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Why Foreigners Love Kraków! [Kult America]

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On todays episode of Kult America I offer a little ramble on why I love Krakow probably more than any other city in Poland. I’ll never forget when I saw the place for the first time 16 years ago, it was old, mysterious, and seemed to be from another world. After all those years I had to remember how it looks through the eyes of an American tourist so I took a little trip to find out. ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Official Site: http://www.socash.xyz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RySocash
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Text Comments (194)
Adam Smith (15 days ago)
Went to Krakow from London last month. Very safe place no police or to be scared of any terrorism. Pure Europe high 🏨 standard good prices and quality of a food happy kids they have seen live nativity scene with all animals. I was surprised that everything looks new .I don't know how
77seban (1 month ago)
kraków jest piękny w zimę ...i ten podwójny smog-wawelski buhahah centusie pieprzone
Robert Robski (1 month ago)
Germany use to be in 80,s that way but now
Robert Robski (3 months ago)
Cleanest citys in entire world
Tomasz Polanski (1 month ago)
Robert Robski MPO is working hard:)(its not a joke)
Igor Oloviannikov (3 months ago)
lukask (4 months ago)
1:29 St. Mary's is not a cathedral. The Cracow cathedral is at Wawel hill.
Adam Warczewski (5 months ago)
Bo... mogą dobrze zjeść? Wypić? Za małe pieniądze? Widziałem co się działo w Starej Zajezdni... prawie przepili browarxD Ale nie dziwie się bo piwo mają zacne tam.
Marta Adamczak (6 months ago)
Nie tylko obcokrajowcy kochają Kraków, Polacy również. Często lubię tu przyjeżdżać, bo przypominają mi się studenckie lata. Uwielbiam klimat który panuje na Kleparzu, ostatnio męża zabrałam tu do świetnej restauracji Filipa 18. Tak dobrego jedzenia w Krakowie jeszcze nie jedliśmy.
Karolina Gajda (9 months ago)
Who else is from Krakow ❤
Irina Odessa (10 months ago)
I dont like travel anywhere mile away . i would stay where i have been borned forever. But reason i must travel is because to teach how the laws was made in the first place. Because alot people around world lost their mind. Im the person to teach them.
Hailey (10 months ago)
Now my home city!
Norbert Gnat (10 months ago)
thats not nice lucy
Pawel S (1 year ago)
OMG, the conclusion of this film was amazing :D hahaha
Palamed1 (1 year ago)
The Saint Mary's Basilica in Kraków is not a cathedral church! It is a main parochial church. The Cathedral is on the Wawel Hill, next to the Royal Castle.
cilimosi (1 year ago)
Krakow=Dublin Dublin=Krakow And in Krakow we've got few more bits, to be liked :)
Joshua Brande (1 year ago)
"this weird mix of party and religion" churches and bars? Come to Ireland.
Harry Michaelson (1 year ago)
I loved the ending about confessing sins
Miriam (1 year ago)
Sukiennice to nie tylko stragany i pamiątki ;) Na piętrze jest świetny oddział Muzeum Narodowego i można zobaczyć piękne obrazy i rzeźby polskie XIX wieku, chociażby "Hołd Pruski"!!
Dawid Jóźwiak (6 months ago)
Miriam a w podziemiach muzeum które obrazuje jak wygląd Kraków w sredniowieczu...
Dzień dobry.Różna wysokość wież występująca w wielu kościołach w całej Europie bierze się stąd,że różni byli fundatorzy-np dwa cechy,z których jeden mógł wydać więcej pieniędzy na budowę wieży,a drugi mniej.Albo cech i możny arystokrata.Inne pieniądze-inna wysokość.
Tomasz Polanski (1 month ago)
andrzej pawel olwinski Nie prawda:).Budowalo ja dwoch braci....
Katia S (1 year ago)
Fajny material, aczkolwiek powinienes go nagrac po polsku poniewaz j. polski powoli staje sie swiatowym jezykiem :D
Dawid Jóźwiak (6 months ago)
Katia S hehe
Kris Malecki (1 year ago)
1/the cloth hall homes an art museum-did you know? 2/have you seen the inside of the Wawel castle? 3/bars weren't this common until Britts started to pour in 4/Churches? Yes there are too many! But what can be done? Destroy? Not
Barnaba Rudge (1 year ago)
Te stare często mające setki lat domy powinno się wyburzyć, a w to miejsce postawić rzędami nowoczesne piękne betonowe bloki.....
SamsonB (1 year ago)
I'm someone who do not believe in God, but I love Krakow because of its historical atmosphere... so many historical things left there to see :-) and also for the very relaxed atmosphere you find there... really enjoyed visiting the town, and will hopefully get back there again in the future... but first I have to visit a lot of other places in Poland :D
Faithful Christian (1 year ago)
The main reason Krakow and Prague are such beautiful cities is because they suffered less in the world wars. Can you imagine how extremely beautiful Europe was before the wars? Dresden and Warsaw, for example, were gorgeous cities. If you look at old film clip-page from before WWII, you will see that the war devastated these cities.
Jerry Uallera (1 year ago)
If you want to know a city with more churches than Krakow, I would suggest Rome!! In every corner of the city there is a church, and there are also beautifull ;)
SunEagle Cherokee (1 year ago)
Hey Kult Guy ! You need to put in more detail in your cities and stuff that you do out here why don't you show us These Bars besides the churches? Go inside more of the churches and buildings and bars and talk to the people ! Same thing with the perogies you know you showed us the pierogies that's nice, cool and everything but you didn't show us how to make them you didn't show the stuffings you just showed one and that was it ! and then you made roll them and threw them in the pot you know can't learn how to make perogies from that? So please give us more details Mister Kult !
Aga W (1 year ago)
There are apparently around 150 churches in Kraków right now :D I'm born here (Kraków) and I never saw this city as conservative. There is no neighbour judging you because you don't come to church or you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend without being married. Everyone seem to mind their own business. Of course you have so many different people that for sure you can find a lot of conservative people. Like everywhere in the world ;) I love this city not only because I was born and raised there. Its' architecture is really magnificent and beautiful. You feel the history here touching any old wall. There are thousands of mysteries. It has its' magic. It's unique. And for me feels like home. It's also a tourist city with a lot of places to party. But it also has many nice restaurants or beer gardens to sit with your family or friends and breath the history in, adding your history breathing out ;) I love it! Greetings from Cracow ;)
Sevent (1 year ago)
Polecam Nową Hutę :D
Konrad Kotlarczyk (1 year ago)
Kraków <3 dawna stolica Polaków!!!
Miki (1 year ago)
Mówisz, że nigdy nie widziałeś więcej kościołów niż w Krakowie? W Gnieźnie jest ich 21!
zagadka 314 (1 year ago)
I went to Kraków in January and I think it is nice, but the air pollution is SO bad that it looks like the city is in the middle of China. While I was there, it actually had worse air than Beijing every single day I was there. It really killed the trip for me.
KO30n Jans (1 year ago)
want stripclub? 49 zloty free women free wodka
Sebastian ZELAZNY (1 year ago)
Ja jestem z Krakowa
Ania Slowinski Krol (1 year ago)
Thank you for loving Poland!
TherymasterWidnes (1 year ago)
blekfut (1 year ago)
But did you know that on the second floor of Sukiennice is the Polish XIX Century Art Gallery? The part of the Kraków National Museum? :)
Czarek Wojtasik (1 year ago)
Ależ klimat, kiedy wypowiada Pan słowo: "KRaków" ! 🙂
RICHARD CURRIE (1 year ago)
I have visited Krakow every year for the past 17 years. I love it! I try to pronounce it as this presenter does. I'm not a fan of Cracow (with emphasis on the cow). I love the legends of Krakow, the food, the people and the vibe!
John Labus (1 year ago)
When visiting Krakow, I recommend spending time underground....yes, underground at the museum below the Cloth Hall and the main square. It's fascinating and even has excavation of the original city from 1000 years ago. Pencil in a few hours or more to enjoy this museum on a rainy day. Similarly, one must go to the Schindler Museum at the old factory. It's across the river in an obscure neighborhood and it also worth spending a few hours or more exploring. If you plan to go to Auschwitz, I would especially recommend going to the museum first. It really sets the stage well for the historical events that led to that horrible place.
Kavita Redkar (1 year ago)
nice video and so description , thanks.
Emilia Zniszczoł (1 year ago)
Byłam chyba dwa razy w Krakowie i muszę przyznać że popełniłeś malutki błąd przy mówienie legendy o Kościele Mariackim, ponieważ legenda brzmi że bracia budowali po jednej wierzy ale jeden zabił drugiego i zrobił wyższą (mieli jakiś zakład) następnie ktoś inny tylko wykończył wierzę zmarłego brata. Nie jestem pewna czy to jednak to ale coś mi się wspomniało 😁
Dawid Jóźwiak (6 months ago)
ema są dwie wersje a jak się uprzec i trzy, 1) wyścig kto pierwszy zbuduje wieże ( jednemu szlo lepiej więc drugi go zabił z zazdrości 2) miasto ogłosiło konkurs ( dalej to samo ) 3) chęć przyszpanowania jakiejś lasce ( dalej to samo )
Emilia Zniszczoł (1 year ago)
Byłam chyba dwa razy w Krakowie i muszę przyznać że popełniłeś malutki błąd przy mówienie legendy o Kościele Mariackim, ponieważ legenda brzmi że bracia budowali po jednej wierzy ale jeden zabił drugiego i zrobił wyższą (mieli jakiś zakład) następnie ktoś inny wykończył wierzę zmarłego brata. Nie jestem pewna czy to jednak to ale coś mi się wspomniało 😁
jarkowski82 (1 year ago)
I don't about any other nationalities but MOST of young British people says they LOVE KRAKOW because the ALKOHOL is CHEAP and WOMEN are EASY........
jarkowski82 (1 year ago)
I don't about any other nationalities but MOST of young British people says they LOVE KRAKOW because the ALKOHOL is CHEAP and WOMEN are EASY........
Natalia xxx (1 year ago)
mówisz, że nie widziałeś miasta, w którym jest tak dużo kościołów - to przyjedź do Gdańska XD
Hubert Gołda (2 years ago)
I live near Kraków and you're right, that's beautiful city!!!
xxxxxx400 (2 years ago)
and there is a street where you can see a sex shop after sex shop after sex shop...
m27ny (2 years ago)
I love the conclusion of this video, LOL
Karlo Vaćko (2 years ago)
are you from Poland?
ZanetkaPL (2 years ago)
It's funny you didn't enjoy the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) because that's one of my favourite parts of Krakow.. it's where Copernicus used to hang around back in the day
Łysy2 (2 years ago)
Poles are the best proof that being conservative doesn't mean being boring! We LOVE to party, drink and have great time and still be good, ole'-fashioned patriotic Christians!
Stephen Verchinski (1 year ago)
Loddfafnisodr true that. When I think about who we were before SS Cyril and Methodius, Rutherians, Sarmatians, Lithuanian clans. Now the christians are too lazy there to even rebuild for the future with zero energy homes and commercial buildings but would rather work and work for natural gas either from Russia or the U.S.A. Dumb, and thats not a Polish joke, its a statement of fact. Why for example did you not vote in and support the Green party of Poland when the corruption and collusion with the U.S.A. was so evident? Did you not remember the role if Prescott Bush and Roland Harriman and the Nazis they supported for money? Wake up Poles! They are playing you again.
Stephen Verchinski (1 year ago)
Lysy2 unfortunately now, also nationalistic sock puppets to the U.S.A. giving 3% of your GDP for remilitarization. Dumb move.
Faithful Christian (1 year ago)
Modest is hottest!
SunEagle Cherokee (1 year ago)
अखंड भारत DUDE ! who told you that b******* that in America Protestants means Christians? Christians are Catholics that's the first thing you think of when you hear Christians. The majority of America is Christian Catholic not Christian Protestant, okay? I don't know where you get that from is that from India or Thailand that you're from? Anyway now you know, don't be confused !
SunEagle Cherokee (1 year ago)
Lysy2 Yep ! absolutely true about us poles being conservative yet party animals at the same time ! Yes sir ! LOL !
Andreas Bekker (2 years ago)
One of the only old big polish cities that is still intact. I wish Gdańsk and Warszawa never got destroyed.
gosua100 (2 years ago)
purely spoken KRAKÓW :D
Olgierd Miłoszewicz (2 years ago)
The Church on the Rock is located in south part of Kazimierz which was christian part of the town - close to the river. Jewish part of Kazimierz was north from Wolnica Square and Krakowska Street spreading to Szeroka Street and Old Jewish Cementary next to it.
Anna W (2 years ago)
The way you pronounce the word "Kraków" is gorgeous 😀
Ania (1 year ago)
JINPegi No way!?
ShogunSho (1 year ago)
Anna W he pronounces it right
Marcin Erdmann (2 years ago)
I used to live in Kraków, Wrocław, Toruń, Halle and Cologne (Germany). You can believe me that there is no city like Toruń/Thorn/Thornensia.
paulina gorący (2 years ago)
Marcin Erdmann Couldn't agree more!
Maciej Sobczak (2 years ago)
Świetny jest finał tego reportażu, naprawdę ciekawe i trafne podsumowanie!
Slav (2 years ago)
Don't like when video is made in autumn or winter! Summer everything looks a million times better!
PaulKa (2 years ago)
ludzie giną  w smogu w 3/4  syf z pieców węglowych,  ot  "udzie ludziom zgotowali taki los"   Z. Nałkowska o KZ  Auschwitz
Boguslaw Ziobro (2 years ago)
heh nie było nowej huty slabe
Pawel S (2 years ago)
Last words were the best :D
noseporquien (2 years ago)
just curious do most Polish natives speak English?  Like if I go to a restaurant will the waiter most likely speak English?  I'm going to be in Krakow in 3 days and I did try to learn some Polish but I aint gonna lie it was hard and I wasn't successful.
Mario (2 years ago)
+m27ny hhahahaha nice joke :D
m27ny (2 years ago)
In France people do speak English but they don't want to, they believe that if you came to their country you should speak their language. Poles on the other hand are very happy that somebody visits their country and they want to be helpful and if that tourist says a few words in polish Poles will love him.
Alex Supronik (2 years ago)
This is probably too late of a response but my cousin, who's lived in Poland for his entire life, tells me that teenagers are more likely to know English than older Polish people because the elders would learn Russian instead. English is still a popular enough language where you'll be able to communicate with at least one person there for sure. Hope this helps some people! :)
artmasterpl (2 years ago)
france and english dont make me laught xd the luvre staff dont even know english ;p
Miss Information (2 years ago)
in Krakow definitely, I don't think you can even get a job at McDonalds or a clothing store without knowing at least basic English. You'd be surprised how many people come there from the UK. some of them might know a bit of German too but English is the most commonly used language for communicating with foreigners. If you go to smaller towns, some people speak it decently and some don't at all. My experience is that the older generation doesn't speak it because they learned Russian in schools but the newer generation learns English and German so it really depends on how good of a student they were in school... to get a general idea though, not as many people speak English in Poland as they would in say France, Italy or Germany.
Hetman (2 years ago)
a na kopcu Kościuszki byłeś ?
ZiomekPatrykC (2 years ago)
Kraków on the other hand has the worst smog in Poland :p
oliweria (2 years ago)
Jesteś bardzo dobrym obserwatorem! :) Filmik świetny. Też mieszkam w Krakowie :)
Kult America (2 years ago)
+oliweria krakow is great - I use to live there:)
Hyzop (2 years ago)
"Popatrz jeno – rzekł Szarlej, zatrzymując się. – Kościół, karczma, bordel, a w środku między nimi kupa gówna. Oto parabola ludzkiego żywota."
Dawid Jóźwiak (6 months ago)
Hyzop skąd ten cytat?
NOURALSAMA (2 years ago)
funny ending. 😂😂
Agata Monroe (2 years ago)
Haha, such a nice ending! Now it's time for you to visit Wrocław ;)
TrustGlaser (2 years ago)
Kraków has the most interesting history, I love visting this city - it's very beatiful and I would like to live there.
Rafał Zbojak (1 year ago)
If you like towns with interesting history, I'd recommend visiting Sandomierz - a small and beautiful town in south-eastern Poland. Called a 'Little Rome' at some point in history (founded on seven hills almost 1000 years ago; gained city rights in 1227). In the past used to be one of the most important urban centers not only of Lesser Poland, but also of the whole country. It's filled with many medieval, renaissance and enlightenment era buildings, each with interesting history and legends behind. Such as the stories of Church of St. Jacob (unique Romano-Gothic monastery, probably the oldest bricked church in Europe with beautiful portal gateway) with its story of two lime trees planted upside-down by monastery founder (one bombed in WW2, second cut down in early 2000's), the story of Sadok and 48 Dominicans martyrs from 1260, creation of Salve Regina mound, history of Sandomierz Cathedral (jaw dropping Gothic cathedral, constructed in 1360 and renovated in the Baroque style int 18th century) and its paintings, the legend of Halina Krępianka and Piszczele ravine, the story of Queen Jadwiga's gloves, destruction of towns castle, the Pepper Mountains (probably the oldest mountains in Poland and the only place on Earth where fifteen unique species of wild roses grow), Collegium Gotomianum - one of the oldest schools in Poland founded in 1602 (which I graduated from). There are many more legends such as the story of Henryk of Sandomierz and beautiful Judyta, the story of Teresa Morsztynówna... I can go on and on, but this would change this post into several page essay.
Wojtek Polak (2 years ago)
Celna, świetna uwaga: imprezuj, spowiadaj się, imprezuj ;-) To żart, ale, chyba, całkiem nieźle opowiada o naszej mentalności, katolickiej mentalności.
Beat_Boxer (2 years ago)
Fantastic place... Looking so wonderful
BatCat PL (2 years ago)
kult America you can speak polish?
eminimethodsdotcom (2 years ago)
Yes, he can.
Tysia 53 (2 years ago)
Wilno... to miasto kościołów :)
Dawid Jóźwiak (6 months ago)
Tysia 53 we Lwowie tez ich więcej
kedar kedar (10 months ago)
Czy to normalne, że zanim kliknąłem "pokaż wszystkie odpowiedzi" pod tym komentarzem, to już wiedziałem co tu znajdę? Opanujcie się ludzie.
S. (1 year ago)
No chyba cię pojebało zdrajco!!! Polska bez Wilna i Lwowa jest jak facet bez penisa i jąder!!!
Typowy Seba (1 year ago)
FANATYCZNY NARODOWIEC Lwów faktycznie jest bardziej Polski niż Ukraiński, ale Wilno Litwinom zostawmy
imgasku (2 years ago)
arghhh want the Königsber was the same now :c
ChillDudeID (2 years ago)
+Настя Агеева Yeah I've seen many of those in quite bad shape on pics.
imgasku (2 years ago)
and now they don't care about houses of 13-18 centuries that've been saved, that's sad
ChillDudeID (2 years ago)
+Настя Агеева Ahh okay. Quite sad what the communist architects did to the city, they could at least rebuild the castle instead of that concrete box.
imgasku (2 years ago)
ChillDudeID (2 years ago)
+Настя Агеева You're a Russian living in Królewiec?
TheAbdul1993r (2 years ago)
Polska= Kościół, Bar, Apteka, Kościół, Bar, Apteka,... ∞
Dawid Jóźwiak (6 months ago)
TheAbdul1993r kościół, bar, apteka, monopol, monopol, monopol, lombard, provident, kościół bar apteka, monopol, monopol, kantor, kościół, ciucholand, monopol; kosciol........
Lech Slavko Lew (1 year ago)
I bardzo dobrze tow. Abdul. Wróciłem właśnie z Berlina a tam ani barów, ani kościołów, wszędzie meczety i zakwefione babiny. Dzięki Bogu u nas inaczej.
Marg SR (1 year ago)
+ ciucharnie i monopolowe 24h
Jaras Kowalski (1 year ago)
w promieniu kilometra nie mam apteki ani kościoła, więc nie wiem o jakiej wy Polsce piszecie. Poza tym co jest złego w pięknym gotyckim kościele? A apropos Rossmanna i innych sieciówek niemieckich czy żabojadzkich; jakbyś misiu ty i twoi starzy nie robili tam zakupów, tylko np. w drogerii Natura czy w Piotrze i Pawle to by Rossmanny, Biedronki i Carrefoury szybciutko się zawinęły tam skąd przyszły.
maczek70pl (1 year ago)
a bank?
Stefan Nowak (2 years ago)
Mówiłeś o podziemiach wawelu. Polecam ci pójść do podziemi Rynku, świetne muzeum.
karamzynowy pingwin (2 years ago)
Według legendy do budowy wież kościoła Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Krakowie , zwanego kościołem mariackim, zatrudniono dwóch braci. Obaj byli doskonałymi budowniczymi i architektami. Starszemu bratu polecono wzniesienie wieży południowej, młodszemu zaś – północnej. Na początku prace szły niemal równo, po pewnym czasie jednak ta budowana przez starszego brata zaczęła przewyższać wieżę młodszego. Zawistny brat nie chciał dopuścić, aby starszy zyskał większą sławę i zamordował go. Dokończył budowę wieży północnej, a południową kazał tylko nakryć kopułą. Z czasem jednak młodszego brata zaczęły dręczyć wyrzuty sumienia. W dniu poświęcenia świątyni ukazał się w oknie wyższej wieży i trzymając w ręce nóż, którym zamordował brata, przyznał się do zabójstwa, po czym rzucił się w dół. Krakowscy mieszczanie powiesili nóż w bramie Sukiennic dla upamiętnienia tych tragicznych wydarzeń. Można go tam oglądać do dziś. Dlatego wierze są nie równe ;)
Josephe Monkey (2 years ago)
Pogodny (2 years ago)
+karamzynowy pingwin Wieże*
Joanna K (2 years ago)
Thanks for saying that 👍🏼
kwasix1 (2 years ago)
Kraków jest trochę przerażający?Byleś w Nowej Hucie nocą? :)
Dominik Rychlicki (4 months ago)
Durne gadanie- Nowa Huta jest wg statystyk -najbezpieczniejszą dzielnicą Krakowa, w dodatku sama w sobie stanowi atrakcję turystyczną. Najbardziej cichą, najbardziej zieloną z najszerszymi chodnikami gdzie nikt się o siebie nie potyka i w dodatku zero korków na ulicach mimo, że wybudowana przeszło pół wieku temu. Nowa Huta to jest urbanistyczny geniusz w skali całego kraju ! A gadanie o nożownikach-? To przejedźcie się na Podgórze albo Kurdwanów- tam są nożownicy, a od Nowej Huty, najdzielniejszej dzielnicy miasta się odczepcie, bo sami nic o niej nie wiecie tzw krakowianie. Tylko Huta w czasach komuny walczyła - cały Kraków spał, albo tańczył w chocholim tańcu jak w "Weselu" Ende.
Anastasia Kennedy (1 year ago)
nie sugeruj się tymi żałosnymi stereotypami powtarzanymi z ust do ust najczęściej przez ludzi, którzy w życiu w Hucie nie byli :) często wracam do domu o późnej porze czy wychodzę z psem i nigdy w życiu nikt nawet nawet na mnie podejrzanie nie popatrzył, a co dopiero żeby miał mi gdzieś nóż wbijać czy zaczepiać mnie :)
Krzysztof Wilk (1 year ago)
plebs chodzi do Pana na dwór a pan doglądać plebsu na polu xd
naonaonia (2 years ago)
Hhahaha, faktycznie, Krakusy zamiast na dworze, mówią- na polu))))
pepsaj86 (2 years ago)
W Hucie się nie jest na dworze tylko na polu ;)
Natalia Zając (2 years ago)
Polecam tez do zwiedzania okolice Krakowa takie jak Bochnia, Wieliczka, Nowy Wisnicz czy Lipnice Murowana ;)
Khakonov (2 years ago)
Have to admit that Polish city names sounds like pure perfection; Krakow,Warsaw,Wroclaw,Gdansk and soon
ChillDudeID (2 years ago)
+Khakonov Study your history, but others too, don't get tunnel visioned. Well bye.
Khakonov (2 years ago)
+ChillDudeID I'm not a parrot to repeat same thing 25 times. Unlike your lie of Ukrainian history, my facts can be proven. Google Ruthenian online and check to what modern nationality is it refered too. Ukraine and Russia claim historical succession to Kievan Rus, but if one can't get it, it doesen't mean that none of 2 can. I'm done here
ChillDudeID (2 years ago)
+Khakonov 1. Belarusians were Ruthenians, called (Belarusian) Litwins for example. 2. Of course, but Duchy of Muscovy =/= Tsardom of Russia. 3. No, you're. Ruthenians were the people of the (Novgorod) Rus/Kievian Rus and its areas post its collapse. 4. Then you're looking wrong. The 1931 census shows less Ukrainians (16%) than Jews (32%) in Lwów. 5. I KNOW? Wrocław was first named Vratislav, and 100 years later Wrocław. It was Bohemian/Polish for 600 years. Poland wasn't liberated in 1945, but occupied by the Soviets. And NO, Poles did NOT the same thing, Polish intelligentsia didn't plan a whole massacre campaign, only few AK retaliations - 200,000 Polish civilian deaths, 20,000 Ukrainian UPA/civilian deaths. The Germans wouldn't blow up the historic centre, only couple of objects, not the whole agglomeration. Those mines were partly found thanks to him. "Bigger" Poland... Wtf you talking about? Comparing 1939's Poland to 1945's Poland; it lost 50% of it's territory. "we did 90% of the job for you" You're brainwashed. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8d/Curzon_line_en.svg
Khakonov (2 years ago)
+ChillDudeID 1.I have. Send me a map where they are shown to be living in out of Ukraine. And google Ruthenian term it's refered TO UKRAINIANS ONLY 2.Russia evolved from Muscovy and it was Russia and is now, same with Ukraine 3.You have indeed 4.My stats show 30%-35% on avarage. Jews had around 15% 5.Lviv! It was originally named as LVIV! And i was talking of Wroclaw and so on, which have German names and i call them in Polish as respect, is it so hard to show some in return? Poland couldn't liberate itself man, what are they teaching you there? As i know it was a crime indeed but Poles weren't there doing nothing, they did exact same thing. I was talking of HISTORIC city center which is the most beautiful part of it and it was saved by Berezniak. There are even a few Polish movies made about him and he got some reward from the city or something. You people now how 2x bigger Poland, we did 90% of the job for you and yet it is too hard apparently for some Poles to show some respect
ChillDudeID (2 years ago)
+Khakonov 1. "Ruthenians LIVED only in modern Ukraine, ONLY in modern Ukraine." No this is an outright lie, study history. 2. Russia is not the same country as Muscovy, it was one kingdom, while Russia is a federation of multiple regions. 3. By lying. 4. 60% Polish, 25% Jewish and 15% Ukrainian in the late 1930's. P.S. And Poles founded and named Gdansk (written Gyddanyzc) in 997. If you want to compare history, then sure: Gdansk - 1020 years old: it has been Polish for over 700 years, German/Prussian for 200 years + Teutonic for 100 years. Lwów - 750 years old: it has been Polish for almost 500 years and had a Polish majority for around 600 years. Respect to your grandfather then, for his sacrifice (but why are you forgetting the Poles? They "liberated" Ukraine too), but still, I cannot forget (forgive) what Ukrainians did to Poles between 1943-45. To massacre innocent people that lived on those lands for hundreds of years since the early middle ages, people who built up that land and influenced it's architecture. And no, you're wrong, whole Kraków was never commanded to be destroyed, only few strategical points... The parachuted Jewhenij Berezniak found a map of said mines, and actually Józefa Prysaka, Polish partisan, found the HQ where all the cables lead. But yeah, kudos to Jewhenij Berezniak. It's not about disrespect, it's about real facts.
_FOOTBALL_360_ (2 years ago)
Polecam żebyś odwiedził kaplicę czaszek w Kudowie Zdrój
Szymon Zieliński (7 months ago)
Podobnie jak pobliskie Góry Stołowe ;-)
Katarzyna Śledź (2 years ago)
Byłam, niesamowite wrażenie
Katarzyna Śledź (2 years ago)
Byłam, niesamowite wrażenie
Katarzyna Śledź (2 years ago)
Byłam, niesamowite wrażenie
Stina Carison (2 years ago)
Podsumowanie najlepsze ;) Dawno temu byłam w Krakowie, a ten film sprawił, że chętnie pojechałabym tam znowu.
Sławomir Krajewski (2 years ago)
+ 1 Przyjemnie się ogląda. PS Słowo "Kraków" wymawiasz, jak rodowity Polak. Brawo!
Tisphii (2 years ago)
Zbieg okoliczności, że w poniedziałek będę w Krakowie?
Nothing Here (2 years ago)
Zbieg okoliczności, że mieszkam w Krakowie?
Mistrz Yoda 2 (2 years ago)

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