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What Guys Actually Think About Tattoos | Cosmopolitan

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Want a tattoo? Watch and learn what guys think about tattoos and how you avoid getting a tattoo in the wrong place! SUBSCRIBE to Cosmopolitan: http://goo.gl/MJgRO8
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Text Comments (839)
One Two (1 day ago)
Tattoos on a girl is a mark of daddy issues
One Two (1 day ago)
Guys think girls with tattoos are hoes.
Jane lane (1 day ago)
The fact they know who the tattoo belongs to is just so sad
Jane lane (1 day ago)
The inks are toxic and contain heavy metal and they fade because your body is trying to get rid of the chemicals in the ink. f. Tattoos are so mainstream that they look really stupid. Before they were "cool" a girl could have an interesting tattoo that make her look funky and interested. The same goes for guys too. Now it look trashy , stupid and try hard.
Peter Kazavis (4 months ago)
Was everyone in this video euthanized?
ALIENCROW (4 months ago)
Tattoos are for basic bitches
Omid Reza (5 months ago)
“Individuality” and “expression”. Yeah so original like all the other idiots with similar tattoos
Jackenstein Meoffberg (6 months ago)
Correct answer no tattoos are sexy ever..
Kent Torok (8 months ago)
It might not be safe to become pregnant for women with tats ........ They haven't released a study on the effects , of tattoo ink , on developing fetuses ...... Babies don't like tats either ....... tattoos could effect the babies Ability to turn out , healthy ..........Women don't care about that ........They just want to act like " bad ass pirates " .... have fun with that
Default User (1 year ago)
For the most part we are sick of them and think they are gross
Qibilii (1 year ago)
Getting tatted isn't the smartest idea you can do. Personally I find it gross and shallow. But hey that's me.
Lucy Potter (1 year ago)
Tattoos are a form of expression. How many tattoos you want to get is up to you. To all the beautiful tattooed ladies out there, don't listen to "guys don't like..." thing. The right guy will accept you and your tattoos! I can't wait to get tatted up!
mickey munkchunk (1 year ago)
A lot of people who have tattoos are just looking for attention and think it makes them more interesting, personally I don't like tattoos on girls.
leopardontheprowl (1 year ago)
This is judgemental bullshit. Don’t pay any attention girls!
Carolina_ Girl (1 year ago)
K, first off I have a couple of tats and I always told myself that if I ever ended up getting any that their would be meaning behind it I wouldn't just go off and be like let's put a rainbow on my ass cheek just bc I can. No I knew they were a lifetime commitment. And u never ever get a man's name on u unless it is a family member that u were really close too that passed away, ur kid, nephew, god child, or best friend and something happened. Other then that stay away from guys names. And as for men who say that women who get tramp stamps are hoes and like to only do it from behind, I call bullshit yes in some people's cases that maybe true but not everyone's so before making the accusation why don't u ask the girl of ur lucky enough to find out the girl has one their why she got it their.
Brant Phillips (1 year ago)
Imagine what they’ll look like when your older..wrinkled and disgusting. When I see people with tattoos, I just feel like they’re in a biker gang
k 123 (1 year ago)
imagine what we'll all look like when we're older...everyone walking around lookin like rotted pumpkins and shit! tattoos or not everyone here is going to be ugly as F***. Please excuse my language. :0
You're Gorgeous (1 year ago)
Their smiles aren't big enough lol
jess (1 year ago)
I don't give a shit what guys think about my tattoos
Lia Raz (1 year ago)
the guy they interview with the backwards hat is hottttttt
Regina Falange (2 years ago)
Thank god cosmo was here to let me know how to make sure my tattoos are sexy, this whole time I've just been getting tattoos that I liked, but now next time I get a new tat I can be sure random guys in the street that I've never met before will find me attractive. Good journalism cosmo.
Anna T (2 years ago)
this is fucking disgusting, who gives a fuck if my tattoos are skanky??? and why you gotta go call it skanky??? guys arent called skanky if theyve got a full sleeve of the left arm or whatever like no one cares if guys think their tattoos are skanky im not big on preaching feminism and stuff like that but this is bullshit and sexist.
Leo Landon (2 years ago)
I saw a girl get beat up by two other girls in the street. lol they beat the shit out of her! after they left I walked up to her she was really bleeding!! I was about to ask her are you ok?? but then I noticed she had tattoos and then I really didn't care anymore and walked away.
Karissa Chouinard (2 years ago)
It's kind of weird how she calls all tattoo artists "he"
Allie Bawdon (2 years ago)
Wtf does Leah Wyar know about getting a "sexy tattoo?" She doesn't even have any tattoo's!
Jenny Swinton (2 years ago)
how about instead of having a sexy vs skanky series you let people look how they want? woman wants a tattoo, go ahead. doesnt matter if certain guys dont like it, i sure as hell wouldnt be with anyone that doesnt accept my modifications. One way youll regret tattoos is if you get them just cause guys will like certain ones. get mods for YOU, not anyone else
sophia p (2 years ago)
Taylor swift does have a tattoo.....
Yasmin Mullen (2 years ago)
damn my mom has a tramp stamp
Jesus (2 years ago)
Is it just me or is the guy wearing makeup
Paul Idson (2 years ago)
Not a fan of girls with tattoos
Paul Idson (2 years ago)
They just don't look good in my opinion, not a fan of them on men, but even less so on women
why not
colonforsecs (2 years ago)
We think trashy.
Bootsy Swan (2 years ago)
jesus christ that guy is so fucking annoying
su$pect (3 years ago)
skanky???? or you could let women live and not be judged by what they put on their bodies lmao???
Ninja Ascending (2 years ago)
You have a sexy attitude ;)
Ysegrïm (3 years ago)
3:26 lol, her face deserves a meme hahahha btw every cover up tattoo artist would probably beat you up for having lazer treatment before. It's actually preventing the coverup or making it a lot more complicated for the ink to last
Iona Blume (3 years ago)
This bitch is just saying the obvious.
Barack Trump (3 years ago)
It's alright to like tats, and it's alright to not like tats, There's guys that find tats on girls sexy, and there's those, like me, that don't. I personally don't see the point in them, be happy with whom you are, don't try to look like everyone else with tats. It's not individuality, girls gets a rose tat, change color of 1 petal and say "That's my own idea, no one else has one just like that", BS, its still just another rose tat, just another sunflower, anchor, heart, tree, butterfly, feather or whatever with a slight change to call it your own (When someone else in the world has the same thing or close). Try this, just be yourself, your natural body, not just another lady with a rose tattoo to her side.
netzoned (3 years ago)
If you are a gay female, then yes, you 'may' care less about what males think of you. But, the gay females I know still care about the opinions of males. Any female that tries to say they do not care about what others think of them, whether male or female, are full of shit. (Yeah, that was blunt!) I will, of course, concede to the 'idea' that there are exceptions, but not many. The biggest emotional need for a human is to be loved. That being said, there is no way people can say they don't care about what others may think of them. ... Females, especially! ... It's no secret that females are more emotional that men. If you are a (straight) female, and you truly don't care what men think about you: quit plowing your face over with makeup, quit buying and wearing revealing clothes (to attract males), quit augmenting your already beautiful breasts, (YES, even if they are 'small'), quit... etc... etc... etc! YES, even gay females try and attract other females, whether they are playing the role of the male or female, or both. So, the same can apply to them. ASIDE: Some of you females here may be what 'society' deems as, beautiful, but with the nasty mouths and attitudes, you are really 'ugly', and probably make people you come in contact with dislike you. For those that society may deem as 'plain', big deal, as long as you're not disgusting on the inside. Now, what is the most derogatory name a male can call an extreme feminist? (I have no clue.) What ever it is, I am calling some of you females that name. :-p
JEnKo! (3 years ago)
girls please dont take this shit seriously do whatever you want with your body someone will always find u sexy or love you no matter what you look like.
BIgfastcal (3 years ago)
This motherfucker put the confederate flag and the swastika on the same level 😂 smh
BIgfastcal (2 years ago)
leave now and never come back
Julia Nguyen (2 years ago)
TexJr Gaming they nearly are lmao
infowarrior420 (3 years ago)
the funniest part about girls with tattoos. everyone thinks they're a tattoo artist. and girls get excited when they're getting something for free. end up looking like a high school desk
Mexileopard (3 years ago)
Shut up. All you girls here. Seriously. They were asked their opinion. For fun. If girls were asked it would've been fine. Just shut the hell up.
Mexileopard (3 years ago)
+infowarrior420 my pleasure!
infowarrior420 (3 years ago)
Thank you!
DoctorWhoOhPikachu (3 years ago)
Hmm, well the guy I like does like tattoos, maybe I'll tattoo my face for him. Thing is, I'd like to attract him but I'm not going to keep myself from doing something, for myself, if he doesn't like it. I'm not going to shave my head if he says he saw a pretty girl with a shaved head.
BloodyRoses444 (3 years ago)
What the fuck is all the religious bullshit doing on here. I know preaching is your thing, but do you actually look for certain videos that goes against your beliefs just to find people in the comments and bash them because they are different than you, and don't believe in what you do, and only your ways are right. lol Fucking religious people, They are so hilarious. I learned this a long time ago. there's the sane religious people/aka normal everyday people, can't even tell the difference, and the crazy. And your always going to run into the crazy. Just let them do there thing and don't give them any attention. They like the attention and that they are getting a rise out of you. If you choose not to, well it's fun to turn it all around on them. And that there the ones getting a taste of their meds. I don't like the really crazy one's taunting that your going to hell, the power of Christ compells you, exorcism exorcism, She/He's evil grab them ect.  Yeah, your watching and your on the wrong videos. Don't force your religion upon others.
Becky Bauer (3 years ago)
Ew, this video series is such sexist, ridiculous bullshit.
Scott Young (3 years ago)
Well. I've got my money invested in the tattoo removalist business. Because in about ten years time, when these 20 year old women start lining up at the dermatologists to get all their tattoos removed, I'm gonna make millions in shares. Women are different to men. They're always changing their ideas and opinions on clothes, looks and fashion. That's why they're always buying a new dress every 6 months. Because they get sick of wearing the old dress after 6 months. This isn't a bad thing. It's actually a good thing to move on and not get stuck in the same fashion trends. Unfortunately with tattoos, you can't do this. Once the tattoos are on you, you can't get rid of them 6 months later when you get sick of looking at them. This will really bother a woman when she gets older, guaranteed. Men on the other hand, don't really care as much. Yes they may regret their tattoo years later, but they won't be bothered by it as much because men don't really worry about fashion as much as women do.
Meek Valris (3 years ago)
+Scott Young Nice Blanket weaving skills. Perhaps that should be your next business move.
YouveGottaLoveHagrid (3 years ago)
sexist much wow
Haley (3 years ago)
"all this stuff on her arms" she says. THE FUCK!? bitch, get out of here. go be judgmental somewhere else.
manybalby (3 years ago)
i'm so glad I found this channel, now when I have a daughter I know to make sure she doesn't watch this ridiculous shit.
Rico De Silva (2 years ago)
Its so stupid
tranquility (3 years ago)
A also think that the males who have so much negativity to say about women, are secretly gay. Notice not one of them said anything negative about men getting them. I guess when they are on their knees getting serviced by a man, they overlook his tattoos lol : )
tranquility (3 years ago)
The guy who said if you have a lower back tatt, you want it from the back. Little boy, don't flatter yourself. Tatts are not about YOU or your silly ego. Grow up.
Ruki Snow (3 years ago)
Don't get a fucking tattoo just because it's popular. It's on you for the rest of your life, not just a month. You shouldn't get a tattoo unless it has a bigger meaning to it. Also, don't get couples tattoos. If you break up, that will be awkward...
Eli Berdinner (3 years ago)
Mike, or whatever his name is, is sitting there like "I have a degree in journalism. What the fuck is my life."
tranquility (3 years ago)
We need to lose the words tramp stamp. Seriously. Lower back tatts are sexy. No, I don't have one, but if I wanted one, no one would stop me. Period. But yeah I would love that word to disappear from the human language
Adelle Mcgowan (3 years ago)
thia whole video is complete bullshit a decoraction on my body that i simply like, or has a meaning has to be sexy and if its not "sexy" than im a skank fuck cosmopolitan and fuck what a guy has to think about my body
Komal Yasmin (3 years ago)
I really saw the hypocrisy in people online one day when they defended one of Ariel Castro's victims (the oldest girl) for having tattoos. These people said it was great and was telling her story through them and it has symbolism unlike other tattoos that most WOMEN get. What these people don't realize is that the majority of people who have tattoos as adults, get it done as a tribute or to symbolise something in their life. saying that, I wouldn't get it done for health reasons. the heavy metals aren't great and I love henna (mehndi) because I can start over all the time. but I do note the hypocrisy of those who hate tattoos and people with them. They would even uplift henna because they're afraid of offending culture lmao. I know a man who died saving someone's life. He was so tattooed and was a lovely family man. It's sad that people just judged him for his tattoos.
Meraki Plethora (2 years ago)
I agree with you😊😊😊😊.
Ruby Daly (3 years ago)
Females can do whatever they want. We are also humans and we have the choice of doing what we want. We are not F*CKING MADE TO SATISFY A MAN'S PLEASURE!!!! I understand that everyone has a different opinion but why are all these opinions RESTRICTING A WOMAN. I can't believe this channel is giving us advice on ways to pleasure a man. Can cosmo please get into their heads that the research you are doing affects female teenagers to become an enjoyment of men? These videos right now are teaching people on how to pleasure a man.
TheRuthlessgurl (3 years ago)
I don't give a fuck if its even a tramp stamp, if you love it what people think doesn't matter. If they judge you by how you express yourself or choose to do to your own body then they are clearly are not worth your time! (If its a tattoo that is discriminating to others then enjoy your alone times with your hand, sorry bud)
Robert Fields (3 years ago)
I think tattoos on women are totally fuckin' nasty, only meant for skanks. It's the main reason I don't watch any American porn and date just Japanese women. It's still very much taboo there to deface a person's body with ink.
tranquility (3 years ago)
+Robert Fields You should date Japanese women only. Most likely you are too small minded for American women. Men are skanks who judge other women for no reason other than to be hateful. I guarandamnteeyou if the only doctor to save your nappy ass was TATTED if you were dying in a hospital you would overlook it real QUICK LIKE. Sit down and zip your large mouth bass pie hole.
Savanna Noskay (3 years ago)
tattoos are not meant to be sexy. -.- they are meant to make yourself a canvas
Kelly Anderson (3 years ago)
mine is the chemical symbol for titanium. it's awesome. it's to commemorate the day I realized that my value to a man (or anyone for that matter) and my self worth have no correlation and that I was not born to be some house mouse and that I am smart and brave and I can support myself. go Cosmo! reinforce those stereotypes. paraphrasing Ronda Rousey (my personal role model) it's horrible that the media makes women feel badly about themselves so that they buy shit. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON CONSUMERISM AND THE BULLSHITTERY ASSOCIATED WITH SUCH IDEAS, VIEW FIGHT CLUB. fight club can be purchased at Wal-Mart for 5 dollars. there's no excuse to be uninformed (especially about ikea). I would also like to mention that southpaw was worth the gazillion dollars i paid to watch it.
General Ghost (3 years ago)
I think females with tattoos are absolutely beautiful, it's half the reason I'm lesbian hahaha, it's such a turn on in my opinion. I say any girl or even guys that wants to get a tattoo GO FOR IT! There's no such thing as a skanky tattoo, they're sexy as hell! Beautiful as hell! And everyone has there own stories and meanings behind there tattoos. I love them! :)
tranquility (3 years ago)
+Dani Wharerahi-Wilson Thank you Dani. Finally, someone with some sense and no judgement.
Savanna O'Sullivan (3 years ago)
Well these comments are stupidly funny, honestly i have a tattoo and i don't care what people think, the complaints about what guys say about it what does it matter its not like everyone thinks that way, just like women guys are allowed to give their opinion too. Its just like asking what us women think about guys tattoos everyone has a different opinion. And the religious comments say what you will everyone sees things different but it doesn't mean you can trash people about it.
Ella Melville (3 years ago)
nope. he's not funny at all.
RawrKissBite (3 years ago)
Fuck, for once I agree with Mike. I bet his mother regrets having him if she's ever seen these videos… or heard him speak about women.
hamm232 (3 years ago)
These comment sections are straight up female cancer like holy ffffffffff
Miguel Zino (3 years ago)
If a woman is attractive then at best she's going to remain as attractive with a tattoo as she was to begin with. At worst she pays money to make herself look disgusting/stupid. If an unattractive woman gets a tattoo her attractiveness doesn't go up one bit. I've got no idea why women find me sexier than when not tattooed, but I sure like that they do!
Heather Noble (3 years ago)
"how to avoid getting a tattoo in the wrong place" based on what guys think? Because we're supposed to please men at all times? How about I get whatever I want wherever I want. :)
Jennifer Stansberry (3 years ago)
Yup men hate tattoos so much that's why there is a high demand for tattooed models. Like i would EVER care what anyone thinks about what i do with MY body.
brookie (3 years ago)
I can guarantee when someone gets a tattoo they don't think "hey, I shouldn't get it, this random guy doesn't like how it looks"
Enemy Sub (7 months ago)
Yeah and that's kind of why they are unattractive.
Kent Torok (8 months ago)
Yep , they are all trashy , and fake , I won't Insult you because you see it differently , Actresses like the ones you mentioned , sold they're bodies to play a roll , they are hookers
infowarrior420 (3 years ago)
+Sloan Scarberry what's not to get? you'll never be those people. and yes they're still trashy. just because they're successful and beautiful. doesn't mean they're not trashy looking. the tattoos dont make the person. did I say the person was trashy because of the tattoo? no question was are tattoos trashy. and yes no matter the reasoning they look terrible.
Sloan (3 years ago)
+infowarrior420 So Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Adele are all trashy? You're an idiot.
infowarrior420 (3 years ago)
maybe cause you got tattoos. your biased. but they're trashy.
HeyyyyItsNicki (3 years ago)
how do you compare a rebel flag to a swastika ?
Alex Is Weird (3 years ago)
I love these videos but this one is bullshit, you should not get a tattoo because it's sexy or because it looks good to other people, you have to like your own tattoo because it's gonna be on your skin forever, fuck what other people think, if you want to get Dolly Parton tattooed on your face that's up to you, if someone doesn't like it, they can look away.
Emily Knutsson (3 years ago)
Obviously so jealous of Taylor Swift
Emily Knutsson (3 years ago)
I think the guy is wearing mascara, check out 2:16
Kurstin Struckman (3 years ago)
My mom has a dog paw on her arm with the firat letter of are names on the fingers and in the paw are old dogs name
tranquility (3 years ago)
I don't know why everyone on here is up in arms,...this was done in FUN. You are getting your heart rate up for no reason. Pipe down and CHILL OUT, it was supposed to make you smile.
V W (3 years ago)
I love this video. I, a lesbian, care so so much about what men think about my tattoos! I care so much that before I get a new tattoo, I survey random men on the street on their opinion, so I always know that my personal bodily choices are endorsed by men. In fact, every aspect of my appearance has to be approved of by men before I make the change! Thanks Cosmo, once again, for this truly fantastic video.
Sara Etherington (3 years ago)
This whole channel should be taken down, it is a load of bullshit. I have piercings, I want tattoos, I dye my hair unnatural colors and I'm just 14, teenagers will watch these videos and think about their own self-worth because of what you're naming as "skanky" as might older women, we did not get our body mods and our body art to impress lads. We will get as many tattoos, piercings, wear what we like and dye our hair any color, we don't need a males permission.
Hermine M (3 years ago)
I like tattoos and would like one once ...don't have the money now haha gotta wait few years XD But I want a tattoo with meaning....SO I was once thinking: I like photography, I like taking pictures + I'm an art/design student....so what tattoo design I once was thinking about is: a photo camera (a nice one, like vintage maybe?) being drawn/painted ....so you see a camera stil in progress of being drawn/panted so you also see the pencil....get it?  And I would place is on my left side (side of the heart) on the side/ribs (painful I know) What ya think? Good idea? Don't know if I would ever take that tattoo but I think it might be kinda nice
væmpaɪər Lestat (3 years ago)
All ye bitches saying "who gives a fuck what guys think" make me laugh....hard. Just wait until you fall in love with guys who don't like their girl covered in ink, _then_ and _only_ then you will regret it. Truth is, girls with tattoos are ugly as fuck. I'd still fuck a tattooed girl, no more than that.
Julia Nguyen (2 years ago)
væmpaɪər Lestat I've got a tattoo of a fox, a rabbit, and a peacock. Why? Because I'm a literal forest fairy. But really, all the animals share characteristics in Celtic folklore and Buddhism for me, because both sides of my family have different religious backgrounds. I think tattoos can be trashy and can be lovely depending on how they look.
væmpaɪər Lestat (2 years ago)
Tattoos are a representation of who these women are, hence I don't like'em.
tranquility (2 years ago)
Well said Amelia. Some ppl just can't wait to jump online to start some sh*t.
Meraki Plethora (2 years ago)
+væmpaɪər Lestat i would think a woman would want a man to love them for who they are. Tattooed or not. It's only superficial. I have tattoos. And if a guy is that superficial about tattoos then I'm glad I have a defence for such shallowness.
væmpaɪər Lestat (3 years ago)
Shaving your kitty for _hygiene_ reasons is absurd. You do REALISE we have pubic hair for a reason, right? Elighten me, Oh Wise One
deborah Oyetoran (3 years ago)
Cyndi Riegger (3 years ago)
Well, I'm glad I got my tattoos for myself and not anyone else. Guys are entitled to like or dislike what they will, just as women are. Just do what makes you happy, there's plenty of people out there whom will love you regardless.
prophecy of doom (3 years ago)
so why do all those saying they have tattoos for themselves and they don't care what others think have them on places where it's easiest to show them (legs and arms)  isn't it just meant as an eyecatcher especially when it's someting silly like you only live once combined with an eternity symbol (what's the message I only live once so I do want I want and that's for eternity makes no sense at all) or all those common once like that feather thing etc I like them when it looks like art, shows personality has a meaning (or there's some story behind it) or is at least creative  but most of them often look like some I was drunk and made a mistake kind of thing
sexysekel (3 years ago)
I have 10 tattoos and love love each one. I would never show nipples, or my couchie, private parts are called private parts for a reason, showing those would make you skanky. Tattoos are just body art and something to look at and enjoy.
zuzuu999 (3 years ago)
this guy is pathetic
wxstednxghts (3 years ago)
0:38 :')
sitawolff (3 years ago)
I hate the term tramp stamp the reason most women want to get tattooed there is not because they like it from behind and want it seen its because it's the spot most likely not to change and stretch if you get pregnant or gain weight
Angela Serrano (3 years ago)
and so what if i get a skanky tattoo? are they going to control what i put on my body?
Angela Serrano (3 years ago)
i dont understand why they are asking people what they think about tattoos i mean who gives a fuck? i will have a tattoo regardless of what they think of it
TheMicky53 (3 years ago)
I've never quite seen the point of tattoos. That said, they are so popular now that there is really nothing special about having them.
Colleen Nanette (3 years ago)
This video is extremely sexist. Girls don't get tattoos just for the pleasure of guys. What someone does with their body is their choice, not anyone else's. Also, none of those people appeared to have many (any?) tattoos, and their "tips" sounded like they got them off of some clickbait article, so who are they to tell people how to get tattooed?
Madison Edmondson (3 years ago)
Mike cannons sense of humor gives me life
Maria Vega (3 years ago)
I like the tribal tattoo on Taylor swift.
Hayley Burke (3 years ago)
None of these people have any visible tattoos.....why do they think they can comment on others ??????
Yvaia (3 years ago)
lmao what the fuck is this bullshit
Rotting Roses (2 years ago)
+infowarrior420 Or people with common sense
infowarrior420 (3 years ago)
any girl not agreeing has tattoos
Molly Willis (4 years ago)
The ironic thing is, they insinuated that all tattoo artists are men, and then one of their featured celebrities is probably the most famous tattoo artist in the world... who is female. They then proceeded to make fun of her love life. How very antifeminist of you.  I'm not really going to offer anthing original here. I have three tattoos already, two of which are pretty big and all of which I'm pleased to have. The kind of people I want to be around all think my tattoos are pretty cool, even if they wouldn't get one themselves. If a guy doesn't think I'm attractive, that's absolutely fine. If he thinks my personal choices diminish my 'value' as a human being, then he can go fuck himself. He'll probably have to, with a backwards attitude like that.  Oh, and for people who think that tattooed people are of inferior intelligence. I'm currently at one of the ten best Universities in my country and I'm one of 24 students that got accepted on to a course that 2,000 people applied for.
Medicate and Chat (4 years ago)
I started getting tattoos 12 years ago. I love all of mine. The symbolize individualism.
uzma (4 years ago)
Honestly, who cares what the guys think? Do we get tattoos for you? No. So do yourself a favor and leave.
infowarrior420 (3 years ago)
+Homer Simpson I was responding to her she said leave. I agree with you
Homer Simpson (3 years ago)
+infowarrior420 jk sorry bby pls 4 give mi
Homer Simpson (3 years ago)
+infowarrior420 leave these nuts in your mouth how about that
infowarrior420 (3 years ago)
+Homer Simpson lol
infowarrior420 (3 years ago)
Isabelle Mulready (4 years ago)
I don't understand why we ask about how men react to girls but refuse to ask if a) the girl cares about your opinion or b) what girls think of tattoos on guys. You don't care if a guy has bulky, tattooed knuckles and arms but if a girl has then its sacrilege.
Mia (4 years ago)
"His" tattoo artists are all male, huh? Nice sexism, Cosmo.
Ashwini Narayanan (4 years ago)
These guys act like we're supposed to care if they like our tattoo or not. LOL. *pulls cord revealing banner and confetti* PATIARCHY
Peter Kazavis (4 months ago)
Shut up cunt
Kent Torok (8 months ago)
It might not be safe to become pregnant for women with tats ........ They haven't released a study on the effects , of tattoo ink , on developing fetuses ...... Babies don't like tats either ....... tattoos could effect the babies Ability to turn out , healthy ..........Women don't care about that ........They just want to act like " bad ass pirates " .... have fun with that
Default User (1 year ago)
Ashwini Narayanan - shut up bitch women do EVERYTHING to get men’s attention AND WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY ASKING THESE MEN?
Proapocalypse (3 years ago)
+Ashwini Narayanan You're a skank.
Glenn L (3 years ago)
+Victoria Daisy double standards..
Shawn S (4 years ago)
I can't believe this sexist trite still exists. Hang it up Cosmo, you suck.
MarzAttacks (4 years ago)
Who gives an honest fuck about what guys think?? Magazines and the media should stop making mindless reports like this pretending that the opinion of a few fuckboys are relevent ON ANY LEVEL.  Because they are not. AT ALL. EVER.

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