essential oils as well, i can typically find many for under $5 for a nice size bottle.
UtubeHairCare (7 years ago)
thank you baby girl
UtubeHairCare (7 years ago)
AuNatural Shay (7 years ago)
I use it myself...it is very good
The Libra Queen (7 years ago)
I wish I know how to braid so at night I can put some conditioner and braid it so it can be curly like yours nice video and I subbed you I have Africas best herbal oil and I love it smells really good too
Naturally_Locd_Chetta (7 years ago)
If you like that try African Pride's Olive Miracle, it smells devine and has most of the same oils and it's normally 2.99 at Sally's but with Sally's card 2.69. I've seen it at other places for 5.99. your hair looks great.
kurlicious83 (7 years ago)
Will try! Thanks for info...
Traycee Simmons (7 years ago)
I love this oil. I use it when I get out the shower on my skin. On my hair when I'm out of coconut. My husband even uses this on his skin also
HappyMsNappy (7 years ago)
I have this oil... I love it too!
CreoleKing (7 years ago)
Wow I used to use that stuff on my short hair before the hair journey in like 06' 07' I didn't know they still made it
JadoreNaturality92 (7 years ago)
I live by the original Proclaim 7 Oils. I use it for my entire body. The smell is totally amazing! I too caught the Sally's Sale this last week. I bought 3 bottles.
Devyn Hester (7 years ago)
lol "It smells soooo pretty." hahaaha ily girl to funny
Heeyy Micah (7 years ago)
I saw this at Sally's! I wasn't sure about, definitely going to try it out now.
youngblkgirliebabie (7 years ago)
Must try! Sounds good lol

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