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POLISH - World's Most Difficult Language | ft. Arlena Witt & Mówiąc Inaczej [Kult America]

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This is a video that I've been wishing to make for a long time, the personal story of my confrontation with Polish grammar. Polish is one of the hardest languages in the world and In my opinion its not a question of the difficult sounds but the grammar which governs the language itself. Extra special thanks to my guests ★ Dorota Paszyńska www.polishpolish.pl ★ Arlena Witt https://www.youtube.com/jezykalnia ★ Paulina Mikuła [Mówiąc Inaczej] https://www.youtube.com/PamikuPL ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.pl/KultAmerica Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash Email: [email protected] Brands: [email protected]
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Kult America (10 months ago)
Turn on Cc because this video is in two languages, share this video with your friends, and thumbs up for our guests, HUGE THANKS!
S J (3 months ago)
Kult America Да хорошо заливать-то! Несложный стиль. Половина слов понятны без подготовки, а вот британский фиг усвоишь. "Всё в мире относительно", обожал говаривать Альберт Эйнштейн.
kuba pudłownik (5 months ago)
Antoni slotwinski ty też XD
QWACHU (5 months ago)
Everybody's heads exploded on Polish grammar explanation, even with CC turned on :D
Tornad ! (5 months ago)
Jeśli chodzi o końcówki to w większości mój. ,,polski" mózg czóje że coś brzmi ,,dobrze
kuba pudłownik (6 months ago)
Polski nie trudny. PS:polish not hard
Torpid Bullfinch-8 (1 day ago)
I've realised lately how lucky it was for me to have individual english lessons at home. While playing with people from whole eastern europe i'm the only one from my polish peers who opens their mouth to communicate freely.
Luc Lub (1 day ago)
brawo pamientac polski uczyc sie innych to wyjdzie nadobre
BazaB. (2 days ago)
Polish grammar is complicated but it's a pretty standard Slavonic language no easier or harder than Russian, Czech etc. The good news is that once you've mastered one Slavonic language the next is not so hard because the hard things like the cases and the aspect system exist in pretty much all of them - OK, not so much Bulgarian. I studied Russian and Czech at university and learned Polish later on. The trickiest Slavonic language I ever looked was Slovene. Harder than Polish I'm afraid. The best thing about Polish is ... Poland!!! My God, I love that country and the people in it and when you actually speak to them in Polish they are SO encouraging and helpful.
Darek (5 days ago)
Love Poland from Canada ;)))))
ibrahim makki (6 days ago)
مع نفسك اقول ... جرب العربي بتعرف من الاصعب
Petar Ivanov (8 days ago)
Polish is not even the hardest language in Europe.
Ms Wicio (9 days ago)
Chrząszcz brzmi w czcinie w Szczebrzeszynie a Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie że chrząszcz brzmi w czcinie 😂
Chudy Dom (11 days ago)
To co dla was jest trudne i niezrozumiałe, dla Polaków jest codziennością...
SelfReflective (17 days ago)
It's not only Polish, Slavic languages in general have many grammatical cases (mine has 7 also), and also 3 genders.
Caf3in3 (17 days ago)
to be fair ... i bet is easier for you to learn how to write in polish then english lol . since we spell almost identical to how we speak and have ton of rules in case we don't. it actually seems to be a rule of thumb for hardest languages (polish , finish , hungarian )
medvidekmisa (19 days ago)
i find hungarian way more complicated...but maybe iam wrong, also czech language (my born) is very very hard to master we have lots of different variables and times for every word that changes that word and to chooose the right "shape" as we call it is almost imposible for foreigners, so yes you can learn it and speak at comunication level but very few can speak perfect
Ukrainian is more difficult than Polish.
але принаймні легше навчитися читати українські назви, ніж французькі та анґлійські. Іноземцю (наприклад німцеві або туркові) достатньо вивчити наших 33 букви, аби якісь наші назви читати. А щоб навчитися читати французькі, анґлійські або ірландські назви, треба трішки "попотіти", і "спільний алфавіт" цьому не допоможе.
Timebreaker QX (2 days ago)
Ні. Українська тяжка лише чрез кирилицю для іноземців, в іншому, в цілому, не тяжча за польську, яка набагато тяжче сприймається на весть, її тяжче вимовляти, а також писати
tempr. (23 days ago)
Im english and ive been learning polish for 2 months and i can talk very well
Konrad Henrykowicz (23 days ago)
Proszę przetłumaczyć na jezyk angielski nastepujące zdanie: Pani Aneczko kochana, czy zrobi mi pani herbatki? Powodzenia. :)
Why do people say it's all Greek to me? Guess why
lunaticatiga (26 days ago)
i mean did u do this video for poles? if not only for the poles then put subtitles when she speaks.
Azz (26 days ago)
all is brilliant but you should add subtitles for people who are not polish mate
zebucowherd (27 days ago)
Polish grammar is a nightmare but spelling is quite simple. In English it is opposite. There are no rules for spelling ha ha. So each language has its own challenges
Martyrologia Polski (29 days ago)
The "Wirtuana Polska" portal is a hypocritical portal. If it was a newspaper, it would be treated like an ordinary tabloid. The information is unreliable there, based on guesses and opinions of incompetent people. The "Wirtualna Polska" portal very often misrepresents reality. I do not recommend this site, I do not recommend Onet, Fakt and TVN. All this is foreign media that despise Poland and Poles. Best wishes.
julia kot (29 days ago)
I'm polish and I think that it is not so difficult language…. If you come from Europe you'll surely "feel" this language (cases, sounds, onomatopoeias), cause it possesses the indoeuropean DNA, you'll "tame" this language. If you're searching for a really hard to learn language try Haida (!!!) or some of caucasian languages, or even Inuit….
DollyRL (1 month ago)
Mów po Polskiemu
Chocola††e (1 month ago)
I'm for Poland :) Jak nie wierzysz to patrz XD
Nataszke Que (1 month ago)
Omg, it's so funny. I love my language (polish) haha. But really polish grammar is hard to me and not only me xD
imachynn (1 month ago)
The reasons Arlena speaks of I find less cultural but much much more of learning methods. I have experience first hand as a kid studying English since the age of 5, then moving abroad to an English speaking school, only to find out I have little practical knowledge of the language in conversation. I have however also experience as a Callan method English teacher, years in, and by studying with this method, I recall no issues among the students that Arlena mentioned here and I have experienced myself after coming from the "standard" teaching method. Within a month I recall students not only capable of holding a basic conversation, but also willing to converse deeper and engage into topics despite making mistakes.
Lizzy Hod (1 month ago)
lol i'm Polish :3 Its kinda hard (but like CHINESE IS HARDED THO)
GROM SWAT (1 month ago)
Polish is only hard, if you make it hard, otherwise it's easy. Keep at it folks. =D
Jason Williams (1 month ago)
It is actually uncommon to find people who can speak more than one language with native fluency.  The hardest words to pronounce in any learned language are those that contain sounds that do not exist in the native language of the person learning the new language (I’m thinking of the umlauted vowels ö and ü in German and nasalized vowels [ɑ̃ ɔ̃ ɛ̃ (œ̃)] in French for English speakers).  It takes time to train the vocal apparatus to produce the right sounds and in most cases, even if the person learns to speak the language fluently, he/she will always sound different when pronouncing those words. I’m trying to learn Polish on my own, but I’ve been told by a couple of people I told this to forget about it.  They tell me that even if I get to memorize all the declensions I will not be able to pronounce many words unless I have a Polish language teacher helping me.  Is that true?
Flo B. (1 month ago)
I dont know what everyone is struggling with. Im german and I have a much harder time speaking japanese even though I learned it for years.
MiaQa Aqiram (1 month ago)
Hello polish people
Ash Eden (1 month ago)
Arlena looks just like older Dora The Explorer
Lot Vanity Official (1 month ago)
I mean if your born their its like a free super ability.
Wiktoria Alb. (1 month ago)
I',m from Poland
Marcin Pietrzak (1 month ago)
inside of the matrix ... good one :D hahaha
yogiaol (1 month ago)
Polish is not diffcult! I am Bulgarian, and I can unterstand about 50% without to learn this language. And after 5 day in Poland I can speek correct easily sentences. Czech language is just difficult to understand for us Bulgarians than Polish.
Ian Laver (1 month ago)
Nothing worse then hearing an American native speaker speak Polish with an American accent. 😭
Philip Robertson III (1 month ago)
Finnish is definitely the most difficult.
Mark Kmiecik (1 month ago)
The whole point of the Polish language being so difficult is to increase the average intelligence of the Polish population. Just being able to comprehend the language inherently increases ones IQ by 20 points. This makes everything else a cakewalk.
Silver (1 month ago)
Draziw Drow (1 month ago)
i always have deep envy and respect for any bilingual person. in the future, i think it should be law that all children deserve to learn atleast 2 languages
lukask (1 month ago)
2:11 Don't learn this pronounciation. The emphasis in past tense in Polish is always on penultimate syllabe for 3rd person. 3rd person for 'make' is 'robili' / 'robiły'. Let's focus on masculine. The emphasis is roBILi. Then the 1st and 2nd persons are roBILiśmy and roBILiście. Emphasing syllabe 'liś' is a mistake.
Tripz (1 month ago)
Poland doesn’t exist
adrianna s (1 month ago)
4:34 to teraz wiem że to normalne że boję się mówić
Jan Mardi (1 month ago)
Hungarian is regarded as the most difficult language
Fucking Rager (1 month ago)
O kurwa
Jan Sitkowski (1 month ago)
Krawat to słowo z języka obcego i się go nie odmienia. Więc nie mam krawata tylko mam krawat ;)
Bekon241 (1 month ago)
Cheers from Poland :) Moust difficult is chinise grammer and Deutchland coz i cant listen this language...
Free Europe (1 month ago)
Wakacje być jedna w rok.
Waldemar Sarat (1 month ago)
Hi Ryan, Majority of Poles never master English to the point of the native speaker, and if they do it's either the (American, British) accent or the vocabulary, but I never met or known about any polish born and raised person who would became virtually 'native speaker'. Nope, you just can't have everything in life. You envy native Poles their Polish skills, but believe me there's a lot more Poles who envy your skills of native English speaker. Be proud of what you have, and you are making effort to learn 'the most difficult language in the world.. Respect!
Avoy (1 month ago)
Nie wiem co trudnego w polskim języku... Mówiłem po polsku juz jako dziecko...
Reytan Reytan (1 month ago)
Autor ozenil sie z Polka,i mieszka tu juz lata ,wiec wymyslil teorie o trudnym jezyku,bo mu sie nie chce jego uczyc. Jest on z protestanckiej kultury,gdzie wszyscy sa hipokrytami i klamia. Mamy tu wiec dobra demonstracje,czym jest Ameryka,o ktorej mamy tyle zludzen.
RPG Playz (1 month ago)
I'd like to say that Polish is not the hardest language , ale jest trudny :D
Jakub Stypiński (1 month ago)
I am from Poland
Michael Ryan (1 month ago)
Pretty sure Icelandic is the most difficult language in the world...
juliaboryczka (1 month ago)
Love this vid!
Marcin (1 month ago)
Zapytałem kogoś z Ameryki by przetłumaczył słowo "jabłuszko" na angielski. Wyszło "small apple"... Imię Agnieszka inaczej: Aga, Agniesia, Agusia, Aguś... Polski jest naprawdę ekspresyjnym jak i precyzyjnym językiem.
MrTroll (1 month ago)
Why every polish female teacher must be named Dorota xDDD
Yoda (1 month ago)
Talkative Cloud (1 month ago)
2:25 Przyznać się kto powiedział Kurwa Mać xD
Vincenty Vit (1 month ago)
ja nosze kalosze , oni nosza kalosza , wy nosicie kalosicie
Vincenty Vit (1 month ago)
my nosimy kalosiym
Przemek Ja (1 month ago)
You must go to KROSNO
wilczyca 1009 (1 month ago)
Witajcie jestem z Polski jestem z podziwu że ciekawi was nasz język. Powiem tylko że tak wasza gramatyka jest trudna ale do zrozumienia więc nie krępujcie się uczyć nowych rzeczy😌😌😌
blekfut (2 months ago)
7:37 - droga Paulino, wiem że ty tego nie możesz powiedzieć, ale ja mogę napisać: to nie jest sprawa trudności języka tylko tego że Polacy NIE CZYTAJĄ! Przeciętny Polak czyta pół książki rocznie (swoją drogą - to dziwne zdać sobie sprawę że wyrabia się normę za kilkuset rodaków...) , to skąd ma wiedzieć jak się mówi poprawnie? Gdyby czytali to bezwiednie przyswajaliby sobie poprawne formy wyrazów!
I am tired of this hoax of Polish being one of the most difficult languages, I am Czech and Czech language is way more difficult than Polish! Czechs understand Poles better than vice versa
Anime Army!!! (2 months ago)
Love to the USA from Poland and Great Britain!!!
Waldemar Gałęzinowski (2 months ago)
I feel bad for polish people who think that good English is about pronunciation.
Waldemar Gałęzinowski (2 months ago)
Speaking is not pronunciation!
Freedom Free For All (2 months ago)
I have been to Poland a few times and love it. I would like to move there.
Anqela Miśka (2 months ago)
We as polish people learn our language, grammar and everything for about 6 years and more which is difficult for us, so I can’t even imagine how hard would it be for someone forbidden.
Ben Mak (2 months ago)
Ja jem, Ty jesz, my jemy. Wy jecie. German, Russian, Hungarian are not easy too.
ar ko (2 months ago)
Milutkie to takie 🙂
Reizen (2 months ago)
I'm from Poland and some things from my language is hard for me :D
MrJlin1982 (2 months ago)
Make some subtitles , not everyone speak polish,Ryan!
Posion Knight (2 months ago)
Jestem z Polski a i tak pogubiłem się jak ta babka tłumaczyła tą gramatyke
Jakub Kowalik (2 months ago)
To, że polski jest niby jednym z najtrudniejszych języków świata to taka brednia powtarzana tysiące razy. Języków nie da się pogrupować na jakiś neutralny zbiór łatwych i trudnych bo ich trudność wynika z cech wspólnych i rozbieżnych temu kto się tego języka uczy. Polski ma rozbudowaną fleksję rzeczownika, aspekty i liczebniki; tu się można zgodzić co do ogromnej trudności polskiego. Natomiast akcentowanie i intonowanie ma bardzo proste i regularne (na pewno wśród słowiańskich, rosyjski jest pod tym względem nieporównywalnie trudniejszy). Trudność języka zależy głównie od tego jak bardzo odbiega on pod względem swoich cech od języków które już znasz. Mandaryński, nawaho albo hmong będą ogólnie dla Europejczyka bardzo trudne ale nie dlatego że są jakoś mitycznie złożone tylko dlatego że są kompletnie odmienne. W drugą stronę działa to podobnie.
I speak english ,Polish ,german and russian
Andrzej Wanderer (2 months ago)
th sound is the most difficult to learn for Polish speakers
kubuś (2 months ago)
Kocham Polskę z Polski ❤️🇵🇱
The Luxury of Normality (2 months ago)
Im Polish and I speak 6 languages and learning 7th now. One of languages i speak is Japanese and it’s much easier than Polish 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Luxury of Normality (2 months ago)
Thank God I’m Polish coz I would never ever learn this language
focafoto (2 months ago)
Uczyliście się jakiś końcówek na pamięć? Bo ja nigdy... Ortografia? Nigdy się nie uczyłem. BO TRZEBA CZYTAĆ, DUŻO CZYTAĆ!!! I nie ma żadnych problemów...
Hania (2 months ago)
Mieszkam w Polsce - I from Poland.
wdredwedfwq (2 months ago)
Pozdrowienia z Polski. ;D
Renata Miłosz (2 months ago)
Gramatyka języka polskiego jest trudniejsza od gramatyki języka rosyjskiego. Tylko z tym językiem mogę porównać swój język. Sam jednak przyznasz, że ortografia jest łatwiejsza niż w języku angielskim.
Renata Miłosz (2 months ago)
Mój drogi . Języka polski , ale Polacy. Nazwę narodowości piszę się z dużej litery.
DANIEL LEAPER (2 months ago)
Actually, I think Cantonese is the most difficult language, it comes down to things like the tone of voice can change up the meaning of the sentence.
Adixson (2 months ago)
Pierdolenie o szopenie. Polski wcale nie jest taki trudny xD wszystkiego nie trzeba pamiętać wazne zeby dobrze się wypowiadać i tyle
Adixson (2 months ago)
London language jest veey easy
wojakov (2 months ago)
4:50 This is exactly main problem of education in Poland! As a kid i really understood lessons and i think i can use it today when chit chat with mates in online games, but when comes to real talking its like "umm... yes, umm no" afraid to talk due to crappy pronunciation :/
poopydee kaka (2 months ago)
I love your video editing ! Please share what you use
NexiEg (2 months ago)
VOYTASNY (2 months ago)
Polish Language change a lot Most new amount teenager or young people Polish Language is mix call Ponglish English words add to Polish language full max ok add normal. Most Poles bring extra by living UK and USA extra English word example Apartment or Flat Poles use this words often living abroad. Then language become Ponglish Old Polish language style it was much different difficult to learn Polish borrow from Latin words a lot of them is using Polish language. Polish grammar change many times plus language went a lot of correction I'm not the expert from the language but I can tell from the history when you look at Polish language 1130 year and today so much different.
Attila Vilasi (2 months ago)
Čeština je těžší, kurva!
João Josézinho (2 months ago)
Jesus, those 2 minutes were intense. What surprised me the most in Polish is that you guys also have nasal vowels like us in Portuguese. Unlike the vast majority of other foreigners you are able to pronounce my first name perfectly :)
Marcin Urbaniec (2 months ago)
Kult zyje 15 lat w Stanach ,wczesniej 30 w Polsce i jak slyszale twoja nauczycielke jezyka polskiego :))))-90 proc Polakow nie ma pojecia o tych prostych zasadach:)a w dniu w ktorym moj angielski bedzie tak slaby jak twoj polski bede naprawde happy pozdr
SuperBartii TM (2 months ago)
Tytuł mnie zmylił i myślałem że to Polski kanał😂😂😂
Norbercito23 (2 months ago)
Zastanawia mnie, dlaczego non stop mówisz po angielsku z polskimi napisami... Zrób to na odwrót. Ani jednego filmu po polsku a podobno umie język..
krl1831 (2 months ago)
Ogarnij to gramatycznie i logicznie: "Nigdy nie było większej liczby mężczyzn". Przykładowe, "łatwe" zdanie w języku polskim
Alex v5 (2 months ago)
Mamy piękny język,ale on po prostu jest prosty gdy go rozumiesz a nie znasz na pamięć.Po czasie słowa same się tworzą nawet z błedami polak cię zrozumie a jak się pogubisz u nas to każdy ci pomoże bo większość ludzi chociaż zna 20 słów po angielsku.

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