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How Much Oil Is Left On Earth?

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Text Comments (2234)
marlimon77 (4 days ago)
How much oil is left on Earth? We don't exactly know🤓 We have explored only 5% of the ocean.
paladinguns (6 days ago)
🇺🇸fossil fuels are in infinite abundance it is both sustainable and renewable... controlling the supply drives price up and mskes you poor!!!
CHRIS i (8 days ago)
We have approximately 1.1 trillion barrels left, don't ask me how I know
Titas Bartaska (10 days ago)
knock,knock,it's america
Don Vickers (11 days ago)
the u.s. uses 80% of the world oil
Diontae Daughtry (11 days ago)
Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍
T harn (19 days ago)
should work on magic oil recover from combustion engine, no need refuel forever
Grim Reaper (19 days ago)
imo the 6 types of bud flavours are : lemon, pine, skunk, fruit, earth, haze,
amey redekar (21 days ago)
Respect for Elon Musk.
Sherri Greeydelinarez (27 days ago)
China and Russia have a multilillion Dollar deal and the pipe line will run bottom half of Syria, plus China and Russia want to drop Petro Dollar and start their on Currency, therefore Collapsing the American Economy! Germany is already been talking to get it from Russia, it's closer and they can not count on U.S.A
Sherri Greeydelinarez (27 days ago)
Every wonder what oil is? It is dead people, plants, animals. That's what it is, now ask your self why is there so much oil and what happened to kill so much. that is the Question and can it happen again.
Al Bundy (1 month ago)
does Gold can be use anything than being shiny metal does it produce heat , or poWer any kind device when we do not have any oil or gas does GOLD Reservs would help us keep warm or cook our meals ? Gold IS just For reach people to brag about how much they have this shiney metal .
Alan Q. Wake (1 month ago)
What happens when we run out of it?
Shooting Gamerss (1 month ago)
They will mix water in it
Stuart Walker (1 month ago)
oil is poison to all life on earth. Y'all are too poisoned to be right to anything any more, bummer huh? And i guess they never told you this in school, oh yeah, you are a controlled rat, working 8 hours a day to believe you are cool ... but your not, your poisoned.
Soudhiya early future beggar country
ModelTrainAddiction (2 months ago)
Actually The United States holds the most barrels, please update your info.
Az Öreg (2 months ago)
the answer is oil enough for 50 years
alfred william (2 months ago)
The a380 airbus will fill its tanks with 81,890 gallons and burn it in 20 hours, 240+ a380 airbuses in service 24/7, the corrupt governments say they wish to increase flying by 50 percent by 2050, so where will all the oil come from, not to worry oil can never run out, you see it is abiotic, old oil wells are filling up as we speak, oil, coal and gas are not fossil fuels it is all lies to keep prices high, the earths mantle never went down deep enough to sustain life not possible, if you think oil came from dead animals and trees you need to seek medical advise, when the public find out about the truth they will not be very happy.
1 2 (2 months ago)
Yes we have oil in our country
1 2 (2 months ago)
We still have a lot of oil... Examples: Coconut oil Palm oil Virgin olive oil Olive oil Extra Virgin olive oil
all good (2 months ago)
Do your homework . The United States has more proven out than all opec nation's combined . We have more than enough proven oil at double our usage capacity to last far beyond the tech advances where we will no longer need it . Not counting the new advances in extracting other areas of petroleum reserves . Assuming technology will have come up with viable new forms in the next 200 years which in there is zero debate . So forget about running out , the sky is not falling . So lets continue to use Earth's own natural resources . No nukes . The most dangerous form of energy to date .That my friend is not reversible and the effects outlive Earth itself .
Adam Smith (2 months ago)
Yes, this estimate only includes conventional oil it doesn't count oil extracted via fracking or any other methods.
M A (2 months ago)
What does oil do?
LEAD FARMER (2 months ago)
Saudi Arabia was once said to be sitting on the largest spot of oil at 25% or near that. One thing's for sure we are running out an alarming rate when you sit back and consider just how much oil is used for even the lowest of commodities.
Where is venezuela they have the largest oil deposits
A Dead Channel (2 months ago)
They recently discover oil in the Philippines and natural gasses..
Colors of Happiness (2 months ago)
Wow middle East rocks
Eric 2210 (3 months ago)
2 liter
ApexManiac 12 (3 months ago)
This vid is fake the Middle East has much much more oil then America
James Vaurigaud (3 months ago)
Don"t believe in disinformation! U.S. Dept. of entergy has its office in N.O. area .They try to keep secret the amount of Crude in the ground. Louisiana has thousands of oil well drilled and caped still full of oil! Louisiana. has more oil than Saudi, Qatar and Kuwait! Before WW2 U.S. was number 1 Exporter! The only reason U.S. stop selling oil was to help the rest of the world!the PETRO DOLLAR. Venezuela bought Citgo oil so they could sell ther oil in U.S. Stop letting big oil tell you lies so they can jack up the price!
Abdullah Alshehri (3 months ago)
We in Saudi Arabia have reduced our daily use of oil to 2,600,000 barrels Out of 3.100.000 barrels For environmental reasons of course No more cheap gas 😢💔😂
Dash Face (3 months ago)
America will invade America soon
mahran bessifi (3 months ago)
Arabs must exploit profit oil to increase others sectors...
KilonBerlin (3 months ago)
oil drilling did not start in the 1870's...there was already a oil market in the early 1860's with daily prices... there 2 parties, one from Poland (today Lithuania?) and one in USA who claim to be the first drill, 1859... this is clear, who was first not.
kalzonenu (3 months ago)
Actually this ignore Fracking. Fracking made the us 2d only to russia in fossilfuel production ahead of saudi and aramco. Saudis aramco do however have the cheapest productionvalue. Wind is useless and at a standstill 60% of the time nuklearpower on the otherhand and fission into fusion. If its safe enought for hangar carriers, nuklear submarines and nasa's moonlanders by rocket then why the do you still complain about safety. Fukushima = diesel engines Chernobyl = energysaving experimenting despite being told by everyone NOT to do it.
A Raf (3 months ago)
God has gifted middle Eastern countries with oil. I'm sorry but that's the reality Mr west.
A Raf (3 months ago)
God has gifted middle Eastern countries with oil. I'm sorry but that's the reality Mr west.
Daffy Dill (3 months ago)
Oil is the last thing to worry about.
Earl Hildebrand (3 months ago)
We will transition before we ever run out of oil
Rumz Blake (3 months ago)
When oil ends, war ends
Ed Evans (3 months ago)
Hey Jules are you a Petroleum PR man or were you just born thick?? If you bothered to do some research you would discover the endless lies we've all been preached for the last 100 odd years. The Planet produces this black gold from natural processes. As long as the core remains active we will continue to harvest this priceless energy. The question is what is the total annual production of this fluid? Once demand exceeds supply then some serious bidding will begin . But 80 - 100 million barrels a day seems possible for a good while yet. Also bare in mind how this product is controlled? Like Diamonds , this is a Cartel Product controlled by very Powerful People. Don't believe me? Just ask Saddam and Muammar Gaddafi. Two recent leaders that foolishly went against the wishes of Big Oil and were removed from the World scene. The only reason oil is used in motoring is Government Policy - which brings in Massive taxes. The Electric car has been available for over 100 years but you can't tax watts and amps as easy as liquid fuels.Once we shift to EV transport you can bet your last dollar that the Governments around the world will find a tax to make up for lost fuel funds!!
Jarod Farrant (3 months ago)
Well move on before the oil runs out. In half a century no one will be use it oil in mass.
edgar valderrama (3 months ago)
No wonder there's so much interest in Venezuela!
Annie Fitzsimmons (3 months ago)
I dont think it is wise to take all the oil out of the ground. Its there for a reason . Only time will tell i suppose...
glenn brunck (3 months ago)
sadly mankind as a species have a selective amnesia...
RainbowisticFarts (3 months ago)
This might be a problem for cold countries, if the middle east ran out of oil they still have enough income to move to solar power Wind power is starting to become illegal, nuclear is risky, but let's all wait and find out :3
Bob Jonson (3 months ago)
Did somebody say oil - USA
Joel Mil (3 months ago)
My believe is that there is a lot more than what they say there is. Reason they have not really pushed for alternative energy.
Mike Tayon (3 months ago)
Let's not lose sight of "cause and effect" folks! Oil, coal, desalination, nuclear power, etc WILL take their toll on Mother Earth! That's scary!
Mike Tayon (3 months ago)
It blows my mind, that a goupy, smelly, viscous liquid that took millions of years to create, not only effectively rules the world, but could be pretty much depleted within a 250 year period, or so. Just WOW!!!! LOL
Albert Iskandar (3 months ago)
Some lucky country:We found 1 trillion barrel of oil USA:uhh hi we can provide protection if you hand over those oil
Commander Coop (3 months ago)
We have 50 years of oil left until we run out based on current ECONOMICALLY recoverable oil. As Technology progresses more oil becomes economically recoverable. So in essence current reserves are the reserves which can be recovered at a profit.
Adam Smith (2 months ago)
Yes in 2013 according to this study, ie before the fracking revolution
forget the oil, go electric now! think about your children, and their health
MOHAMMED Yusouf (4 months ago)
You said oil Call USA they know it
Angel Sanchez (4 months ago)
I am pumper in the oil and gas industry and I take care of wells that where drilled in the 70s even later then that and there still producing oil we have wells making 1,000 brls a day and those can go up to another 50 years and even longer so oil well not run out for very long time plus the Bible talks about how the world won’t even last that long lol Jesus will come back by then 2,000 year old prophecy being fulfilled as we speak !! Nothing to be afraid of get right with God !
Flip2 Futures (4 months ago)
I love trading oil futures! While it's here there is a ton of money to be made!
US ARMY (4 months ago)
Some one says *OIL*
Louis John (4 months ago)
These guys are statics are all wrong saudis have enough oil to supply the world for the next 200 yrs , this guy is loaded with lies
Mr. Vain (4 months ago)
we are not running outta oil today or tomorrow bcz if theres so much water down there i have no doubt we have oil as well. besides iv been hearing about oil crises of it lasting 50 years since last 20 years!so by that account the reserves should've been 30 yrs but we are never short of 50yrs surplus as the decades unfold it appears they are never short of that figure keeping it always stockpiled at any given day.... its OPECs strategy for increasing oil prices
chris corona (4 months ago)
Cut two more cylinders add more turbos. Easy solution!
Adam Smith (2 months ago)
Except Turbos aren't reliable and break
Toolman (4 months ago)
Isn't it great how oil just magically appeared out of nowhere and it was only made once just so it would be convenient that we would run out of it.
Kanth King (4 months ago)
Oil will never run out.. go burn it out..
Slang Yung (4 months ago)
Hahahhaha, u all deserve it!!!!
Kushal garg (4 months ago)
if oil runs out at least one benefit-pollution decrease
all good (4 months ago)
There is more proven reserves in North Dakota to sustain America for double current capacity for 100 years.America has more oil than all open nation's combined . We do know , you don't test tube . Long before we run out of oil alternative solutions will have taken place . This is a rediculas uninformed channel.
Mayank Bariar (4 months ago)
Roughly in 50 years world will run out of Oil and Coal
Poovarasan (4 months ago)
Back to horse.
Tim Barter (5 months ago)
Oil is not fossil fuel. We will never run out. The big oil field in Saudi Arabia is filling backup.
Craig (4 months ago)
Yea, some think it is abiotic, if it is you'll never hear about it, cause oil prices could fall. A group of scientists mostly Russian and a handful of western scientists think it's abiotic. Maybe some of it is, but not all of it.
RAJ DALVI (4 months ago)
Tim Barter lol Really
Art Vanden Berg (5 months ago)
Saying "nobody knows how long the oil will last" is not the same thing as saying "nobody knows if it is running out". The only question is the date. Whether it's 50 years or 100 is a mute point in the scheme of things. And currently there is nothing on the horizon to replace it. My prediction is within 15 years there will be a great war to grab the remaining reserves and the death toll will be much higher than WWII. Some say it's already underway. Sharing the oil seems like a relatively easy thing to do when you have more than you need. When you have less than you need you resort to violence. Same as food. And, unfortunately, renewables are a dog that can't hunt. Windmills and such do not generate enough energy to build more windmills and still have something left over for other uses. If we use all the remaining oil to build windmills then we will have windmills for a while until we reach "peak windmill", which will be precisely when we reach peak oil. What do you think they make those carbon fiber blades out of? There is no magic solution here, at least not that we've discovered so far.
Bill Johnson (5 months ago)
We make our own oil it's called synthetic
WATSONMUTH (4 months ago)
no, we should go back to Iraq and kill everyone this time
Vinit Patel (5 months ago)
I came here to look for the answer. In the end, he said no one knows. Thi was a waste os 2 min
DogerZ (5 months ago)
america army wants to now your location
monaxp606 (5 months ago)
I'll be happest person if all the fossil fuel disappears suddenly, all trees become grow rapidly than human population.I believe we were better before than current days.
Nelson Tshepo Kunene (5 months ago)
the inevitable depletion of oil will make me the richest man in the world, in history, in the same way the rapid use of oil made J.D.R.
ChickenGamer (5 months ago)
Instead of using vehicles, airplanes, and oil power, Just use it for food and also use solar panels so we don't run out
Hey999888777 (5 months ago)
DON'T BELIEVE BP's estimation of having only 53 years of oil remaining--great way to create misperception to increase oil prices!
Harold Hart (5 months ago)
woxyroxme (5 months ago)
Stupid Americans driving big SUVs and trucks use all the oil. Too stupid to drive sensible cars. Dotard Hitrumph repealed Obama fuel efficiency standards. America does not invade all countries with oil, just the ones Israel does not like.
Adam Smith (2 months ago)
1. There is more oil than this 53 year figure, it doesn't count unconventional oil like fracking oil or tar sands add those on and you get hundreds more years of supply. 2. Obama's stupid standards would have banned any car that wasn't a smart car or Prius. Despite what you may think some people need trucks and vans 3. The US produces 11 billion barrels of oil a day, that makes it the second largest oil producer tied with Saudi Arabia
Abba Hamid (5 months ago)
Forgotten Nigeria
aka (5 months ago)
We don't know if the earth is still making more oil. We don't know if there is undiscovered oil out there.
Darren Spohn (5 months ago)
I live in an oil producing are of Canada. I'm glad i'll be dead before the oil runs low so I won't be killed, maimed or displaced in the oil wars.
RAJ DALVI (4 months ago)
Darren Spohn I agree , no point in getting married & having children's, to leave them in the mess
Burt Hollabaugh (5 months ago)
Not worried. The promised land came with oil.
Michael Nelson (5 months ago)
😫 Isn't it time for people come up with something better then oil? Are people not thinking ahead? 😯
Vicki Liberato (5 months ago)
GeneralSPatton Games (5 months ago)
I am scared of running out of oil because of the chaos it will cause
stanly steemer (5 months ago)
And Venezuela is a socialist basket case!
John Rambo (5 months ago)
I prefer to call oil...Dinosaur Juice. Get it..Fossil Fuels
John Rambo (5 months ago)
We aint ever going to run out. They dont talk about it but everyday our reserves are slowly being replenished. Petroleum is formed when large quantities of dead organisms, usually zooplankton and algea etc, are buried underneath sedimentery rock and subjected to both intense heat and pressure. This happens all over our Planet. We will not run out in anyones lifetime who see's this
Warren Peece (5 months ago)
I remember in about 1970 seeing the newspaper headline - "Oil to Run Out in 1990." Shortly thereafter there were oil embargoes and an "energy crisis," and the price of a barrel went from $5 to $40. Now the US is exporting oil! Also, the idea that oil is a "non renewable resource" is a fiction propagated by - guess who - the oil companies. Oil is a product of the earth's deep hot biosphere and is being constantly renewed.
Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt (5 months ago)
Sorry, but what a lousy video? Look at the title and then look at the video. If you did not know, then, for heaven's sake, WTF did you make this stupid video?
Kevin spacey (5 months ago)
This video is false. The United States and Canada has access to more oil reserves then Opec combined..
Blickariya (5 months ago)
Come to Somalia we have a lot of oil
Dick Hamilton (5 months ago)
there's a lot of reasons to think Saudi greatly overstates their actual oil reserves, and Russia and Venezuela were not mentioned.
Computer Addic (5 months ago)
Its a ever lasting question through the last decades.And 30 years back they thought that we would run out by now.And still the production is going strong since everytime there are new oil reserves found.Not to mention the oil that was imposible to get to in the past and now we can get to it.And that story goes on and on . Conclusion?We will still get enough oil for many decades. BTW,you noticed the blank fast amounts of land in south america?Their could be still vast amounts there!
Nadeem Khan (5 months ago)
No Alaska? rofl
anding r (5 months ago)
no worry phils has already oil reserves from 2018 to 2060..oil and gas now discovered by filipino scientist all over the country..remember phils is a christian country.. god poured all his blessings to his people...
bunty Kumar (5 months ago)
stone age ended before end of stones....oil age will end before end of oil......................by saudi prince.....
tf1977sled (5 months ago)
Hahahah i do know i work as a engineer for a natural gas company in the usa. 1. Oil,coal, and natural gas are almost unlimited!!! As far as water or minerals exist on planet earth. 2. Hydrocarbons IE oil,coal and natural gas are not fossil fuels. They are primarily carbon and hydrogen 2 of the most abundant substances in the universe. 3. Lies and manipulation in order to create demand and value. If its rare or limited its worth more correct. 4. You can literally close your eyes and point anywhere in the us for example and under that spot if you drilled you would find 1 of the 3 if not all. There is more oil gas and coal under the us than anywhere. The difference only is in how easy and cheaply can it be mined. There is an oil well (1) in the gulf that has produced 9 billion barrels of oil in its existence. That is approx 2.7x10 to the 11 power of gallons. And shows no signs of slowing. You are being lied to and manipulated
Just another Bird (5 months ago)
It will eventually end, it's a non renewable source of energy. I'd say that it could be 70-100 years before it becomes scarce. People will protest and countries will slowly change to sustainable energy. Or a war might break out because we weren't smart enough.
Art Vanden Berg (5 months ago)
It doesn't matter if it's 50 years or 100 it's not a long time.
Steal Hart (5 months ago)
oil is running out as i wish my fats would run out...

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