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GUESS WHO GONE WRONG - Garry's Mod Guess Who Funny Online Multiplayer Moments

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Text Comments (468)
Has anyone ever called chilled out for being so awkwardly racist?
KYCrusher1 (5 months ago)
Cyka Blyat
TheTacoGuy Yo (7 months ago)
By far the best seananners video.
MKNe loDV (8 months ago)
And I quote "I don't know, maybe you should ask them if their character is a molester"😂😂😂
Earth Is A Donut (8 months ago)
*Video still monetized* Haha YouTube you broke your own rule
Wagon Of Goodies (9 months ago)
I would totally watch a sitcom starring Chilled and Terroriser as roommates
Ryan5396 (10 months ago)
I liked the actual guessing guess who
RaenefWyvern (1 year ago)
Love the beginning, literally the board game guess who in Gmod XD
Gin Ichimaru (1 year ago)
hes staring at the wall because it looks younger then him
TheTacoGuy Yo (1 year ago)
This is the best Seananners video ever. I come back every now and than to watch this fucking video.
Lucky Ducky (1 year ago)
Why in the thumbnail you throwing up crip??
Garra Of the Sand (1 year ago)
Ok you know what, bill looked like a fucking molester
matheo robin (1 year ago)
Modify possession quest dvtct still writer tone shape limb freedom armed evident.
You are my favourite person.
ColdOdin70 (1 year ago)
this was by far the best gmod video you have ever made
GP (1 year ago)
I want more of the guess who board game XD
OmegaMAF (1 year ago)
its bill! he's an egg.
akagame (1 year ago)
"Does your character look like it had touched a child?" - Chilled Chaos 2k17
AirBorN Gaming (1 year ago)
I just realized Adam grew out his hair. I'm that oblivious XD
bob manperson (2 years ago)
guess who gmod so easy to differentiate from the rest of them
Chopstick Cunt (2 years ago)
Original is always the BEST
Cecil Lee (2 years ago)
At the end I though Nanners was going to ask Blonde or Brunet
Konner O (2 years ago)
look he has hair
crabbyninja (2 years ago)
Did he restart to clean the map up instead of just cleaning it up?
Mark Yates (2 years ago)
all the faminests rageing
Mello (2 years ago)
do more of the legitimate guess who it's so funny
Carl C. Carl (2 years ago)
zakiducky (2 years ago)
_PLEASE_ show more of this!
Moistenator (2 years ago)
Seananners you know ginger's hair turns white when they age, just because they have grey hair doesn't exclude them being ginger.
KhaiYee (2 years ago)
I like this one... could you guys do more
Luke SoulFallen (2 years ago)
tat first part of guess who is really good.
ColdOdin70 (2 years ago)
the hose though
Rated R Caparoni (2 years ago)
Nice hair Adam.
Imran (2 years ago)
Rudy Yuran (2 years ago)
I think that's the entrance to the chamber of secrets chilling in the courtyard at 5:44
Cami K (2 years ago)
Do more actual guess who that was fucking hilarious Adam!
Jason john (2 years ago)
this is funny make more
The Brick (2 years ago)
Makes me miss Gary's mod;-;
theliveing (2 years ago)
Looks can be deceiving.
Tom Lincoln (2 years ago)
Do more of these!!!
JH (2 years ago)
8:50 fucking LMAO
ReCreative (2 years ago)
Otto (2 years ago)
... They clearly have a very different opinion on how Susan looks.
Killnot123 (2 years ago)
do more of these literal guess who
Ja'Launi Nicholson (2 years ago)
"Is your character have glasses?" - The Terrorizer 2k17
Tim Chapelle (2 years ago)
"Does he look like a killer?" "Yes." "Is it Cassian Andor?" ;)
Donald O'Dell (2 years ago)
wtf does it being 2017 have to do with not being able to ask man or women WTF
Matt Ondrovic (2 years ago)
You should have described his character as Steve Buscemi after a stroke. He'd have gotten the look.
Arts Stuberovskis (2 years ago)
I was eating soup and from laughing it came out of my nose! thanks walrus man! WALRUSH MAN IS COMING FOR YOU!!!
Samantha Barber (2 years ago)
i like that version of guess who?
Gameplayer Abe (2 years ago)
I remember this game when I was a child and will never think of it the same way again.
HipHopSniper7 (2 years ago)
hilarious! please do more! also, where did you get the map? I'm looking to try it with some buddies and I can't find it in the workshop
Vicdaking (2 years ago)
Hilarious as always 😂
Thunderkid121 (2 years ago)
this one was real funny
Jeb Bautista (2 years ago)
They should make a game like this, but instead of Racial Profiling its Facial Profiling
Anon ymous (2 years ago)
I'm hungry
Shanks 5458 (2 years ago)
You should do more trials with hutch. It was lit, just to watch him rage
Victoria Such (2 years ago)
That last round of Guess Who LMFAO XD
Dinex Origami (2 years ago)
Did Nanners record this type of Guess Who before? If yes, which video.
kia V (2 years ago)
when did he get hair? what? dude 0_0
Mr468kyle (2 years ago)
This was hilarious
Olga Hernandez (2 years ago)
do the guess who cards it was one of the funniest videos so if u do it it will even be more racist but still really funny
Brenden Willett (2 years ago)
I liked the mini game with all the characters better it was really funny
Abbigael Weglicki (2 years ago)
I was in class dying laughing because of this video 😂😂
Connor Shaw-case (2 years ago)
they game of guess who XD adam lost the second game
Leekong Xiong (2 years ago)
Nanners, Please make another video of you guys playing this board game. :D
Grade U (2 years ago)
'GUESS WHO GONE WRONG'. My immediate thought was 'What did Chilled do now?'
Cavy4747 (2 years ago)
The ending was a perfect example of how hilarious stereotypes are and how they also can be wrong and cause confusion sometimes. Haha!!
DirabreemGaming (2 years ago)
Geez! I LIVED this one! Lol!
Nathan Staherski (2 years ago)
How does Adam not know who Gman is from Half-Life?
LordVader1094 (2 years ago)
5:45 Does anyone else think that Adam kind of looked like Chief Hopper from Stranger Things right there? Lol
Why did he remove Susan after asking if the character just swallowed semen? They said yes and she was the obvious swallower
RealCDNBacon13 (2 years ago)
Will Joulie (2 years ago)
More of these!!!!
D3ATHANG3L (2 years ago)
Do more of this. This was awesome!
Aaron Tefteller (2 years ago)
Icecap (2 years ago)
Dev Insanity (2 years ago)
huh, what do russians look like bryan?
ODAS_Da Train (2 years ago)
It would be hard if they played Asian people guess who
Turtle God (2 years ago)
this is such a weird mashup of a bunch of different clips I like it I just wish it'd be labeled as so, since it's more than Guess Who.
austin whittlesey (2 years ago)
more of this please
Koolmoose (2 years ago)
This video makes me wanna go to Walmart and buy this game
Double Psych (2 years ago)
Please do more of these! XD
Evan Hamady (2 years ago)
Ms. Nightshade (2 years ago)
All ze chocolate!
Bayne Blood (2 years ago)
tejb is a little tipsy. love the new guess who. do more
Ozaryk (2 years ago)
"Anything" on your head. Should have included hair since it is something that also rests on your head.
Ozaryk (2 years ago)
Yes, it is attached, but it also does rest on it. The only instance it doesn't is when the hair is short enough to not buckle under its own weight. The moment it comes back down and touches your head again, it is technically resting, unless you want to use more than one of the main definitions of the word, then it would technically be resting even when it is short because of "be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position."... Then you would have to argue that hair cannot rest on the side of your head because it is still your head. You would also have to argue that since your head is attached to your body, then your hair cannot rest anywhere on your body because it is attached... and through the skin (epidermis). I could also continue, but I shouldn't need to.
Urban Kitsune (2 years ago)
Ozaryk unless it's a wig then it doesn't REST on your head, it is attached
Branden Treacy (2 years ago)
This was really funny. You should continue to make videos in this nature.
Edvin Kuric (2 years ago)
fucking hilarious
Ross Cunningham (2 years ago)
insanely funny video today man seriously pmsl
Professor Spy (2 years ago)
I get the joke
Dee - eggs (2 years ago)
I love it how he actually starts off with the actual game guess who 😆
Alex Perez (2 years ago)
I am yet to watch your channel without laughing...
Jesus Pacheco (2 years ago)
Heyyy play another like the last round!!!! Please please
Darius3431 (2 years ago)
Hhahaah xd more please!!! xD
Qlimax (2 years ago)
More Please
Fred hyldebrandt (2 years ago)
PenguinXD (2 years ago)
How did brian get a gun
Kyra Pedersen (2 years ago)
whenever I need a good laugh or a pick me up, I always run to you Adam to cheer me up. love you! p.s. I stole your profile picture lol. 💘
River Byers (2 years ago)
this was hilarious

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