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This Is How You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-The-List You've probably heard by now that coconut oil is a magical elixir. It seems like every wellness blogger and Instagram-celeb sings its praises, which may lead people to wonder: "Is coconut oil really all it's hyped up to be?" The answer is yes. Used in medicine and ancient remedies in Asia and the Pacific Islands for centuries because of their healing properties, coconut oil is a wondrous substance that has a place in your kitchen, medicine cabinet, and beauty bag. We're going to share a few amazing — and some unexpected — ways to use one of nature's finest moisturizers… Your lotion potion | 0:35 Go deep! | 1:14 An oil cleaner? | 2:01 Armpit savior | 2:44 The balm-diggity | 3:14 Silky smooth legs | 3:40 Don't feel the burn | 4:09 Try oil-pulling | 4:54 Read more here → http://www.thelist.com/23100/life-changing-uses-coconut-oil/ Lifestyle Lists and Features https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8fcVjKRQecA5zGN94YBsBlLi9-8C8o1l This Is What Happens When You Stop Wearing Makeup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-q1NYoZGqI&index=4&list=PL8fcVjKRQecA5zGN94YBsBlLi9-8C8o1l What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOpRGzfOhm8&index=3&list=PL8fcVjKRQecA5zGN94YBsBlLi9-8C8o1l The Most Incredible Tiny Houses You'll Ever See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfgj_am_KUY&index=1&list=PL8fcVjKRQecA5zGN94YBsBlLi9-8C8o1l The Untold Truth Of Flip Or Flop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBrKJc2Ye-4&index=6&list=PL8fcVjKRQecA5zGN94YBsBlLi9-8C8o1l 7 Ways To Destroy Belly Fat Every Woman Should Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZmkY6P_U7A&index=2&list=PL8fcVjKRQecA5zGN94YBsBlLi9-8C8o1l What You Don't Know About The Property Brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVNDyLGcKVQ&index=9&list=PL8fcVjKRQecA5zGN94YBsBlLi9-8C8o1l Website → http://www.thelist.com/ Like us → https://www.facebook.com/TheListDaily/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/TheListDaily Pinterest → https://www.pinterest.com/thelistdaily/ The List is a women’s lifestyle site, with a twist. We pride ourselves on being original, well-researched, and without sugar-coating, but no topic is beneath us. We tackle everything from reality TV (we’re a bit obsessed!), to finding love, to living a healthy and happy life. Every video you watch is either a personal experience, advice from an expert, or meticulously sourced, so you know you’re getting info you can trust, from women who get it.
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The List (2 years ago)
Are there any coconut oil tips we failed to mention that you use?
Crystal Sanders (12 days ago)
The List what about coconut oil and thinning hair? I was sick for about 18 months with lack of food and vitamins my hair has gotten real thin. I heard it is good for thinning hairs as well. Yet cause of thinning hair I have been using collegian, and biotin yet it is taking long to get my hair what it once was. I do not use conditioner and have used coconut yet it makes my hair look thinner when I use Coconut oil.
Abundant Abundant (2 months ago)
hello, can i mix virgin coconut oil & extra virgin oilve oil as my body oil 😃
drexel jr cañasa (3 months ago)
Yes, you failed to mention that the it isn't just a coconut oil, the VIRGIN COCONUT OIL- the unprocessed oil. This video is confusing to people who have no idea what kind of coconut oil to use because there are some kinds of coconut that you can find the shelves and they could be buying the cooking oil, which is bad to health. So be specific.
Honey Roy (4 months ago)
Coconut oil for STRETCH MARKS??.. will work or not ????......
Keith MacNeill (28 days ago)
If I was a superhero I would be called coconut oil man
The Yarny Caterpillar (1 month ago)
you forget to say at the end, that you should NEVER spit into your sink :O , spit into tissue and in the bin.... And the oil isn't antibacterial anymore when it is extracted from the nut, so don't use it as antiseptic, use real medical stuff. Alcohol or iodine or medical grade nano silver solutions...
Maria Meza (1 month ago)
This video was made two year ago
Davie Singh (1 month ago)
Where I am the coconut oil is different, it's made into the oil and nothing else is added to it so it's just an oil with no added chemicals. So anyone can use it.
Katie Brown (1 month ago)
My dad accidentally threw out my coconut oil :(
Sara millie (1 month ago)
Coconut oil is actually so bad for ur hair. PLEASE DONT USE IT. It breaks ur hair over time and it leads to blading at an earlier age
dustbunny koop (1 month ago)
But how do you know this
Dee John (2 months ago)
I think that for years women have been conned by all the beauty make-up companies giving out false promises that they can make you look yonger and healthier. So YES, Coconut Oil is the real deal. I've massaged it onto my face since I was 19 yrs old... I wipe it off after 10 minutes with a warm flannel. I'm over 50 now but most people seem to think I'm 35. It's just downright embarrasing at times. I wouldn't dare ever go to a School reunion. It would frankly freak them out. Apparently the molecules in the oil are small enough to penetrate the pores of the skin (unlike water molecules) which then goes right into your blood stream. And with it's anti-bacterial qualitties, a spot that appears on your face one day will be gone the next day. I don't know how people haven't caught on yet. Yes some people might be allergic to Coconut product. Even when I used to shop for my Aunt, she always had me checking food products that contained Coconut. I'd say that due to using Coconut Oil it's caused some tricky social awkward moments. But that's only the downside. Of course, as with me not drinking and smoking has also helped, as most people that do smoke and drink generally have red blotchy faces. So yes, if you're young and starting out in life, then don't be conned by the big beauty firms. COCONUT OIL IS THE REAL DEAL. I'm planning to start using a daily spoonful of Virgin Olive Oil as I've been hearing some amazing stories. One particular story on how his Father's lost memory returned. And when he tried it out himself, he said it gave him unheard of amounts of energy. It's no wonder the big Companies are slandering the Coconut Oil culture, because they might soon lose out to something 4 times cheaper...and more natural. My first experience of Coconut Oil was when living in a Childrens Home and each weekend an African Mother would come visit each Sunday to visit her 5 year old cute little girl. We all loved her so much. Her Mother would massage Coconut Oil into her face and after wiping it off with a warm towel after 15 minutes, the little girl looked absolutely radiant. I knew I had to look into it. So can a woman over 50 suddenly start using the oil in the hope of looking young after a lifetime of being duped? I'm not sure. But it might be worth a try.
Pineapple Head (2 months ago)
My grandma gave me a bottle of coconut oil after she came back from vacation,she told me to try it so I'm going to try it see what happens 🤠
Noui Noui (2 months ago)
I have tried it and it makes my skin glow but i saw an article the other days saying that coconut oil closes the pores and doesn't allow the skin to breath.
Kitty Cat (2 months ago)
Here in the philippines, you cant sleep with wet hair because the elders said you will go blind. 😅
Abundant Abundant (2 months ago)
hello, can i mix virgin coconut oil & extra virgin olive oil as my body oil? 😃
Esha Verma (2 months ago)
After or before bath ?
drexel jr cañasa (3 months ago)
Yes, you failed to mention that the it isn't just a coconut oil, the VIRGIN COCONUT OIL- the unprocessed oil. This video is confusing to people who have no idea what kind of coconut oil to use because there are some kinds of coconut that you can find the shelves and they could be buying the cooking oil, which is bad to health. So be specific.
Iron Snowflake (3 months ago)
I use it right after my shower...I use organic virgin coconut oil *all over* head too toe (even a little on the ends of my hair) wonderful stuff, no breakouts at all 🌴
Lynn Vasquez (3 months ago)
Coconut oil is amazing for dry patches
Joshua Greenslade (3 months ago)
My tattoo went abit funny. Then I used coconut oil on it And It started to go fine
Roger (3 months ago)
Hi i have an important question. Do i need to remove the coconut after a certain moment i applied to my face or can i keep it all night?
Japanese girl Aimon (3 months ago)
Coconut oil is very useful for skincare and hair care, and you can even eat them. If you are shopping at iHerb, enter the promotion code FPN 489 and you will get 5% discount even if you are not first purchase. Although it is a little discount, I think that it is big for people who buy more than 10,000 yen, so please use it if you'd like. please save your money to get good quality organic things and coconuts oil for your beauty (⌒ ∇ ⌒) iHerb Coupon Code FPN489 iHerb is online shopping store. you can buy organic and healthy ingredients there in cheapest price.
Gabriella Battaglia (3 months ago)
Coconut oil works wonders for my hair, but makes my skin break out! ☹️🤷🏻‍♀️different for everyone
Pumoney Naidoo (3 months ago)
Very nice I love it congratulations
Saba Siddique (4 months ago)
Does it increases the hair growth wn applied on face??
Ivetta Ilienkova (4 months ago)
My reaction to this video 1:39
Mennah Hegazy (4 months ago)
Immy Pinkle (4 months ago)
My ancestors used coconut oil... So I've have a good thing of not having pimples and acne... But still I use coconut oil... But virgin home made... I am from NICOBAR.. Andaman and Nicobar islands....
Jenevie Brown (4 months ago)
I use coconut oil for cooking and on my face as a moisturiser
Mihaela AY (4 months ago)
Sorry. Used it and I get breakouts. And when I apply it on my hair, my hair becomes oily (I never had this problem before). I wish it would have worked for me.
David Ha (4 months ago)
Is coconut oil good for people with eczema?
Moe Moe (4 months ago)
also make sure you get 100% oil, man has change the game for profit
Moe Moe (4 months ago)
i replace extra virgin olive oil with coconut oil, works better and smell better
online (4 months ago)
Marleen Ben (4 months ago)
I love 💖 coconut 🥥 oil extra virgin organic I use it as a body lotion and for my hair smoothing the ends and use coconut 🥥 shredded organic in my cereal or muesli with natural Greek yoghurt with mixed berries etc 💖😎😎
tom hanks (5 months ago)
I’ve had my experience with coconut oil. I use it for my hair, it makes it smooth and have less frizz. However I will never put it on my skin again. I have dry skin and I thought this would help but it actually made it worse, my legs arms and face dried up so I had to go back to using lotion. Just make sure you test it out on a small section for a week before you decide to do it all over.
Nightowl358 (5 months ago)
I no longer buy lotions or skin creams thanks to coconut oil. I put it in my hair as well as comb a little through my beard before bed.
kiva_ kafi (5 months ago)
Can ny 1 plz tell me if i apply coconut oil on face n massage n let it set fr 30 min n wipe it with hot towel so that no remains are left..... can this help in removing acne n my wrinkles on forehead.??
Perla Martinez (5 months ago)
I use coconut oil makeup remover or once am a while I get some sugar and combine sugar and coconut and use it on my face and scrub then wash face
Ana Stojic (5 months ago)
It is dangerous to use coconut oil, often. It's not nice to make a video with it and then forget about it, while people use it often thinking it's right. Not! It is dangerous. Dries the skin. Bloggers make video and then forget about it, or stop to use those products, and you continue and make trouble for yourself, taking this videos seriously. Do not use this often. If bloggers really use this as a routine, eventually they would tell you that is harmful . But they only use it to make video, that is all.
Jojo Amber (5 months ago)
How do you get it to not smell?
Yamini Natam (6 months ago)
Anyone will hardly find food in South India without coconut,for hairs what they use is coconut oil nothing else
Amaterasu Gōka Mekkyaku (6 months ago)
why are the comments below me so racist lol... being african, south american, asian, an alien from mars, lol it has nothing to do with using coconut oil xD you guys are crae crae
Amaterasu Gōka Mekkyaku (6 months ago)
2:22 is that the girl from the walking dead?? remember, tyrone's sister?
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
Hi 👋 Should I wash 🧼 the oil from my skin after I am finish? And when should I use it?
Cuteness overload (6 months ago)
I’m watching this video wile coconut oil on my hair 👌🏻
OH_KAY ••• (6 months ago)
I use coconut oil on my body and hair. Lips food. But I will NEVER put it in my face. I use olive oil instead. Olive oil is one of the best oils PERIODT. it is unsaturated, therefore easily broken down by your body.
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
OH_KAY ••• Okay 👌 Thanks 🙏 you
OH_KAY ••• (6 months ago)
Zalikha 2003 i use 5-7 drops after washing my face.
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
OH_KAY ••• Thanks 🙏 you very much How should I use olive oil on my skin? And when? After 🛀 Before 🛁 Or before getting to sleep 💤?
OH_KAY ••• (6 months ago)
Zalikha 2003 olive oil is easily used and broken down in the body. Coconut oil, while still healthier than a pad of butter, is a mixture of saturated and unsaturated fats. So it’s not ideal for absorption. My skin has been great since I started using olive oil.
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
OH_KAY ••• Really? Because I am watching this video to know how I must use this on my skin But if you’re saying that you would never use it and use olive oil instead Then I will be very happy 😃 if you answer my questions What is the difference between olive oil and coconut 🥥 oil? Are you skin smooth and organic after you use olive oil?
Jenevie Brown (6 months ago)
I ask an Indian lady what she uses on her hair because it was so shiny she said it was coconut oil
Sandra Waterworth (6 months ago)
I can not stand that music
Audrey Jean (6 months ago)
If you have oily skin/hair do not use coconut oil. I have dry skin and coconut oil is fine for me. (I made a video on my channel about using it for a week if you want to check it out) I've never used it on my hair. Please do a patch test if you are going to use coconut oil on your skin!
trishika kumar (6 months ago)
I am using coconut oil on my hair since a month and it shows a very good results . 😚👍👍
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
Trishika Kumar Hi 👋 How do you use that?
Tanisha Pandey (6 months ago)
"go deep" that's what she said XD
Tanisha Pandey (5 months ago)
+Lifesource Subliminals 😂
Lifesource Subliminals (5 months ago)
There are too many people like you in the world.
pallavi Das (6 months ago)
I don't know it's gud or bad but love to use it I apply every night on my face. My skin is already very oily and acne prone but my suggested it
Jemma K (7 months ago)
I'm not a big fan of its scent but it works just fine. Plus its like $3 here in Kenya for a can that can last at least 2 months if you use it daily.
Tahera Faruque (7 months ago)
I'm lucky of that, we have own coconut oil . We collect coconut from tree and make oil of our own house. Before Bangladeshi girl have only one beauty product was coconut oil. 😂😆😜😉😉 and they have long shiny black hair.
Amaterasu Gōka Mekkyaku (6 months ago)
most gorgeous women on earth ;)
salvator (7 months ago)
I love coconut oil. but the smell ...
VYSHNAVI CHAMARTI (7 months ago)
In India we apply coconut oil o n our hair,it's like a natural conditioner to the hair.
lana lisa (7 months ago)
I love kukunat
sandblanket (7 months ago)
Please don't use it on your face.
majory kilundo (2 months ago)
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
sandblanket Why? Please answer me because I was on the way to use it 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Perla Martinez (7 months ago)
I’m the kind of person that I love fragrance and I started getting rash on my skin and changed products to coconut oil and love it
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
Perla Martinez How do you use 🥥oil on your face? Please answer me
BubblyDayz (7 months ago)
Don't heat up coconut oil in the microwave!!! It will melt just fine when you rub it in your hands! If you heat coconut oil sometimes it loses its nutrients
Chaney Dorman (7 months ago)
Do NOT put coconut oil in the microwave before using it for your hair!! Whenever you heat up coconut oil, it changes the substance and does not work very well. If your coconut oil is solid... just put some on your hands and rub it together to warm it up!
AmS Ss (7 months ago)
Plzzz also help with which brand to use...i mean exactly which one works great..
Kurt Wester (7 months ago)
Proceed with caution with coconut oil for your face Totally clean your face with coconut oil
SHIVANGI JADHAV (8 months ago)
Loved the heart formed with the hair ..it was mind blowing. .😍😍
Jamilatawht (8 months ago)
Coconut makes me break out
do bla (8 months ago)
It works!
aksh zeni (8 months ago)
*Best Coconut Oil in The World Buy Now* https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DS842HS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00DS842HS&linkCode=as2&tag=k4203-20&linkId=2f9720181ccd9dd4ac3e756fe2fe5caa
Grim Reaper (8 months ago)
I used to use coconut oil for my skin when I was like 12 (before I started puberty) and I was glowing everyday but I started getting acne after I started my period but I think it was hormonal but I still changed my whole skin routine and stopped using coconut oil but I still have some acne all over my forehead and a little on my cheeks
teaspiller (8 months ago)
Does it clog your pores?
oriana sosa (8 months ago)
-Not in your face
abc abc (6 months ago)
+Zalikha Ousou no problem
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
Thanks 🙏 you very much ABC ABC
abc abc (6 months ago)
+Zalikha Ousou no problem and no its better to use just a little bit and not wash it out (at least that's better for me) and if it doesn't really work for your skin type you can use it for other thing like cooking since coconut oil is healthier than normal oil
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
ABC ABC Thanks 🙏 you very much It was very kind of you to answer me I am going to use it tonight I have bought a bottle and it is still unopened It’s gonna be a good experience One ☝️ more question Should I wash 🧼 my skin after using coconut oil?
abc abc (6 months ago)
i use it when i wake up and before i sleep
Mar Fa (8 months ago)
Did acne prone skin use cocunt oil??
Gouda Baramasali (8 months ago)
Anti cancer property also
Queren M (8 months ago)
I have acne and i use coconut oil and its PERFECT for my skin 😍😍😍
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
Fernanda M Hi 👋 How do you use it?
zenita sangmoo (8 months ago)
I love coconut oil😀
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
zenita sangmoo Hi 👋 How do you use it?
J Strecok (8 months ago)
If someone want make distribution of virgin coconut oil, or noni juice, have a look www.fijika.com
JayTake Offf (9 months ago)
Coconut oil made me break out
Josephine Mbiro (9 months ago)
Thanks for the tips😊😊😊😊😊
Sangeeta Das Majumder (9 months ago)
I have already developed wrinkles on face due to dryness.can coconut oil help me Or I should seek help from doctor
PradJays (9 months ago)
Western people using coconut oil as a fad product as their lotions and hair masks and deodorant literally means that so many people in South Asia have a shortage of one of the most important parts of their daily diet. The one thing south Asians have and Westerners just need everything, as usual.
Shirley Beavan (9 months ago)
my skin does not absorb it It stays greasy
Hapworth 1926 (9 months ago)
Psycho shower scene?!
BloxyGigi (9 months ago)
coconut oil isn't a moisturiser its just a sealant smh
Pirate Eilish (9 months ago)
Should I use liquid coconut oil or solid coconut oil?
Amaterasu Gōka Mekkyaku (6 months ago)
+Good Hearts lol how hot does your house gets good lord lmao
Good Hearts (8 months ago)
tracy nail 😃
tracy nail (8 months ago)
Good Hearts you'd be surprised how many people don't know that.
Good Hearts (8 months ago)
tracy nail of course , common sense , everybody knows that !
tracy nail (8 months ago)
Good Hearts that's not entirely true, it just depends on the temperature. Anything higher than say 80° (F) will melt it
Mahea_1 (9 months ago)
I have a question if I have acne and oily skin can I still use coconut oil
Re wolf (9 months ago)
indian/Pakistan people bragging around saying coconut oil isn't new for them. Bitch please, the purpose of this video is to spread their health benefits. Ya yea we know you guys know it for a long time. No need to brag.
yana 007 (9 months ago)
i had dry acne prone skin with a lot of acne scars. Whatever moisturising cream i would use would cause breakout. The i used coconut oil to massage my face 10 minutes every morning and my skin got much better. Fewer breakouts and no more flaky dry skin and my scars started to fade. I don't know how it happened... but it happened
Lee Bartlett (9 months ago)
Do i need to look like im getting orally pleasured while rubbing it on my face? Or does it have that effect on you?
janet daryl (9 months ago)
What of the smell?
Julia Evuna (9 months ago)
It clogged my pores and broke me out
Destiny Collins (9 months ago)
I have acne prone skin and I use this as a moisturizer every single night and it hasn’t broken me out, also all over my body out of the shower and it has never broken me out One of my favourite oils!
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
Destiny Collins Hi 👋 How do you use it?
v3nny vIll3 (9 months ago)
Tbh.. I am confuse asf because they said that "coconut oil is not good for ur skin n bla bla bla" and others he like " omg that shit is awesome!!! Look at my prefect skin"....can someone plz tell me the truth 😖😖😖...I used to rub it on as soon as I done showered ...but after I heard that it's not good I stopped...
Leigha (1 day ago)
I think people just have different skin so different results. For me it legit cleared my acne , nothing else would. Try it
Jacqueline Adair (9 months ago)
Can you use coconut oil in your bath water? some people have told me yes and other people say no.
Mayya H (10 months ago)
Do not use on the skin if you have fungal acne, also everyone reacts differently.
Summer Rose (10 months ago)
If u put it on your eyebrows at night for a while your eyebrows will look and feel really soft.
Elizabeth Bucalo (10 months ago)
It gives me pimples I only use it on my hair
Hinoli Hesso (10 months ago)
coconut oil is an Asian girl's best friend.
B Moe (10 months ago)
Helpful & informative but the repeated photos from random shows are really annoying and make me not want to continue watching.
Michell Rodriguez (10 months ago)
If ur a girl with normal skin etc. no pimples no greasy-ness but have sort of dry skin I recommend after a shower put some coconut oil on ur face and sleep with it when u wake up it’ll b gone and ur skin will be more moisturized plus it helps fade acne scars grow eyelashes and brows ...it did for me
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
ari rodriguez Hi 👋 Should I wash 🧼 the oil from my skin after I am finish?
muntaha muhammad (9 months ago)
ari rodriguez thanks I needed this
tylerstudies (10 months ago)
I heat up coconut oil, a few drops of tea tree oil, and a few drops of vitamin E oil. Mix it together, apply it to hair throughly. Let it sit for an hour and wash it off.
tylerstudies (10 months ago)
Once you apply this formula. When you get in the shower, sit under warm water for 5 minutes without any shampoo and use your hands to rinse. Then shampoo twice. And apply a small amount of conditioner
tylerstudies (10 months ago)
When you apply this. You’re supposed to wash it twice. Like the video, (which I strong agree with) your hair needs it’s natural oils. If you have oily hair. I suggest washing your hair twice a week
tylerstudies (10 months ago)
Do you have natural oily hair?
victoria cuaca (10 months ago)
How many times do you need to wash your hair? Because i cant get the greasy oil off from my hair with two times rinse 🤔
tylerstudies (10 months ago)
Works like a charm
N4 (10 months ago)
I use coconut oil to wash my face gently with a washcloth in circular motions. Even to remove makeup. Rinse washcloth with warm water, ring it out and wipe coconut excess off of your face. Repeat if necessary. I apply a tiny drop of coconut oil on my hand and apply it to my face as a moisturizer afterwards - if your face is naturally oily, you may want to skip this part. I STOPPED WASHING MY FACE WITH SOAP. Only coconut oil. I used to have pock marks, acne scaring from when I was younger. Not anymore. It took less than a year washing my face with coconut oil for the pock marks to completely go away. My face is very soft and smooth. My skin was rejuvenated. I love my skin!
Zalikha Ousou (6 months ago)
N4 Hi 👋 When should I use After bath 🛀? Before sleeping 😴 Or after weakening up?
Erfa Natasha roslan (7 months ago)
what coconut oil brand do u use? can i use coconut oil to remove makeup and wash it with my facial cleanser?
Kate Barton (11 months ago)
I’ve tried oil pulling many times and I always end up on the floor gagging, I just don’t see how people can bear it
Mami Mamello (11 months ago)
Eyebrow goals. 😂😍😍

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