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Editing Your Photos Drunk

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yeah nah never doing this again ahahahah My Personal Lightroom Presets! - https://www.streamline.store/ Subscribe my channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJKUqZzNqhy-2aecEQX62qA Subscribe to the crew: Hayden Pedersen - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJMb9zgxUbigdIxkSvwdXRA Liam (7th.era) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrMT-qEr5f7CN6osiiTS6Rg Follow me on Insta! Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/northborders/ Sign up here to get ROYALTY FREE music like me :) - http://share.epidemicsound.com/sbtLr Camera Gear: Sony a7riii Sony 16-35 f/2.8GM Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 GM Sigma 85mm 1.4 Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro Plus Lighting: Godox SL-60W Godox 120cm Octagon Diffuser Software: Adobe Lightroom CC Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe Premier Pro Like, Comment & Subscribe to keep up to date with all my content, I upload frequently!
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Text Comments (123)
Saurav Dutta (6 days ago)
Hey can you edit my photos ? Where can I send it ?? Pls inform
Gracelyn Christiani (7 days ago)
I lost it when you start laughing 😂😂 cutest thing lol
Timbin (8 days ago)
Only video I've seen of yours, and boy it was a good first choice aha.
Bent te riele (12 days ago)
Hell yeah, this made me subscribe
Andy David (13 days ago)
Best photography related video on youtube hahahaha
Logan Haliburton (14 days ago)
aha when your drunk editing is better than my sober editing 😂
Marko Esse (14 days ago)
Subscribed 😂
Filip Rupnik (14 days ago)
you guys are the best!!!
Tomy Nmlss (14 days ago)
fucking hilarious
Sam Griffiths (14 days ago)
Funniest crap
HYPEBEAST _ PUPPY (15 days ago)
I bet nobody realised at 12:49 ... standard drinks turned from 13 to 12 in the bottom right corner...freakin funny video bro
UpLighting (15 days ago)
I need more of this in my life!
Lachlan Petrovic (15 days ago)
You probably put water in all the bottles
Fynn_Daubner (15 days ago)
More please 😂👍🏼
Fynn_Daubner (15 days ago)
Beer is the best dude 😩 come to Germany please 😂
Evan Rocha (15 days ago)
This is the dopest video ever lmao
Tim Peters (15 days ago)
Funny asf😂😂😂😂
SHADAB TAJWAR (15 days ago)
Can't tell how long I was laughing 😂😂😭
Joonhwy (15 days ago)
Churo Loko (15 days ago)
Anybody else think Mike looks/sounds Irish !?
Kristian Svendsen (15 days ago)
I love drunk Mike
Malte Sörensen (15 days ago)
Ah man! I thought you aussies could hold your liquor! Ya lightweights!
North Borders (15 days ago)
Malte Sörensen well we did have 12 standards 😂😂😂
Matt Richards (15 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 lads that was fucking awesome!
sugar plum (15 days ago)
That was such a good video, you should have filmed the aftermath too 😂😂😂😂 u guys are so entertaining whilst drunk 😂
Yannic Krug (15 days ago)
fucking love you guys
Giampaolo Casadei (15 days ago)
That's so fun! And the photos are sick anyway!
Nentryx. (15 days ago)
You should visit Prague mate, we got the best fucking bear in the continent and also cool-ass trams
Will Gallihugh (15 days ago)
Content gold 😂😂
North Borders (15 days ago)
Will Gallihugh thanks bro!! Love ya ❤️
Beyond Tha Noize (15 days ago)
Soo Good!!! :) :)
- Robin (16 days ago)
yo I can smell this fucking video
Enzo Zonta (16 days ago)
I feel drunk by watching you get drunk
Ulani Sanchez (16 days ago)
Props to 7th era for keeping you awake for this video 😂
Gareth Rogan (16 days ago)
So entertaining and also learned a heap about editing in LR. Works so much better than Photoshop.
Mike is so light weight!!
HXLDT (16 days ago)
So fuckin good haha 😂
Saleh Tanbouz (16 days ago)
I feel miserable you cunts edited better than me drunk.
Alan Mully (16 days ago)
you should do drunk photography
itsanasbergam (16 days ago)
OMFG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SirFisu (16 days ago)
An italian that doesn't like wine and an aussie that can't drink lol
Daniel Cho (16 days ago)
fucking funniest video, definitely need more of these!
Mick Focus Photography (16 days ago)
That was hilarious!!!
Kush Gautam (16 days ago)
You edit photos better than me even when u r drunk lol
Osterblm. (16 days ago)
Best video on youtube
ARM Music (16 days ago)
Next video alcohol review by northborders and 7th era Spoilers almost everything is shit
cybil thomas (16 days ago)
That was some fuckin content there mate u guys getting pretty drunk and editing the photos I don't think that even i I could do that lol 😂😂
JF Productions (16 days ago)
You are sooo crazy😂. However nice edits
RaposoTv (16 days ago)
will burchill (16 days ago)
This is fucken so funny, you should do one with Hayden
Angus Kleinert (16 days ago)
That was prime as 😂😂
Sai (16 days ago)
This is way tooo funnny. You guys killed it with these edits btw
Luis Diego Aguilar (16 days ago)
never thought I would've learn something from a drunk person 😂 that was epic! keep it up!
This is fkn classic boys <3 This is fkn content.
Josh Milne (16 days ago)
That tone curve at 09:25 😂😂😂
Victor Smith (16 days ago)
7th era looks drunk even when he's sober....he was BORN DRUNK
7th Era (15 days ago)
Victor Smith THANKS BRO
Tyler Diaz (16 days ago)
That was beautiful 😂😂😂
Bann Bann (16 days ago)
12:48 "get this one fuckn over with holy fuckn shit" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
abnormal person (16 days ago)
Lol this was funny i like it lot😆😆
Loeter31 (16 days ago)
Plz more videos like this😂😂👌
ARM Music (16 days ago)
Morgan Kolar (16 days ago)
Actually edited my pic 🍆🍆
Zeth Green (16 days ago)
Hahahahaha this is fucking hilarious guys. Can’t wait for round two of drunk edits 😂
Triscuits For Days (16 days ago)
Ha you had absinthe! Love that stuff!
Billy Churcher (16 days ago)
feel like if my friend sees this he's going to be badly influenced and will tempt me to do this with him
Triscuits For Days (16 days ago)
Frangelico- “It’s like a Falcon punch to the face, Then a hug”
Salama Younan (16 days ago)
wth man . what laptop do you use to get LR working that fast!!!!
North Borders (15 days ago)
Salama Younan hahah bro you should watch my old editing tutorials when I had a Razor 😂😂 so laggy. I've upgraded to a MacBook Pro now
Nur Rahman (16 days ago)
The last one is my shot haha. Feel honored because i just started this photography hobby and suddenly got featured on this video hahahah
Nur Rahman (15 days ago)
+WeRA P kampret
WeRA P (15 days ago)
Felipe AC (16 days ago)
bro that hangover next day XD
Prashant Singh (16 days ago)
Thanks for editing my photo 😍❤️ 2:37
Scott Fuller (16 days ago)
w_cko (16 days ago)
Hahahahaha fucking hilarious
Johnnymagic 71 (16 days ago)
Make more of these!
chronic Qmeu (16 days ago)
Damn I wanted to be in the video
Yuri Blanchet (16 days ago)
What the FUCK sgoing on?😂
Jack Clemens (16 days ago)
This is the best thing I have watched in a long time! Couldn't stop laughing
Cameron Becht (16 days ago)
Did they edit this photo drunk?
Ghentsu (16 days ago)
I know the guy that did it at 6:42!!
purplepotator (16 days ago)
This was the best shit ever!!
yeinhorn (16 days ago)
Ben Bartlett (16 days ago)
Holy shit i fucking laughed something stupid, this is hilarious!
Phil Rochford (16 days ago)
You guys are classics
Cat Irby Arnold (16 days ago)
The bus at the street was my best friend’s, his Instagram is @lucas.guild
Fernando Saavedra (16 days ago)
Dominic Bertoldi (16 days ago)
hayden couldn't do this 😏
danyal visuals (16 days ago)
North Borders I love Hayden 😁
Donovan Staab (16 days ago)
North Borders (16 days ago)
No he's too much of an angel hehe
GoshDangitJaden (16 days ago)
You deserve more subs dude😂
North Borders (16 days ago)
Thanks man! haha getting there 😎🍆
Jordan Gravestein (16 days ago)
As someone highly experienced in the world of drinking, I can confirm NO ONE drinks Green Fairy hahahaha
North Borders (16 days ago)
how the FUCK are they still a business haaha i swear people buy it as a joke 😂😂
OE Tyler (16 days ago)
funny shit man
North Borders (16 days ago)
Thanks dude! glad you enjoyed it
Logan James (16 days ago)
M8 we need a racing sim video. I wanna see how 🍆 you are at Forza 😂
DME RF (16 days ago)
Would be awesome we could race together +North Borders
Logan James (16 days ago)
+North Borders Yee Yee. Do it! I'll watch! Also, game streamers make bank 😉
North Borders (16 days ago)
I want to set up a Twitch account so I can start doing it! haha im keen, I'll whoop anyone with some of the cars i've modded haha
Lucas Guild (16 days ago)
My photo was at 7:20 my Instagram is @lucas.guild if anybody wants to follow 😄
Lucas Guild (16 days ago)
+North Borders thank you bro 🍆😂
North Borders (16 days ago)
Amazing shot man! Keep up the awesome work 😱🍆
Aaron Evens (16 days ago)
That was a thiccc cuff, GG
Triscuits For Days (16 days ago)
Videos starts and I’m already loving it boyz
North Borders (16 days ago)
+Triscuits For Days I'll be doing heaps more of them man for sure, keep a look out on my instagram for the next one!
Triscuits For Days (16 days ago)
North Borders I missed out on submitting photos this round but next round I’ll be sending my amateur shots for sure!
North Borders (16 days ago)
Thanks man! Good to hear 😎
Anthony Burnett (16 days ago)
I’ll have 1 with you lol
Soham Apte (16 days ago)
I stopped editing half way through a photo when I saw this title...
Soham Apte (16 days ago)
+Vraxn @a.t.c_photo !!
Vraxn (16 days ago)
Soham Apte what ur ig
Soham Apte (16 days ago)
+North Borders still watching it bro. You guys are wild af
North Borders (16 days ago)
awhh yes, hope you enjoyed!
Jace Davey (16 days ago)
Lmao 😂I look forward to your videos all the time! Much love from NY 🤙
North Borders (16 days ago)
Thanks man! appreciate the support!!
Garrett Moore (16 days ago)
Yay im the one who suggested editing drunk😁😁😂
North Borders (16 days ago)
hahaah i've gotten a few requests haha so here you go
thelensprofile (16 days ago)
Good wun m8
North Borders (16 days ago)
Cheers bro!

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