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Picking Up Girls in Budapest (Hungary)

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Text Comments (366)
A7ty34g (10 days ago)
What a totally lame video and I don't think Budapest is all that hot. Seems to me everyone is just drinking all the time.
Music Good (8 days ago)
He went to bars and street fests all the time...what did you expect?!
Dániel Palágyi (1 month ago)
Well, as a hungarian guy I gotta tell you a thing about hungarian girls and hungarians in general. The hungarians are one of those people who speaks the English language the least, compared to other nations all across Europe. Of course there is plenty of us who speaks well and fluently specially in Budapest, though English language is still spoken in below average (can be traced back on historical things). Thereby for a hungarian girl it is rather easy to just laugh unconsciously on these light hearted jokes in a situation like these, than make a decent sentence and build up in mind, like "What are you up to guys?" and "What are you doing with that camera?" and so on. And ofc there is the attraction toward foreigners from the West as well. Just show me a video by some russian or slavic guys doing the same, Im positive the atmosphere will not as much joyful and airy as here. Don't get me wrong, this is what I liked being a tourist somewhere, when the people there don't speak my language and I don't speak their language, this really gives you a headstart, while you can focus only the nonverbal communication. These language barriers really helps people to engage with girls and get along with people. I just found it interesting, these psychological signs walking with these social phenomenons hand-in-hand.
Tamir Hed (2 months ago)
Hungary Hungary!!
Christine Farkas (3 months ago)
Fuckboys on tour 🤣🤣🤣
j singh (3 months ago)
Hi I need girlfriend any women please reply me
Leopoldo Munoz (3 months ago)
I relate to this cuz one night before waking up in the night i heard behind my forehead inside my a piece of radio i had in their and it said to me just how a person can talk it new hungary horn. You that's awesome coz the horn part is great to be used in bars. Cuz longhorn bar at beaumont ca.
mateen shahzad (3 months ago)
bangkok and dubai
Kutyaütő Kis (3 months ago)
In every city are such a nice young girls and places full with it... this is not unique... the hungarian girls not better (nicer etc) like in many more other countres... but maybe littlebit easyer (mostly for western outlanders only)... but we not beeing alone with this... In the most of east european states similar or much more wider this situation...
Justin Miller (3 months ago)
Fedora and white sunglasses.. in the USA we call these people deuce bags
Justin Miller (3 months ago)
Maybe. Maybe not. But I don’t have a way to prove it. My hidden camera game doesn’t exist. Wonder how many hidden cameras you have in your room that these woman are unknowingly taking part in. For the 25 percent of good content you are producing to help boost the ‘regular guys confidence to motivate him to get laid’ you have 75 percent creepiness. Balance it out man.
Street Attraction (3 months ago)
But still getting more action than you ;)
BAPPA MUKHERJEE (4 months ago)
There are several areas in United Kingdom or any country where you can find such type of girls but please don't defame a country like this. I am protesting this video, because i have several good friends from that region and THEY ARE NOT THAT KIND OF WOMEN.
Xaheen Jan (4 months ago)
Because they are friendly
Xaheen Jan (4 months ago)
10 by 10 i love hungarian girls
Antonio Bromelini (4 months ago)
It looks great even jerky guys can get laid.
Aron Karancsi (4 months ago)
Our girls are one of the most beautiful ones! Shout out from Hungary!
KINGBO1666 (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/dK08cdyY2ww Agree
Arun Lal (4 months ago)
Please make a video of Indian girl s
Finn (4 months ago)
Two foreigners talking to Hungarian girls = success in talking to them lol. If you guys were Hungarian I don’t know if they’d react the same way, but who knows.
Rat Lives Matter (4 months ago)
Lived in Hungary for 10 years. The culture and men there are totally based and thus the girls need to be feminine to compete. Zero PC girls, are very sexual but also very racist. They absolutely and openly hate gypsies and anyone that resembles them. They also hate blacks and will openly talk shit about Jews. I couldn't believe my ears my 1st year there. Jewish communist rule there made everyone an antisemite. Cool place and people.
Hajnalka Rácz (5 months ago)
<3 éljenen a magyar lányok ;) <3
Andrii savchuk (5 months ago)
Awesome men! Keep doing! Visit Kiev Ukraine ! You gonna be sick
kristóf gondos (5 months ago)
hi I am leave in Budapest I know speak hunGary sziasztok én budapesten lakok
sanyensi1 (5 months ago)
Soooo my boyfriend is going with his guys i think im single now
ReBeL GaMeR (5 months ago)
They perritty womens beacuse they christian turks.
ABHISHEK GOSWAMI (5 months ago)
India pleassssseee
hatem Msaddak (5 months ago)
Nice 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🕺🕺
mario radosavljevic (5 months ago)
Vienna please!
Nick (5 months ago)
Nice ladies
Ribeirao (6 months ago)
east european girls \o/
John Steelman (6 months ago)
Hello, I was in Budapest many times, and on Vaci Utca , the girls are not east to pick up , most of them try to scam money out of you. Be careful when you meet 2 girls pretending to be from another country, they want to know if you know where an Irish Pub is, you go there with them and they charge you higher prices, you don't pay then they call the Police, which is phony Police that take you to a Cash Machine to make you pay. You will see these girls walking around in pairs. they are after tourist money.Be careful.....just saying.
______ (6 months ago)
Ati Mm (6 months ago)
9:33 in the dark he wear glasses
Nemesis (6 months ago)
You didn't see a single fight for the 3 nights you were there, was because Hungarians are Very Civilized
Alfredo Anaya, Jr (6 months ago)
Hey brother where did you stay and what bars do you recommend ?
PGB (6 months ago)
So hot hungarian girls. Got damn.
eric cruz (6 months ago)
15XL (7 months ago)
you look very feminine? wtf who says this shit
Street Attraction (7 months ago)
Masculine men who love femininity say it
Deepak Poudel (7 months ago)
Yes hungarian girls are friendly and beautuful But Not so beautiful than polish girls Love from poland
Sunil N (7 months ago)
Don't be fooled by all these type of videos. Hungarians are the worst, most horrible racists!
Manny N (6 months ago)
All Trade (7 months ago)
herneyse11 (7 months ago)
Stay away from Hungarian girls you son of bitch..
Lord Frost (7 months ago)
9:02 and that's how you just kill off a conversation !
Know Never (7 months ago)
Greetings Друзья! (8 months ago)
Красивая ладу!😍
bestamerica (8 months ago)
' hungarians ladys / women are the right words... hungarians girls are wrong... girl / lady / woman are big different females
alekos mparlino (8 months ago)
S psc (8 months ago)
The MOST annoying guys/girls are BRITS.....noisy,lack of respect Etc etc etc...if you don’t know how to behaive Stay on your shit Hole Island
Sanjeeb Debnath (8 months ago)
Belgrade or Tbillsi..next
Zea Ella (8 months ago)
Try in Paris hahah u won’t get any girls
Zea Ella (8 months ago)
Street Attraction I’ll tell u good luck!
Street Attraction (8 months ago)
Join us there on 22nd September, we're doing a bootcamp there and see for yourself
Tibor Osváth (8 months ago)
That guy looks like Julien Blanc but without hair
Sudhanshu Manav (8 months ago)
Host Guy looks arrogant!!
barzinio92 (8 months ago)
stop wearing hats (even when you wake up?? wtf?) And shave your damn head
John (8 months ago)
That's amazing. U could get weed over there.
Stex211 (8 months ago)
bojler eladó
priscilla cash money (8 months ago)
Im half Hungarian
KING SAUL (8 months ago)
These women make american Women look like garbage, which they are lmao
Reg Johnson (3 months ago)
excuse me, don't be prejudice! not just yanks but British, Aussie, Canadian, NZ etc too!
Scott (4 months ago)
yep, i agree...im from the US but i hate our women. Even the hot ones arent feminine....Eastern European girls are the best for sure
Dapeszito Norbesz (5 months ago)
They are garbage! I'm originally from Hungary but I live in Mississippi. Probably one of the worst place in the US to find a girlfriend. They are big and ugly and no style at all.
Theodore Vegh (8 months ago)
Everyone should practice their pick up artist skills on the girls of their own nationality, race and color! -Theodore Alexander Vegh
SxIdierman (3 months ago)
+ultimateblaze23 hungarian men think like this because they are drunk losers, don't let it ruin your day.
ultimateblaze23 (8 months ago)
No thanks I'll do as I please
Theodore Vegh (8 months ago)
Hungarian girls are for Hungarian boys! -Theodore Alexander Vegh
Adrian Cordoneanu (2 months ago)
Hungarian girl are from Hungarian and Romanian boys
Luckybasstard (5 months ago)
I am proud of my name
Lord Frost (8 months ago)
Amen to that brother !
PsycheodeliaDelle (8 months ago)
Hungarian girls - the sluttiest and definitely the most overrated in the entire world. Only good for hump and dump.
Mark Ian (9 months ago)
5:05 she exposed her neck , a submissive behavior...
Bravva (9 months ago)
Hungarian girls are average looking, been there 6-7 times (have some family there, not Hungarian)
Know Never (7 months ago)
lol... you tripn
Khan Nawaz (9 months ago)
Like it
Svetlin Sofiev (9 months ago)
No Name (9 months ago)
Try this in North West of Pakistan if your so confident of how about Iranian capital.
danilock (9 months ago)
Beirute veryyyy hot girls there...and they all speak english...check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Itf5J25tTQw
dennis (9 months ago)
nice. better than the bucharest video.
Roman Frnc (9 months ago)
Spain Please !
RATED (9 months ago)
Fuck ya. im going to Budapest next month for ST STEPHNSS W00000t
Zapa 98989 (10 months ago)
3:56 she's holding a big mug not like our girls here
LOl L (10 months ago)
Thansk bro i have now a romanian girlfriend.
LoLHaHa1981 (10 months ago)
poland please
LoLHaHa1981 (10 months ago)
ty subscribed
Street Attraction (10 months ago)
We made a Poland video a long time ago, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8roWGZ1S8w&t=730s
Duggy (10 months ago)
Have to hand it to you. You can pick the chicks up. Wish I had that kind of confidence. I've been to Budapest and personally out of all the countries I've been to I thought the girls there were the most beautiful specimens I've ever seen.
Gina Williams (10 months ago)
Pathetic! And you're BALD in case you didn't know!
Gabe William (10 months ago)
New favorite channel
Syaiful Irfan (10 months ago)
Haha.. what i'd like to see is.. 1) Do asian men have any chance on those european beauties? 2) Can you pick up chicks without the alcohol/drinking? 😂
altamagna (3 months ago)
+Know Never You've just said somewhere in the middle women are attracted to men with traits to be successful. Success equals money, status, you idiot. They don't want a poor nice guy they want a rich bad guy who is nice to them. And lot of women straight go for the money. You can't be that retarded not to know this.
Know Never (7 months ago)
altamagna No, what hurts is you being an idiot. I get it, you`ve been refused a lot because you don`t have a car and live with your moms, so there`s this resentment towards women in you, but get this: we`re not all pseudo-man like you and not every woman is a gold digger. Are women attracted to riches? Woman are attracted to traits and you`re environment tends to speak clearly of you, a successful life and clean, even wealthy sorroundings can indicate that you are no self-soothing dipshit who wouldn`t work for his goals, rather just cry about it. If you`re okay with your unfulfilled life and poor sorroundings? That`s cool, no one cares or judges. But I perfectly understand women not being attracted to needlessness or men being okay with less than what they could achieve. It warns them - you are not being real with yourself, so you won`t be real with them, the worries and fears taught you by society control you and they aren`t that keen in wallowing in misery or even an average life with you either. The material side is secondary, they want to see the character traits of the masculine, the man, the warrior. Fuck the world first, then women open up - name of the game.
altamagna (10 months ago)
x XKL4UD1OX x What are you trying to say? Girls don't go for money because they're rich? Not everyone is rich and rich girls don't want poor guys! So what you're saying doesn't make sense.
x XKL4UD1OX x (10 months ago)
altamagna first of all hungary is getting richer evrry year second i am poor but my girlfriend from hungary is richer than me ahaah coincidence?i dont think so
altamagna (10 months ago)
x XKL4UD1OX x Truth hurts...
Saya Angel (10 months ago)
Female perspective.My friend and I traveled to many countries France, Italy, England and where surprised that we both thought Israel men made the best lovers. Men in the Us on the bottom on the list with Turkey.
Daniel Carrillo (10 months ago)
Wasn't it a Christian country?
Eddy T (10 months ago)
Try this out in italy...u would not pick up a single girls in one day!!
x XKL4UD1OX x (10 months ago)
Eddy T ogni giorno ci fanno ricordare quanto siamo sfortunati...
Eddy T (10 months ago)
Guys, this is something not 4 english men! Let do this to the best ones...ITALIANS!!!
THOR TV (11 months ago)
pajtim mici (11 months ago)
Of course it is easy to pick up bitches. Grettings from 🇦🇱 guy.
Coach AlfaM JBR (11 months ago)
if your white from english speaking country then girls are so easy everywhere
If you are white speak English. only easy to pick up girls in western countries.
Dez Alan (3 months ago)
Kenji Golez that's why you have Africa
Rat Lives Matter (4 months ago)
+Kenji Golez Hungarians absolutely hate blacks. A few years back a black guy was caught at the girls home by the father and the 3 sons lynched him and dumped the body in off at the police station. No charges as self defense of family lineage was used to justify.
Kenji Golez (5 months ago)
What about if you're black?
rui alexandre (11 months ago)
Try Lisbon...it will be the most difficult city ever.
The Bateman (11 months ago)
>Tries to score women >Wears a fedora
Kabir (11 months ago)
Paul Mcdonough (11 months ago)
I would like to see you do this in Liverpool you would get told to piss of see right through it
Lokesh Karki (11 months ago)
Anas marwah (11 months ago)
Please do it for Poland
Street Attraction (11 months ago)
We already have, here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8roWGZ1S8w&t=6s
TimelessHorrorTV (11 months ago)
Oh look, it's enzo amore's part time job
Tourettes Guy (1 year ago)
What those guys didnt know is that their wallets got stolen while chatting with these lovely gals xD
Subbed Channels (7 months ago)
Why do you have one of the worst corruption rates in Europe. Its not just the government its also throughout big corporations getting govt contracts. Corruption is one of THE biggest problems in Hungary today. I live here in Budapest. You dont really respect each other as much as you promote.
Grandqq (8 months ago)
Hungarians never steal.. We respect each other
Know Never (9 months ago)
Hungarians aren`t thieves, mate.
Bartosz Bielecki (1 year ago)
DUDE , 3:54 , that look !!!! that girls should be your wife now !
Victor Quebec (1 year ago)
Guys, why do you "pickup" girls in these countries instead of just telling them that you wanna have sex, you're from UK, and got money?! Whatever actually... These girls look so easy to get... Waste of time... Want a real challenge? Try to PICKUP girls in Turkey, Iran, Arab countries, or at least in Caucasian countries. Btw, not the ones at night clubs or similar but the regular girls on streets... Good luck! ;)
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
We've successfully picked up and slept with women in Turkey. We'll be uploading Turkey footage soon
Tetsuya Hayami (1 year ago)
Budapest Hungary here I come! XD
iDid (1 year ago)
Looks like you guys were at the vatsi utza...probably murdered that name, lol! I don't remember having to use any PUA to get laid there though!
Julian Scott (1 year ago)
Sweden Please!
raja ijaz (1 year ago)
Bro, how you manage so much money to roam around whole world to make videos?
HUN warrior (1 year ago)
Eger and szeged pls ❤❤❤🇭🇺
Rick B. (1 year ago)
what country/location has the most easy going girls? least picky about looks and more about personality (for avg dudes)?
Dheeraj Pandey (10 months ago)
Rick B. Believe me bro.. its Pakistan
ShadowHunter332 (1 year ago)
Once again, these kinds of videos shows how much better the women are abroad. They’re in tune with their femininity, they respond well to compliments and flirtation, you can make light hearted jokes and they laugh and enjoy it. Very soft and friendly women. Unlike in the US, where vast majority of the white women are just men with boobs and Vag. Sad.
Finn (4 months ago)
Scott Tinder is used in Europe as well. Also, almost 70% of tinder users are male (not counting all the fake female accounts with male users). Many people don’t even use tinder to just go and hook up. Maybe it’s different where I live.
Scott (4 months ago)
obnoxiousGenZ I would beg to differ, I think a lot of girls hook up nowadays on tinder and dating apps .. but their standards are higher so it’s usually the high value guys getting all the girls.. average guys don’t hook up as much that’s for sure
Finn (4 months ago)
MadBurner1 hooking up is less common in the US than in most of Western Europe.
Scott (4 months ago)
agreed, our women are terrible....even the hot ones arent feminine. My favorite are eastern european but unfortunatly everyone is gonna be going there looking for girls
Nikolas Aslanis (5 months ago)
shadow hunder 332 i have the sense in usa many men use tinder or other simular social media to houk up some chick .
AA KOT.N (1 year ago)
Vienna austria pleasssssssse
Makes me wanna go there like seriously man.
Melanżwkuchni (1 year ago)
You had more hair on your empty head.
schinagld (1 year ago)
It's easy for you guys, because You are foreigners in Budapest, if you were local guys, have no chance. cockblock immediately
Know Never (7 months ago)
depends on how you look, pretty much.

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