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Why I left America for Poland [Kult America]

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People often ask me how could I chose to live in Poland instead of the US. What was the reason to move out from the ’american dream” and settle down in the East European country? On today’s episode of Kult America I will try to explain why I made that choice. It was not just my admiration for the culture, but involved some social, economic, and - nevertheless - personal reasons. Check out my friend’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpOSN0oSGLtzy2tyoNoxzEg Music in this video created by Lights Dim: https://lightsdim.bandcamp.com ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash
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Maria Lapinski (6 hours ago)
I love America but I see your point 100%
Replevideo (9 hours ago)
Poland, no Muslim immigrants, no terrorist attacks. Western European countries welcomed Muslim immigrants and now terrorist attacks are part of life.
[usunięto [usunięto] (14 hours ago)
kurde w 2001 roku byli jeszcze prawdziwi chrześcijanie ... chce cofnąć się w czasie ._.
xxx yyy (21 hours ago)
God bless u !
Marcin Bieganski (1 day ago)
Nice video bro. Szacun
Your life, your decision, a good one for that matter. Thanks for the good words about Poland. Best of luck in your new home!
Mr Gunslinger (2 days ago)
Don't worry you will go back...you are 1 from 350.000.000. Not a good %. But 90% of poles would go to the USA...That tells me something.
MrKayaker69 (2 days ago)
Polish girls are red hot squirters
MrKayaker69 (2 days ago)
What do you do in Poland ?
VanityFair (2 days ago)
Don’t forget you are male living in a male worshipping country.
Andy Wood (2 days ago)
You don't know shit about the Poland it's actually opposite we are worshipping women. Chivalry is not dead in Poland First thing which boys In Poland learn that man always helps women open the doors for them defend them from the danger and never hits the woman not even with flower. Polish traditions that surprised me - Opening doors for women check out the ... Hindus w Polsce › pl › polish-traditions-t... Jul 4, 2018 · Polish traditions that surprised me - Opening doors for ... What i thought was that women and men treat each other with ..
sue c (2 days ago)
Poles are religious people who believe in God. Something that is lacking and mocked in the U.S. Golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. If you don't want someone lying to you, don't lie to others. Be kind to others and look out for your fellow man, instead of sticking it to the man, or what's in it for me attitude prevalent in today's society.
Wladyslaw Sz (2 days ago)
You completely do not know that Polish nationalism has nothing to do with chauvinism and is very different from other nationalisms. Polish nationalism does not have any pejorative coloring at all! Nationalism has nothing to do with fascism, etc. - closer to healthy patriotism. And generally, even in the whole world, fascism is a left-wing rather than a right-wing system - for you it is a shock because most universities in the world say the opposite! You do not understand Polish reality which is completely different - for this reason you are duplicating lies or you have some interest in lying about it. In addition, you get the knowledge of what is happening in Poland from inadequate sources - from internal enemies. They are so in many countries of the world but in Poland they camouflage particularly - For example, in Poland 80% of the press is in German hands. TV is not much better. Currently, even government television sows propaganda the same as it was in the 70's of the last century. Please look for more reliable sources. Do not be stupid ignorants, etc. Yours sincerely, good luck!
Khyrid (3 days ago)
Are you sure your genealogy is really Polish and not Italian Mr. Talky Hands?
Andy Wood (2 days ago)
Poles are Italians of the North
Dale Dalelyte (3 days ago)
Lucky he looks white
Myles & More (4 days ago)
Yep, left USA for Singapore and married a Singaporean. It’s way more multicultural and yet one of the safest places on earth because laws are strict. You trade in the freedom to bear arms for... no mass shootings, murder or suicides by firearms, aka low crime. You trade in freedom for doing drugs with minor penalties for super high penalties including capital punishment BUT you get lowest drug addictions, problems, crime and arrests. You can walk anywhere in Singapore at any time of the day or night, no matter if you’re a woman or not, and you are safe for the most part. I won’t hide that there is limited freedoms of speech and other heavy laws that can be hard for some people to handle BUT I would say you are always trading this for that and from my perspective Singapore has many areas the US can learn from. Highest in GDP, robust education, great infrastructure, low taxes etc
Tyler Durden (4 days ago)
nie rozumiem po co robisz tą reklame w internetach na caly swiat jak to códownie u nas jest przestan prosze pozdrawiam.
Andy Wood (2 days ago)
A co wolisz żeby osrywał Polskę lewaku
Much love for Poland!
Sneaky_ Cloaker (7 days ago)
I would move to Poland but I would love to move to the US but still I would live in Poland any way because I'm polish myself but was born in the UK and also that some people in the U.S. our half or polish themselves
Piotr D. (8 days ago)
Homicide rate: USA over 5, Poland 0.67 per 100 000 so over 7 times less on Poland : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate
Andy Wood (2 days ago)
Yeah because you don't have a guns so it's harder to kill yourself. Plus you forgot that Poland have 8 times smaller population than USA.
Law Roblaw (9 days ago)
*says point and commenced outro of camera walk* dude its weird
Phil McCracken (10 days ago)
America is so different than the late 80s early 90s shen I grew up, I really dislike what we've become after 2001, but be that as it may I'd like to move out of the states. The health care is terrible unless you have $$$, housing is insane. Our dollar is shit compared to the stagnant average salary. Sure you can open your own business if you have the seed money laying around...
Buffy Baker (11 days ago)
Medical care in Poland isn"t so good and free. Every month 1/3 money from your salary govnerment takes as a tax for health care and other things. In reality if you became sick and need operation you have to wait in line for few years for it. Also public health care sucks in caring about patients and curing them. Doctor don't care about patients, if you are in public hospital you dying from hunger becouse they give you like half of tomato and this is your dish. It's not a joke. It's reality. If you live in Poland it's better to you to go to private doctor and pay for a visit. Unfortunatelly govnerment takes money from you for public health care no matter if you want it or not, no matter if you go to public or private doctors. If you need to go to public specialist doctor you have to wait in line for few month for a visit.
Geoman56 (12 days ago)
I propose that the real reason you went to Poland is because you fell for Poland ....... As for your statistics - Look, Switzerland has fewer murders than Poland .... Singapore has less drug addiction than Poland , etc..... Why not move to these places ....... No - you became enamored with Poland because of your heritage and thats okay ...... Period! Ethnically, I am part Polish as well .... so I understand - its a fascinating place .........
Airplanes (14 days ago)
Airplanes (14 days ago)
Gキャット (15 days ago)
I'm trying to move back to Japan, but I thought as a Canadian if that doesn't work out, I'm going for either the Poland or the UK if they get their immigration issues and freedom of speech/laws fixed. Subbing as Poland maybe the better option after Japan. Since I'm Canadian, I'm part of the commonwealth, so hopefully that helps me get to Poland easily so I can learn, live and work in Poland.
Jennifer Nova (16 days ago)
How do you move to Poland from the U.S. ? Can you just get an extended visa / passport and rent an apartment ; or house ? What links can I go to , to get info on moving to Poland ? I have recently retired and live in the U.S. I am of Scandinavian descent and would love to live in Poland with my fellow Europeans , where it is safer and i can live the rest of my retirement years in peace !!
In Poland thousands of Ukrainians! So, you are not right!
Jenks McStallion (18 days ago)
I'd love to check out Poland some day. Cheers, from the States!
John Mckenya (20 days ago)
I am thinking about leaving the States for a more conservative country as well.
Free Thought (21 days ago)
I was born a German, now an American, and I used to have similar thoughts about Germany. I got asked lots of questions by Germans about America, such as “why is the educational system so bad”. This question can make a good example of the differences. The answer is that, yes, some schools are the worse, but some schools are very good ... better than the German schools. Even Germans who come here eventually admit that. The reason is the high level of freedom of action in the USA. Schools are controlled locally here, not centrally, as they are in Germany, and most of Europe where the curriculum is imposed by the central government. Central decision making leads to more homogeneous thinking among the people. In the USA, local schoolboards largely control the curriculum, are free to make bad choices, but are also free to make good choices. So, statistically speaking, the distribution of school quality has a broader standard deviation in the USA. That implies three things ... at the upper end, our schools are MUCH better than those in Europe. At the lower end, our schools are MUCH worse. On average, our schools MAY be worse (the center of the distribution curve). However, it is interesting to note that the USA leads the world in invention and innovation ... so some of our schools must be doing something right. The problem with a free society is that we are free to fail, to be lazy, to seek the easiest path to any goal, and the 80/20 rules assures us that the majority of the population will seek the easy path. In Europe, the governments force a minumum requirement on the population. This reduces freedom, but that is the trade-off.
Boogie Spadina (23 days ago)
The Ottomans tried multiculturalism, how did the secession-ism work for them and is still working for them?
Boogie Spadina (23 days ago)
certainly not an NPC
JPD (23 days ago)
Poland is still white. Hell I'd love to move to Poland tomorrow. I visited there in May of 18 and I loved it. Sorry man but shame on you for bashing your home nation that has done great things in the world. We saved Europes ass 2x and now they spit on us.
Ozy Uk (19 days ago)
JPD go to Poland while the poles migrate elsewhere
Metapolitics (25 days ago)
Interesting video but let's make clear some points here: 1. It is not true that Poland is an homogenous country. At least not anymore. Poland has more than 2 millions of Ukrainians (nobody, even the government, knows how many there are), plus thousands of East Asian immigrants, plus thousands of Europeans and the numbers grows every month. 2. The funny thing is that here everyone says that would like to move to Poland because of its homogeneity. Well but if everyone moves to Poland it will not be homogeneous anymore. 3. The fact that Poland (its government) is against immigration it is a pure lie (see the point 1), it is just brainwashing propaganda. 4. South Korea and Japan are far more homogeneous than Poland.
Ozy Uk (19 days ago)
Metapolitics well said
Aiko (28 days ago)
Kurwa. Im proud.
Ozy Uk (19 days ago)
x Iriseq x YT kurwa lol
And free healthcare.
9Nie (1 month ago)
Respect for you!
Tony Lohi (1 month ago)
Someone do a check did this guy stay in Poland? Or did he go back to the US? Id give him 3 years tops, for the newness to wear off until he starts language, work, and everyday life in a place where after a while they wont see him as a visitor to impress but as a foreigner till as he says the day he dies
Ozy Uk (19 days ago)
Tony Lohi lol
Triss1888 Merigold (1 month ago)
I have asked to be put in my will, that I want to be buried in Poland, in my little village graveyard, next to my ancestors. Greetings from UK.
Craig Sloan (1 month ago)
Poland’s redemption is it respects its history its culture its people it’s not afraid of it like it’s a bad thing. Poland is great it’s Christian it’s good
Jon Irving (1 month ago)
Poland is a beautiful country. I will retire soon and visit often as a tourist. I have no interest in going to France or Germany. I have even learned a little Polish.
Deadly Pie (1 month ago)
America is draining my energy, a lot of mess is going on here like in the media. I would love to get out and live some place else feeling more comfortable and relaxed
Czeekaj (1 month ago)
What about the abortion rates :)? One last statistic for you guys.
Jen Marie (1 month ago)
Great informative video! I would like to do the same, move from America to Poland to live with my Husband. I was wondering how I would go about getting a job there though. ;)
Kult America (1 month ago)
Learn polish and be open minded :)
Filthy McNasty (1 month ago)
A lot of misconceptions and suppositions in this video from the OP himself.
232323C (1 month ago)
r u jewish mr kult?
Monte W (1 month ago)
Very honest video !!! As an American , I can't fault you for leaving !!!! Still love my country but ??????
Ozy Uk (19 days ago)
Monte W as a native Indian I’m happy
Pamela Oneill (1 month ago)
I am happy for you and wish you well. I am an American patriot, a Jesus following conservative libertarian and will continue to live in the USA and pray for the reform of our nation and a renewal of patriotism. Many are lost, it is true...but people are lost everywhere. Peace to you, your family and your nation.
Vlad Pootin (1 month ago)
Funny things is, Poland would probably not even exist today if it wasn't and had not been for America. I must say, the Polish seem much better educated compared to this alleged "American" ignorant guy here in this clip with regard to American history, American exceptionalism and the culture of the country they know they owe so much to and are indeed grateful for and to. Just see Statues of Ronald Reagan, Lech Walesa aptly put it as follows "Without Reagan (meaning America as a whole to a great extend) there would be no Poland".
Vlad Pootin (1 month ago)
Also when it comes to "police brutality", the rather clueless guy here must not have heard or experienced true Poland yet, with violent Hooligans and right wingers marching. Police is rather corrupt, but I will say, not nearly as much and bad as in my native of Russia, and Poland has indeed made considerable progress since the fall of Soviet Union and the communist oppression. Poland welcomes American Military protection and seeks to increase the number of American Troops on her soil actively lobbying and vying and wooing for it !
Ozy Uk (19 days ago)
Vlad Pootin well said sir
Vlad Pootin (1 month ago)
I understand that this is a commercial channel that is monetized, and the speaker probably just advertises something that he has been paid to do, this clip is abound with misinformation and falsehoods. First things, when the alleged crime statistics are compared, you need to adjust the numbers for population numbers. Poland has around 38 million, America has 325 million, so 8.5 times more than Poland, now you can do the math yourself for "rape, shootings, car theft etc." ! Put's things into a very different perspective now doesn't it!?! Not to mention the fact that Polish statistics are not quite as comprehensive and sound as they are carelessly and loosely tossed out by that guy in the clip here.
Kol Dem (1 month ago)
Hello, My husband is American, I'm Polish, and we are thinking about moving his stuff over to Poland, including the car. Do you have any experience with that regarding documents, permits, expenses etc? If yes, could you give us some inside-outs of this process? Thanks in advance!
tannersuitcaseroski (1 month ago)
Lol stop walking out of the frame
VW GUY (1 month ago)
freedom or debauchery... In general Lil by lil we r turning the US to a very unpleasant place to live . I believe that's 1 of many reasons American men are looking for love in other places.
Adam Trew (1 month ago)
no islam in poland = less crime.
Ozy Uk (19 days ago)
Adam Trew check polish prisons u idiot
Jawad Rasooly (1 month ago)
I left Afghanistan for Poland. I love the place and the people.
Jawad Rasooly (19 days ago)
I am teaching.
Ozy Uk (19 days ago)
Jawad Rasooly lol u can teach polish ppl
Gabe G. (1 month ago)
Have fun with Russia when we ditch you
Laura Platt (1 month ago)
If you like Communist concrete buildings - go live in Poland!
Merran Vlogs (1 month ago)
It’s good that there isn’t a lot of variety there the culture is ripe
tibzig1 (1 month ago)
I am happy for you. You found what you were searching for...many go through a lifetime and come up empty handed.  And yes, life in the U.S. is definitely not what it used to be, at least not in the large metropolitan areas.
Biochem Mat (1 month ago)
Poland, and Central Europe, is generally awful for bureaucracy, but it was quite illuminating to hear about your perspective. Thanks, @kult america
M. G. (2 months ago)
I wished I lived in Poland. I love Poland.
Entregador de Leite (2 months ago)
America Kunt. U are a disgrace for America. And I'm not even american... police brutality? GTFO.
Sasquatch 6 (2 months ago)
So go home you add holes
Krinioo Oz (2 months ago)
You are Polish😊
John Bodnar (2 months ago)
SvearViking91 (2 months ago)
I want to move to Poland, any polish people here that can give me some adviceon how to get started?
Deadfully (2 months ago)
4:54 Young man helping elder lady. Oh, god. That's so charming
Florka _ (2 months ago)
Ja bym chciała zamieszkać w USA bardzo
Zołza96 (2 months ago)
Super filmik mimo ,że już ma rok😄
Henry (2 months ago)
Nice guy.we apriciate your nice words about Poland.But if you want to be our friend please don`t spit,don`t bet on America.Poland and USA has very strong tradition.We have been in a bad and good times always together.Thank you for nice comments about Poland but don`forget where you were born.We love America,and we do not like somone puting America in a bad light.Leacking polish ass is not the way of doing.We would rather hear positive thinks.I was in USA many times,guy stoped and gived me a lift.tipical american with american hoot and a old car.I did not even want him to stop.He helped me to find a cheap motel,and then comes the shock. he invited me home for a dinner,i met his whole family. and,and,and.It realy impressed me so much..Learn the lesson please.
Andrea Azzam (2 months ago)
Awww.... I'm Irish and Creek American Indian. I can live in both worlds.
tom grab (2 months ago)
I find you astonishing . Americans are found to be quite dumb and you my friend sound very well spoken for. You would like to see you as an ambassador for Poland around the world. Congrats on the good work.
Holyfox (2 months ago)
Wait 10 or 20 years and we Germans will immigrate to Poland, Hungary, Russia,... . Why? Because of the Muslim immigrants who come here. And climate change. It’s getting hotter& hotter here🇩🇪
stacy4422 (2 months ago)
and Poland is 1/7th the size the united states ! If I was to leave I would go to Hungry!
Merran Vlogs (2 months ago)
I love hearing about European countries so I can imagine I live there
anarchore (2 months ago)
No blacks, more peace.
ultimateblaze23 (2 months ago)
Lets all move to Poland for their lack of diversity.... oh wait
Peppa Gra (2 months ago)
Kisses from Kalisz ! #Polska
Henry (2 months ago)
Do not spit on A merica.You were born there COWBOY.You are not welcomed in Poland if you talk wrong about your place of birth.We love America.Go back on your knees to America and appolegise for your stupid comments.Dont forget you sily drunk lunatic.You spit on A merica you spit on polish people. and the polish will send you to hell
duhhh bruhh (2 months ago)
I had my bag stolen on a polish train which had everything in it while i was sleeping. I wokeup at 3am while the train was still moving and was extremely angry ready to do anything to get my bag back. I then stormed into the cabin next to mine and confronted a polish man asking if he stole my bag.. he pauses.. then another man gets out of his seat and tells me to follow him. We walk to the end of the carriage and try to open the door. Its locked.. so we walk back and as we are walking back my bag is back in my cabin. They were working together but luckily the train had not stopped when i fell asleep ! I would still visit poland again though because I liked the people but would be more careful!
Imperator RazZehir (2 months ago)
Monika Romanek (2 months ago)
You should bring books from America . What kind of history are you learned there about Poland.
Zexille (2 months ago)
I think everyone wants to live in poland except for us poles
Artur Nowak (2 months ago)
Co to za rezyserowana propaganda. Ten film przypomina inne produkcję reklamowe i ma chyba tego samego operatora. Sorry Winnetou ale dla mnie to jesteś tu na czyjeś zlecenie i zamawiasz nie za długo. I myślę że może nawet rozumiesz po polsku
Mr patriot (2 months ago)
I've been to Europe six times but never to Poland. I'm afraid if the EU ever forces or pressures Poland into allowing mass Muslim migration all these wonderful virtues in Poland will disappear and it will turn into a cess pool. I'm glad Poland is saying "NO" to this Invasion . They have a history with Islam and I'm thankful the elite Polish Cavalry called the Hussars saved Vienna 1683 from the Otttoman Turks, an Islamic Empire. added: my late mother was from Corinth, Greece.
Mad Baron (2 months ago)
> i've never been to a homogenous country before > i knew that i needed to be part of this exclusive club Übermensch status: Confirmed.
Mad Baron (2 months ago)
> i've never been to a homogenous country before > i knew that i needed to be part of this exclusive club Übermensch status: Confirmed.
Keith James (2 months ago)
What do you do for a living in Poland? I just came back to Canada from the Czech, and loved it there...
MyricalLyrical (2 months ago)
Hungary and Poland the future.
whats good (2 months ago)
You definitely got some points
Pete Jones (2 months ago)
Cool for a black guy with an Asian wife to travel through?
James Douds (2 months ago)
It's actually a reasonable question. Poland is amazing and who wouldn't want to live there? I hope I can get stationed in Germany. That way I can visit that great country.
Mark Molinari (2 months ago)
I love Poland and it's people, values, morals and work ethics among just a few. And I think what you have accomplished is awesome. But I have one problem with your idealism. Your American and you will always be American. To rattle off a list of what you think are negative issues in The USA. Instead of abandoning Your homeland America. You should work just as hard as you did to learn the polish language and all its beautiful and wonderful history, to fix what you think is horrible about America. I'm also confused about your statement of Americans having "Blind patriotism" that is offensive. Say I was polish and disagreed with some of Polish government regulations or laws and instead of sticking around and working hard to change things for the better, I packed my shit and caught a red eye to Chicago. I would be no different than you. I understand America has problems and we always have and will continue to have them. But as a Country America has learned from our mistakes and grown from them in the most important ways. Anyways I get it! You love Poland and I think that's cool. God bless you, your family and the polish people. And God Bless the United states of America!.
Michael Jordan (2 months ago)
If population of Poland is one-tenth of that of USA, it is only natural to expect less of everything including numbers concerning various criminal statistics. There are simply fewer people there and as a result that society is going to commit fewer crimes overall; therefore, making it seem safer or better.
Limpieza Veloz (2 months ago)
Beautiful actress her name is ludwika paleta
Limpieza Veloz (2 months ago)
I'm mi county we have an so b eautiful actress

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