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Driver passing by shoots suspect to save ambushed Ariz. trooper

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A driver in Arizona is being praised as a hero for saving the life of an ambushed state trooper on Thursday. Police say a suspect shot the state trooper who had stopped to investigate a car crash on an interstate west of Phoenix. A man driving by came to the trooper's rescue and ended up killing the suspect. DeMarco Morgan reports.
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Keith Bond (1 day ago)
I find it amazing that a story like this was even acknowledged by the liberal media.
Grin Stylez (1 day ago)
Imagine if this officer was the type to hassle civilians who practice the 2nd Amendment. You think he will now after this incident? Doubt it 🤷🏽‍♂️. Ps. That’s NOT a “Good Samaritan” that’s a “Hero” absent of a cape. 🤟🏾
IMschleepcuh69 (1 day ago)
Yeah baby Murica
szeryfinho (1 day ago)
In Poland he would be serving life sentence...
Mar DR (1 day ago)
Once again a California man has to save Arizona from its own vices
Ken P (4 days ago)
Proof the 2nd works !!
Deaf Talent (4 days ago)
Even if I'm a felon, I would have used the officer's gun to dispatch the subject on open mic.
Greg Hawkins (5 days ago)
Cut out the sensationalist propaganda. Its impossible for only one person to ambush another. It takes at least two people to ambush anybody. Stop insulting the intelligence of the American people with this stupidiy.
Nemo Krada (5 days ago)
Hero??? Hes a monster for owning a gun!!!!!
Tooth Picks (5 days ago)
This is not the reason the second amendment was put in place. It is so we can protect ourselves from threats foreign and domestic.
geheimschriver (5 days ago)
No, this is not a case that proves that guns save lives. If that guy that shot the officer didn't have a gun, this would never have happened.
Dante Falls (6 days ago)
Beautiful. There's way too many people on this planet as it is. So if you try to take someone's life away then you don't deserve to live your own.
cash storeone (6 days ago)
If the man had continued to California with that gun he may have been a felon at that point. If the same thing happened in Cal, the guy saving the cop may have been charged with a gun crime. Cal is crazy like that.
Grand Daddy Purple W (6 days ago)
God damn it why couldn't I be the one to do this
poodle bacon (6 days ago)
thought we needed more gun control?......lol
Brandon SDA (6 days ago)
tuzbubey (6 days ago)
On the way to California...with a gun!? WhaaaaT???
Rob Sparks (6 days ago)
And still you have people saying that guns are the problem. Good people with guns save lives.
A.J. (7 days ago)
What!? You mean good people with guns can do good things?
Swag1000billion (7 days ago)
The comment section is thanking Jesus for the second amendment while kids are getting shot in Mass shootings.
Awesome Things (7 days ago)
Shooting the suspect was too painless. I would of beat him with a tire iron or bat.
This is why nobody should have guns except for the government. Oh..sorry I mean everyone should have CCW
Tic Tack (7 days ago)
I love this story!! Love it!! But it's hilarious when they say...the passer by side cooperating fully with the troopers investigation!! What investigation?!! Sure as I'm sitting here,they got him to the station and bought him pizza and beer!!
SNEAKY CAMPERS (7 days ago)
Love how all the comments are about gun rights but no one cares about the trooper 😹
FromHyrule (8 days ago)
That’s badass.
Ed Milam (8 days ago)
This is why the Second Amendment is so crucial to the American people we need more people like this that carry guns to help get the criminals off of the streets
Mig (9 days ago)
I hope he used the whole mag.
Don’t worry.. he will thank you later when he gives you a bs ticket.
Clayton Pope (9 days ago)
Armed public is a safe public Unarmed is just a bunch of victims in waiting
ethan idk (9 days ago)
If the US practiced civilian army (giving every household a firearm and teaching gun safety) ALL CRIME would deescalate entirely. Kick everyone out who isn’t worthy and won’t cooperate. That’s how you create a strong nation.
Jimbo Fisher (9 days ago)
We need gun free zones JK
Steve Bailey (9 days ago)
Why is CBS reporting on this like they care ? A civilians guns saved lives. 2nd amendment baby , America baby
Whar Score unsettled (9 days ago)
A black man tried to stop a guy and got shot for it
Jordan Hussey (9 days ago)
Weird, dont remember seeing this on national news.
This vigilante passerby is a national hero, as far as I'm concerned!
John Halter (9 days ago)
On his way to California with a loaded gun, that’s the amazing part.
John Sheridan (10 days ago)
Another reason why we need to protect our gun rights.
Susan (10 days ago)
My condolences to the woman's family.
Michael Rizzo (10 days ago)
Let’s get all cops a dog that can protect theses officers. Being out there alone sounds like a bad idea
Mason. (10 days ago)
Fantastic. News shows don’t show these stories anymore because it doesn’t fit their narrative
nemo227 (10 days ago)
There will always be know-nothings that think the world will be fine if everyone will just do what they say. Meanwhile, millions of good people have firearms that they can use to protect themselves, their family, their friends, strangers, their property because there are other people who are not compatible with civilized society.
Super Beast (10 days ago)
More..more....citizens unite. The beast is awake. (I dont mean bibically)
Donald Alford (11 days ago)
But yet there trying to lock up a soldier for killing a terrorist in war, ridiculous double standards
Max Brazil (11 days ago)
What a shame. If only he had been a few minutes late the air would have smelled much better.
Big Fern (4 days ago)
This is the fairytale ending I wish every officer involved shooting went. Minus the whole officer getting shot part of course. Only the bad guys die!!
Tom Pratz (12 days ago)
These media scumbags hide the fact that an illegal did this.... I'm glad he's dead
vFWM (13 days ago)
lowkey thought it was faze rugs dad
Bob Finkenbiner (14 days ago)
typical media sensationalism. who was the shooter and what was his history? why was he a deranged sociopath? when none of this information is available, you know it was an illegal alien who has been in the country for a while working in the underground economy, getting free medical care, and not paying income taxes. most likely a democrat.
Dwayne Butler (14 days ago)
Illegal Alien
Chew Chew Train (14 days ago)
BLATANTLY OBVIOUS OMISSION: Notice how CBS News stays away from mentioning the positive aspect of GOOD citizens having guns. If this had gone any other way, CBS News would be having so-called 'experts' voicing the problem with gun ownership. If CBS News had been a responsible journalistic news operation, in THIS case, they would have had an expert singing the praises of gun ownership.
Matt Higgins (14 days ago)
Thank God!
Wv_Shooter (15 days ago)
Thank this man. Another good guy stops a bad guy
Old Man Mercenary (15 days ago)
This is exactly why more of us should carry. (God Forbid) If this should/would happen again..I hope there are 4 armed people who stop to assist the officer, When the bad guys (wolves)see the good guys (sheep)are starting to grow teeth and can bite back..you see alot less of these type situations happening..because the odds are not in their favor anymore
kcklub (16 days ago)
Give this man his green card.
Michael Dart (16 days ago)
Another illegal from Mexico
brown trump (10 days ago)
Caerlaverock Jaguar (16 days ago)
Good. Suspect deserved to die.
Naughty by nature (16 days ago)
Thank God for the Good Samaritan
Icanifiwant (17 days ago)
They say this happens like once in a billion times and everybody's praising the fact that he had a gun.
Dave Scire (17 days ago)
Amazing how this guy saved the trooper's life and they are investigating him SMFH he should have just let him die the guy risks his life to save a trooper and they admit he wouldn't have survived but hey let's investigate him so we could look to charge him with something SMFH
The Worst Kazuma (17 days ago)
I do this in GTA V and i get 3 stars...
Bruce Schram (18 days ago)
PERFECT... unless he was in my fuc*ed up the state of California. Here, they'd of prosecute him for a public discharge of a firearm.
Angrage Macmuffins (18 days ago)
You Mean to tell me This "UNTRAINED" CCW Carrying Citizen Used his Gun to Stop A Bad Guy And He Did Not Go All Rambo and Shoot A Bunch of innocent Drivers by accident due to his Lack Of Training? AMAZING.
toordog (19 days ago)
Without even asking questions of what did the pig do, just defended a criminal, played judge and jury, no questions asked.... This is EXACTLY why I carry.
Rison1337 (19 days ago)
Keep trying to take our guns morons...
I eat Trolls (19 days ago)
Nathaniel Lionheart (19 days ago)
Gun control supporters are evil!!!
Charles Murray (19 days ago)
Good man thank u your a hero
Mark Rigsby (20 days ago)
The NRA will be ,on it.
Godfather (21 days ago)
just imagine if a good honest man did not have a gun in that moment
Richard Sutton (22 days ago)
Yep that’s what you call the 2 amendment affect . A good guy with a gun . 👍
t hath (23 days ago)
Bless the brave defenders.
G K (23 days ago)
but but but demo socialists say guns are bad mmmmmm kay
colette s (25 days ago)
great story......too bad they neglected to report that the attacker was an mexican illegal  alien.    A border WALL will keep Mexican criminals out.  Get the damn wall and  name it the TRUMP wall.
Renee Martin (25 days ago)
Stephen Raymond (26 days ago)
You know the mainstream FakeNews HATES having to report these stories...😆
Vadim Dale (26 days ago)
And that is exactly what this country needs, all good people to stand up and defend what we have worked so hard to achieve. I have ZERO tolerance for violent criminals!!!! So proud to see civilians standing by their brothers & sisters in blue. 🙏🏼
expat2010 (26 days ago)
So why didn't CNN have this story? Oh, nevermind.
Lee Dile (26 days ago)
God bless this man for saving that troopers life!!! THANK YOU SIR! 😇
Wayne Everett (26 days ago)
Poor , little suspect. My heart Bleeds Peanut butter and jelly for him !
barrelroll38 (27 days ago)
this is why i love Arizona. Constitutional carry should be a right for all citizens in the US.
americanjon (27 days ago)
Rick G (27 days ago)
That's right dumb liberals good guy with a gun kills bad guy with a gun
Bill Daniels (28 days ago)
The guy is a hero
peteon4 wheels (28 days ago)
So what stop a bad cop then, the same thing, a gun.
fleetwoodray (28 days ago)
Im surprised CBS showed this story without demanding an arrest of the armed law abiding citizen who took out the perp, indefinitely. Wonder if any lawsuits arose out of this, CBS?
John Mc (29 days ago)
James Orr (29 days ago)
Nice to see a good ending to this story.
real isrealite (30 days ago)
Theres a 100 things that could've went wrong and the good samaritan charged with a crime.I'm for the second amd and own many guns but would only use them to protect myself my family and my property.I didnt take an oath uphold the constitution or take the job of cop.
bob thompson (30 days ago)
lucky he took a gun on his way to California. normally you would never want to do that.
Thomas Gordon (30 days ago)
Right on!!! Thank you for saving my brother whoever you are, in my book your a hero!!! bless you
Brad Stevens (30 days ago)
Well the taxpayers saved on that one.
Jon Gallant (1 month ago)
This is how the WEST was WON.
Love light Shining (1 month ago)
American courage baby. Props to the outstanding Americans that showed it. Let this be a lesson to people with criminal intent towad officer's of our country. If we conceal and legally carry, (WE WILL COME TO THE AID OF A OFFICER IN HARMS WAY) And rest assured if you are in between us and our right to survive we will use deadly force in an instant to insure that you harm neither the officer or us. Be advised.
Steve Stumbaugh (1 month ago)
Michael Benczarski (1 month ago)
Good for him. Blue Lives Matter. Gun owner helping to protect.
Fatherdirt (1 month ago)
And they wanna take are guns...us law abiding citizens...that have weapons on us carry for a reason and this is a dam good example of a good guy with a gun eradicating a bad guy with a gun...
Brandon Baker (1 month ago)
I can't believe they actually reported on this.....
Javier Alarcon (1 month ago)
Thank you no money
Dog Wood (1 month ago)
Why good guys need guns.
4inksempire (1 month ago)
Fkn legend

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