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Picking Up Girls in Budapest (Hungary)

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Text Comments (310)
Lord Frost (1 day ago)
9:02 and that's how you just kill off a conversation !
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (3 days ago)
Красивая ладу!😍
bestamerica (4 days ago)
' hungarians ladys / women are the right words... hungarians girls are wrong... girl / lady / woman are big different females
alekos mparlino (4 days ago)
S psc (5 days ago)
The MOST annoying guys/girls are BRITS.....noisy,lack of respect Etc etc etc...if you don’t know how to behaive Stay on your shit Hole Island
Sanjeeb Debnath (13 days ago)
Belgrade or Tbillsi..next
Zea Ella (14 days ago)
Try in Paris hahah u won’t get any girls
Zea Ella (12 days ago)
Street Attraction I’ll tell u good luck!
Street Attraction (12 days ago)
Join us there on 22nd September, we're doing a bootcamp there and see for yourself
Tibor Osváth (17 days ago)
That guy looks like Julien Blanc but without hair
Sudhanshu Manav (18 days ago)
Host Guy looks arrogant!!
barzinio92 (19 days ago)
stop wearing hats (even when you wake up?? wtf?) And shave your damn head
John (20 days ago)
That's amazing. U could get weed over there.
Stex211 (24 days ago)
bojler eladó
julia vlogs (26 days ago)
Im half Hungarian
KING SAUL (28 days ago)
These women make american Women look like garbage, which they are lmao
Theodore Vegh (28 days ago)
Everyone should practice their pick up artist skills on the girls of their own nationality, race and color! -Theodore Alexander Vegh
ultimateblaze23 (25 days ago)
No thanks I'll do as I please
Theodore Vegh (28 days ago)
Hungarian girls are for Hungarian boys! -Theodore Alexander Vegh
Lord Frost (23 days ago)
Amen to that brother !
PsycheodeliaDelle (1 month ago)
Hungarian girls - the sluttiest and definitely the most overrated in the entire world. Only good for hump and dump.
Mark Ian (1 month ago)
5:05 she exposed her neck , a submissive behavior...
Bravva (1 month ago)
Hungarian girls are average looking, been there 6-7 times (have some family there, not Hungarian)
Khan Nawaz (1 month ago)
Like it
Svetlin Sofiev (1 month ago)
No Name (1 month ago)
Try this in North West of Pakistan if your so confident of how about Iranian capital.
danilock (1 month ago)
Beirute veryyyy hot girls there...and they all speak english...check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Itf5J25tTQw
dennis (1 month ago)
nice. better than the bucharest video.
Romain Lengagne (1 month ago)
Spain Please !
RATED (1 month ago)
Fuck ya. im going to Budapest next month for ST STEPHNSS W00000t
Zapa 98989 (2 months ago)
3:56 she's holding a big mug not like our girls here
LOl L (2 months ago)
Thansk bro i have now a romanian girlfriend.
LoLHaHa1981 (2 months ago)
poland please
LoLHaHa1981 (2 months ago)
ty subscribed
Street Attraction (2 months ago)
We made a Poland video a long time ago, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8roWGZ1S8w&t=730s
Duggy (2 months ago)
Have to hand it to you. You can pick the chicks up. Wish I had that kind of confidence. I've been to Budapest and personally out of all the countries I've been to I thought the girls there were the most beautiful specimens I've ever seen.
Hello Boy (2 months ago)
Do this asian countries and get a nice kick in your dicks.. Western girls are too backward and making comfort for these perverts.. I mean girls are becoming perverts in the west
Gina Williams (2 months ago)
Pathetic! And you're BALD in case you didn't know!
Gabe William (2 months ago)
New favorite channel
Syaiful Irfan (2 months ago)
Haha.. what i'd like to see is.. 1) Do asian men have any chance on those european beauties? 2) Can you pick up chicks without the alcohol/drinking? 😂
altamagna (2 months ago)
x XKL4UD1OX x What are you trying to say? Girls don't go for money because they're rich? Not everyone is rich and rich girls don't want poor guys! So what you're saying doesn't make sense.
x XKL4UD1OX x (2 months ago)
altamagna first of all hungary is getting richer evrry year second i am poor but my girlfriend from hungary is richer than me ahaah coincidence?i dont think so
altamagna (2 months ago)
x XKL4UD1OX x Truth hurts...
x XKL4UD1OX x (2 months ago)
altamagna you are an idiot
altamagna (2 months ago)
Syaiful Irfan 1) If you have money 2) If you have money
Saya Angel (2 months ago)
Female perspective.My friend and I traveled to many countries France, Italy, England and where surprised that we both thought Israel men made the best lovers. Men in the Us on the bottom on the list with Turkey.
Daniel Carrillo (3 months ago)
Wasn't it a Christian country?
Eddy T (3 months ago)
Try this out in italy...u would not pick up a single girls in one day!!
x XKL4UD1OX x (2 months ago)
Eddy T ogni giorno ci fanno ricordare quanto siamo sfortunati...
Eddy T (3 months ago)
Guys, this is something not 4 english men! Let do this to the best ones...ITALIANS!!!
venkov 4ever (3 months ago)
My favourite hungarian girl is Simony Diamond.
THOR TV (3 months ago)
pajtim mici (3 months ago)
Of course it is easy to pick up bitches. Grettings from 🇦🇱 guy.
Sammy Hamawi (3 months ago)
Jack r1 (3 months ago)
if your white from english speaking country then girls are so easy everywhere
rui alexandre (3 months ago)
Try Lisbon...it will be the most difficult city ever.
The Bateman (3 months ago)
>Tries to score women >Wears a fedora
Kabir · (3 months ago)
Paul Mcdonough (3 months ago)
I would like to see you do this in Liverpool you would get told to piss of see right through it
Lokesh Karki (3 months ago)
Anas marwah (3 months ago)
Please do it for Poland
Street Attraction (3 months ago)
We already have, here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8roWGZ1S8w&t=6s
You are obsolete (3 months ago)
Oh look, it's enzo amore's part time job
Tourettes Guy (4 months ago)
What those guys didnt know is that their wallets got stolen while chatting with these lovely gals xD
Grandqq (21 days ago)
Hungarians never steal.. We respect each other
Know Never (1 month ago)
Hungarians aren`t thieves, mate.
Bartosz Bielecki (4 months ago)
DUDE , 3:54 , that look !!!! that girls should be your wife now !
Victor Quebec (4 months ago)
Guys, why do you "pickup" girls in these countries instead of just telling them that you wanna have sex, you're from UK, and got money?! Whatever actually... These girls look so easy to get... Waste of time... Want a real challenge? Try to PICKUP girls in Turkey, Iran, Arab countries, or at least in Caucasian countries. Btw, not the ones at night clubs or similar but the regular girls on streets... Good luck! ;)
Street Attraction (4 months ago)
We've successfully picked up and slept with women in Turkey. We'll be uploading Turkey footage soon
Tetsuya Hayami (4 months ago)
Budapest Hungary here I come! XD
iDid (4 months ago)
Looks like you guys were at the vatsi utza...probably murdered that name, lol! I don't remember having to use any PUA to get laid there though!
Julian Scott (4 months ago)
Sweden Please!
raja ijaz (4 months ago)
Bro, how you manage so much money to roam around whole world to make videos?
HUN warrior (4 months ago)
Eger and szeged pls ❤❤❤🇭🇺
Rick B. (4 months ago)
what country/location has the most easy going girls? least picky about looks and more about personality (for avg dudes)?
Dheeraj Pandey (2 months ago)
Rick B. Believe me bro.. its Pakistan
ShadowHunter332 (5 months ago)
Once again, these kinds of videos shows how much better the women are abroad. They’re in tune with their femininity, they respond well to compliments and flirtation, you can make light hearted jokes and they laugh and enjoy it. Very soft and friendly women. Unlike in the US, where vast majority of the white women are just men with boobs and Vag. Sad.
X (20 days ago)
Zoé Mongeau Hes right. Foreign women are better than yankster big fat ass bag like boobs cows large p*ssies enough for 3 d*cks and still not full. Slim foreign women work like new car pistons... Slim respectful and "beautiful"....ha ha. Its a fact. And you cant change it. Disappointing.
Zoé Mongeau (20 days ago)
Misery loves company, huh? 😂 Maybe you need to find better company and stop being so bitter. 💋
Mayur Varshney (1 month ago)
Teree maan kee choot ke 500 rupaye bhi nahin milenge Shonaagaachee main, Banglaadeshhee Chhakke.
X (1 month ago)
Mayur Varshney Jol mondod. Csak igy tovabb.
Mayur Varshney (1 month ago)
Chup kar, Bhikmange ki Aulaad!
AA KOT.N (5 months ago)
Vienna austria pleasssssssse
Makes me wanna go there like seriously man.
Melanżwkuchni (5 months ago)
You had more hair on your empty head.
schinagld (5 months ago)
It's easy for you guys, because You are foreigners in Budapest, if you were local guys, have no chance. cockblock immediately
supermartiris (5 months ago)
Riga please 😁😁😁
abc bca (5 months ago)
Are you sex date expert specialist
Thomas1980 (5 months ago)
Nice video 😀
Preetom Chowdhury (5 months ago)
Around the 4 minute area the girl on the right seems to be touching her hair. Sign of attraction I guess
Star (5 months ago)
Dude please please please let me know about the girl u met in outdoor bar & one girl replied "ANANAS'' at 7:28 , ananas is an INDIAN word for PINEAPPLE, So I would like to know how an Hungarian girl know the Indian word.....!!! lol ;D
Krisztian (2 months ago)
Pinapple is called in Hungarian as Ananász
malthus101 (5 months ago)
every country in the world calls pineapple ananas or some variant - it's only in England its called pineapple. nothing special about India.
Showdown (5 months ago)
Stuff it!!!
Roberto Salazar (6 months ago)
Yes, I have been there many times.... The girls really taste like pineapple...my tongue was so tired every night from muff diving.
Robert Barritt (6 months ago)
Women want to be "feminine" and "Cherished" by default
Robert Barritt (6 months ago)
OK. I get it. But.......Please!!!! ALL you BETA-Males, try to understand!!!!!.....Men are men, and it will make you better to know that we love women!!!!!
Joseph Ramirez (6 months ago)
Do one in Bulgaria featuring the bikini clad Summertime beaches (maybe go up the coast to Romanias beach towns during high season too) and Sofia's city center.
Rastinfilm (6 months ago)
it is extremly easy to pick up ANY girls when you abroad..because the girls have no risks, you will disappear in days or weeks whatever happens. So they dare to enjoy the fun. That's the clue.
Matt T (6 months ago)
If you are young and look allright u can pick up girls in any city in the world, whats the big deal?
GabiN64 (4 months ago)
some places have more receptive women on average. this average looking guy wanted to leave but the girl initiated and wanted to go eat with them. I think it's a lot harder to keep interest like this in my experience especially in NYC, where the girls have tons of options/attention from social media and online dating.
Live Jones (6 months ago)
I can vouch for Budapest the girls are awesome.
John Doe (6 months ago)
yea I always noticed the London accent but didn't know really .it almost sounds Aussie (dnt hate me) kinda just simplified .like here in Philadelphia USA." did u eat " is almost one word here lol ge'eat?
shane brady (6 months ago)
Sounds Australian bullshit,lol
John Doe (6 months ago)
ppl are always going to go out.but dating apps changed the game .can't get any easier
tim gong (6 months ago)
The pornstar are the best for some reason now they all gone
borderlord (6 months ago)
Many Hungarian girls have the Slavic face and the olive skin ...that's years of the Ottoman Empire!
uzair usman (1 month ago)
borderlord that’s known as a fake tan
Know Never (1 month ago)
Hungarians and Slavs were friends, think they still are. And they come from somewhere from Asia, maybe Mongolia.
The Bateman (3 months ago)
Thats doesn't mean it has something to do with turkish people tho
borderlord (6 months ago)
Woodman has used Budapest since the early 90's for the endless stream of Beauties that turn up there for "modelling" work...not just Hungarian girls but Romanians Russians ,Czechs ....with Prague it is the Porno modelling capital of Europe!
neme sis (6 months ago)
Going there this summer, advise, recommendstions on appartments, bars! Ill appreciate it...
Modzel Moto. (6 months ago)
Hungary its The Best :)
Ugo (6 months ago)
I swear the feminist will be licking their words after seeing this upload.
Bolond Joska (6 months ago)
sziaa! :) im hungary
johnny rotten (7 months ago)
Hard to believe you blokes are getting taken over by Muslims.
x XKL4UD1OX x (2 months ago)
johnny rotten its hungary lol
Daniel Soskin (7 months ago)
K.VIKRAM KUMAR (7 months ago)
How about India??
GabiN64 (4 months ago)
India is not worth going to for picking up women. go there for the history, experience, adventure.
Andrii savchuk (7 months ago)
Respect bro! I strongly recommend u to check Kiev
Irina Ivanova (7 months ago)
You sir are a hero and an inspiration! My hat down to you.
The wondering Englishman (7 months ago)
Send it forget it? Amateurs - all numbers can be followed up anytime
Andrew Leathers (7 months ago)
hungary is shit. women are only after money and they are useless. just like the UK.
Steve D (3 months ago)
it's so true man.
koy (7 months ago)
Boracay, Philippines, I want to see how you pick up Filipina girls
Sherjeel Chaudhry (7 months ago)
388th like and 84th comment so early lol.
Romain Lengagne (7 months ago)
SHARE YOUR MUSIC PLEASE ! You sexy bastard !
Zahid Hakan Aydemir (7 months ago)
heathcliffcuckoo (3 months ago)
Zahid Hakan Aydemir Filthy pimp
Kapitan_Kid (7 months ago)
Your vids' music blows my mind. Sounds like a rare slavic tune. Where do u get that music?
Alfa Beta (7 months ago)
NORWAY PLEASE! man pls norway

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