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10 YouTubers Who Killed Their Career In Seconds (TheGabbieShow, Tmartn, Sam Pepper)

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The Countdown (11 months ago)
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Titanclaw 24 (6 days ago)
No Fouseytube?
Akhil Singh Khyalia (8 days ago)
What about vsause!
Colossian Wilson (10 days ago)
The Countdown I did it!!
Jeanette Dennis (15 days ago)
The Countdown k,,,,,,,,,,,,u
NORRIN RADD (4 hours ago)
Most of them are still popular. Sooooo...😔
Jae Ken (9 hours ago)
His fan base didn't go after idubbz
Tolga Baltaci (13 hours ago)
Lui Calibre?
mmich75 (16 hours ago)
𝒲𝒶𝓋𝒾𝒾 (17 hours ago)
Floor Masereel (17 hours ago)
*dude gabbie is doing AmAzInG ❤️*
Dark Western (20 hours ago)
lol 7:23 you can pause it and read the conversation if you're quick enough
Kokopilau77 (1 day ago)
I think I’ve heard of two of these “super stars.”
Georgie Steven (1 day ago)
Ezzy's Vlog (1 day ago)
tagal mu nawala yata sis
Hr H (1 day ago)
aeriya (1 day ago)
SomeScouse Tranni (1 day ago)
Nice little recap bruh! Love it, Nostalgia's HARD!!! 😉😋😂🤣😂
June Boardman (2 days ago)
we need a updated list
Joebatain Maxx (2 days ago)
Fred got rich and didnt need to do it anymore....let his little bro have it and meh... I guarantee ya.
Scuba Diver (2 days ago)
Ray William Johnson seems to be doing well on Youtube with his Freshman Philosopher.
Just. Jazmine (2 days ago)
*cough cough* Logan *cough* Paul *cough cough*
Matt MacK (2 days ago)
That gabby chick has a massive nose
Sweet Melanin (3 days ago)
Lmfaooo I remember Fred...who’s watching in 2019
Gail Tennant (3 days ago)
Shadowman84FS (3 days ago)
Wow, a guy could bring his dogs, boat, fishing poles, shotgun, compound bow, box spring and mattress with all the camping gear, and pitch a tent inside that Gabbie girl's nose.
zahaira longsworth (3 days ago)
3:12 Lucas has a channel and doing well
Bookofwords (3 days ago)
Sam pepper is now a twitch streamer so you could say he did bounce back
mike1lst (3 days ago)
Bryan (2 days ago)
Kai Lyn (4 days ago)
I remember tobuscus damn..
What?!?! Get outta my notifications that!
I say Fax when agree (4 days ago)
Kindergarten 1 (4 days ago)
Please dont destroy my phone
Trev Creatives (5 days ago)
Millions of youtubers on the world and these peeps are being talked bout. I envy them. Hehe.
Misfit Graves (5 days ago)
500 your shooting for the stars huh.I have 2 phones so jokes on you.
RockAngies (5 days ago)
You said controversy 17 times... lol
Zeke Da sneak (5 days ago)
Gabbi is sexy
Pamela Thompson (5 days ago)
Threatening, frightening and bribing your fan base seems to be working for you.
captainkrunch (5 days ago)
Been on YouTube for years and I have never heard of any of these people
Jay Dub (6 days ago)
Toby is still big
Sadpants McGee (6 days ago)
You forgot about zeldaxlove64
elizettexxxeli (7 days ago)
Paul Edwards (7 days ago)
You forgot the Countdown
W E E B (8 days ago)
Vsauce should be here
pinkbeatle2012 (8 days ago)
I had to get a new phone because of meteorite
j'ai commandé l'eau (8 days ago)
What happened to Shay Carl and that first guy was unfair
bill woodmen (8 days ago)
I watch YouTube constantly and I have never heard of any of these people .
Akhil Singh Khyalia (8 days ago)
What about vsause!
I never heard of any of these people LOL
Midnight_Fox990 (9 days ago)
Haha what a sweaty tryhard
Pointless Potato (9 days ago)
I loved Fred 😞😞😞😔😔😞😞😔😞😞😔😔😞😞😔😔
Cultist (9 days ago)
All of these youtubers sucked anyway
Clint Doyas (9 days ago)
Waaaaayyyy too much talking..... 👎👎👎
Eric C (10 days ago)
The video nearly gave me an epileptic seizure.
song at 6:30 please
jules barry (10 days ago)
is gabbie back on the list
Jason Sutton (10 days ago)
Great Video.
Darrel Taylor (11 days ago)
talk less .
xX Bruh_its_trevor Xx (11 days ago)
If a meteor were to hit my phone the meteor would cost more that my phone
Killadelph TV (11 days ago)
bella Benitez (11 days ago)
You guys forgot Katie summers aka loseitconkatie !!!
DBOGG (11 days ago)
filthyfrank, maxmoefoe
springtrap51106 (12 days ago)
Don’t forget Logan Paul
malawho gossip (12 days ago)
Light Bulb (12 days ago)
Cool video
RC Plane (12 days ago)
Fred sold his channel. His new channel has 3mill subs.
WakingOHIOMama 91 (12 days ago)
XxGacha_RøzexX (12 days ago)
You forgot me!
cheryl voss (13 days ago)
Who’s the one in the preview ?
Larry Ramos (13 days ago)
Since when being a Youtuber is a career?
Oh yeah yeah Cultist (13 days ago)
Should of added the creatures
IcarusCAE (13 days ago)
I miss Ray
Mike (13 days ago)
Never heard of any of these channels
Animation Freak (14 days ago)
I did everything
Kosh 963 (14 days ago)
I miss = 3 :/
Plushy Princess (14 days ago)
Also that Gabbie girl's nose really bothers me.
BLIZZARDOK (14 days ago)
What happened to daddyOfive my man's lost his kids
Fatima Narvaez (14 days ago)
Next is Jake
MiyukiSawada240 (14 days ago)
it's funny if u update gabbie will be on the list again in 2018
Adrey K (14 days ago)
❤️any new youtubers ? comment when subbed
Mike D (14 days ago)
YouTube should not be a career
Paula-Ann Wynter (15 days ago)
Omg I remembered fred!!
Alyssa Jean (15 days ago)
Drink every time he says controversy
goodasnew (15 days ago)
Wow, I've never hear of any of these people.
Ajay Jadhav (16 days ago)
Never heard of these niggas
_ Pepper (16 days ago)
I don't have a phone
DREA JAY (16 days ago)
Sub and I will Sub back!!! Love your Channel
Caleb Boulio (16 days ago)
Youtubers need real jobs and will never be a real career
A .S .P .A .H (16 days ago)
*cough logan paul cough*
EaterOfWorlds78 (16 days ago)
no FPSRussia?
ThAtS nOt My NaMe (16 days ago)
Umm what about Logan Paul...........
xanthy (16 days ago)
Jazzmanpac (17 days ago)
TheGabbieShow girl is so unattractive as a character and visually....
I need followers
Owen Murphy (17 days ago)
The Fred clips really brought in some nostalgia
Darboiux (17 days ago)
Major yawn.........
damon whittaker (17 days ago)
You are a cuck
Pieces of Cheese (17 days ago)
I usually watched Tobuscus when I was 7 or 8 but now I just rarely go to his channel to look for updates.
BagHead (18 days ago)
*S A M P E P P E R*
Treaverse Watson (18 days ago)
Why are u covering up the messages when u had it unblocked for a second
DIG GER (18 days ago)
McYoloBro (19 days ago)
The background music is a bit too loud, had to really turn up my volume to hear you
Vodka 4 life (19 days ago)
My phone safe

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