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Guy Dressed As Woman | GOING OUT IN PUBLIC

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Guy going out in public dressed as beautiful woman. Surely, many people must have mistaken him for a woman. Checkout our website for more stuffs - http://crossdressersworld.com Like, Share and Subscribe for more videos !! Thank you so much for watching :) Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crossdresserworld/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cdtgworld Website: http://crossdressersworld.com
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Text Comments (60)
Supertron5000 (18 days ago)
She's hot!
Mike Secondo (1 month ago)
Butt mud queen!!!
jeffrey frechette (1 month ago)
Then would be very pasible
jeffrey frechette (1 month ago)
If work Ed walk and had hips paded and get rid of gum she wouldn't get clocked as nearly as much.
Sidney Mathious (2 months ago)
He is looking great as a woman and that outfit is superb on his figure.
olivia transit (2 months ago)
Being Trans myself and 'out' I have to say you're pretty but that walk is awful, better not start in high heels You walk like a big man , Get some pratice in regular shoes please. and NO gum chewing what were you thinking ?
MICHAEL NOLAN (2 months ago)
Looks like a guy in drag. No one ws fooled.
Ken Evanska (5 months ago)
The walk lol ! OMG looks like that giant cockroach trying to get used to human skin from that MIB movie 🤣
C3 Stingray (5 months ago)
robert cassidy (5 months ago)
I would Love to take you out and show you and show you off...💖💞💖
Bobby Cooper (6 months ago)
I think she is VERY cute
dude im baaaked (6 months ago)
So hot
Big crooked Dick (7 months ago)
Lol get some flats
Jill Hobbley (7 months ago)
She looks stunning, I go out dressed up in public too. It's quite an experience 😊
Hermann Henningsen (8 months ago)
Why not wear hip pads?
Douglas Carpenter (8 months ago)
You look Gorgeous
Alice in Chains LS 4 (8 months ago)
Dump the heels !
leo l (8 months ago)
She's Lovely girl ,like the video .
B Real (8 months ago)
That red hair.....I'd be so hooked
Rick Bristol (8 months ago)
Wanna fuck
Octopussyist (8 months ago)
Too bad he can't walk like a girl. Then it would have been perfect. I actually see that a lot. Perfect look still I read them on 50m distance.
G Howard (9 months ago)
Walking like a cowboy
Tony Montana (9 months ago)
i love her
sissy dreams (9 months ago)
She is gorgeous. Her walk will improve and then she'll be absolutely passable. Very pretty!!!
Jackson3 (9 months ago)
Gotta get the walk right. Guy walk. Also man hands. The hands always a giveaway.
Point Dexter (9 months ago)
You need a lot of practice with the walk. You move like a linebacker. Watch a little more RuPaul.
oldedude51 (9 months ago)
Well, on the video, "she"/"he" looks good, BUT, "she" definitely walks like a "he" and that is apparent to all of the (I was going to say "real", but we'll make it "biological") women around "her"/"him". Everyone of them stared or did a "double take" when "she"/"he" walked by. They may not have known precisely what was going on, but they knew that something was "off".
chris Arcangel (9 months ago)
I love crossdressers are so hot
Soreofhing (10 months ago)
Beautiful...but get rid of that gum, slow down, and practice your walk.
Paul (10 months ago)
very sexy gorgeous
H. W. Johnstoke (11 months ago)
I love the way she looks -- I wonder if she enjoys fellatio?
H. W. Johnstoke (11 months ago)
I love the way she looks -- I wonder if she enjoys fellatio?
Lez Charisma (11 months ago)
Looks decent but that walk is very sketchy
NJ J (11 months ago)
Very pretty and nice figure, just work on the walk.
Harvey Patten (8 months ago)
NJ Rock
Victor vera el reptil (1 year ago)
soy tan tosca!!!
Danielle Roberts (1 year ago)
Love that dress 👗
Bonnie Lea (1 year ago)
Very brave to head out into the world. I agree the walk needs some work but the outfit and makeup is gorgeous! Lucky lady
flick22601 (1 year ago)
If I looked that good, I'd always be wearing dresses.
Thomas Schilleci (1 year ago)
I'm a sucker for a dazzling redhead
Rocco Gant (1 year ago)
get rid of that gum.....looks like trailer trash....practice walking in high heels...... she'd be do-able...
The Master E Brooks (1 year ago)
The Master E Brooks (1 year ago)
I would rather taste that and then tap that thoroughly climacDICKly!
dave (1 year ago)
Nice face!!!.
Paul Stromberg (1 year ago)
Gorgeous what an amazing woman
Ken Devine (1 year ago)
You look so gorgeous. But don't chew gum.
Lacy Swallows (1 year ago)
mecha224 (1 year ago)
very nice - i wish i could join ya !
ernie parker (1 year ago)
👍 ❤️ 😜
David Swire (1 year ago)
Practice walking in heels. But your face is lovely.
John Reome (1 year ago)
Wish you were in Texas
Saeed Albohaisi (1 year ago)
Hi i want to be sissy i want heeelp😢😢😢
john dillon (1 year ago)
I would date her
Ginger61 (1 year ago)
Gorgeous. That must have felt so good to be out in public. Keep practicing the walk. It does get easier.
e2- woah (1 year ago)
Franko Flyer (1 year ago)
I would love to wear that dress
Lily Longlegs (1 year ago)
You need to work on your walk
Jonathan Eves (1 year ago)
Just gotta get that walk Right, no swagger in the shoulders, one foot in front of the other, relax and you've got it all, you look great. Where shall I wind and dine you? ☺️💃🏾💋
Tony (1 year ago)
You look so beautiful and sexy.
Sébastien Fabre (1 year ago)
Love té trop belle j'adore ton makeup et la robe 💖👗💄

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