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A Decision to Go Celibate – Part 1

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For how long could you be celibate?
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Joanna A (23 hours ago)
Loni is so annoying! She's the one host that I feel isn't real.. at all.. she just lies and jokes and throws shade like why even be on the show?
Lordpraisethe (1 day ago)
Good for you Tamera 😍😍
L * (4 days ago)
I have never seen a color like that...
L * (4 days ago)
how long loni? Years!!!
ItsRobbieRob! (8 days ago)
I've been celibate basically my whole life due to religious reasons but I don't really care about what others do with their bodies. Discipline or total hedonism, do what ya want because it's your choice.
sheltered&loved (10 days ago)
First of all, who ever she is, she is adorable. & it's TRUE about the wait time, some guys are patient manipulators while some guys know what they want and wont waste time playing games.
Raven Alexis (10 days ago)
Loni's face LMAOOO
Angel Aquilar (15 days ago)
The 90 day rule is to see if the guy only wants sex, if he does then ditch him because it’s used to get to know each other to eventually get into a real relationship, if you’re just looking for fun no matter what age then clearly the 90 day rule wouldn’t apply. not sure why loni said when you’re in your 40s or 50s it doesn’t matter when no matter a women’s age it does but if she’d like to get REAL, then it doesn’t matter when you’re in your 20s because those are the years you’re running free and seeing where life takes you ....
GorygourMae (18 days ago)
I'm bingewatching this singles episodes. I'm just turned 30 and I'm still a virgin. No boyfriend since birth. I haven't even had my first kiss. I trust God and know that if the time is right, he will give the one for me 😊 Follow me on IG and lets be friends: gorygourmae
Umulkheyr Hassan (18 days ago)
who made loni make-up?? 😡
Jordan Li (23 days ago)
Why loni salty?
Lene Domi (23 days ago)
I’ve been celibate for going on 7 months with me it’s different I went through a hard long relationship with my kids dad and I have two daughters who I’m with 24/7 unless I’m at work n they are in school so I can’t just bring any man around he’ll find me when it’s the rite time
Laura Luketa (25 days ago)
Hello Real Team & Family Check out my newest video on Laura x Talks " Single Again" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xP56vlhXUg&t=2s Please like comment and let me know your thoughts!
•Shey • Saint• (27 days ago)
She got this rule from Steve Harvey. But tryna act like it’s her thing. 😂
Janielle Dunkley (28 days ago)
I love the guest's accent
April Gutierrez (28 days ago)
Steve Harvey’s rule if you read the book or watched the movie... I think you should give credit? Where credit is due
Stacy Ann (29 days ago)
That's nice am celibate for a year and everyone I meet is just trying to get the cookie they don't want to know me
Ana Martinez (29 days ago)
What is purpose of doing this? She never said.
ChocolateHeartz (29 days ago)
Ive been celibate for 2 years. I think i am becoming an uptight bitch from all this time not getting laid
liz c (29 days ago)
Loni looks like she doesn’t get laid ..
regina smith (30 days ago)
Better watch your man around amara, she's one of those...
Jus Be (30 days ago)
I’ve been celibate for 5 years it’s not that deep sis.
Jus Be (30 days ago)
Her hairstyle is ugly
Unique' Orn (30 days ago)
Why is Loni so negative. You can just see her hating at 2.45 Edit: Grown ass women who make decisions to wait know what they want, hence why they decide to do it in the first place.
Taylor Kiko (1 month ago)
I know loni doesn’t have sex as much as she says she does . She just WISHES that she could have the sex life that she PRETENDS to have on this show ... 🙄
Faith Hope Love (1 month ago)
Pause at 4:03 ... Oh Loni! Be REAL!
Pamela Martinez (1 month ago)
She got that from Steve Harvey that's in his book
Nandini Singh (1 month ago)
Ladies!? You could be celibate most of your life and men can still use you and bounce! I've experienced this.
Paola Illas (1 month ago)
“90 days is nothing” from the woman who made every girl feel bad by saying “4 times a week is not a lot” 😒
I feel like Loni got offended
KitKat Deaumont (1 month ago)
Why tell them that u have a 90 day rule? That defeats the purpose...lol. Sidenote: Loni is so ignorant, smh. Respect the fact that every woman is different. It has nothing to do with punishment or not being truthful about what u want sexually. I highly doubt Loni is having as much sex as she claims.
twilightsagasuperfan (1 month ago)
She's right tbh
Little Red951 (1 month ago)
Amara is glowing!! That makeup is stunning on her! 😍❤️
carmonkey (1 month ago)
this is so backwards. do what you want to do. there is no science to a good relationship. just don't pick a-holes.
zethu mtila (1 month ago)
I love Loni 😭💞💞
Andréa (1 month ago)
Natalie Barnes (1 month ago)
I just don't like that people attach so much meaning to sex. It's an intimate moment, but not being a virgin is not sinful or a negative reflection on you. It's just religion and conservatism that has screwed up our attitude towards these things.
Sarah Oua (1 month ago)
I feel like when you have weight or any body issues, men make you believe you have to "compensate" that by being more "sexual", and i think that unfortunately, Loni is unconsciously playing this role
CrossedOut Media (1 month ago)
How bout the 990 day rule challenge ladies! Just sayin
CrossedOut Media (1 month ago)
Her skin is amazing!
Chrissy Got The Coils (1 month ago)
She's so cute 😍
ms prayer warrior (1 month ago)
Forget that 90 day rule wait till marriage
Justin Canales (1 month ago)
This women looks like my daughters LOL dolls😅
jill Han (1 month ago)
These ppl are not Real.. Tamara is the realist. I wld love if this show actually did shows to make ppl better mentally. Give us information with substance, not just any immature conversation. This was a waste of 4.56 minutes
Amanda Lee (1 month ago)
4:09 my mental illnesses getting ready to ruin my day
Amanda Lee (1 month ago)
I'm Loni 😂😂😂
Katlego Mhlauli (1 month ago)
Amara is spicy
Batwoman (1 month ago)
Amara lip synced the other day. It was awful 😬
Clarice Gwanya (1 month ago)
If you still use Vibrator that is nooot a Celibacy!!😳😳😳
Zoyà (1 month ago)
I like amara but she seems so immature 😂
The Token Vamp (1 month ago)
That guest lady is drop dead gorgeous
Light Beyond The Abyss (1 month ago)
She is very beautiful that girl with the big hair. Looks so exotic. wow and nice skin.
Louise Louise (1 month ago)
That top looks so good on Loni
Louise Louise (1 month ago)
I absolutely love and respect her decisions but I also think it’s super important to encourage other women to masturbate. Your sexual relationship with yourself is just as important (if not more so) as a sexual relationship with your partner.
Louise Louise (1 month ago)
I don’t know who she is but she has *GORGEOUS* eyes 😱😍
Anwaar Anwaar (1 month ago)
Lonii sick!! She need a therapist asap!! lies
De'Von Barnes (2 months ago)
Just let me on the show. I'm a young good looking guy who is I a relationship of 4 years and have a beautiful daughter. I think I can help with the REAL Male perspective. Because you all are missing The mark juuust slightly.
L Lol (2 months ago)
The longedt i had a dry spell wa slike 4 years haha i chose not to
tasha n (2 months ago)
she is soooo pretttty
Kim Simmons (2 months ago)
After I got pregnant with my son I've been celibate and now he's going to be three next march and I'm ok with it surprisingly
Ruth Fuehrer (2 months ago)
Y’all, I’ve been with my man since 2016, we got engaged in 2018, and are getting married in 2019. We’re both virgins and are waiting until the wedding. It’s sad that people get a girl/guy in bed and bounce🤦🏽‍♀️
Tiffany Wilson (2 months ago)
Wow she is beautiful
A.C (2 months ago)
Every time Tamera mentions waiting until 29 , I feel bad for turning 30 soon and not having a had a sexual relationship.
Kande Kraft (2 months ago)
Keeps you healthy that’s for sure
bigger than life (2 months ago)
Wat 90 days??let the m.f wait till marriage. Period 😴
Nordi Mejia (2 months ago)
Who thebfuck is that girl?
chr1 (2 months ago)
90 day rule is so true. i learned this lesson the hard way which im sure alot of other woman have as well. and the truth is you will see the true colors come out of a person within 3months in my experience. and it is better to wait not just for intimacy with the person but also becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.
Ransford Adabrah (2 months ago)
Joelles (2 months ago)
Loni is kind of getting annoying . She’s always being a comic and has to be funny about everything it’s annoying
jeniffer dejesus (2 months ago)
Is this who cardi b try to be?! 🤔
L S (2 months ago)
I am with amara!! I make em wait 6 months even
Yvonne Davis (3 months ago)
I can't stand loni when it comes to sex topics .... Like so pressed to get some have some damn respect for yourself and not be so promiscuous
Tylar (3 months ago)
Loni.. A guy would wait 90 days an a lot longer to NOT sleep with you.. Thats 'the real' tea.. You aint been getting it your whole life.. Stop lying
Penn Sharon (3 months ago)
Why haven't anybody told loni she didn't look good like serious shady co worker
they call me sweetsop (3 months ago)
90 days? those men are fucking idiots
Neko Payne (3 months ago)
Maybe it's me, but 3 months isn't a long time to not be physical with a person.
N. G. (3 months ago)
Her skin is so beautiful ❤️
Quantika Brown (3 months ago)
Who did Loni's makeup?? They needed to redo that concealer...
Ajay B (3 months ago)
Is that cardi b dressed up?
Inge Van Der Ross (3 months ago)
The 90 day rule is in the Steve Harvey book
Rebelle Athena (3 months ago)
I celibated for 2years before i met my husband and another 1 1/2 after we started dating
Daniela Calvo (3 months ago)
I looooooove Amara!!!!
Madison Whatley (3 months ago)
A New Love Official (3 months ago)
90-day rule is just fair enough, you get the chance to know each other without sex involved and at the same time he can work to gain your trust. 90-day is too short, if he can't accept it, just let him go, he doesn't deserve you either.
Multiplayer God (3 months ago)
Adrian is so pale
Marie Montes (3 months ago)
True relationship is about respect, love & care not sex.
Niya De'Souza (3 months ago)
That 4 year thing is true. I waited 5 with my sons dad and he was a whole 180 after.
TheQueenScorpionOshun (3 months ago)
So she's Abstinent... Not Celibate.
Chris Tina (3 months ago)
Im 29 now, can't even imagine. I will say, waiting sure would of saved me lots of heartaches and kept that self worth in check. I got it together now, but every time I was young and messed around with a no good guy ( blind sighted ) it messed my head up for awhile!
hailey flower (3 months ago)
Just because you let someone hit it doesn’t mean they’re gonna stick around lol
shade Ibraheem (4 months ago)
omG some forgot to blend loni 'bake' no loni. you make up doesnt match your skin tone.
Kizzy SH (4 months ago)
I lost my virginity at 24. I was trying to wait. When I met my hubby we waited 90 days for sex. Now we been married almost 10 years. If a guy don't want to wait. Dump him move on.
Kathi (4 months ago)
So you’re suppressing a natural feeling? I mean masturbation is good for you...
Liee Bieebs (4 months ago)
Loni being shady to Amara😂
Elsa-Lee Treasure (4 months ago)
Poor Loni! No one believes her and that she has lots of good times!!! Lolol... ppl r so silly...
Elsa-Lee Treasure (4 months ago)
Loni, ur answer was SO disrespectful! “If ur a grown woman why punish yourself?!” Stay sitting! Ughhh sometimes!
wolfbabe (4 months ago)
I've been celibate 9 years this month.
D Sword (4 months ago)
A guy will practically wait years to smash then bounce. At that point, a female should not be surprised by that. He knows you all too well(highs & lows) & he knows you know him the same...
AF. AU. (4 months ago)
Stop hating on Lonnie lol show wouldn't be the same without her
N. D.B. (4 months ago)
Celibate since October? I been celibate for years now because guys don't want to wait!

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