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American Makes Polish Christmas Dinner [Kult America]

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I've been proudly living in Poland for many years and had a several occasions to experience traditional Polish Christmas dinner - Wigilia. This year I've decided to cook it by myself and make a surprise for my friends and family. See how it ended! ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash
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Kult America (1 year ago)
People always tell me I'm too serious (which might be true) so I thought I'd try to go outside my comfort zone by cooking for you guys - I know the meal was a fail, so please go easy on me in the comments:) Happy Holidays!
Scottsdale Taxi Company (2 months ago)
lol, you in some parts are right but you need more practice and experience with pols, christmas eve mushrooms pierogis are celled "uszka" not pierogi, made from dry forest mashrooms, not pieczarki!!!!
kuba pudłownik (6 months ago)
Dlaczego wrzuciłeś całą kapuste do garnka?
Snow (1 year ago)
Bardzo ciekawy vlog, pouczający (ćwiczę swój angielski przy okazji hehe), już zasubskrybowałam :)
Barbara Wasilak (1 year ago)
Kult America nie wachaj sie powiedziec: Merry Christmas:):):) przez zoladek do serca, jak to sie u nas w Polsce mowi. teraz wiem czym podbiles serduszko Twej ladnej I milej zonki
Piotr Morawski (5 days ago)
Super, jestes wielki! Szacunek i pozdrawiam!
yorinarou (1 month ago)
TUNA???!!! :D Bigos with a raw cabbage (should use sour)! :) 10 points for a good effords ;)
Scottsdale Taxi Company (2 months ago)
no way pieczarki nie sa wigilijna potrawa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! christmast eve pierogi are colled "uszka" made from dried forest mushrooms. nigdy w zyciu na wigilie nie robi sie uszek z pieczarek....tylko z suszonych polskich prawdziwych lesnych grzybow !!!!!!!!!!!!
rafal jankowski (2 months ago)
my wife is Chinese and she mastered galabki
Your Polish is really good! However, you have a really evident American accent when you speak, so just work on that and it can help you sound more native!
KAPITAN IKS (7 months ago)
Music Fun (7 months ago)
In my family cook bigos in 3 days. I don't cool speak English. Przepraszam jeśli nic nie zrozumiałeś. Chodziło o to że w mojej rodzinie bigos gotuje sie 3 dni.
Oluś 69 (8 months ago)
O kurwa topowa reklama
Talha Paco (8 months ago)
Bize ne amk polonyadan
Maciej Szymanski (8 months ago)
Christmas Eve customs are much older than Christianity in Poland and primarly that day our long gone ancestors celebrated shortest day in the year. It was all about paying respect to all nature. That is the reason we don't eat meat or any product from animals (except fish) like milk, cheese, eggs. You've been very brave in this challenge but next time read recipies more carefuly :)
Christopher Johnson (9 months ago)
a for eford lol
emoerzete bestok (9 months ago)
you`ve ruined the salad :P you should use boiled carrots,potatoes,eggs then add pickled cucumbers mayonnaise and season it at the end
Elemel PL (9 months ago)
Ta szczerość kolegów :D
Aneta 0220 (10 months ago)
Krokiety smaży się, żeby były w panierce xdd No i gdzie 12 potraw :")
Super Lama (10 months ago)
Hahahaah ^^ It didn't look very good, but you tried =)
Fernando Asuaje (10 months ago)
Hi, everyone! My cousin helped me launching a campaign to study in Poland, maybe you can share it or just read it, it took us a lot to make it! :) https://www.gofundme.com/987yn-my-cousin-needs-your-help Anyway, best wishes for all of you ^^
Lom Tac (10 months ago)
Great video
SilverTooth666 (11 months ago)
Wigilia powinna być bezmięsna także zjebałeś z bigosem, a reszta jak na pierwszą próbę nie wygląda aż tak źle. Następnym razem się uda xd
Wiktoria Kawecka (1 year ago)
Omg maaaan! When you use someting thats canned you need to put it in the strainer and rinse it with water (not when its the fish in oil, but you need to drain the water). Good job though :) most important is that you made people laugh and smile!
Sφεςτяε (1 year ago)
a gdzie makiełki i zupa śliwkowa?
Mila Mila (1 year ago)
That was a pretty funny 😄 great you tried it😊👍
Np S (1 year ago)
Curious why did you blurr those two ladies either side if your wife ?
Damian (1 year ago)
Love your channel.
Faithful Christian (1 year ago)
The key to cooking is tasting as you cook and then adding just the right amount of spices. I didn't see you add any paprika or dill or even salt to anything. Without paprika or dill or allspice, all Eastern European cooking isn't going to taste correct - promise.
edith rugolo (1 year ago)
I think you are cute and funny 😂! Everything looks great.you should make your wife cook with you.It would be a great 👍🏻 video!
elfetka (1 year ago)
This tuna salad is not a Polish tradition:):):):)
Człowiek (1 year ago)
..... powiem tyle R.I.P. stół wigilijny [*]
Aga Watman (1 year ago)
Made my day :D
N0via (1 year ago)
silky says (11 months ago)
& left liquid in carrots. It looked like mayo soup but a to try was honourable. Not many men would attempt a traditional family meal. Kudos to his friends for there honesty. huggs,silky
Ewa Stec (1 year ago)
practice practice more practice and have fun
Dorota Kołodziej (1 year ago)
Uwielbiam Twoje programy, ale błagam.Nie gotuj, a przynajmniej oszczędź potrawy wigilijne;-) Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
RedRightHand (1 year ago)
Jeden pieróg . Dwa pierogi ...
Sara Grant (1 year ago)
Z każdą minutą napięcie rośnie. Bigos ze słodkiej kapusty, pieczarki jako grzyby, ogromna ilość majonezu w sałatce.. To nowe trendy w polskiej kuchni prosto ze Stanów. Bardzo mi się podobało i trzymam kciuki za kolejną wigilię.
michal m (1 year ago)
the moment when you wished in polish - heartbreaking thank you fish looks really tasty....
2110kop (1 year ago)
Hi the whole point of Wigilia is that you don't do meat dishes, so you can't do bigos which has pork sausage in it, if you want you can have bigos on Easter Sunday. Wigilia is a fast, strictly speaking you are not supposed to eat in the daytime, but wigilia starts when the first star appears in the sky.
Adithya Das (1 year ago)
I'm Indian and had an amazing Christmas eve dinner with a Polish family. I just loved the traditional Polish food, lot of pierogis, I don't know but they were stuffing 1 grosz coins inside of em and I managed to score myself a few coins while having them at the dinner table, there were a total of 12 dishes. All of which I found to be pretty "pyszne". On Christmas meat eve Poles usually don't eat meat just ryba (fish) and of course pierogi..a lot of pierogi, kapusta, mushrooms.. Soups (Barsht) and yes the dessert is just so awesome. Before Wigila we also had this oplatek kinda ceremony where we exchanged our best wishes. Yes and they also left an empty seat on the dinner table, plus a lot of hay under the table cloth. It was pretty awesome to see an all traditional Polish dinner. I hope I'm back in Poland for Christmas this year. Let's just hope Święty Mikołaj listens to me. 😜 I want it all again from the uszka to pierniczki. 😋
Ryhon (1 year ago)
4:00 - Error in Polish translation, it's should have been "Będzie składać się z marchewki," instead you used kukurydzy wich is corn :)
PoisonesEnderdragon (1 year ago)
There is a tradition where we put a coin in a pierogi and whoever gets good luck
Thomas Pszowski (1 year ago)
Kto je bigos w wigilię?
NeverMindPL (1 year ago)
Jest jeden problem. PIECZARKI to nie GRZYBY. Bez prawdziwków nie ma wigilii. :D
Tommy Thompson (1 year ago)
Jeez man, you`ve used the wrong mushroom (pieczarki) for cabbage and mushroom pierogi. I wont kill you, but hordes of my ancestors are coming to get you!
John Blaszczak (1 year ago)
Bigos at Wigilia?  Never!
nikt warzny (1 year ago)
what did you with our polish dish ?!
Care Bear (1 year ago)
Where's The Turkey 🙄
Aleksandra Czarnowska (1 year ago)
You should have drained the sweet corn and tuna before placing it in the bowl. And it was way too much mayo. In Scotland we put this salad on sandwiches so it should have a consistency of a paste. Overall your wigilia didn't look that bad. Greetings from a pole living nearby the home of the Loch Ness Monster.
siwencjusz 12 (1 year ago)
I think you should pour out the water from sweet corn :P maybe that's why it was like a soup but actually i see this salad first time
Kaneki Ken (1 year ago)
It seams u know famous polish youtuber's ^^ I was in Poland 4 a while so I started watching them. =)
Urszula Krysko (1 year ago)
its not Christmas Dinner, blimey! thats for Christmas Eve Supper food.
Katie B (1 year ago)
i like your videos veery much but man- you are a terrible cook :D
Klaudia (1 year ago)
Hahahahaha the salad! <3
Elizabeth Sastri (1 year ago)
Don't worry
KrejziTehOff-RS (1 year ago)
Where is Barszcz? : D
Cyprys100 (1 year ago)
z pieczarkami? ;)
Titina de Cassovia (1 year ago)
That was utterly likable :) I like your attitude
Fun Kai (1 year ago)
There is no meat in Polish Christmas dinner, just fish and vegetable dishes.
Care Bear (1 year ago)
Fun Kai 🍔🍔🍟🌮🌮🌯🌯🌭🌭🍝🍝🧀🍻🇺🇸
Fun Kai (1 year ago)
You are both wrong in Polish Roman Catholicism Christmas is celebrated on the the 24th of December in the evening. Traditionally people eat fish such as pickled herring and Carp and Beetroot soup, there is no bigos.
Martin Waldecker (1 year ago)
Polish doesnt have christmas eve :D :D
Urszula Krysko (1 year ago)
Fun Kai its not for dinner. That is for christmas eve supper!
Aleksandra A. (1 year ago)
Kukurydza na Wigilie? Toz to profanacja. Groszek zielony, owszem,  ale nie OBCA nam gastronomicznie i kulturowo kukurydza!
Enforcer (1 year ago)
No carp fish? You surely must be joking. You're one step from sacrilege. Even pierogi with cabbage won't save you, heh
Polish your Polish xD No, I'm joking, it's good enough. :)
Sebo Pw (1 year ago)
Lapa w gore za dobre checi....
Michal Mike (1 year ago)
mowisz super po polsku pozdrawiam
Mojo Khan (1 year ago)
I'm disappointed with my polish friend at work. She said she was going to give me the opłatek and I was like to her "dzielenie się opłatkiem." niedobrze
Barbara Wasilak (1 year ago)
zabraklo TYLKO kompotu jakim sie zachwycales w Krakowie, ten z wedzonych sliwek!!!
Barbara Wasilak (1 year ago)
... odwaliles niezla robote, haa, haa. haaaaaa haaa haaa haaaaaa haaaaaa, BRAWO:):):)')
Mirka R (1 year ago)
nędza na tym stole!!
Dsdcain (1 year ago)
"What's that red thing?" Loved that.
PESTKA (1 year ago)
haha you should take carrot from water and tuna also... haha
Dlaczego faceci w kuchni, to jak słoń w składzie porcelany(znam z autopsji). Czy jakaś miła białogłowa mogłaby mi to wytłumaczyć?
Adrian Wielki (1 year ago)
where is BIGOS ??
Adrian Wielki (1 year ago)
ok i see .hahhaha
Lena Maria (1 year ago)
Hahah :) that was a surprising channel :) cool that u like Poland. I moved out couple years ago, but I miss my Wigilia dishes soooooooooo much :( :( my mum makes it the best. I think u did a good job :) next year it will be even better :) happy your friends were honest with you - means they r real :) very surprised with your language skills as well :) I am trying to learn my boyfriend (who is Norwegian) and I know how extremely difficult it is for foreigns :) keep up the good work. And happy new year
SrogiJogi (1 year ago)
Ryan, I bet You already know saying: "Praktyka czyni mistrza" ("Practice makes you a master"), so just keep up, hopefully with the good work in future. ;) Happy New Year (since it's 28.12).
Belz CWP (1 year ago)
Karp smażony!
hennepin78 (1 year ago)
Wesołych Świąt, miło, że jesteś z nami, pozdrowienia z Gdańska.
Katen Moryn (1 year ago)
'Przyjaciele' z Mediakraftu xDD
Katen Moryn (1 year ago)
genialny odcinek :D
Oliwia Skapczyk (1 year ago)
I've discovered your channel just yesterday and it's becoming my fave :O
KarolTV (1 year ago)
Great video, U tried and U did not lose. I can understand everything, but not tuna with water or oil in salad and corn with water to the salad. Do not give up, learn and cook. I invite U also to my channel.
Mateusz zuraw (1 year ago)
Kult America a uszka do barszczu czerwonego umiesz zrobic?
fuzzX (1 year ago)
I'm from Czech and this Christmas we have turkey for dinner^^ merry Christmas
egemen kocak_ (1 year ago)
Are Turks here ???
xseper (1 year ago)
Salad sems not good... canned carrot, canned tuner, and maionese - nope. Bigos should be without tomatos, sournes comes from sour cabbage (half sour, halt fresh and mushrooms); pierogis are ok. Taditional polsh slad is: cooked carrot, egg, celery, potato, fresh apple, sour cucumber or picle, parsley, maionese . And core of wigilia is Herring (frach and salted) in onion and oil. :)
The pierogi and Karp looked really nice though 😊 Well done, I wouldn't ever be able to make all that by myself on Wigilia, I only help out sometimes for my mum and grandma
LKZ (1 year ago)
These polish words are well pronounced by you, can you make polish video? I'm very interested about your polish :D
Kult America (1 year ago)
+LKZ I made many polish videos in the past when I worked for wp.pl - you can still find them if you search "Socash" or "pollywood"
noja (1 year ago)
Wesołych Świąt!!!!
Michał Jankowski (1 year ago)
Are you in arłamów?
Kult America (1 year ago)
+Michał Jankowski I'm often visiting there :)
Michał Jankowski (1 year ago)
Kult America i seen you in the pool:)
Kult America (1 year ago)
+Michał Jankowski yep
FTBW (1 year ago)
Where are krokiety 😥
SG (1 year ago)
etoiles81 (1 year ago)
Naleśniki zawsze sa dobre :)
J S (1 year ago)
original Christmas dinner ... certain provisions very interesting 😉 it does not matter. .. Christmas spirit can be seen .... Merry Christmas
Mateusz Kamiński (1 year ago)
Merry Christmas!
Roman Dykyj (1 year ago)
im ukrainian american, my family is from western ukraine near lviv so theres a lot of polish influence. my baba made bigos all the time i remember it being mostly sauerkraut with pork, kielbasa, and some beef and thats pretty much it from what i recall... is this the same thing as a traditional bigos in poland?
KarolTV (1 year ago)
Roman Dykyj yep... it's smth like that, but in fact, every bigos is different. U know, it depends on a person, region and finally on a recipe.
Endrju (1 year ago)
prawdziwy bigos powinien gotowac sie w wielkim garze przez kilka godzin.
Alex Poprawny (1 year ago)
A barszcz to gdzie?
Michciowski (1 year ago)
W pierogi daj zmięty ser razem z ziemniakami (ziemniaki mają być ugotowane i ser musi być biały lub możesz użyć twarożku Pozdrawiam
AlbowiemŻelek (1 year ago)
Liczą się dobre chęci 😕
DeathJonas (1 year ago)
Jak się mieszka w Polsce od urodzenia to nic trudnego ale dla Polaka to tak jakbyś zrobił Dania na święto dziękczynienia
Kuba Lewikowski (1 year ago)
nice try
Patrix600 (1 year ago)
fajny odcinek!
Eric Socash (1 year ago)
Very impressed with your cooking today! Their reactions are priceless.

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