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Text Comments (2048)
Zaharah Angie (19 hours ago)
Woow this is woow thank u tarkish peiple
samiya rehman (1 day ago)
I want a Turk as my husband
Renee Moore (1 day ago)
Racism works both ways, there are blcks who can't stand the sight of other blacks dating interracially. It's none of their business, period.
Oh wow😍😍 Hello from Turkey ☺
Deizy Kirabo (3 days ago)
black gals we do it better
Asheweyna A (3 days ago)
men are men...they always want to experiment😂
hafsa digaale (3 days ago)
Can you date me Iam somali gir?😂😂😂l🇸🇴🇹🇷
Hmi God (3 days ago)
Are you crezy? Black people is people
Gizem 898 (3 days ago)
3:36 ohaa cemrehan degil mi o? he is an actor now in the series 4n1k
amia i (4 days ago)
I hate this type of video's like black woman is not human or beautiful enough and need validation from other group of man . we are just fine and dont need this bs, the majority of us know we are incredible resilient and beautiful woman even when the world is trying to convince us difrently. and for woman around the world we all have our own beholders stop looking for validation and validate ourselfs.
RAMON ASSENCE (4 days ago)
Ya arkadas bunu seviyorum iste...Tenlerinde muzik var ha,yol yapiyor rez...
ubie lee (4 days ago)
now i wanna go to turkey😍
Miss Ange_Charlene (4 days ago)
They aren’t going to be honest because the presenter is a black woman.... they wouldn’t want to offend her
Ty Pereira (4 days ago)
of course they answer careful beacuse a black women asking the question with a mike and a camera.. wake up and who give a flying shit who would date a black women as if were Aliens 👽 or some shit... waste of time.. girl bye!
UltraEgo (4 days ago)
Date a black girl? Hell no.
peepla7 (4 days ago)
To me color doesn't matter, faith does. S potential date would have to be Christian. Otherwise, there will be to many conflicts because religious beliefs are different.
Lizozo m (4 days ago)
Am living in the Netherlands n come from cape town south africa n i know Turkish men pretty good. Have dated them , n the only thing that is their problem , lack of knowledge, they should get around with women n learn more n mingle coz eish its a disaster n embarrassing actually to find a 36yr old knowing zero like has never even seen flesh or touched , absolutely nothing of any sort of knowledge. I get it , religion n all but you want us blacks , then get in with the program n learn things fast. But really kind loving guys the Turkish , a bit clinging but good
Lizozo m (4 days ago)
I think Turkish men are nice n kind but too bad they know zero about women . They really don't know, maybe coz of religion , n they are all like mostly virgin men, know nothing at all n us black ladies we need men who man up n know exactly what to do n not waste our time trying to teach a guy . But all in all Turkish men are curious about us blacks
Dolores Kirtley (4 days ago)
Wow that second guy is gorgeous. 😁 My son dates girls of every race, so far I've seen him with three black girlfriends, as a matter of fact he has a black girlfriend right now. I've been with men of every race too, so I guess that's where he saw that people are just people. 😁
Black Bhad Bharbie (5 days ago)
hit like if u are black... I'm black myself
Brhane Michael (5 days ago)
Black guy and love turkish women
Omoayena African Girl (5 days ago)
Why am I in Nigeria streaming this? I have no intentions of going to turkey????
fifikhalifa barry (5 days ago)
I hate videos like this.who the fuck cares???
Ideal Faith (5 days ago)
I don't understand Turkish are have black in the . They are mixed for heaven sake. Why are we still dum In 2019.
S Marie (5 days ago)
Black women....why the fuck are you doing this? Quit being so fucking desperate!!!
Fanuel Zemickel (5 days ago)
I Love ❤u pls Celle me 00001😎???
Fanuel Zemickel (5 days ago)
I Love africa ❤girls
Mimi Gumacay (5 days ago)
How about can u date a Filipina from Philippines?😊😊😁
Akiah James (5 days ago)
They only experiment as the other guy said.. don't let them lie
Ranjit kumar (5 days ago)
I can date this anchor
YVONNE WOOD (6 days ago)
I have music in my skin...woooo! Lol
Danielle Redd (6 days ago)
A man will date anybody
Azer Behbudov (6 days ago)
I respect black girl and boy
Purple ivy (6 days ago)
after seeing this I'm feeling comfortable with my black skin.
Ideal Faith (5 days ago)
Why will anyone make you uncomfortable with your skin.
human abhie (7 days ago)
Turkish people are amazing..love them
Attila Serez (6 days ago)
U r welcome always in our country. Cheers
It Stared Back (7 days ago)
No other race of women constantly seeks approval like this. Embarrassing.
truth be told (7 days ago)
Exactly so embarrassing get some confidence about you and stop seeking acceptance. Stop the insecurities, shit I know I'm fine as hell don't need to ask if some race or wateva will date me like yuk switch up your channel and stop embarrassing yourself and other black woman. Damn fool
oro baranaa (7 days ago)
so, that man who said black girls have music...are they walking tunes?😀😁 by the way why you fucken go street to street and ask if they can date black girls? do you feel inferior then go climb a tree that's when you can feel superiority. #pussy-ass!
Diallo Hassatou (7 days ago)
I’m a black Woman and i’m going to marry a turkish guy in three months eventhough our parents are against it ! We won’t let à stupid skin color stops our love !
bodilove (7 days ago)
This is the cringest shit I haven’t seen....like black women are looking for these assholes....
Ndagu Rosette (7 days ago)
They love black girls coz they take us like bitches! I got many Turkish friends,the most of them dont know how to socialize with us...all their conversation (me love you, u are sexy, i like you lips etc). They should learn how to talk with an african girl
It’z Jaliyah Jayana (7 days ago)
They should’ve got a white girl to ask the question because having a black girl saying “ would you date black girls “ they are going to lie 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Deus Jeraldy (8 days ago)
They have music on their skin 🤔🤔🤔😋😋😋
İpexu (8 days ago)
2:40 bu 4n1k oğuz değil mi? Değilse de ne kadar benziyor. Sesi bike ohaa
Denise Wendt (8 days ago)
I found the Turkish men were very honest about how they felt about Black women and whether they would date them. And I really admired their answers, that there should not be any barriers between Black or White. FANTASTIC answers. I like boys or men who do not distinguish between color. Of course, they're right, if you have genuine feelings for someone regardless of the color of their skin, then there's nothing wrong with that. You will probably be surprised at what could blossom between two people of different color or culture. Nothing is impossible when it comes to Love. LOVE IS A UNIVERSAL WORD.
fatuma abdiladif (8 days ago)
I will date you girl
Stephanie Cole (8 days ago)
4:04, 5:34, music in their skin! Hahahaha 😂😂😂6:19. This guy is sweet! 6:54 very smart guy. Very nice video. I enjoy it.
Serap serap (8 days ago)
they may date you but they will not find the strength to tell their family and friends.
Jennifer Businge (8 days ago)
Any one from Uganda the pearly of Africa say hi to me black z gold guyz am proud of my black skin i say a big NO to lighten my body
You jubilate because they say, they could date a black girl.
Why the question? These must be Nigerians. Shallow, very shallow minds.
I am a black girl. I don't wanna be so sperated on Black and white people. I find black guys cute. But I wonder what it is like to date a white one? Will there be difference, or not?
Gedilera (9 days ago)
And you just had to be the pretty girl doing the interview? Who would say no, after seeing you???
زو زو (9 days ago)
I love Turkey. (Marmaris) ♥️
3733750 3733750 (9 days ago)
Wow is nice but love is nice but I can have someone who loves me 💝😫😅😅😅
Eve Of Thailandia (9 days ago)
Mine is Turkish and ain't going nowhere.#Stuck for life.
Sadia Balogun (9 days ago)
I just hope that one day people will stop these useless videos
Nalia Shanon (9 days ago)
Turkish men are handsome
prettymelanin exotic (9 days ago)
Theyre lying what are they saying behind closed doors!
heartfilia (7 days ago)
generally no lying
Sara Soda (9 days ago)
I love how they speak of feelings and love, it’s what connects us as humans:)
jn jnah km (10 days ago)
Ooh my,,, am dating a black Turkish guy for two years now,,, he has no problem he even not cheat 😊😊😊
Ma mooi dju (10 days ago)
I like turkeys people they are always nice.
Michelle Collins (10 days ago)
M a white girl and I dont care dating a black boy because if his heart is deep in love wow... skin color no matter but heart
Michelle Collins (5 days ago)
+Glen CoCo God does not see our skin color but the heart, and for me it would not be an impediment to love a man with yellow, black or green skin, the only thing that matters to me is that he has Christ in his heart and loves me with all his strength.
Glen CoCo (6 days ago)
Of course u wouldn't care 👀👀
Grace Jambo (10 days ago)
I like white guys so hala at me😁
Mfkn 808 (10 days ago)
Wow I didn’t finish watching because it kinda silly question! If you looking for a “NO, I WON’T “ answer it’s not gonna happen if you ask me🤣 I hope nobody actually answer that question in a wrong way 😩😩😩
pink diamond (7 days ago)
+Mfkn 808 uhh how , I mean how
Mfkn 808 (7 days ago)
Now I’m lost 🤪
pink diamond (7 days ago)
+Mfkn 808 oh my goodness, I mean I didn't😜😂
Mfkn 808 (7 days ago)
Yes you do!😒
pink diamond (8 days ago)
+Mfkn 808 just kidding I didn't even know what u are talking abt😂😂
Shirley Anezu (10 days ago)
Omg I just found this channel! I am learning Turkish and always watch The dizis
Dorcas Nkum (11 days ago)
😗😘we are all one 😍
Dorcas Nkum (11 days ago)
Am single looking for that wonderful wonderful white guy. someone who respect God
Whoo Youu (11 days ago)
The question should be WOULD you date a black girl. Everyone CAN but what do they PREFER?
TIM FASH (11 days ago)
Yeah they are Nigerians I am too,I noticed immediately from the accent and the names
Nadia N'jiba (11 days ago)
Like Nigerians say wonders shall never seeze in Asian the Chinese speaking looks black! Where is the discount tax I'm in!
Jau Nadia (12 days ago)
The real question would be...would you marry a black woman?....dating is all games most times
Catherine M (12 days ago)
The Turks are one of the most unique people in the world. They are black people in white skin. Turkish people have all the characters of human being combined.
France & Damien (12 days ago)
drop yo YT channel.. let’s add each other!!
Halmah Maliq Salaam (12 days ago)
Thanks turkish gays, l like turkish muslim gay to marry serious
Katiana Jean-Pierre (12 days ago)
I need a Turkish boyfriend now. They're so humble 😍
Bruno Jeremiah (13 days ago)
I can’t wait subscribing this channel, keep it up. We really enjoy your programs
Jessy Jey (13 days ago)
man said women like us pouahhhh
Hahahah hahah (13 days ago)
They have music in their skin
I m black girl I love Turkish man❤️
Fatimah Elias (14 days ago)
The guy in the green jacket is funny.
Maenda Ebuela (14 days ago)
DARK Angel555 (14 days ago)
I'm moroccan i want to date turkish guy
Mary Williams (14 days ago)
Ask if they prefer natural Black hair compared to Caucasian looking wigs and weaves worn by Black women with kinky hair.
Juliet Juliet (14 days ago)
Can any turkish guy inbox me haha
Phiona KATZ (14 days ago)
Very interesting to watch.
“They are just woman like us.” - says some man lol.
Latifa Ahmed (15 days ago)
To be honest I'm currently dating a Turkish guy
Urjii Hassan (15 days ago)
I have always had a respect for Turkish people, specially the president.
gloria hodge (15 days ago)
That’s stupid🤡
Jasmine Harris (11 days ago)
Andriana (15 days ago)
I found many black girls are so friendly and lovely, if only I can find one here, it's nice to be friends💙💙
Andréa. C Louis (4 days ago)
Lilian Urio (5 days ago)
I'm here
Melanie Nemakanga (5 days ago)
I can be one😊
Melanie Nemakanga (5 days ago)
I can be one😊
Black Bhad Bharbie (5 days ago)
hi I'm ready to be ur friend
Mr. White (15 days ago)
Blacks are the only race thats always asking Do you like me? Do you think I'm pretty? Would you date me? Lol pathetic.
black skull (15 days ago)
Mr. White and hey u dont have to see videos about them stfu and fk ur self pig
black skull (15 days ago)
Mr. White i always see whites asking how do i look ?am i hot for u ?am i this and that stupid questions and try so hard copying black girls big butt big lips and stuff XD since they flat as board lol
Vaageesha Vriddhi (16 days ago)
I'm ready to learn Turkish language. I'm very fond of Turkish guys 😍....though one thing that prevented me from thinking about this any further was racism. I was afraid to think about them being racist... thank God, they're not😘
New Erä (16 days ago)
I think Turkish people's are friendly.
qalbi uroon (16 days ago)
I want to go turkey as soon as possible plz give me a like to my dream come true 😍
Attila Serez (6 days ago)
U r welcome :)
Yasinta Joseph (19 days ago)
I'm black girl from Tz
Naseem Nayiga (20 days ago)
Ridiculous interview stupid
Radko Oficial (21 days ago)
I like black girls and I wish to date a black girl
Hajarah Aliy (22 days ago)
Waaaw this is so amazing, a love it
Shamso Hussein (22 days ago)
I'm from Somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇴❤ l love TURKISH 🇹🇷🇹🇷❤

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