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Another Q&A Video about TURKISH CULTURE

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instagram: turkishfactsbylara Hello guys in this weeks video i answer the questions i couldnt answer in the last video:) Hope you are all doing well here is the questions you wonder about Turkey and Turkish culture
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Al Bal (2 days ago)
Is it fashionable to wear one earring in turkey?
Al Bal (2 days ago)
You are cute marry me please !
sajjad khan (15 days ago)
I proud to my wife keep it up
Sir P (15 days ago)
Have Turkish Muslim women married Turkish or non-Turkish Jewish men before? I know Turkey had a large Jewish population, and still have around 18,000 of them in Istanbul, and Izmir. They are divided into two from my understanding. The ones whose ancestors are Spanish are more culturally Turkish, and the ones Atta Turk brought in from Germany/Poland to escape from the Nazis are more culturally European Jewish. Sorry to go on and on, just some facts for after writing my question lol
Maui Moonshiner (21 days ago)
Please answer this question! I noticed a lot of graffiti on the streets, are there a lot of street gangs in Turkey?? Or are there just groups of kids doing vandalism? Also what’s the highest form of drug abuse in Turkey? Do a lot of people smoke weed out there? Please and thank you
neo İlbasan (5 days ago)
if you talk about really good and beutiful grafittis. they are supported by govermant. they even giving money to talented graffiti artists for those graffitis. but ugly ones of course vandalism.and drug usege is too low (as i know) in turkey. only in some small areas. for exanple in ankara you can find drug addicts only in "çinçin" district. other district are drug free.
Kaya Ekiz (24 days ago)
What happened to you?
Jonni Limbu (29 days ago)
Some of the questions are really inappropriate and a fantasy lol
Atheer Sabih (1 month ago)
I'm from Iraq, you guys looks almost just like us but more light skin.
Atheer Sabih (1 month ago)
I will be happy if I meet a Turkish girl half as beautiful as you.
Atheer Sabih (1 month ago)
There will always be haters because God created free will, and an angel chose to be bad instead of good, and he influences people to do bad...that's life...
Walter Yap (1 month ago)
Misbah Ahmadzai (1 month ago)
Wow so beatefull girl.
M&M 101 (2 months ago)
Armenians are better ;)
Serdar Joshua (2 months ago)
ya neden bu kadar güzelsin ya :(
Artere Laksamana (2 months ago)
Turkey needs to open its CULTURAL.CENTER in jakarta, indonesia..just like Turkey, Indonesia is a moslem.majority country...but SHARIA LAW is NOT OUR NATIONAL LAWS & CONSTITUTION!!!
Artere Laksamana (2 months ago)
I think Istanbul, Izmir and anatalya have beautiful turkish girls & women...some could be quite stuck up & arrogant ..but in general they were pretty nice & friendly...!
Artere Laksamana (2 months ago)
Thanxxx to Attaturk that you are Not living under the Sharia Laws! Not yet...at least...!!!
Artere Laksamana (2 months ago)
I think the speaker, LAURA? is attractive & smart...her english is also very good! I hv been to turkey once...and in general I found turkish females were FRIENDLIER than western European women / females !!! One attractive teenage turkish gurl even asked me & my mates to take pic together..! I ended up having my pic taken just with her...what a nice experience I had in turkey 😁😍😅😊😉😀👦👧👍👍👍👌👌👌🖒🖒🖒
Artere Laksamana (2 months ago)
How about Turkish women dating chinese guys? How common & acceptable is that ?!
Artere Laksamana (1 month ago)
+TurtlesRuinedMyLife ..yup ! You did help me, with your info & input! Thanksss a lotz...have a nice day.👍.🌍🌎🌏🌐🗺🌞😁😉😎
Artere Laksamana (1 month ago)
+TurtlesRuinedMyLife ..what makes you like Chinese men?! Have you actually met & dated them ??? How was it.....plz let me know , thx 😎🤔😁😊😉😋
Artere Laksamana (1 month ago)
+TurtlesRuinedMyLife ...It so nice to hear from you...that most Turkish women are Not Religious Zealots and freaks!!! That is Great News...if true ! Im finding Indonesia is becoming a religious freak country, less tolerant, less open minded and becoming more & more bigoted by the days!!! Bad News indeed ! 😝😤😈☻👹💩💩💩👎👎👎🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓More and more young women & gurls are wearing hijabs...just because they are presured by their parents & peers to do so!!! Too bad!!! Even that Gorgeous Queen Rania of Jordan , does Not wearing hijab....👧👍🖒👑👑👑💎💍
Artere Laksamana (1 month ago)
+TurtlesRuinedMyLife ..Thanx for your response....Great to know an open minded Turkish girl like yourself..I wish I could meet you in person & be your pal! 😎😉😁 Most women / females that I meet in Turkey are very nice and friendly..well compared to many white european women anyway ...whom I think Not as friendly & rather Racist too ! I met a beautiful young Turkish lady in Antalya , she was very lovely & friendly.. I am still keeping our pictures together😍🕶LOL! In general I love Turkey..you have a beautiful country , not to mention beautiful ladies too..Im sure you are one of them..😘😉😊
TurtlesRuinedMyLife (1 month ago)
I live in antalya and I have seen several Turkish women who is dating with Asian(im not sure about they're chinese or not) men. It depends on person, I can't generalize it but if you are going to convert ro islam to marry/date her, never do that it'll just cause problems. Plus we have no similarities with indonesia except muslim population, don't worry! And the truth is most people in Turkey aren't religious. There are religious people too but there aren't many of them I rarely meet one. To me, as a Turkish girl, I like Chinese men! I don't really care about religions. I hope I could help you!
muhamed yahya (2 months ago)
what is the most popular social media sites in turkey ?
Fatma nur (2 months ago)
muhamed yahya facebook and instagram
Jon Roberts (2 months ago)
How do Turkish women view American women. From Whatchen your vids seems like Turkish women have more class and are more down to earth. To bad I was born. In American I think the women here are kinda mean and don't have much love or respect for men it's more like a man is a object that can be used for their own gain almost anything else other than a human being that deserves love and respect. Sounds bad huh. But America is famous for broken homes split up marriages all kinds of bad stuff. Let's say 10 couples get married only bout 4 will last and only about 1 or 2 maybe will actually last and still be in love and happy with each other. I wonder if it is like that all over the world.
arzoo468 Baruah (3 months ago)
Doin a gud job abla..keep up the gud work..seni seviyorum...learning a bit from the TV series ha ha
Mhel Visto (3 months ago)
Turkey is a part of europe?
Corpse Dvddy (3 months ago)
I’m thinking of moving from California to Turkey, any tips/ideas?
Nfia Utopia (2 months ago)
bring a lot of dollar, you're rich here. hahaha
caroline smile (3 months ago)
Danish Isaiah u cam move west cities in turkey .like izmir city,antalya,mersin...
Bilal 9 officel 9 (3 months ago)
We r love Turkey..from Pakistan
Sabrina T (4 months ago)
Love from Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 ♥️
The Real Jesus Yeshua (4 months ago)
You're absolutely perfect
Haris Sajjad (4 months ago)
I want turkish girl help me
Michael Anthony (4 months ago)
I love this Turkish girl. She's my best friend, we talk everyday, even if we have some different cultural differences it doesn't bother me at all because I love her
izmir 35 (2 months ago)
Michael Anthony really
Sofia Carvajal (4 months ago)
Hi, Lara! I have some questions. What about the table manners there? there is something specific that we can not do when we are eating? Are there some rules about punctuality? What do people think about this? Are the roles of women and men different? At home and in the workplace?
Nfia Utopia (2 months ago)
dont make any noise when you eat and dont chew your food with your mouth open, don't fill your mouth with full of food and its better to wait for other people and start eating all together most turkish people are not punctual, They hate it yet they still go late to their appointments roles of women and men is a long story..
Sofia Carvajal (4 months ago)
Thanks in advance!! :)
ËreRé Dyrë (5 months ago)
Eee? 2 ay geçmis ama hollywood videon yok...
mala0790 (5 months ago)
I really like your vid, they are so informative and interesting, and you are so kind and polite, I see people in comments being really mean, I hope people (men/boys) will grow up/ mature please. You wouldn’t like someone harassing your daughter, sister mom etc. lastly I would really like if you haven’t already, to talk about fav places to go to in instanbul. I am planning a trip w my friend and it’s my first time, so I don’t have enough info, I mean I have found out that if I buy something I have to bargain and taxis are not that smart of a choice. We don’t drink or smoke any places that would be suitable for women like me? By the way I watch both Turkish and Korean dramas, some Pakistani dramaz are good too, I can’t watch the long running one, because Life 😊 I am from Norway. Thank you, you are welcome to delete my comment after reading it 😊 Did I say you are doing good job making this vidz 👍well you’re 💛
Beauty By Füri (5 months ago)
Beautiful Türk kizi 🇹🇷🌷
Ömer Faruk Bolluk (5 months ago)
Hey Laura, thanks for sharing our culture with other people in the world. Could you please tell us some things about yourself because you are amazingly cute and I want to know you. I wish you were living in Ankara instead of Istanbul, so maybe we can encounter. I hope you will see my comment. :)
Antonio Maldonado (6 months ago)
Lol South Africans are white. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? 🤣😂
anonymous worm (6 months ago)
How Turkish people feels and react about persians Lara?
Nfia Utopia (2 months ago)
many of them dont like the strict sharia law iran practices but for the persian people, I don't see turkish people having ill feelings toward them aside from the sharia law
ErlikKhan (6 months ago)
Türk müsün?
Divisha Kaushal (5 months ago)
Abla why are you not uploading any video ?????? Waiting for you video🌸❤love from India 🇮🇳🇹🇷
Skk Sgk (6 months ago)
tatlılığa bak ya:)
drbacktrack (6 months ago)
I don't hear any words you said, just imagine your beautiful face sweety
Sayedul Kibria (6 months ago)
Kendimi gözlerinde kaybettim
Emrah Ayar (6 months ago)
Bilgisayar mühendisliğinden sonra sivil pilotluk ilginç bi hedef olmuş. Böyle .Netçi falan olmak varken :) (it's an interesting goal to be a civilian pilot after getting a CE degree instead of being a .Net coder or sth else)
Mamta Roy (6 months ago)
Merhaba Lara... You're absolutely doing good with your videos . . And I love Turkey because of culture.. tradition.. art.. people .. As it's quite similar to my country which is India. And please do come with more Turkish culture.. Love to see you. But now I'm here to know that.. Is it easy to get citizenship in turkey?
Mudasir Hotak (6 months ago)
Ma sha Allah
sandman (7 months ago)
Don't know why I watch your videos. I guess I find your answers so inaccurate and misinformed that it actually interests me. Keep it up.
Rizwan Quereshi (7 months ago)
So Many Controversial Qution
Yara Yazali (7 months ago)
Hello ! I find your video very interesting. I will have two questions for you and I would be grateful if I could have a answer. The first will be: for most muslim in turkie who are moderate in terms of religious opinion. How are they considered the spirituality in open way without loosen it ? The second: can you make a video where you will make a plan for the touriste who want to discover the true Turkish culture (cities, coffee, festivals, ...) I trust your taste and I am ready to follow your plan. Thank you
Tayyab Khan (7 months ago)
Hey lara a simple question for u..are u muslim or christian..
Tanmay Jagale (7 months ago)
I'm Indian is it easy to get job in turkey
Nfia Utopia (2 months ago)
no if you don't know turkish
İbrahim Kendirci (6 months ago)
Tanmay Jagale ıt job easy ı think. But ım not sure.
Eva Ma (7 months ago)
Hey , I am a German girl from Germany. I found your videos by accident . I had been in a relationship with a turkish guy for 9 years. He came at age of 3 to Germany. His orginially from Trabzon . I only had been to Alanya & Side.
Jamal Al Awadhi (3 months ago)
Eva Ma 9 years and still not married !!!
Rojit Husen (8 months ago)
Give me your Facebook name
Abdullah Alsudani (8 months ago)
Im pretty sure that you live in istanbul , so what university do you go to ? and what do you study ? And where did you learn English bcuz mashallah you are good ,  ive been here in Istanbul  since september 2017 , and im facing a real problem in learning the turkish language , though im from iraq and we have allot to share in language  and culture , for example we say çay , çekmeçe , sandalye , but really they do nothing for me here , anyways youre doing good , you are beautiful , keep it up and tell us  more about this amazing culture , best regards
whitewolf Anonymous (8 months ago)
I fell in love with you :,(
Rojit Husen (8 months ago)
I love Turkey girl so much. Plz provide me a one girlfriend. Or given me a Facebook I'd plz
Nfia Utopia (2 months ago)
turkish girls find it off putting when men make it obvious that they seek girlfriends online. just saying
Başak Ateş (8 months ago)
Rojit Husen You can not earn anything when you write this post every time. Also please stop conditioning yourself as "I must have a Turkish girlfriend..".
Andrey Kochnev (8 months ago)
If you come to Russia (5:24) we will like you ;) First cause you are very beautiful and nice and second you don't look too different from let's say a girl from the Caucasus (south-west of the country) so you we'll be welcomed in Russia I am absolutely sure
omar fiaz (8 months ago)
Download Trump (4 months ago)
omar fiaz are u stupid?
Bin al-Flecki (8 months ago)
are there kawaii desu turkish qt pie anime waifus?
mubashar ali (8 months ago)
K H (8 months ago)
Merhaba! This is Japanese girl. I've been fascinated with Turkish great culture since I was in an elementary school, and perhaps I'll visit your country next year. I could learn a lot from your video. Thanks. Hope you come to Japan soon! You're so cute! 可愛い(*^^*)
FolkeBernadotte2 (10 days ago)
K H Best wishes Japanese friend. Indeed Turkey is a beautiful country. If you visited Istanbul make sure to visit the aquarium & the naval museum. You'd learn about the real Barbarossa. He was no pirate but a hero, who rescued many people from the Spanish inquisition.
Artere Laksamana (1 month ago)
Which part of japan ?! I love kansai & naniwa...daitsuki desu !!! 🇯🇵🎎🗾
Nfia Utopia (2 months ago)
hello I love japan culture from turkey!:)
wise man's way (4 months ago)
Turkish dna are middle asia . And TUrkey not % 100 TUrkish race . Our country like america
Merih Seriz (5 months ago)
K H ありがとうございます
ahmed shaheen (8 months ago)
As Turkish can you explain differences in life , culture , life style between Istanbul and other cities ( like alanya)
SergeH09 (8 months ago)
me enamore 😳😳😳
Saud (8 months ago)
Devrim Taskesne (5 months ago)
مجموعة رفيف بن سعود 1 XD
Saud (5 months ago)
Devrim Taskesne Nice wait you work in Turkey a
Devrim Taskesne (5 months ago)
مجموعة رفيف بن سعود 1 But now I work in Turkey
Devrim Taskesne (5 months ago)
I m From Iran
Saud (5 months ago)
Devrim Taskesne HI from Qatar You are from where 🎁
유우우우윤 (8 months ago)
Subscribe from S.Korea :)
ERROL LIGEON (8 months ago)
Don,t wurry Lara you are the Best!!
Anglais M3a BILOU (8 months ago)
One days i will Marry turkish girls inshallah because are so cute love u :))
SoundsLike Turkish (28 days ago)
+Eric jones Her real name is Dilara (which is a Persian female name used in Turkey) She doesn't use Di part in her name on Youtube.
Eric jones (2 months ago)
sh'es catholic.
Ashley Saavedra (2 months ago)
She kinda looks Persian.
Eric jones (3 months ago)
Shes not a native turk. Lara is euro/jewish name. Many ethnicities in Turkey.
savaş türk (8 months ago)
Ben Türtküm ve agnostik bir insanım islamın ve diğer dinlerin uydurulduguna ınanıyorum . Çok acı bütün dinler bize inanmazsan ömür boyu cehennemde yanacaksın diyor . Aslında Türklerin asıl dini Göktanrı dinidir . Sonradan araplaştık ve kültürümüzü milli oluşumumuzu kjaybettik . ATatürk bunu önlemeye çalıştı ama ülkede çok fazla arap tip var ne kadar çoğumuz milli değerlerine sahip çıkmaya çalışsada . Sadece araplarlada kalmıyor batıya özenen tiplerde var . Ülkede herkes moskofçu komunisti kapitalisti etniği ümmetçisi eksik değil ve artık cidden bıktım bu tür insanlarla uğraşmaktan genelde hepsi türklere düşman zarar veren güruhlar.Türkiyedeki herkesi Türk sanıyorlar . Ülkenin yarısı etnik. genetiği orta asya üstün olan insan sayısı % 50 civarında ölçülmüş ortalama . Orta asya genetiğim mesela benım % 86 ormanda şaman ayinleri yaparız ayushi çayı içerek . Kimse aslında TÜrklerin ne oldugunu bilmiyor . Şu an açıklamaya çalıştıgın kişilerde asimile olmuş Türklerdir
Ziaul Islam Shahin (8 months ago)
Merhaba Lara. sen nasılsın. I am going to visit Istanbul very soon. Need your advice. If possible, if you don't mind, please say hello to my email; [email protected]
Kenan Bajric (8 months ago)
Have you ever met a person which ancestors originated from Bosnia,Serbia,Macedonia or Montenegro but their ancestors moved to Turkey during Otoman retreat from Balkan.? Some people over here in Bosnia say that there are 5 mil of them today in Turkey.
Nfia Utopia (2 months ago)
of course. I've seen so many balkan turks here!
neo İlbasan (2 months ago)
Kenan Bajric absolitly. for example kivanc tatlitugs ancestors are bosnian
Dominic Cialone (8 months ago)
Hi Lara, Make more videos. Im traveling to istanbul in one month and love hearing what you speak about
BK Baller (8 months ago)
In my country we always watch Turkish shows and eat a lot of Turkish foods, but I'm not sure why...
Irbis Rosh (4 months ago)
Ottoman Empire influence. Albania was under the Ottomans for quite some time which provided for cultural exchange.
BK Baller (7 months ago)
tomyris khatun Albania
Bay BilimseL (8 months ago)
EL Fugitivo (8 months ago)
you re so nicce , great people greate food and great history !
Zaryab Hassan (8 months ago)
M from Pakistan i live in Dubai but now i'm in Turkey Can weee meeet pleaseeeeee
HACI KARAYILDIZ (8 months ago)
Could you make a video about what advice about manners would you give to a foreigner visiting your country ? Could you explain it with your reasons?
Pratik Potdar (9 months ago)
hey Lara i am an Indian(24) i have a question for you, i met a turkish girl(20) online and we have been talking daily since 7 months and i really like her(Don't know from her side)[Though i expressed my feeling to her, she asked me why and didn't say anything]. In conversation, she sometime says me love you to me. Now, my question is 'is telling people Love you casual in turkey ?' I am planning to visit her in july this year. Help please.
Başak Ateş (5 months ago)
Pratik Potdar Yeah,you say you love someone in Turkey(not girls,just men). But turkish girls do not show that they love a person. Even if you tell him you love him,she may still say she not loves you. Before you talk face to face with that girl, you can not understand that you love. I hope I helped.
atakan günay (9 months ago)
Actually there is no official religion in Turkey but %98 are muslims it is complicated:D by the way hey dilara (ordan bir ilk abone kalbi alabilirmiyim ? Teşekkürler :D
Alp Tonguç (9 months ago)
Bir sonra ki video nu merakla bekliyorumm 😊
jenna delaney (9 months ago)
Hi Lara! I really want to learn Turkish and have been using an app called Duolingo to learn the basics, I'm learning more and more Turkish day by day, but do you have any tips on how to learn Turkish as fast as possible? I really love Turkish language and culture. Also, just wondering, are you full Turkish?
Ahmet ÇAKIR (9 months ago)
mary bines Turkish is a nationality. Turk is the ethnicity.
Dana Milenkovic (9 months ago)
Lara, i absolutely love you! what turkish tv series do you watch? do you watch siyah beyaz ask?
AAMIR ABBASI (9 months ago)
Helll Daer....Frind........Realy i want come Turkey...Bcase People are Good......Allso your Leader i s very very Good........i want Turkish Frinds....IMO or Whatsup....my nbr....0097466234195
AAMIR ABBASI (6 months ago)
İbrahim Kendirci......But i Love Turkey...
İbrahim Kendirci (6 months ago)
AAMIR ABBASI these days so many afghan and pakistani coming Turkey but their target europe.
Kevin Jacquet (9 months ago)
Wait! you never did my question: What is the general views of interracial relationships in Turkey?
Nfia Utopia (2 months ago)
no problem for most non-conservative familes and its okay as long as the husband is muslim for most conservative families
İbrahim Kendirci (6 months ago)
Layla zenci-türk demek istedi.
Badar Almshali (9 months ago)
I guess there is a plan to kill someone on 8:57 , God help him
omar kerbouche (9 months ago)
your English is perfect u pronos the "W" will compare to Turkish people ...u know
riaz ali (9 months ago)
i saw you pretty face again, i really impressed from you ,i love you pretty girl ,iam from islamabad
Ufuk Oğuzer (9 months ago)
Tek kelimeyle muhteşem senin gibi insanlara ihtiyacımız var. Takipteyim sevgiler :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (9 months ago)
Ufuk Oğuzer tesekkur ederim begenmenize sevindim :)
Prafulla Bhat (9 months ago)
Hey Lara..here I and my people all love you too.I luv your country and culture of your country...You just ignore all those negative comments and only look at all positive comments and make video's for those who always gives you positive comments and wishes from the first day till now 😀😙
Turkish FactsbyLara (9 months ago)
Prafulla Bhat Thank you so much this really means a lot to me :) my supporters are the main reason for me to publish, I don't really care about hate speeches
Hilal Betül Yılmaz (9 months ago)
İnşeallah ülkeyi düzgün bir şekilde anlatan kanallar ve medya araçları çogalır. Zira yanlış anlaşılmamıza neden olan asıl şey de medyadır.
Hilal Betül Yılmaz (9 months ago)
İnsanlar genelleme yapmayı sevdikleri yada genelleme yapmaları daha kolay olduğundan böyle yorum yapabiliyorlar. Üniversite de bizim develerle yolculuk yaptığımız zanneden ve zorla başımızı kapadığımızı zannedenler varmış çoooook komik. Bence insanlar yeterince bilgi sahibi olmadan insanlar hakkında yorum yapıyorlar.
Hilal Betül Yılmaz (9 months ago)
Ede Dede eğer samimiyseniz biraz konuşabiliriz ama sırf karşıtlık için söylüyorsanız yazmayın lütfen.
Hilal Betül Yılmaz (9 months ago)
Ede Dede yani açıkçası ben kuzenlerim zorla kapanıyor Türkiye'nin yarısıda zorla kapanıyor gibi hiç bir gerçekçiliği olmayan yorumu kasıtlı olarak yaptığınızı düşünüyorum.
Hilal Betül Yılmaz (9 months ago)
Ede Dede ayrıca merak ettim kuzenlerin neden zorla kapanıyor. Baskıcı bir aileye mı mensupsunuz baskı altında mı şiddet mi görüyor.
Hilal Betül Yılmaz (9 months ago)
Ede Dede siz müslüman mısınız? Yoksa başka bir dine mı mensupsunuz? Bilmiyor olabilirsiniz diye söylüyorum İslam'da örtü kadın için farzdır. Kuran'da çoğu dini konu net olarak belirtilmemişken örtü konusu açık açık nur suresi 31. Ayette yer almaktadır.farz islam'da yapılması zorunlu olan temel islami kaide anlamındadır. Ama ben bunu söylerken kimsenin kapanmak zorunda olduğunu söylemiyorum. Zira Allah insanı irade sahibi olarak yaratmıştır. Yani insan özgürce düşünebilen hareket edebilen ve aynı zamanda özgür iradesiyle karar verdiklerinden de sorumlu bir canlıdır.
Ede Dede (9 months ago)
içen kapalı trajikomik bir durum değil mi belli ki zorla kapanmış işte :D benim kuzenlerim var zorla kapanan türkiye'nin çoğu böyle kendi rızası ile kapanan çok nadirdir belki bir sensindir :D kapanmak çok gereksiz birşey saç teli mahrem biryer değil ki :D neyse nasılsa onların hayatı boşa kendinize eziyet :D
Al Henders (9 months ago)
Great to see you back posting a new video
Tbessix220 (9 months ago)
Great video Lara, I have a question! In Turkey, do most girls date and have s*x with their boyfriends without marriying? Is that very normal for most people you know? Out of 10 girls, how many of them you think that they had s*x before marriage?
Санем Дивит (2 months ago)
Tbessix220 This really depends on the region. In liberal cities like Izmir, probably everyone does it before marriage. And in more conservative cities like Trabzon 1/10 do it before marriage. However İstanbul is a very diverse city, with people all over Turkey. So I would say like 40% do it before marriage. The probability of a hijabi girl, having s*x before marriage is like 000000.1%. Hijabis stay virgins till marriage. You can trust them! Btw where are you from?
Başak Ateş (5 months ago)
Tbessiz220 I can not tell you exactly. But generally 2/10 of Turkish girls are having sex before getting married.
Vatanım Sensin (5 months ago)
İbrahim Kendirci neyse pardon
Vatanım Sensin (5 months ago)
İbrahim Kendirci hiç trollüyormuş gibi durmuyorsun gayet ciddisin jdjska
İbrahim Kendirci (5 months ago)
Hilal ve Leon moruk sence ciddi olabilir miyim ???
Turkish Crusader (9 months ago)
But Arabization or Islamization very common in Turkey lol
AAMIR ABBASI (9 months ago)
Love Turkish Peopls......Love From Pakistan.........
Saqib S (9 months ago)
Are you Muslim or not?
Anatolia Eagle (9 months ago)
tomyris khatun hayır aptal bizi musluman sanıyolar sadece yüzde 60 musluman bide bizi ışidçi diyorlar.hem sen nabıcan laranın dinini he belki atheist muslumansan kendi adına gonus.
Anatolia Eagle (9 months ago)
Saqib S no
Sam Mor (9 months ago)
Love Istanbul I just spent 2 weeks.he. Question why Turkish woman afraid of tourist I try to talk to some.
neo İlbasan (5 days ago)
no no! they ashamed to talk in english.
Ede Dede (9 months ago)
they afraid every guy because of they think boys want to rape them
Sohaib Hashmi Aadil (9 months ago)
My question:- Do you have biryani over there in Turkey? What is your favourite food? Or most famous Turkish cuisine????
Sohaib Hashmi Aadil (9 months ago)
thanks !! would really love to try it someday in Istanbul. BTW love your video .you are awesome!!!
Turkish FactsbyLara (9 months ago)
yeap we have :) Turkish cuisine : Yaprak sarması Internetional cuisine :Japanese food
Subhadip Barman (9 months ago)
Pls am waiting for yr answer laira???
Subhadip Barman (9 months ago)
If they know English then why they dont tweet in english
Ede Dede (9 months ago)
they dont want it and somebody doesnt know english
Subhadip Barman (9 months ago)
Hi i am from India and i am huge huge fan of Hande Ercel and Burak Deniz(Ask Laftan Anlamaz) so i want to know from you that they can speak in English?????
Ede Dede (9 months ago)
everyone speaks english wtf ofc they can speak
Turkish FactsbyLara (9 months ago)
I dont know about those actresses in particular but i can say for Turkish drama stars unfortunatelly they dont speak english that much:( good luck with learning :)
SUPREME (9 months ago)
What do the Turkish people or Turkish womens in particular think of guys from far far away places like from South America? I am Argentine and think they womens in Turkey are cute based of different features I would like to think if Turkey is same attitude about us in regards to looking alien are the feelings mutual or we look European to you
Санем Дивит (2 months ago)
Omg we love Latinos😍😃 South America is such a unique place and their people are awesome!
x water (4 months ago)
Ede Dede yes it s true I think Latin guy is hot
x Z (4 months ago)
Ede Dede orusb
İbrahim Kendirci (6 months ago)
Ede Dede very rare latina look like enrigue, or francisco some colombian guy in my university none women crazy for them.
Ede Dede (9 months ago)
they like enrique igliesias,ricky martin,francisco lawchkowski etc. latin bois are hot and turkish girls go crazy for them :D

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