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This Color Test Will Determine Your Dominating Gender

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BuzzMoy Presents: This Color Test Will Determine Your Dominating Gender Colors can reveal a lot about many of the things of our lives. If we take a banana for the example then we can see, when it's color is green, it tells us that it is not ripe and not suitable for eating yet. On the other hand, yellow signals that it's ready to eat, and a brown or black colored banana means that it's likely spoiled. According to experts, men and women are drawn to different variations of color. Are you curious to check out what is your dominating gender? This awesome and simple test will be able to determine your dominating gender whether you are male, female or unisex. You will be asked 7 questions and 10 seconds will be provided to answer each of them. Answer them and count up the points, you will get from each answer. The final result about Your Dominating Gender will be shown based on your total points at the end of this video. If you have enjoyed this video then please like and share the video. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to get more videos like this each and every week. We are working recklessly for bringing up new contents and for the betterment of our videos gradually. A simple like or subscribe will motivate us in doing so. And most importantly, it is 100% Free and won't take more than a couple of seconds. So, please subscribe to us and help us grow. You won't be disappointed. :) Thank You! Follow Us & Be Social: 👉 https://www.facebook.com/BuzzMoySocial/ 👉 https://twitter.com/BuzzMoySocial 👉 http://www.buzzmoy.com 👉 Wanna Share Your own articles, quizzes, polls, videos, lists etc. with the world? You can do that with us absolutely for free. Create your free account here and start sharing your contents. It's REALLY FREE!! ➡ BuzzMoy - http://buzzmoy.com --------------------------------------------- Credits ----------------------------------------------- Music: Shoulder Closures by Gunnar Olsen (YouTube Audio Library) Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Images: pixabay.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you can see, we always credit the creator of the graphics and music files used in our videos. If you anyhow think that your credit is missing or your file shouldn't be in here, just leave us a message. We respect the copyright and will take action as soon as we reach to the message. Dedicated Email for this purpose: [email protected] Thank You!
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Text Comments (4920)
BuzzMoy (1 year ago)
So, Was this video correct for you? Do you know? You guys can join the "Notification Squad" by simply turning on the bell (🔔) icon right next to the subscribe button. It will help you to get notified each and every time we upload a new video before anyone else. Thanks.
bruh i am an artist, i find bright colours nice and i like bright and dark pallets as long as they work togever, but it doesn't make me a female, also the describtions? uhhh sexism alert, you my dude, is a pieace of poo poo
noize: injekktion (6 days ago)
it wasn't. and the description, my personality is completely like what I didn't score.
James Woolley (9 days ago)
I am 200,percent male
Golam Samdani (13 days ago)
No, absolutely wrong.
Tony Parrish (8 hours ago)
Psychology of colors I'm attracted to is true in my personality. Like color of tulips, roses meanings of different types of relationships. Reading comments below me. So many ego's taking offense, getting bruised. I scored female. I'm submissive to women I'm emotionally attracted to- no brainier for me
Shaeanne Long (15 hours ago)
I scored 100. My dominating Gender is Male!!! Even though I'm a female, lol!!! But it does sound a lot like me!!!
Paul Beland (19 hours ago)
Megan Hooper (23 hours ago)
I'm a female but does that doesn't mean I'm boy-ish because I'd prefer blue and green over pink and purple
Gregory Sell (1 day ago)
What do you do when the shrinks are nuts ?
Splits Journey (1 day ago)
Did anyone else notice that at the end it says that’s is guys insetead if that’s *it* guys
all of the bright colours and having a taste in asthetic colour pallets is considered female.....i am an ARTIST of course i like the bright colours more, this isn't about gender it's about taste wtf is this fucking garbage how do i delete
Amber Zaki (2 days ago)
I am not really comfortable with the fact of me being a pure feminist but apparently male dominating. Lol
Dana Horton (2 days ago)
Male is my dominating gender. I am female, but this quiz is absolutely correct.
Im a female... And i got male????? Whyyyyy
Roy Sanders (3 days ago)
I got a 180 on this / Unisex.
xX Gachawolf Xx (4 days ago)
I'm female
Riøt (4 days ago)
My birth sex is female and I know I'm generally a more masculine-minded person than normal. I've achieved a dominant male on this test, which is kind of true since I am a lot like a male... But the personality of me being all "leader" and "confident" is wrong. I'm nor a leader and neither a follower, I choose to inspire instead. I also lack confidence in myself and hate being the center of attention (despite being a Leo). I respect your views on gender but may we be more general with their meanings? I'm not offended, I just want to point out that I don't match the personality type of the results, no worries lol. Also, I'll find my own meaning to them, whatever meaning matches my authentic me is more correct to me than someone else's views. Thank you for this video! ^^ I'm Genderfluid so I could be feminine-minded and/or masculine-minded or any combination of their sub-types. But I generally am a lot like a boy in quite a few ways xD
_ANANDA _ (4 days ago)
I'm a male but I got a female
lps gacha wolf (4 days ago)
noneya (5 days ago)
Mine was the exact opposite to 1st and 2nd. I'm a man and have female characteristics, nah, I don't think so?
Aoi River (5 days ago)
Sorry but this is so unrealistic. I hate to break it to you but gender isn’t color coded. It’s just a stereotype.
Flapping Pengguin (5 days ago)
I got unisex
Rainbow Mangle (5 days ago)
What I’m a male?!?!
Kendall Kuziemski (6 days ago)
my score was not on the thing it was 700 what am I. A Female male or unisex
Flapping Pengguin (5 days ago)
Kendall Kuziemski how dod u get 700? The largest number was 30 and there were only 7 questions so the highest you could have gotten was 210. But did u mean 70? Because if u did its male.
HeroesDayz (6 days ago)
im a male but got a female...
Christian Boule (6 days ago)
it wasn't ok
Christian Boule (6 days ago)
Lover of the Truth (7 days ago)
Color test? How unnecessary. There's a much easier way to determine your gender. Just look down. Your creator placed the answer right between your legs.
Seth3R 33N (7 days ago)
Big trans energy here
AlashiaTuol (7 days ago)
This is the kind of personality test that tells me infinitely more about the person who wrote it than it does about myself.
Vince (7 days ago)
*_I'm Bisexual_*
Dean (7 days ago)
Truth is not relative; either you are male or female, that's how God created us.
Weston Fox (8 days ago)
200. I’m Unisex.
Crystal Woodson (8 days ago)
Welp I'm a dominant man
WarBird015 (8 days ago)
130. I guessed it.
Poupou Pou (8 days ago)
Naima Abdi (8 days ago)
I am a woman and i got 100 and they said i am a male the fuck is this
EEW (8 days ago)
Welp Guess I’m trans
Christopher Dibbs (8 days ago)
OK this video is complete nonsense. What do you mean "dominating gender"?? Your dominating gender is... guess what... your gender. Mind blown. And there is no way this is correct. Apparently I am "unisex" but I am very clearly male.
PhoenixTTV (9 days ago)
I'm an attack helicopter
Fiorella C (9 days ago)
WOW! You got me.
Della Hendrickson (9 days ago)
I knew it! I am a male in a female body.
Star fluff (9 days ago)
I'm a guy and I got 140 so that makes me a girl? Wow
Greta Kruse (9 days ago)
This is bullcrap.
Lucinda Niehaus (9 days ago)
130-female I'm a girl
Ariana Wolfs (9 days ago)
If your female but got male
Aysel Tina (9 days ago)
1-one-30 2-two-30 3-three-30 4-not sure-30 5-yes-20 6-no-10 7-yes-10 All-160-female
Anastasia Molina (9 days ago)
so stereotypical. ew.
Janitra Falah (9 days ago)
Color doesn't determine Gender !
Tanja Tatiana (10 days ago)
I scored 200
kawaiicorngaming (10 days ago)
This is so stupid! To not make this a hate comment I'll say why. I feel like color can't determine this so I feel that this is fake.
Michael Melancon (10 days ago)
Yes. Unisex
Skyla Jennings (10 days ago)
Enslie Barrientos (10 days ago)
paralegal eagle (10 days ago)
It was 100% correct for me!
Kaishaa (10 days ago)
I don't want to offend anybody, but I'm just putting it outta here: Colors don't have a gender, so if a boy wants to wear pink it's totally fine and if a girl likes to wear blue it's also fine, there are no boy or girl colors
Colin Lacey (10 days ago)
My wife is male,that explains it.
Samwise Gamgee (10 days ago)
Well as I feared this test is full of stereotypes. I'm a man and my results are female. But as I can be sometimes a leader as well as a follower, fragile as well as strong, logical as well as emotional, liking pink as much as blue I should be unisex... So I guess I'll just be myself and continue not to care about gender stereotypes.
Kathy Mercer (10 days ago)
2 genders. Easy way to know what you are. Line up the people that don't know or is confused. Then yank threir pants down. If they have parts that dangel their a male if there are no parts dangling your female. That is all there is TWO genders. The rest is choice. It does not matter if you take drugs to try and change it or cut your parts to put them in or what ever. Your chemistry in your body is still male or female.thats why you have to always take harmons so the real you does not come back. Choice is what you choose to do and more power to you do as you wish. BUT DO NOT CRAM IT DOWN OUR THROATS THAT WE HAVE TO BELIEVE YOUR FANTASY. WHEN ITS YOUR FANTACY. NOT THE TRUTH WE KNOW. If you need to do all this delusion to feel better about it all great. But leave the rest alone. Just like you want to be. No one should know what goes on behind closed doors and it should stay there. AND SHOVING ALL THIS ON CHILDREN IS CRIMINAL. CHILD ABUSE. know child even needs to know anything ABOUT this crap in their childhoods. Let them live in the innocents of youth. There is enough that you dell with when grown without it starting to soon.
Sharon Efee (10 days ago)
I'm female... well, my chest never halped me thought other wise XD
Randomness Co (11 days ago)
I got 240 points. That's not even the most you can get. WHAT AM I.
Da Purpleguy (11 days ago)
I am disappointed, there wasn't enough purple
kthatrapqueen (11 days ago)
i'm MTF transsexual, got unisex as my results.. so I would guess that its pretty accurate lol
revin hatol (11 days ago)
1: Left 2: Right 3: Right 4: Not Sure 5: Not Sure 6: Yes 7: Not Sure
revin hatol (11 days ago)
Total Score: 190
motzartiana (11 days ago)
I find myself having traits from all three possibilities ! Does that mean I am the universal male ?
Gollum (11 days ago)
Apparently, people with no pussy or dick exist: the unisex! Dumb.
Antonio.Sanchez (11 days ago)
According to experts? Who are this experts mentioned in the video? What a crap...
Sara Star (12 days ago)
130 points. Gurl 😉😉😉
raydaveed (12 days ago)
Ok i got female. Not glad neither disappointed with this information. Lmao. And i'm male.
Kura 999 (12 days ago)
Im a bi or i just say i am a bi because i like girls i just found out last week and i like boys too and i like boys stuff i even get my haird cut as a boy but when in comes to kpop like bts i likee thoose boys so much but im soo comfuseed cuzz i have a crush on my bff but she is a girl and now i got a result in this test thingy as male and nowww im sooo confused could anyone please help me
Meep62 (9 days ago)
Also ya you’re probably bi I guess I think I’m gay because I have a crush on a girl, and I don’t like most boys including bts (not that their music is bad or anything) so ya
Meep62 (9 days ago)
This test is bad that’s why XD
suzycreamcheesez (11 days ago)
lol! Not until you learn to write and speak English!
S. Michael N. Beyell (12 days ago)
Hahaha... Incorrect information was provided okay
Abdul Basit (12 days ago)
This shit suck and is a utter lie .......
shyguyshow (13 days ago)
Trans people disliked
Dogo 122 (13 days ago)
This was soooooooo sexist!!!!!
As a shadow Priestess I find this quiz amazing & it helps solidify a theory I have Me and my boyfriend took this quiz: our results: I was borderline masculine riding the edge of masculinity and feminine he was dab in the middle of feminine and neither of us was anywhere close to adryogneous So my theory is because of my "Conscious Integration" of unconsciousness intentionally, & the dawning of awareness Our Immortal Soul has no gender... I feel like I push his anima (his unincarnated feminine energy) towards growth and he empowers my animus (my unincarnated masculine energy) and that this test we took ... To me at least proves my Soulful research of two years may be absolutely correct as far as twin flames and other galactic topics go...!
johnny james (14 days ago)
What a load of bollocks
TheMagicalMerman01 (14 days ago)
I'm ftm and got unisex, which is kinda accurate.
Hi Jvjjhgggh (15 days ago)
This was wrong
Matthew Stemen (15 days ago)
yo tengo unisex
Basil Jose (15 days ago)
Really good one👍👍👍
Science Nerd Person (16 days ago)
God it's so generic.
Judi Lynn (16 days ago)
The results were totally backward.
Zehra Nur (16 days ago)
YAY IT GOT FEMALE AND I AM FEMALE! Sorry I am an 8 year old
Andy Onufrak (17 days ago)
I definitely feel like a submissive woman even though I am a male, I want to be the woman that I know I am so bad
Floreen Tan (17 days ago)
Evelyn Groneck (17 days ago)
It got my gender wrong im not a male.
kavya harsh (17 days ago)
I'm male but I got unxex
S.L. S.L. (18 days ago)
Whoaaa😮your saying im a dude?😮
Lorenzo Qobi (18 days ago)
Ginny Jolly (18 days ago)
"ten" points difference between "male" and "female." truthfully, these should be counted in single digits, not 10's. So if you divide all points by ten, one point makes very little difference between male and female designation, and that's what I usually get: half and half.
Badgirls Rule (18 days ago)
120 I'm female
AkiaDima (18 days ago)
Life Is Timeless! (18 days ago)
Im male and I scored 160. I suspect Im gonna have an ear worm all day where Steve Tyler screams in my ear singing: You Look Like a Lady. 😂😂😂😂
Jim Kahn (19 days ago)
The scoring doesn’t make sense.  Use golf as an example…you could have hit 3 birdies and a hole in one, but one or two bogies can ruin the whole score.  So, the next day you go out, hit the same score WITHOUT any bogies…and that makes you feel better…same score but NO bogies.  If you were to just tell someone what your score was, would they think differently if you told them on one day you hit x-amount of bogies and the next day you didn’t?  Same score…and that’s all that’s important…the final score. Rather a lame test, and for the most part, there were things in each “category” that I would claim “yes” to and some I would claim “no” to, so it really didn’t answer anything…for the most part, it was just a waste of time.
The Wildling Giant (19 days ago)
Haha! You love a good refreshing beer at the end of it. 😄😄😁😁😆😊 *I hate beer* 😠😡👿👿👿👿 #genderstereotypes
Liz Regan (19 days ago)
Female irl but male according to this. But ai already knew I have a few male aspects so I don't really care...
graham pannier (20 days ago)
Anumoo Mine (20 days ago)
I just wanna say a couple things, I'm trans female to male, I'm an artist so I know what certain colors look best together and I like pink, but I got the points for female and the male one sounded ALOT like me 😡
sophia ricci (20 days ago)
it got me right!
Tirshon 77 (20 days ago)
One of the biggest wastes of my times.
Lucy K.L (20 days ago)
This is the biggest pile of bullshit ever. You can be a man and still experience emotion. You can still be logical and be a woman. There is no such thing as feminity or masculinity. The only things that makes us different is that men have dicks and woman have pussies. That's it. Just because a man likes bright colours doesn't mean he has a female brain or whatever, and vice versa. And yes, I know they have the Unisex category, but my point still stands.
eloso rey (21 days ago)
5:34 it sayes thats is guys , its suposed to b thats it guys .

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